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The Holocaust


I Will Not Cry…

by Ephraim Talmi (Wluka)

Translated by Alex Weingarten

I will not cry, I will not sigh,
Because there is no tear in my eye;
Nor will I send
My scream to nowhere.
Silently my pain will part
From the hiding places of my heart
Until it forms a pile
Full of bitter bile,
Until it rises like a watery pillar
  A scalding fire, ablaze
The memento of sin, blame,
The mark of Cain and shame
For a generation evil and vile
Standing in the blood of mine…
I will not cry and will not shout,
Their blood will only wait out
My silent fury
For my day of vengeance, to come.
5703 [1943]

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Publication and Pamphlets about Sierpc: “United Sherpser Relief Committee”, “A Collection of Sierpc Survivors of the Holocaust”,
“The Destruction of Sierpc 1939-1945”


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The Tombstones that the despicable Nazis used to pave the Jewish Street were removed from the street and prepared for restoration
The Kamnitza (Great House) is visible on the hill; the houses to the right of the Kamnitza including the New Beit Hamidrash (School and Prayer Center) - were destroyed. The small houses that are visible there are on Gurna Street

The “Tabernacle” (where the bodies of the deceased were purified) remained standing in the destroyed cemetery


The tombstones being transported back to the cemetery

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Sherptzer Cemetery; Tombstones Restored to their Places; the Sherptzer Committee; Year 1946?


The Monument That Was Erected by the Surviving Remnants in the Sierpc Cemetery, and Inscribed:
“In Memorium to the Sierpc Jews That Were Overcome by the Hitlerist Murderers in the Years 1939/45”

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The Jewish Street, where most of the houses were destroyed.
On the right is the Old Beit Hamidrash (School and Prayer House) and Horowitz's house.
To the left - the houses of Nipomoszcz, Rozynek, Litvinski, and Shaletski.
(With the exception of the Beit Hamidrash, they were all large houses)


Rabbinate of the
Jewish Religious Community in Sierpc
Administration of the
Jewish Community in Sierpc


Heshel David the Gaon (Genius) Goldschlak
Head of the Rabbinical Court of Sheps
and the District (Rubber Stamp)
Administration of the
Jewish Community in Sierpc (Rubber Stamp)


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