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A map of Rozniatow

Drawn from memory by Zecharia Friedler

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1 House of Eliahu Horowitz  76 House ofHaim Frisch 
2 House of Chaye Adler  77 House of Aba Tanne 
3 House of Nahum Artmann  78 Oilpress Hersh Rechtschaffen
4 House of Shlomo Jungerman  79 House of Yehuda Weissberg
5 Sawmill of Wewe Tanne 80 House of Jacob Hammermann
6 Flourmill of Wewe Tanne 81 House of Chanina Weissmann
8 House of Sara Esther Horowitz 82 House of Leibcie Jaeckel
9 House of Leiblsh Friedler 83 House of Mordehai Gross
10 Prayer House 84 and Sender Friedler
11 Chapel 85 House of Berl Joel Rosenmann
12 House of Alter Bermann 86 House of Liebe Hammermann
13 House of Simon Hillmann 87 House of Benjamin Stern
14 House of Weinloes 88 House of Rabbi Hemerling
15 House of Michal Jagiellowicz 89 House of Josef Gelobter
16 House of Mordehai Mark  90 House of Debora Weitzmann
17 House of Nahman Scheiner 91 House of Josef Berger
18 House of Shlomo Shmerl Horowitz 92 House of Mlhael Weissmann
19 Warm-Water Well 93 House of Wolf Ber Karczman
20 The Court House 94 House ofIsrael Friedler
21 The Post Office 95 House of Zeinwel Soltis, Melamed
22 The School  96 House of Leib Friedler
23 Police Station 97 House of Moshe Weiser, Shochet
24 Flourmill Efraim Rechtschaffen 98 House of Abraham Groll
25 Municipality 99 Hebrew School
26 House of Josef Rottenberg 100 House of Kreiter
27 House of Jacob Loew 101 Beth Hamidrash
28 House of Moshe Weinreb 102 Mortuary
29 House of Leisor Itzik Loew 103 Big Synagogue
30 House of Zaharia David Liebermann 104 The Klause, Synagogue
31 House of Shmuel Fieler 105 House of Hersh Lelsor Waechter
32 House of Aharon Kassner 106 House of Haim Simon Lutwak
33 House of Mendel Waechter 107 House of Chana Horowitz
34 House of Hersh Mendel Artmann 108 House of Moshe Ziering
35 House of Leopold Adlersberg 109 House of Moshe Rosenbaum
36 House of Bunim Geller 110 House of Itzchak Katzmann
37 The Catholic Church 111 House of Abraham Mark
38 The SOKOL House 112 House of Shlomo Frost
39 Farm of Woloszynowicz 113 House of Zelig Stern
40 House of Wolf Horowitz 114 House of Efralm Rechtschaffen
41 House of Reuben Getzel Heisler 115 House of David Ratenbach, Melamed
42 House of Balm Kirschenbaum 116 House of Jacob Strassmann/
44 House of Shlomo Widmann 117 House of Shmaye Goldschmidt
45 House of Haim Nussbaum 118 House of Azriel Wassermann
46 House of Wewe Hoffmann 119 House of Moshe Mirl Kornblueh
47 House of Josef Kassner  120 House of Moshe Jacob Lustig
48 House of Mendel Horowitz  121 House of Dr. Wassermann
49 House of ltzik Barnik  122 House of Eisik Wassermann, Melamed
50 House of Israel Trau  123 House of Fajge Vogel
51 House of Eliabu. Kassner 124 House of Philipp Ferszt
52 House of Eliehu Spiegel 125 House of Haim Lelsor Rottenberg
53 House of Nissan Schindler 126 Greek-Catholic Church
54 House of Itzik Rosenbaum 127 House of Shmuel Schwindler
55 House of Hersh Rechtschaffen 128 House of Simon Strassmann/
56 House of Eisik Rosenberg 129 House of Moshe Klinger
57 House of Aharon Hersh Kopf 130 House of Bendet Horowitz
58 House of Haim Shlomo Meisels 131 The Pharmacy
59 House of Meier Frisch 132 House of Baron Walisz
60 House of Josef Kaufmann 133 Shmuel Nussbaum
61 House of Meshulam Fruchter 134 House of Leib Falik
62 House of Meier Fraenkel 135 House of  Meier Kaufmann
63 House of Eisik FrIedler 136 House of Lipe Tanne
64 House of Moshe Artmann 137 House of Wolf Landsmann
65 House of Israel Hersh Londner 138 House of Dr. Sabath
66 House of Abraham Erdmann 139 House of Berl Londner
67 House of Mordehai Kriegel 140 House of Leisor Turteltaub
68 House of Benjamin Keller 141 House ofHersh Tanne
69 House of Haim Geller 142 House of Sisie Arye Kupferberg
70 House of Shmuel Wirt 143 House of Jacob Meier Lehrer
71 House of Haim Asher Jaeckel 144 Flourmill of Weinfeld
72 House of Benzion Joeckel 145 House of House of Alter Reb Jeckele
73 House of Mordehai Tisch 146 House of Abraham Sauerberg
74 House of Aharon Honig 147 House of Itzlk Meier Waechter
75 House of Sosie Heller 148 House of Nachman Dornfeld
  149 House of Shabse Spiegel
1./ instead of No. 57 (near 56) should be 59/Meir Frisch
2./ instead of No. 71 (near 81) should be 91/Josef -Berger
3./ instead of No. 149 (near 80) should be 148/Nachman Dornfeld

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