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Ratno Yizkor Book Photo Captions

Translated by Jerrold Landau

(Translator's note: This list does not include the uncaptioned drawings that appear on various
pages in the book, as well as the map on page 70. These will be noted in the text as they appear.)


17 The title page of the Booklet on Ratno by F. Held
19 Etrog box (from the 17th century)
24 right Reb Aharon-Moshe Melnik
24 left The “Cantonist” Reb Shmuel the son of Reb Pinchas Berg
26 Reb Ben-Tzion Steingarten, a town notable
27 An ancient Torah crown
28 Germans in the Old Cemetery during the First World War
29 The New Cemetery
31 On Krywa Street in the Autumn
33 Boating on the Pripyat River
35 Reb Yechiel Wilkomirski
36 top Next to the Droog home (the roof is covered with wooden shingles)
36 bottom A small bridge over the Pripyat
39 top The Tashlich service at the Pripyat
39 bottom Fall scenery
40 Liber Karsh, a communal leader
42 Yehoshua Pogatch, one of the first Maskilim in Ratno, next to his father D. Pogatch
46 Reb Meir-Shmuel Marder, the veteran Jewish “Starosta
47 The town marketplace
52 Bottom row (from right to left): Reb Fuchs-Shapira (perished), Y. Chayat, P Yunevitz. Second row: unidentified, Nota Roizkes (perished), P. Droog of blessed memory. Top row: A. Y. Ginzburg (perished), P. Marin, L. Shapira
53 Avraham Telson, one of the first teachers and Maskilim
54 Among the piles of straw and hay
57 Fishel Held and his family
58 A Polish Independence Day celebration
64 The teacher and students in the School in Kremno
65 A letter from the community of Ratno regarding the collection of material for the book on the Balachowiczes
70 Map of Ratno
72 Yudel Konishter
77 top Yitzchak-Hirsch Held
77 bottom The directors of the People's Bank (1925)
78 The volunteer firefighters
79 The WIZO women's organization (July 8, 1932)
81 A rally in the yard of the town hall in honor of May 3
83 top Activists of the League for the Working Land of Israel. Among them: Y. Chayat (of Israel), Moshe and Yisrael Honik (of Argentina), A. Y. Reif. The rest of them perished.
83 bottom In the shade of the thick tree in the Old Cemetery
84 The first group of scouts
87 The “Tarbut” School at its inception. Among the students: Moshe Gutman of blessed memory, Aryeh Avrech of blessed memory, Moshe Stern, Moshe Droog, Ruth Greenstein, Pnina Droog of blessed memory, Pesl Miryo of blessed memory, Sara Papir-Goldman, Sara Gunzburg-Schwartz, Mordechai Gefen
89 In the Old City.
92 Mendel and Gittel Klein, Yitzchak-Hirsch and Riva Fuchs, Dvora Choker, Feiga and Shachna Steinberg, Maya Steingarten, Pearl and Yitzchak Shapira
93 A group of activists. Bottom: Amalia Droog, Sheina Itzikson, Feicha Honik. Sitting A. Ginzburg, Pogatch, Esther Eilbaum, Chaim Steinberg, Sara Yunevitz. Standing: M. Eilbaum, B. Cohen, A. Held, Ch. Rider, Shapir
94 Young Chalutz (Hechalutz Hatzair) in Ratno, Passover 5688
95 Hechalutz in Ratno Sept. 27, 1930
96 Elka Papir on Hachshara in Kosow (1935)
100 The Second World Seminar of Hechalutz Hatzar in Grochow (1931). At the rightmost edge of the top row: Avraham Grabov of blessed memory. At the left most edge of the third row: Shmuel Goldman
101 The Cyzyk Group in Ratno. September 27, 1930
102 Sara Ginzburg, Ruth Greenstein and Shmuel Goldman of Ratno on Hachsharah in Klosow
104 The Hechalutz Carpentry Workshop in the town.
106 Older members of Hashomer Hatzair. Nine of them made aliya to the Land of Israel. The rest perished in the Holocaust
107 Summer Moshava of Hashomer Hatzair in the village of Wydranycja
108 Golda Droog (standing) and her friends Bilha and Zahava
109 The cooks at the Summer Moshava: M. Droog. Ch. Grabov, H. Karsh, Y. Sandiuk, D. Grabov, Z. Feintuch (all in Israel), and Y. Frigel (perished)
111 top Reb Asher Leker, delegate of the Jewish National Fund. One of the honorable men of the town.
111 center Members of Hashomer Hatzair of Ratno in the Hachshara Camp of Czestochowa
111 bottom Hashomer Hatzair of Ratno, Lag Baomer 5692 (1932)
112 Right to left: Moshe Droog (in Israel), Aryeh Avrech and Mordechai Yanover of blessed memory
113 Group of Hachsharat Beitar in Zelba on Simchat Torah, 5694 (1933)
115 Activists of the Orphanage in 1928. Among them: Moshe Reicher, Mendel Blatt, Yaakov-Hirsch Held and Label Baion
116 Workers in Ratno (1930)
119 At the first snow
122 “The Yeshiva Bachur” play by the group of amateurs. All of the participants in the play perished, with the exception of A. Liberman.
126 Group of members of Hechalutz in 1929. Sitting (from right to left): P. Honik, Sh. Itzikson (perished), B. Cohen (Argentina), Sh. Pogatch and G. Karsh (perished). Standing: A. Droog (perished), A. Held (Israel), L. Baion (Mexico), M. Shapir, G. Shapira, R. Ponetz, Ch. Marsuk, and L. Aharonson (perished)
129 top In the Old City in the winter
129 bottom Agricultural Hachsharah, in a manner of speaking, in front of the camera...
131 top Jews and Ukrainians at the Third of May Celebrations
131 bottom A Wedding of the Honik family. The grandmother is in the center.
136 Pages from “Hamelitz” with an article about Ratno by Y. Finkelstein
137 top The directors of the “Tarbut” School. From right to left: Noach Kotzker, Mrs. Katz, M. Gamarnik (all perished), and the secretary A. Held (Israel)
137 bottom Amalia Droog of blessed memory, one of the founders of Hashomer Hatzair
138 Students of the “Tarbut” School with the teachers Kotzker, Klonitzky and Bokser
139 The 5691/2 (1931/2) school year
140 The committee and the teachers of the “Tarbut” School in Ratno, July 3, 1932
142 A class of the “Tarbut” School with the teachers Rosen, Lewin, Kotzker, and the secretary A. Held
144 The summer Moshava of the “Tarbut” School in Ratno, Wydranycja, July 25, 1932
145 top The Kamiler House -- the headquarters of the activities of the youth movements
145 bottom Young Zionists in the town. Top row right to left: A. Marsik (perished), M. Gutman (Israel), D. Fuchs (Argentina), G Weinstock (perished), M. Stern (Israel), Y. Shapira (killed in the Soviet army), B. Eilbaum, Sh. Cohen (Argentina), A. Avrech (died). Second row: M. Kamper (died in Canada) M. Gefen (Israel), Ch. Ginzburg (perished), M. Droog, Sh. Ginzburg (United States), P. Vernik (Israel), M. Grabov (Argentina), M. Rider (killed in an accident in Ratno),. Bottom (kneeling): Y. Karsh, R. Kaminer (perished), D. Marin (Israel).
146 Letter from the directors of “Tarbut” to Y. Konishter in Argentina
148 Reb Shlomo-Aharon Olitzky
153 Chanuka party with the participation of a guest from the Land of Israel -- M. Gefen. 1936
158 top A gathering of town mayors of the region of Ratno with the participation of the rabbinical judge Shlomo-Tovya Friedlander and the teacher Noach Kotzker
158 bottom The “Tel Chai” troupe of Hashomer Hatzair with the counselors Golda Droog (standing) and Zeev Grabov (seated)
162 A group of youths in Ratno (1935). The following is written on the back of the photo: “I take leave of my friends, saying to them: my brothers be in peace, and let us be together in the fields of our mutual homeland.” Written by A. Papir (Nir)
175 “To the mountains I will lift my eyes, from whence will my help arise” (Psalms). The artist - Ben.
179 “Who would make my head water, and my eyes a source of tears” (Psalms). Artist -- Ben (Translator's note: actually, this is from Jeremiah, 8:23.)
183 Yehuda Kagan as a soldier in the Red Army (1945)
186 top Yehuda Kagan in the War of Independence
186 bottom Meir Blit, a partisan from the village of Datyn
187 Yaakov Grabov as a soldier in the Red Army
213 From right to left: M. Tiktiner, Yisrael Chayat and Shalom Tiktiner
214 top Yitzchak Shapira, who fell in a battle near Warsaw as a soldier in the Red Army; Meir Grabov
214 bottom Pearl Vernik Karsh with her daughter in line to receive a meal at a detention camp in Cyprus.
220 A group of women Holocaust survivors from Ratno in Munich
221 Shlomo Vernik and Yisrael Steingarten in Carmona (Italy)
223 A Passover Seder in the “Achdut Yisrael” group in Santa-Cesaria, Italy (1945). Yaakov Steingarten is at the head of the table.
225 Elchanan and Yisrael Steingarten at the head of a demonstration against the White Paper in southern Italy.
227 Avraham Cohen (perished) and Shlomo Perlmutter -- Ratno natives
232 top right Shlomo Perlmutter and Yaakov Kaldner in Moscow
232 top left Members of the partisan headquarters with General Feodorov (in the center). Standing at the right edge -- Sh. Perlmutter
232 bottom The partisan unit of General Feodorov. Third from right in the top row -- Sh. Perlmutter
233 Shlomole on a journey with the partisan unit
235 top Shlomole decorated with medals
235 bottom Shlomole at the time of the giving of the verdict on Vanka
236 Yisrael Honik and his wife from Argentina at a meeting with Ratno natives in Israel
237 top A memorial of the martyrs of Ratno in Buenos Aires
237 bottom The committee of the Organization of Ratno Natives in Argentina (1946). Sitting right to left: H. Cohen, A. Feigelis, Y. Tucker, Ch. Steinberg, M. Honik, M. Telison. Standing: Y. Honik, Y. Wilkomirski, Y. Fuchs, Y. Werag, A. Y. Rief, B Tanis
256 At the editorial board of “Einikeit” in Moscow (June 1944), with one of the Jews of Moscow
272 M. Gefen and M. Stern, members of Givat Hashelosha, in the Yam Hamelach Group of Hakibbutz Hameuchad (1931)
274 Zelda and M. Gefen and their children next to their barn in Kfar Sirkin (1956)
275 top Shmuel Marder and Mordechai Gefen with building workers in Petach Tikva
275 bottom Veterans and new immigrants from Ratno. Top: Maya and Miriam Weinstock -Gefen. Sara Ginzburg, Ethel Gutman. Bottom: Pnina and Moshe Droog, Mordechai Gefen
277 A group of the first Olim from Ratno. On the bottom: M. Gutman of blessed memory, M. Gefen, Sh. Marder. On top: A Kosnik, M. Stern, M. Droog, Sh. Lavie, A. Feintuch
279 top Moshe Droog as an iron worker on the roof of a building in Haifa
279 bottom M. Droog with residents of Netanya digging defense positions in the region of Kfar Yonah (1948)
280 top Moshe Droog on a machine gun course in the forests of the Carmel
280 center Armored vehicles of the Haganah ascending to the forests of the Carmel
280 bottom Yehudit Sandiok, M. Droog, Dvora Grabov and Feiga Marin at Kibbutz Mesilot
282 Shmuel Goldman at a formation of watchmen
283 Shmuel Goldman with his oldest son at Ayelet Hashachar.
286 top Ratno natives at the drilling of wells in the area of Herzliya
286 bottom Members of the pioneering movements taking leave of the head of their organization, Moshe Droog, before his aliya to the Land of Israel.
287 Simcha Lavie (Leker)
290 Eliahu Feintuch (first from the left on the bottom) with soldiers of the brigade in Italy
291 E. Feintuch as a soldier in the British Army
292 Charna Givoni (Greenstein)
295 One of the walls in Heichal Volhyn
296 A page of the minutes of a meeting of the committee in 1945 dealing with assistance to the survivors of Ratno.
297 top Ratno natives at a memorial in the Ratno Grove in the Forest of the Martyrs in the mountains of Jerusalem
297 bottom A meeting of the first olim from Ratno in Petach Tikva: Sara and Shmuel Goldman, Moshe Gutman, Simcha Lavie, Mordechai Gefen, Shmuel Marder, Moshe Stern
298 top A group of Holocaust survivors at a memorial to the martyrs in Germany (1946). Among the participants are: Kamintzky and Liberman who made aliya to the Land of Israel, Avraham Berg (died in the United States), Yosef Steinberg, and Malka Yunevitz (Canada)
298 bottom A meeting of Ratno natives in Israel with Dova and Shlomo Cohen from abroad
299 top The monument in memory of the martyrs of Ratno in the Holon Cemetery
299 bottom Ratno natives at Heichal Volhyn, where a room is dedicated to Ratno -- Kamin Kashirsk
304 Dvora and Avraham Berg at the monument in memory of the martyrs in Germany
307 Moshe Honik delivers introductory greetings from the community to Y. Zerubavel during his visit to Argentina.
309 top A reception for Moshe Honik in Israel
309 bottom Y. Konishter, his wife, and M. Honik with a guest from Israel -- Charna Givoni
310 top A group of Ratno natives in New York.
310 bottom Eliezer Ginzburg (Breindl's)
311 Levi Shapira
318 Avraham Grabov at training as member of the Haganah
320 Right to left: Aryeh Avrech, Moshe Kliger, and A. Grabov
321 right Aryeh Avrech and his family in Yagur
321 left Alter Avrech, Aryeh's brother, who was killed in a work accident.
322 Yosef Avrech with his son Alter and wife at Kibbutz Yagur.
323 Pnina Droog in Givat Hasheloshah
324 Pnina Droog as a tractor driver in Givat Hashelosha (1937)
326 Yisrael Steingarten of blessed memory
328 Arnon David Grabov of blessed memory
330 top Moshe Gutman of blessed memory
330 bottom Yoram Gutman of blessed memory, the son of Moshe and Tzipora
331 right Miriam Shoshani (Weinstock) of blessed memory
331 left Pnina Drezner


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