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We Shall Remember

Translated by Jerrold Landau

We shall Remember all the Jews of Ratno who were murdered during the years 1941-1942 in the hills of Prochod, Cheplik, Rycz-Sponczyk and other places, at the hands of the Nazis and Ukrainians, and who did not merit to have a Jewish burial and monument. We will erect a memorial to them in this book, according to their places of residence and the names of their families. Their memory will always be guarded with us.

The list of martyrs on the following pages was prepared by Eliezer Ginzburg (United States). We must assume that it is not complete, and that many families are missing from it.

Translator's note: When transliterating a list of names, spelling variants are always an issue. One can choose the original Polish spelling, or defer to a more Anglicized spelling which would likely be more accurate with the names of any current family members. For first names, I utilized the Anglicized / Hebraized version rather than the Yiddish or Polish version. For surnames, I often used the Polish version. However, in cases where the translation coordinator, Lynne Siegel, indicated personal preferences from surviving family, I deferred to her suggested spelling. In other cases, I used the Anglicized version for simplicity. Thus, the spelling convention used in this list is not consistent. Furthermore, there may be cases where it does not match other occurrences of the name within the book.

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The Market Street

Avrech Bracha
Olicki Asher
Olicki Shmuel-Simcha
Eilbaum Moshe
Icikzon Chaim
Aplbaum Moshe
Apel Lea
Akselrod Yaakov
Akselrod Sheftel
Bender Leibel
Bender Binyamin
Bender Sara
Bergel Berl
Bulker Izak
Bekerman Yehoshua
Greenstein David
Greenstein Yoel
Greenstein Yitzchak
Goldberg Alter
Gleizer Wolf
Gleizer Nisan
Gleizer Eliezer
Grabov Leibel
Ginzburg Necha
Ginzburg Moshe
Grabov Yitzchak
Gindgold Lea
Gesko Breindel
Druk Asher
Honik Zecharia
Hoffman Shaul
Hindich Shlomo
Hindich Reiza
Held Fishel
Held Berl
Hochman Avraham
Wolk Chaim-David
Zelcer Zelda
Zelcer Hinda
Zesak Yosef
Chayat Yaakov
Chemler Sara
Telizon Chaya-Sara
Tofolowski Chaim
Titelbaum Alta
Yonovitch Eliahu
Yonovitch Yona
Jakobzon Shimon
Janower Bracha
Kac Aharon
Liberman Chana
Libman Yona
Leker Asher
Leker Moshe
Leker Yaakov
Leibman Yona
Marin Yona
Marin Zusia
Mogilenski Berka
Marin Pesach
Plocker Mendel
Fuchs Avraham
Fuchs Sara
Fuchs Yitzchak-Hirsch
Fuchs Rasia
Furer Batya
Fjuler Hershel
Prusman Dvora
Perlmutter Yosef
Pogacz Gitel
Pogacz Rafael
Pogacz Binyamin
Pogacz Shlomo
Pogacz Sara
Prach Shimon-Ber
Prach Chaim
Prach Sara
Perlmutter Asher
Celin Baruch-Leib
Kirsz Berl
Kneper Yaakov
Kneper Yisrael
Koltszenik Izak
Kirsz Berl
Koniszter Eltza-Feiga
Koniszter Shmuel-Ber
Koniszter Yaakov

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Kahn Yitzchak
Kahn Wolbish
Kotler Yitzchak-Hirsch
Kozak Keila
Rajski Nachum
Roizkes Nota
Rozenbaum Aharon
Steingarten David
Steingarten Leibel
Shapira Freidel
Shapira Nisan
Shapira David-Aharon
Shapira Nota
Shapira Yitzchak


The Street of the Butchers

Berg Yitzchak-Hirsch
Berg Kreina
Bender Yisrael
Wilinski Wolf
Zelcer Sara-Ita
Zelcer Moshe
Chayat Berl
Chayat Shalom
Ternblit Berl
Ternblit Yisrael
Langer Bat-Sheva
Langer Shefa
Melnik Wolf
Milstein Asher
Sofer Shefe
Kirszner Tzvia
Kesler Mendel
Reif Dova


The Street of the Road (Rechov Hakevish)

Brener Wolf
Bjon Asher
Guterman Avraham
Goldman Shamai
Gamernik Meir
Glekl Berl
Droog Avraham
Druker Shimon
Hochstein Zelig
Vernik Yehuda-Leib
Trenenblit Avraham
Tyktyner Mordechai
Marder Natan
Marder Sara
Melnik Miriam
Meir (the shoemaker)
Marsyk Elchanan
Marsyk Yitzchak
Marsyk Chana
Serczuk Yosef
Pogacz Moshe
Klein Mordechai
Klein Mendel
Klein Nachum
Klein Avraham
Karlin Shlomo
Rothschild Yisrael
Rothschild Mordechai-Leib


Slescza Street

Arde Yitzchak
Aplbaum Yaakov
Bender David-Leib
Bender Rita
Bender Feivel
Bender Yisrael
Bender Levi-Yitzchak
Berg Avraham
Grabov Pesach
Grabov Shmuel
Grabov Chaya
Herlich Yisrael-David
Herlich Lea
Zesak Chaim
Chayat Yitzchak
Chayat Leibel
Taub Chaim
Taub Pesach
Taub Yosef
Trajanow Yaakov
Liberman Leibel

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Liwent Hershel
Maranc Yosef
Markuza Yaakov-Chaim
Mogilenski Yaakov
Sendjuk Yehuda-Leib
Fuchs Abba
Fuchs Yaakov
Feintuch Henia
Feintuch Aharon
Feintuch Yisrael-David
Feintuch Avigdor
Eplbaum Yaakov
Konifas Sara
Kamincki Meir
Kacan Rachel
Roizkes Baruch
Stern Isser
Stern Malka
Shuster Motel
Szapir Asher


Mitzraim (Egypt) Street

Osowski Kalman
Baumel Yaakov
Wiener Eliahu
Chaim-Yosef (the water drawer)
Hoffer (Anciluk --[translator's note -- “the aimless”])
Wolf (the water drawer)
Wiener Moshe-Meir
Toler Meir
Toker Avraham
Slop Aharon
Slop Yaakov-Leib
Slop Avraham
Kirszner David
Kirszner Shimon
Kirszner Yitzchak
Nachum the shoemaker
Wasertreger Wolf [Translator's note -- Wasertreger means 'water carrier', so this may
be a duplication of the name 11 above.]

Reicher Motel
Reichel Moshe
Kotler Shlomo-Chaim
Perlmutter Tzvia
Kirszner Moshe


Street of the Mill

Eilbaum Miriam
Eides Hershel
Eides Natan
Brajnhendler Zeev
Brajnhendler Yosef
Blobstein Itzel
Birbrajar Binyamin
Blubstein Hirsch-Ber
Bajan Yaakov
Bajan Yisrael-Yitzchak
Ginzburg Aharon-Yaakov
Hochstein Zerach
Zalichs Chana
Chayat Moshe-Yaakov
Ternblit Yitzchak
Ternblit Wolf-Leib
Ternblit Avraham-Leib
Kohen Nisan
Marin Yehuda
Prusman Yaakov
Prusman Henich
Prusman Dvora
Kuperberg Leibel
Kuperberg Breindel
Kotler Tzvia
Kotler Yitzchak
Kahn Nisan
Kleiner Chaia-Feigl
Kleiner Avraham
Kleiner Moshe
Shuster Fishel
Szpetel Nachum
Shderovitzki Aharon


Rechov Holonka

Bernstein Yaakov
Bokser Yudel

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Bokser Zelig
Bronstein Eliahu
Bokser Baruch-Hirsch
Geler Avraham
Gryngarten Chaim (Zwloti)
Henich Bina
Held Yitzchak-Hirsch
Haker Shmuel
Weisblat Chaim
Zamel Zelig
Zamel Monish
Chayat Yisrael-Yaakov
Chmeler Udel
Lewint Wolia
Langer Feivel
Marin Zuska
Frigel David
Frigel Mordechai
Frigel Chaim
Klapcz Yitzchak
Klapcz Zalman
Kaminer Avraham-Ber
Kaminer Chaim
Klein Mordechai
Klein Wolf
Kowel Avraham
Karpels Malka
Kahn Motel (the shochet)
Reizman Aharon
Raf Malka
Rokoter Hershel
Hertzls Rachel
Rokoter Zelig
Steinberg Izik
Steinberg Pesach
Sheins Chaim
Shapira Mendel
Shapira Nota
Steinberg Eliahu


Krywa Street

Avrech Yaakov
Avrech Malka
Olicki Simcha
Bazeder Avraham
Babnik Moti
Bronstein Batya
Goldman Shamai
Grabov Pinia
Ginzburg Berl
Ginzburg Aharon-Yaakov
Wlinic Hershel
Weintraub Mendel
Weintraub Feiga
Weiner Yoel
Chayat Yeshayahu
Chayat Malka
Chayat Menashe
Chayat Meir
Chayat Yaakov
Chayat Carna
Tuker Meir
Toler Moshe
Janowic Shlomo
Kagan Nachum
Marin Zusia
Mostiszer Chaim
Magidcha Chaya
Slawa, the daughter of Itzi-Zalman
Fuchs Abba
Feldman Chaim
Feldman Moshe
Kocker Noach
Kolcznik Izak
Kemper Wolf
Kemper Yosef
Kemper Zalman
Kemper Yehuda
Kemper Tzipora
Kirsz Gittel
Kemper Binaymin
Rozenbaum Moshe-Pinchas
Rothschild Susia
Rider Moshka
Rider Yaakov-Shmuel
Rider Mendel
Rider Izik
Richter Malka-Yehudit
Szapir Tzipa

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Szpetel Elkana


The Street of the Smiths

Tyktyner Mordechai
Tyktyner Leibel
Tyktyner Chona
Chayat Falik
Marder Binyamin
Miller Hreshel
Marder Lea
Fier Nechama
Rothschild Yisrael
Rothschild Batya
Roitenberg Moshe


The Street of the Synagogue

Yitzchak Ben-Aharon
Beder Herschel
Bender Gedalia
Blatt Mendel
Bruszniker Eliezer (the teacher)
Geller Zusia
Gewirc Mendel
Gewirc Yisrael
Dobczyner Baruch
Hochstein Nechemia (the teacher)
Herlich Frida-Rachel
Kac Eliahu
Liberman Yaakov
Melik Yaakov
Sofer Avigdor
Prusman David
Fuchs Yaakov
Freiman Binyamin
Friedlander Shlomo-Tovya (rabbi)
Kirsz Liber
Kirsz Yitzchak
Koniszter Moshe
Koniszter Aharon-Yehoshua
Koniszter Yisrael-Yaakov
Kosznik Henia
Kosznik Eliezer
Rog Yitzchak-Hirsch
Szinpracht Pinchas
Szapir Pinchas
Szlitan Ezriel
Shuster Yaakov


The Street of the Old City (Alt-Shtadt)

Hochman Leibka
Hochman Yaakov
Hochman Moshe
Toler Shmuel-Chaim
Serczok Berl
Koczyk Shmuel
Koczyk Alter
Kladner Asher
Kamelmacher Berl
Shneider Leibel
Shneider Shlomo

Lorber Yitzchak
Fuchs Eliezer
Bina and her son
Reizman and his children
Szwarc Leibcha


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