Remember Satmar;
The Memorial Book of the Jews of Satmar
(Satu Mare, Romania)

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Translation of
Zekhor et Satmar; sefer ha-zikaron shel yehudei Satmar

Editor: Naftali Stern

Published in Bnai Brak 1984

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Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Zekhor et Satmar; sefer ha-zikaron shel yehudei Satmar
(Remember Satmar; the memorial book of the Jews of Satmar),
Editor: Naftali Stern, Published: Bnai Brak 1984 (H, Hu 400 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Satu Mare

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Yizkor - Kadish - Memorial Prayer   6-7
Foreword The Editor 9-18
Yizkor to Nandor Singer Marcel Berger and Ari Katz 19
Why we are 40 years late in publishing this Memorial Book   20-21
History of the Satmar Community, from founding to Holocaust   22-32
The Satmar Rabbis z”l   33-41
Rabbi Yoel Teitelboim meets Carol II King of Romania   42
Chaia Roize Teitelboim violated the Holiday   42
The ADMORs of Wizhnitz   43
The rabbi of Bikszad z”l   44-45
The great scholar Rabbi Moshe David Winternitz z”l, head of the Religious Court   45-46
The great scholar Rabbi Avraham Chanoch Friedman z”l, judge and teacher   46-47
Tif'eret Bahurim Society   47
Cantors in Satmar   48
The town Satu Mare and its Jews Prof. Chaim Shamir 50-53
Auschwitz Moshe Neufeld 53-55
My visit to the Dachau Camp   56
“And of Zion it shall be said” (Psalms 86:5) Yitzhak Yehuda Klemer 57
I remember Satmar Yehuda Fried 57-58
They committed suicide in the Satmar Ghetto   59-62
List of synagogues and Batei-Midrash in Satmar   63
Police raid of the synagogues on the last day of Passover   64-65
Returned from the dead   66
Uncle Kapli is two weeks old   67
My war with God, blessed be He   68-69
A good memory about a good doctor (the death of Dr. Julius Lass z”l)   70
74 degrees heat   71-72
The Golden Album of Satmar Jews, veterans of the Hungarian Army in WWI   72
Family memories (in three series)   73-144
Necrology extracted from “Family memories”   73-144
Purim in Satmar   145
Zionism   145-149
Jewish life in Satmar after the Holocaust   149
Correcting an error   151
I have not kept my vow Moshe Neufeld 152-153
Why? Anna Hegedüs 156-157
Uncle Stern remained hungry   157-158
The loss of photos taken at the Memorial Service in Satmar in 1946   158
Conclusion The Editor 159
Acknowledgments and Thanks   159-160


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