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Radomsko Necrology (Cont'd)

Note that the submitter was alive at the time the necrology was published and we left the name of the submitter in so that we could identify his/her relationship to the names of the relatives who perished.

Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name Relationship Note
  BERGER-KALKA Moishe Father of Devorah Berger-Kalka  
  CHENCHINSKI Zlate Sister of Devorah Berger-Kalka  
  CHENCHINSKI Yitzhak Husband of Zlate Chenchinski  
  RUDNICKI Haim-Yakov Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  RUDNICKI Eidel Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  RUDNICKI Libe Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  RUDNICKI Gitl Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  RUDNICKI Ekiba Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  LIPSZIC Sarah-Kayle Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  LIPSZIC Mendel Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  LIPSZIC Rivkah Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  LIPSZIC Libe Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  LIPSZIC Hersh-Leib Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  KARMAZIN Motl Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  KARMAZIN Haya Relative of Daniel Rudnicki  
  BRIL Alter Brother of Sylvia Bril-Rudnicki and family
RIKHMAN Morris  
  RIKMAN Hana Mother of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Hendel Wife of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Yakov-Yosef Son of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Tzipporah Daughter of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Mikhal Son of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Devorah Daughter of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Haim Son of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Abraham Brother of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Nusen Brother of Morris Rikhman  
  RIKMAN Yehzekeil Brother of Morris Rikhman  
SZWARC Mozes  
  SZWARC Motl Father of Mozes Szwarc  
  SZWARC Ester Wife of Mozes Szwarc  
  SZWARC Yitzhak Son of Mozes Szwarc  
  SZWARC Yakov Son of Mozes Szwarc  
  SZWARC Teme Sister of Mozes Szwarc and her family
  SZWARC Yakhed Sister of Mozes Szwarc and her family
  SZWARC Mirl Sister of Mozes Szwarc and her family
  SZWARC Bayla Sister of Mozes Szwarc and her family
  SZWARC Haim Brother of Mozes Szwarc and his family
  SZWARC Kheme Brother of Mozes Szwarc and his family
  SZWARC Hershel Brother of Mozes Szwarc and his family
  WIGOCKI Yitzhak Brother of Yakov Swarchazer  
  ? Fala Sister of Yakov Swarchazer  
  ? Malka Sister of Yakov Swarchazer with 2 children
  SZWIALOWSKI Helena Mother of Yakov Szwialowski  
  SZWIALOWSKI Sarah Sister of Yakov Szwialowski  
  SZWIALOWSKI Ruth Sister of Yakov Szwialowski  
  SZWIALOWSKI Haim Brother of Yakov Szwialowski  
  SZWIALOWSKI Yeshayahu Brother of Yakov Szwialowski  
SKLARCZYK Charles Joseph  
  SKLARCZYK Wolf-Leib Father of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Yentl Mother of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Ite Wife of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Yentl Daughter of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Meir Son of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and 4 children
  SKLARCZYK Devorah Wife of Meir Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Abraham Son of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and 2 children
  SKLARCZYK Doba Wife of Abraham Sklarczyk  
  SKLARCZYK Shmuel Son of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and 2 children
  SKLARCZYK Ester Wife of Shmuel Sklarczyk  
  GOLDBERG Gitl Sister of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and 5 children
  GOLDBERG Shmuel-Wolf Husband of Gitl Goldberg  
  YURKOWICZ Haya Sister of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and 3 children
  YURKOWICZ Yosef Husband of Haya Yurkowicz  
  KUPERMAN Manya Sister of Charles Joseph Sklarczyk and child
  KUPERMAN Shimkha Husband of Manya Kuperman  
WAKSMAN Malka and Mordekhai  
  WAKSMAN Emanuel Father of Malka & Mordekhai Waksman  
  WAKSMAN Hilel Brother of Malka & Mordekhai Waksman  
  WAKSMAN Perl Wife of Hilel Waksman  
  PLAWNER Pesya Sister of Malka & Mordekhai Waksman  
  PLAWNER Meir Husband of Pesya Plawner  
  PLAWNER Hana Daughter of Pesya & Meir Plawner  
  PLAWNER Ber Son of Pesya & Meir Plawner  
  GOLDBERG Brayndel Mother of Rachel Goldberg-Kristol  
  GOLDBERG Roza Sister of Rachel Goldberg-Kristol  
  GOLDBERG Leah Sister of Rachel Goldberg-Kristol  
  GOLDBERG Gitl Sister of Rachel Goldberg-Kristol  

Family Photograhs and Appreciations

Translated by Merav Schejtman and Gloria Berkenstat Freund

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The Holy Memory of our Most Beloved and Dearest

My Grandmother Chava and Grandfather Shimshon Kanowski; my Grandmother Brukha Zilbersztein; my sisters – Rachel and her husband Velvel Wasersztajn, Hinda and her husband Mendel Manela, Royze and Leahele Kanowski and my only brother Yitzhak-Moishe Kanowski.

All perished at the hand of the Nazi Murderers in Auschwitz and Treblinka.

(Signed) Rayzel (Kanowski) and husband Enzel Przyrowski

Page 430

(Photograph, right)

Our grandfather and grandmother Berl and Rivkah Ofman (Olejnik)
Their son Zisman, his wife Franya and their daughter Tzirel
And all of our relatives
Who were murdered through no fault of their own in Treblinka death camp.

The father was murdered in Radomsk during the expulsion to the camp; he didn't want to leave his home, resisted the Germans who came to take him and cursed them; they forcibly evicted him and murdered him. May God avenge his soul! The boy depicted between the grandparents is their great grandchild Yakov Zlotnik who later fell in the Israeli War of Independence.

May their memory be blessed!

The grandchildren in Israel
The brothers and sisters Sztajn

(Photograph, left)

Our dear and beloved family, which so tragically perished Al Kidesh Hashem (To sanctify G-d's name) at the hand of the Nazi assassins.

Shimon and Yokheved Ofman

Their son Benimin and his wife Esther (Goldberg)

Sent to Treblinka in November 1942

Their son Zainwel

(Perished during the typhus epidemic in Skarzysker camp in April 1943)

We will carry their memory always in our hearts.

(Signed) Manya and Harry Belski and child
(New York)

p. 431

(Photograph, top)

(May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

On the left:
Haim-Israel Wajnbaum (son of Abraham and Guta)

On the right:
Manja Szpira (Her husband Yakov and children - Daniel, Haim and Leah)

Anka Rubin (her husband Moishe-Munik)

Hela Wajnbaum (Her husband Tzvi son of Shimon Uri)

Henja Kaczkowicz (her husband Tzvi and their daughters Leah and Miriam)

Yakov Ejchner and his wife Fela (Fajwlowicz)

Daniel Ejchner and his wife Zoszia (Truskolaski)

Chava Ejchner

Yitzhak Tiger and his son Haim

(Photograph, left)

Haim-Israel Wajnbaum
(son of Abraham and Guta)

(Signed) Guta Eikhner-Wajnbaum

(Photograph, bottom)

Our darling children
Zelig and Shmuel-Yehezkeil Goldberg,

Who were taken from us in the prime of their lives. During the first “aktsia” they were led from Radomsko to the Treblinka death camp and died there on the 30th of Tishrei 6703

(Nov. 11th 1942)

(Translator's note: There is a discrepancy between the two dates.)

You live in our hearts forever

The bereaved parents
Yakhit and Moishe Goldberg
(New York)

On the photo itself:

(Right) Zelig Goldberg
Born 25.8.1922 (August 25, 1922)

(Left) Shmuel-Yehezkeil Goldberg
Born 23.3.1924 (March 23, 1924)

Killed by the Nazis

p. 432

(Photograph, top right)

Mrs. Borzykowski, of blessed memory

(The mother of Tuvia Borzykowski)

Who perished in the holocaust of the Jews of Radomsk.

(May her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Photograph, top left)

Mrs. Czesza Gitler, of blessed memory

Born in 1912 in Radomsk; Pupil at Mrs. Wajntraub's Gymnasia; An active member of the Zionist youth movement and the troop of the JNF; Married to L. Szmigelski in Lodz (1938). They planned to make aliyah and join our family. In 1940 she escaped from the Lodz ghetto to Slonim where she was killed (1941).

(Signed) With an aching heart
Her sister, Rivkah.

(Photographs, bottom)

Shmuel-Yitzhak Epsztajn and his wife Temer (Klajner), of blessed memory

Reb Shmuel-Yitzhak Epsztajn (he was called “Kukoska”), belonged to the era when Haskhalah was brought into the yeshivus, Beis-Midrashim and Hasidic shtiblek and led away many teachers, future rabbis, shoykhetim and the like from the “straight path.” They then threw themselves on worldly education and later were eminent doctors, lawyers, journalists, editors who at the time became the acknowledged leadership of Russian-Polish youth.

However, there were also those who remained in the middle; they left the “straight path” and did not go further… Shmuel-Yitzhak Epsztajn belonged to this group. He was occupied with business and was known as the city wit; he reacted quickly with great humor and sharpness to all events in the city.

The worldly education, to which he had aspired, Sh. Y. Epsztajn gave to his children.

Honor his memory.

(Signed) Harry
(Los Angeles)

p. 433


Eli Grundman, of blessed memory

Eli Grundman was a wealthy merchant, owner of a large steel and building supplies store, in May 3rd Square no.5, a store that has been in the Grundman family for generations. This is one of the oldest and most firmly established families in Radomsk.

Eli Grundman was thin and quick, always in good humor; he was always helpful in private and with caring to his fellow man. He was a pious man and belonged to the Sokacew Hasidic shtibel and was oftentimes even a cantor on Shabbosim and yomim tovim. He was involved in public life and for many years was an active member in the management of the charity fund and the management of the bank (headed by Moishe Berger); he was also active in the Linat Tzedek society.

He was an avid Zionist and in 1924 joined the “spies” from Radomsk, who went to tour Palestine. He came back full of positive impressions, and with a determination to liquidate his businesses, and make aliyah. But this did not come to be because of business and family complications

The Eli Grundman Family

Pictured from left: The mother Toibe (Teibele): She was shot on the outskirts of town after the first deportation of Radomskers (1942), after she was taken out of the bunker, by the Gestapo, half paralyzed; Eli Grundman: He was shot together with his daughter Lodzja, after the second deportation, (1943) as they were exiting the bunker to breath fresh air; The daughter-in-law Esther (daughter of Yakov Sofer), wife of the eldest son Moishe Grundman. She perished in Czentochow Ghetto with her small son Yakov (1942); The son Moishe: He was killed in Warsaw in 1942; The son Leib (Ek): He was killed in Warsaw; The daughter Lodzja; The son Nechemia: He perished at the liquidation of the Radomsko Ghetto (1942) together with his wife Adzja (nee Epsztajn) and their small son Shimon (some say that they were sent to Treblinka and perished there.); The son Meir (Majorek): he was shot in Skarzysko labor camp (1942) while unconscious from Typhoid fever.

Country, do not cover their blood!

(Signed) Pula Faktor (Grundman) and family

p. 434

(Photograph, top)

We shall light an eternal candle in the memory of our dear family members.

Shmuel and Sarah-Rivkah Goldberg, Eidel and Faygel-Dvoira Koziwoda, Abraham-Wolf and Rivkah Goldberg and their children – Czeszia, Mordekhai, Bronya and Dzjonja, Meir-Dovid Goldberg and Becaleil, Zelig and Chaya-Pesya Yakubowicz and their son Mordekhai, Rachel Goldberg.

(Signed) Haim Goldberg Family/Chava and Mordekhai Goldberg/Chana Rozenman (Yakubowicz) and family

(Photograph, bottom)

Zainvel and Perl Goldberg, of blessed memory

My father, of blessed memory, was born in Kinsk. He moved to Radomsk after his marriage where he lived for the rest of his life. He was a distinguished man, an Agudas Yisroel activist, a Gerer Hasid, one of the founders of Yissod HaTorah and a member of the Beis Yakov Board. He was among the leaders of the Radomsk community for many years; he was one of the organizers of the Talmud Torah and the charity bank.

The names of their children were: Rivah, Esther, Vital, Arieh-Leibel, Shifrah.
May their memory be blessed forever!

(Signed) Daughter Chaya Landes

p. 435

(Photograph of Dudkewicz family)

To the memory of my father Ahron, mother Devorah-Mindl, brother Moishe-Shmuel, his wife and children – all perished in Treblinka. My brother Haim-Yehezkeil; my wife Roizele with son Gabrial and daughter Haya-Zisele; my sister-in-law Loti with 2 children (Rashel and Marsel) – all perished in Auschwitz.


(Signed) Berl Dudkewicz


(Photograph of Haim-Dovid Hamer)

My father Haim-Dovid Hamer was a person of great intellect; in addition he possessed a good heart and a profound wit and was the advice giver for family and friends. In the later years, he moved with his family to Czenstochow where he lived a modest life. There his door was always open for friends and the poor.

He became very sick in the Czenstochower Ghetto; the German assassins dragged him out of his bed and shot him in the courtyard.

His wife also perished at the murderous hands in that era. His son left for Soviet-Russia and perished there in need and hunger.

His two daughters survived the Holocaust era, emigrating to Toronto (Canada) to their oldest sister, who were there from earlier years.

(Signed) Sara Hamer-Jacklin
(New York)

My father Abraham-Shlomoh Hampel was born in 1889. My mother Esther-Hinda (née Rajch) was born in 1887. My parents were known for their modesty and dedicated their best years to the education of their children and helping their widespread family. Their final route to the death camp was made with the Jews of the town where they were born and worked. My sister Chaja perished with them. (Born 1930).

(Signed) Dr. Shimkha Hampel

p. 436

(Photograph, top)

To Their Sacred Memory!

May the bright memory of my wife and children be consecrated; of our sisters – Mindel, Perl, Tzeshe, Toybe and Chana and her child; of our brother Abrahamele; – who were annihilated by the Hitler murderers in our birthplace Radomsk. Let these lines serve as a mitzivah for their sacred souls, who will never be forgotten.

(Signed) Moishe Lev and Yitzhak Wajnman
(Buenos - Aires)

(Photographs, bottom)

I will always remember you:

My wife Genya

My little son Leibish (Loliek)

My little daughter Fela

My brother Hershel

and his wife Rusya (Rayzel)

(Signed) Abraham Wilhelm

p. 437

(Photographs, top right)

My dear parents Blume and Meir Zelikowicz; my oldest sister Rachel and husband Gitler; Yosef Zelikowicz and wife with 2 children; Ester and Yokel Rozenczwajg, Rivkah and Yankel Feldzensztajn; Melekh Zelikowicz and his son Yananshek; Palya and Yakov Gotesman. – May their memory be blessed!

(Signed) Ite Zelikowicz

(Photograph, top left)

Leibel Zilberberg (May God avenge his soul)

Humble and modest, benefactor to many; One of the founders of the Mizrachi, avid Zionist, activist for the Zionist Funds.

May his memory be blessed.

(Signed) His daughter Rachel and family


For eternal memory:

My father-teacher Reb Pinkhas Trajman
My mother-teacher Sarah née Bruner
My dear brother Yitzhak-Ahron Trajman
My dedicated husband Elihu Fiszman

And members of my family who were murdered by the Nazis:
Berl Trajman, Fejgel-Dvoira Trajman, Shaul Trajman and his wife, Chana-Gitl Trajman, Uziel Trajman, Yosef (Yurek) Trajman.

Berel Trajman, Faygel-Devorah Trajman, Shaul Trajman and wife, Chana-Gitl Trajman, Ezriel Trajman, Yosef (Yurek) Trajman

(Signed) Brunya Trajman

(Photographs, from the right)

Yitzhak Trajman, Sarah Trajman neé Bruner, Reb Pinkhas Trajman, Elijah Fiszman


(Photograph, top)

The Reb Menachem Mendel Justman Family

Our father, of blessed memory, was an important Gerer Hasid. He was a great grandson and grandson of Rabbi Mendele of the Kock dynasty and related to the author of Hidushi Harim. He was very learned in Torah, but did not exploit this. (He was a tree and forest merchant all his life). He was faithfully active in meeting public needs as chairman of the Agudas Yisroel chapter and as an aid giver to the downtrodden. He was also known for his wisdom and his pleasant attitude to all men, even to those with whom he disagreed.

Once when a Gerer Hasid asked him why he let his daughter study Torah – after all, it is said, “Anyone who teaches his daughter Torah teaches her useless knowledge” – my father, of blessed memory, answered on the spur of the moment: “She has already studied useless knowledge (secular studies) why should I stop her from learning Torah?”

He perished together with his wife Taube (née Rabinowicz), descendant of the author of Yehudi Hakodesh, along with our eldest brother Yitzhak-Meir and his wife Esther (née Genzwajch) and their only son Israel, our sister Elka and her husband Noakh Gotesman with their little girl Miriam; our brother Dovid and his wife Bela (née Cygelman); and lastly our brother, the youngest of all, Simkha-Bunim. Their dear memory is inscribed on our hearts until our last days on earth.

(Signed) Pesia Yeshurun

(Photograph, bottom)

The Judkewicz Family, of blessed memory

In memory of my father-teacher Reb Shlomoh son of Haim-Dovid Judkewicz. He was a scholar and taught Torah to many.

To the eternal memory of our whole family, which tragically perished.

Honor their memory.

(Signed) Abraham-Yitzhak Judkewicz

p. 439


From the right, top: Shmuel Rozensztajn, Moishe Yakubowicz, Shimon Yakubowicz, Sheindel Yakubowicz

From the right, bottom: Ester Markowicz, Yeshayahu Markowicz, Abraham Perlsztajn, Regina Perlsztajn

My father Haim Yakobowicz had a furniture workshop at #10 Joselewicz Street. He was known as an excellent craftsman, with a diploma that he received in Czenstochow in 1922. He died in 1928. My mother Sheindel, the granddaughter of Hershel Fridman, a well-known estate owner in Maksymow near Przedborz, my brother Moishe, my sister Esther and her husband Yeshayahu Markowicz, perished in Treblinka. My brother Hershel, 16 years old, was sent to Auschwitz and perished there. My sister Regina was shot in the cemetery in Radomsk. She was 8 months pregnant. My brother Shimon fought with the Red Army and fell in battle. He was an officer. My first husband Shmuel Rosensztajn died in Uzbekistan in Russia.

May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.

(Signed) Rozia Yakobowicz (Lederman)

(Photograph of the Family of Rachel and Mordekhai Lutkewicz, bottom)

Our parents Rachel and Mordekhai Lutkewicz had a glass business on the Shul Street. During the aktsia in 1942, they hid in a bunker; later they were deported to Czenstochowa and in the end to Treblinka. Our sister Genendel perished together with our parents and our brother Yitzhak perished in the Skarzysker camp.

May their memory be consecrated!

(Signed) Sisters Chana and Gusze Lutkewicz

p. 440

(Photograph, top)

The Reuven Liberman Family

My father was born in Lelow (a small town in Kielce district). His father, Reb Israel-Ber, was the shoykhet (ritual slaughterer) of the town and a faithful follower of the Tiferes Shlomoh, of blessed memory, and all of the Radomsker Rabbis.

My father had Zionist convictions and even in his youth aspired to make aliyah to Eretz-Yisroel. To this end he decided to learn a trade. He went to Lodz and studied tailoring. It was a “prestigious” occupation that was held by religious people.

After his marriage to Sarah, daughter of Henekh Alpert (The melamed of Przedborz who made aliyah in 1913), my parents moved to Radomsk to 14 Przedborzka Street, (The Oceckowski house) neighboring Moishe Lewkowicz, of blessed memory, one of the forerunners of the Zionist movement in our city. My father was a friend of Moishe Lewkowicz and was a member of the Zionist circle he founded. My father planned and intended to make aliyah a number of times (1913, 1921, 1924) but valid reasons stopped him from fulfilling his wishes.

The family moved to Lodz before the beginning of the Second World War. The Holocaust caught up with them there. My brother Yakov did not want to leave our elderly parents and escape across the border. He died of typhoid fever in the Lodz Ghetto in 1942. My brother Yosef was a soldier in the Polish army when war broke out. He was captured by the Russians in 1939 and was in a POW camp up until the Szikorski-Stalin agreement. All traces of him were lost after liberation. My brother Moishe was sent from Lodz to a work camp in Germany, and never returned. My sister Rachel probably perished in Krakow. She was there at the time of the Nazis' invasion of Poland. My young brother and sister, Mindl and Berl were in Brussels before the war and were deported from there to the death camp.

My entire family were devoted and active Zionists; they were planning to make aliyah and build the country, but this lifelong wish was never to be.

Their memory will never waver

(Signed) Yehudah

(Photograph, bottom)

Our dear parents Leah and Dovid-Noakh Likhtensztajn

Our dear brothers Haim and Meir-Ahron Likhtensztajn

who were killed by the Nazi murderers in Treblinka and Skarzysko —

We will always remember them!

(Signed) Dr. Yeshayahu Likhtensztajn
Anna Likhtensztajn
(New York)

p. 441

(Top right: “Tablets”)

(Right “tablet”)

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear mother
Mrs. Esther [Liberman]
She was sent to Treblinka
during the first “aktsia” against
the Jews of Radomsko
28 of Tishrei 6703
October 1942

(Left “tablet”)

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear father
Reb. Dovid Meir
Who was murdered by the Nazis,
May their name be obliterated, at his home while
refusing to join the shipment
of the Jews of Radomsk
to Treblinka.

(Bottom of “tablet”)

In Memory
Of the soul of my sister Hendel Malka
And the soul of my sister Eidl
Who were sent to Treblinka together with our mother.

(May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Photograph, top left)

To the eternal memory of my unforgettable mother Miriam Markowicz, my dear brothers Zisman, Refaeil and Yeshayahu and sister Gutsye, who in the
G-dless years of pain and death were so savagely annihilated.

Nadia Markowicz-Wolfowicz
(Brussels, Belgium)

(Photograph, bottom)

Leah and Emanuel Moskowicz

The sons Mordekhai and Leibish and their families, Ahron and Abraham-Moishe and the daughter Frida

Perished in Treblinka

May there memory be blessed

(Signed) The son Yakov-Shmuel and the daughter Eita

p. 442

(Photograph, top)

My wife Gute Najkon
(Perished at Bergen-Belsen)

My daughters
Chana and Chaya Najkron
(Perished at Treblinka)

To their sacred memory!

(Signed) Husband and father
Haim-Benimin Najkron

(Photographs, bottom)

My father Icze Slawiak (Reymonta Street 19) was active in the managing committee of the Artisans' Union and in the leadership of the Y.L. Peretz Library. He, my mother Minye, sister Dinsze, and brother Shlamek perished in Treblinka in 1942.

Let their memory be honored!

(Signed) Fela Slawiak-Khlapak

p. 443

(Photograph, top right)

My father and teacher Yitzhak Pacanowski, of blessed memory

My father was a very progressive man. He agreed with new generation views, but still he found it hard to sever the strings that tied him to the old ways of education. It was possible to speak with him about different interests, and he was always patient and understanding about my involvement with the movement.

He was honest to a fault. This hindered him in commerce, but nonetheless that is the way he taught us. He was considered a revolutionary in his generation for his concept of loving each person for who he was, he was part of the Zionist circles and in his free time he liked being one with nature in hikes outside the city. His whole ambition was to make aliyah, but it never came to pass. He wrote to me on the day the war broke out that he had applied for an aliyah pass. He was too late. I shall never forget my father and home.

(Signed) Miriam Pacanowski-Krakower

(Photograph, top left)

My wife and child; my mother Fayge, brothers Shmuel and Shmerel, and my annihilated family – I will always remember them.

(Signed) Ezil Przyrowski

(Photograph, bottom)

Honor the memory of Faygel and Nukhem Pacanowski and their two sons

Perished at the hands of the Nazi murderers

(Signed) Their cousin
Yehezkeil Pacanowski
(New York)

p. 444

(Photograph, top)

Our parents Yitzchak and Esther Fajerman
Our sister Miriam and our brothers Yeshayahu, Yissakhar and Sinai Fajerman

Yitzhak Fajerman was known in Radomsk for his generous heart. His entire family adopted this trait, which manifested itself mainly in hospitality. After WWI, the family moved to Warsaw, settled there quickly and established the “Fajerman House” which became an inn for all visiting Radomskers. In 1923 Yitzhak Fajerman went to Eretz-Yisroel with a group of townspeople to tour the country. During this visit he purchased a plot in Tel Aviv. He came back to Poland and a year later made aliyah, settled in Tel Aviv, and established again the “Fajerman House,” which soon became the committee house for all Radomskers in Israel. Because of a financial crisis, he returned to Warsaw, where he reestablished “Fajerman House” for the third time. There it was destroyed…

(Photograph, bottom)

Our brother Dovid Fajerman, his wife Pola, and their son Kubish

They were murdered through no fault of their own.

The memory of all our family members will not stray from our hearts

Pola Goldberg (Fajerman) and family
Malka Wenglinski (Fajerman) and family

p. 445

(Photograph, top)

Hershel and Sarah Pinkowicz

Born and lived all their years in Radomsk; presided over a traditional religious Yiddish home and at the end were torn away with a frightening death at the hands of the bestial criminals.


(Signed) Isidor Pinkowicz (Los Angeles)

(Photograph, bottom on the right)

With a painful heart I mourn the untimely death of my dear brother

Alter Bril

With his wife and beloved children, who tragically perished during the Hitlerist rule.

(Signed) The only surviving sister
(New York)

(Photograph, bottom on the left)

Nakha Pinkowicz and her husband Haim (Khamil) Szwarc were torn away from their home in Paris (France), deported to a death camp and there tragically lost their young lives.


(Signed) The Pinkowicz Family
(Los Angeles)

p. 446

(Photograph, top)

Shumel and Sarah Pariz

With deep sorrow I immortalize the memory of my dear parents

(Signed) Their daughter
Helenka Pariz-Moskowicz and family
(Buenos Aires)

(Photograph, bottom)

To the memory of the Keselman Family

From the right: Ruszka (perished in Warsaw); Celina (lives in Argentina); Hershel (lives in France); the father Abraham-Moishe (perished in a forest bunker); the mother Nekhe and daughter Devorah (perished after the war at the hands of the Polish murderers); Eidel and Elijah (live in Argentina).

(Signed) Celina, Eidel and Elijah

p. 447

(Photographs, top)

The memory of our dear parents Zaleil and Mariam Kalka
(murdered in 1942)

We will always cherish with love and honor

The saved sons:

(Signed) Paul Kalka
(Los Angeles)
Yosef and Tzvi Kalka

(Photograph, bottom right)

Yankel and Gitl Karafke

With their children

Devorah, Pinkhas and Yosele

Murdered in Radomsk in 1942

Honor their memory!

(Signed) The Karafka and Elenberg families
(New York)

(Photograph, bottom left)

My dear brother

Berl Krzepiski

I will always carry your memory in my heart

(Signed) Zlate Seidenberg (Krzepiski)
(New York)

p. 448

(Photograph, top)

Our father Yakov Reuven Rozenblat, our mother Malka, our sisters and brothers and all our relatives who were murdered through no fault of their own.
God will avenge them!

(Signed) Tula Brisker (Rozenblat) and family
Yitzhak-Shmuel Rozenblat and family

(Photograph, bottom)

We mourn the tragic death of our extended family that perished in the great Holocaust.
Our father Moishe-Dovid Sztejn, our mother Tzirel (daughter of Rivkah and Berl Ofman), our brother Leibish and his wife Sarah (Cohen) and also Israel, Sinai, Noakh, and Pinkhas and our sister Devorah.

May their memory be blessed.

{Signed) Chana (Igel), Naomi (Zlutnik), Benimin and Yakov Sztajn

p. 449

(Photograph, top)

Our father and teacher Yitzhak Rubin, our mother and teacher Chaja (nee Bruner), and our dear brother Berl were transported in September of 1942 to Treblinka and perished there. Our dear sister Rivkah was sent to Auschwitz in 1943 and perished there. Our little brother Avraham was murdered in Radomsko before the arrival of the Russians and was buried in the municipal cemetery after the liberation of the city. Our big brother Yakov died of exhaustion in Germany after the liberation.

(Signed) The son Moishe Rubin
and the daughter Rachel Ofer (Rubin

(Photographs, bottom)

Natan Rikman
(My brother)

My first wife Herdel and our three little children Yakov-Yosef, Devorah and Haim – perished in the gas chamber of Treblinka. Also my mother Chana and brothers Abraham, Natan, and Yehezkeil – perished in Treblinka.

I will mourn you my whole life.

(Signed) Moishe (Morris) Rikman
(New York)

p. 450


Our beloved parents Ahron-Wolf and Leah Szwarc

Our sister Rayzel and her husband Leon Stam (little daughter Sarahle)

Our sister Chayale and her husband Yitzhak-Moishe Kalka (little daughter Dzyashna)

We will forever cherish the honor of their sacred memory!

(Signed) Fela (Kuperman) and Moishe Szwarc (New York)

p. 451

Plaque top right

On the right:

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear mother
Mrs. Esther Shulamit
Daughter of Reb Shlomoh, of blessed memory
Who was murdered by
the Nazis, may their name be obliterated,
On the 27th day of Tishrei 5702
In her home in Radomsk

On the left:

In memory
Of the soul of my dear father
Reb Yekutiel
Son of Reb Yakov, of blessed memory
Who was expelled from the city of Radomsk
On the 27th day of Tishrei 5702
And was murdered by the Nazis, may their name be obliterated

Bottom of the plaques:

In memory
Of the souls of my dear brothers and sisters
Miriam, Sarah, Avraham-Yitzhak, Rivkah, Rachel-Leah, Rakel, Moishe-Ahron, Roza, their husbands, wives and children
Who were expelled from the city of Radomsk on the 27th day of Tishrei 5702
And were murdered by the Nazis, may their name be obliterated.

(May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Signed) Benimin Ukrent (Israel)

Plaque, top left:

On the right:

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear mother
Mrs. Dina
Daughter of Chaim Yoseph, of blessed memory
Who died on the 5th of Adar
In the city of Radomsk

On the left:

In memory
Of the soul of my dear father
Reb Emanuel
Son of Reb Avrham Kasriel, of blessed memory
Who died on the 16th of Tevet
In the city of Radomsk

(Bottom of the Plaques)

In memory
Of the souls of my dear wife Sarah,
And the dear girls Chavule, Mindl, Freidl-Leah.
And the souls of my dear brothers and sisters
Asher Zelik, Zlate, Leah, Israel, Rivkah, Frimit
Who were expelled from the city of Radomsk on the 27th day of Tishrei,
5702 (18.11.1942) and were murdered by the Nazis, may their name be obliterated.

(May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Signed) Yosef Kirszencwajg (New York)

(Photographs, bottom)


My father Tzvi (Hershel) Faktor son of Yehoshua the melamed teacher)
My mother Zelda daughter of Moishe Landau


My brother Menakhem-Ahron and my sister Leah-Yokheved
My brother and his wife Karola (Herc) died a martyr's death in the city of Bedzin.

May their memory be blessed.

(Signed) The son and brother, Hilel Faktor and family.

p. 452

(Photograph, top)

Yakov Rozenbaum family

My father and teacher Yakov Rozenbaum was born in Podszwirk?-Radomsk to his parents, Yitzhak Rozenbaum from the Dubryszyce estate (near Radomsk) and Sarah born in Czentochow. In 1891 he married Sarah Braun nee Prafurt, and settled in Radomsk, where he lived for 40 years. (He dealt in forest and field commerce). He was a member of the city council and of several committees. He was also a member of the Jewish congregation committee, membership chairman of Beis Lechem and the interest-free loan fund and more. (He belonged to the “House of Radomsk” Hasids).

When the war started and Radomsk was conquered, the Nazis put a large penal tax on my father Yakov Rozenbaum, and then deported him from his home. He had to leave the city and move in with his son-in-law Zagjeski in Kielce, where he stayed until the deportation of the entire Jewish community in 1941.

A candle in memory of my parents and the whole of my family.

(Signed) Son Yitzhak Rozenbaum

(Photographs, bottom)

Yakov Hartman (Yankel)and Frimet

My father Reb Yakov, of blessed memory was a loyal Hasid of Rabbi Shlomo-Zalman Weltfrajd, blessed be the memory of the righteous man, of Tomaszow (The Rozprza Dynasty); he loved people and gave generously to the national funds for building Eretz-Yisroel; he made sure his children received a broad education and Jewish-Nationalistic schooling. He traveled the route to the Treblinka extermination camp with his wife Frimet and their son Shimshon (one of the Jewish National Fund and Betar activists in our town).

Their son Haim was murdered by Poles in Radomsk (January 1943).

(Signed) Son Moishe Hartman

p. 453

(Photograph, top right)

Moishe-Shmuel Gryn

Moishe-Shmuel, son of Eidl and Yeshayahu Grin, was born in 1909 in the town of Brzeznica near Radomsk, into a traditional family of Alexander Hasids. In his youth he was sent to study Torah and Knowledge in the city of Radomsk, where he stayed until 1926 and became involved in Zionist youth circles. On his return to Brzeznica he became a tailor and built his home in the town and was known as a man of work, a public activist (a member of the congregation committee and manager of an interest-free loan fund), and as an activist in the Zionist movement institutions. He perished with his mother, wife and daughter in the Holocaust of his Brzeznica community.

(May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Signed) Israel Goren (Gryn)

(Plaque, bottom right)

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear mother
Mrs. Shifra
Daughter of Berl, of blessed memory
Who was expelled from the city of Czenstochow
And was murdered by the Nazis, may their name be obliterated
On the 29th day of Tishrei 702

(Plaque, bottom left)

In Memory
Of the soul of my dear father
Reb Naftali
Son of Reb Haim, of blessed memory
Who died on 27 Heshvan
In the city of Radomsk

(Bottom of this plaque)

In memory
Of the souls of my dear brothers and sisters
Moshe, Zisel, Rachel, their husbands, wives and children
Who were murdered by the Nazis, may their name be obliterated
On the 29th day of Tishrei 5702
20.11. 42

(May their souls be bound up in the bond of eternal life.)

(Signed) Sala Dimand (New York)

(Photograph, left)

Yehezkeil Skornicki

Yehezkeil son of Hershel Skornicki was born in 1910, into a religious, middle-class family. (His father was a retailer.)

Yehezkeil worked as a locksmith in A. M. Szpira's iron factory and was counted as one of the first members of Freiheit in the city. He occupied the office of secretary of Freiheit for a time and was very active among the managing authorities of the organization. In 1931, he transferred to the Poalei-Zion party (Z.S.), worked actively in the committee for Keren Kayemet and later occupied the office of head of the Sholom Aleichem Library.

In 1937 Yehezkeil left Radomsk to work in Czenstochow and later perished there.

Honor his memory!

(Signed) Sh. Granek

p. 454

The family of Reb Mendele Epsztajn, of blessed memory

Reb Mendele Epsztajn, of the Gerer Hasids in Radomsk, was well liked and respected as an activist and an arbitrator in the commercial circles of the town and its environs. As a wealthy, decent and successful merchant who also worked with rich non-Jewish industrialists, he used his broad connections for charity and alms for the poor in his town. He excelled in his help to the downtrodden and the unfortunate in World War I. He probably found comfort in this work after the death of his two young daughters (in one week during the epidemic). Reb Mendele was bestowed with a humane death during the Holocaust (1940) in Radomsk. His grandson, K. Kornfeld, survived the Holocaust and is in Israel.

His only son Zusman Epsztajn, well respected in his own right and part of his family, moved to Czenstochow during the Holocaust and perished there. The daughter Chava and her husband Stephan Rozensztajn perished in Treblinka, while fate led the son Kalman to the Buchenwald camp. Of the entire family all that survived were: the daughter Rachel Sznitzer (Israel), the daughter Rozka Zajdman and the son Eliahu Epsztajn (USA)

(Signed) The Grandchildren in Israel and the USA

(Photograph, top)

Zusman Epsztajn and his children Kalman and Eliahu

(Photographs, bottom)

From the right: Kalman Epsztajn, Devorah Epsztajn (neé Ickowicz, Kielce), Chava Epsztajn

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