Jews of the Szatmar District
(Satu Mare, Romania)

47°48' / 22°53'

Translation of
Szatmár vármegye Zsidósága

Editor: Sándor Halmos

Published in Nyíregyháza 2008

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Our sincere appreciation to Prof. Sándor Halmos for permission
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This is a translation of: Szatmár vármegye Zsidósága
(Jews of the Szatmar District), Editor: Sándor Halmos,
Publisher: Nyíregyháza: Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg Megyei Önkormányzat Levéltára, 2008 (Hu 164 pages)

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Translated by Alex Revai

Foreword 7
I. “For the dead the birds sing” 9
II. From the Hungarian Conquest [of the Carpathian Basin] till the Holocaust 11
1. The Hungarian Conquest, the era of the kings of the house of Arpad 11
2. On the rugged roads towards emancipation 14
    About Jewish education 18
    About the taxation [of the Jews] 22
    Settling [of the Jews] in [the] Szatmar [district] 24
    Emancipation, Assimilation 26
3. Jews in the War of Independence 32
4. What the [Birth, Marriage and Death] registries tell us 39
5. Sinister shadows following the “Honeymoon” 42
6. History in Numbers 48
III. The Holocaust 59
1. From the legislative tools to the Death-camps 59
    Party policies and the Jewish Question 61
    Government policies, legislations, measures 64
2. Forced Labor Battalions, deportations, ghettoes 68
3. After the Holocaust. 73
IV. The Jewry of Szatmar 75
1. Szátmarnémeti 75
    History of the Jewish Community 75
    [Famous] Jewish personalities 80
2. Nagykároly 85
3. Mátészalka 94
4. Nagybánya 110
5. Csenger 115
6. Village Registries 118
V. Appendix (List of Names) 141
VI. Epilogue 157
VII. References 159
Addendum – Lists extracted from the text
List of Towns*
Szatmar District Necrology
Mátészalka Necrology
Csenger: Names on Martyrs' Memorial
* Demographic information for each town from various time periods is given which may include deaths from WWI and WWII. 
Deaths from WWII have been transcribed and are listed under the Szatmar District Necrology.


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