Przytyk Memorial Book

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Translation of
Sefer Przytyk

Editors: David Shtokfish, Przytyk Societies in Israel, France and the USA

Published in Tel Aviv, 1973



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This is a translation of: Sefer Przytyk (Przytyk memorial book),
Editors: David Shtokfish, Przytyk Societies in Israel, France and the USA, Tel Aviv, 1973

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Przytyk

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Pamphlet precursor to Sefer Przytyk

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The Memorial Book of Przytyk

{Page with drawing of a woman in mourning outside a town}

Thus says the L-rd, a voice is heard on high, lamenting and bitter weeping, it is Rachel weeping for her children. She refused to be comforted for her children for they are no more. Thus says the L-rd, refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for there is reward for your effort, says the L-rd, and they will return from the land of the enemy. And there is hope for your future, says the L-rd, and the children will return to their borders.

(Jeremiah 31, 14-15)

{Translator's note: repeated in Yiddish.}

[Page III]

The Book of Przytyk

A memorial monument to a Jewish community.

Editor: David Shtokfish
Tel Aviv 5733 1973

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A memorial to the Jewish Community of Pshitik

Published by Irgun Yotzei Pshitik in Israel
and with the help of Pshitik landslait in the United States of America
and others over the World



The Yizkor Book “The Book of Przytyk”

Published by the Organization of Przytyk Natives in Israel
With the help of the landsmanschaft in France and the United States


The Memorial Book “The Book of Przytyk”
Published by the Organization of Przytyk Natives in Israel, France and the United States

Editorial Committee: David Zeitani, Shmuel Hamershtil, Gedalyahu Blicher, Mendel Honig

English Translations: Y. M. Lesak
{Translator's note: this refers to the English translations provided with the original book.}

Printed in Israel, 1973

The book was printed on paper produced by the Hadera Paper Factory, and with their polite assistance.

The Lahav Printing Press, Tel Aviv, telephone 36565

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Foreword[1] (H)Mendel Honig1
Foreword (Y) Mendel Honig3
Foreword (E) Mendel Honig6
A. Between the Two World Wars
Przytyk in Historical Sources (H)  11
Jewish and General Factors in the History of Przytyk (H) Jerzy W. Halbich12
Memories of my Old Hometown (H) Chaim Maltz18
There Once Was a Town… (H) Chaim Goldman25
A Bundle of Memories (H) David Maltz26
My Grandfather's Home (H) Shlomo Meir Przytycki27
My Town – An Island (H) Dina Grobstein (Schwitzka)31
Religious Values in the Life of the Jews of Przytyk (H) Chancha Friedman-Honig34
The Education of Jewish Children in Our Town Shlomo Eitan36
With the Boats of the Maapilim[2] (H) Nachum Gil (Glibter)40
Responses and Memories (H) Vitel Honig42
Factions and Jewish Manners in Przytyk (H) Dr. Eng. Shalom Honig43
When Tribulations Afflicted the Jews Mendel Honig50
Przytyk in Historical Sources (Y)  54
Jewish and General Factors in the History of Przytyk (Y) Jerzy W. Halbich55
Memories of my Old Hometown (Y) Chaim Maltz62
In the Years 1905 and 1914-1918 (Y) Yitzchak Milstein71
My Grandfather's Home (Y) Shlomo Meir Przytycki79
My Town – An Island (Y) Dina Grobstein (Schwitzka)83
We Move With the Przytyk Youth (Y) Moshe Melech Mauer89
The Fisher's Cooperative in Przytyk (Y) Shalom-Velvel Cymbalista92
Przytyk Dreams About the Land of Israel… (Y) Tzvi Zaltzschirer95
The General Zionists and Beitar (Y) Margalit Rubinowicz-Milstein99
We Fled to Russia… (Y) Yirmiyahu Koifman101
Images and Events (Y) Hillel Strassman105
Some Events from the Town (Y) Yaakov Kirshenzweig109
Until the First World War and After (Y) Miriam Tishler112
A Colorful Jewish Life (Y) Chancha Friedman-Honig114
Memories from the Town of Przytyk (Y) Gutsha Blecher-Mieirfeld116
My Youth (Y) M. Rosenshtein118
People, Shtiblech, and Institutions in Przytyk (Y) Moshe Vagshal119
How Przytykers in Paris Remember their Town (Y) Chaya Kirshenzweig, Morris Rosenstein, Shifra Friedman, Shalom Cymbalista123
Militant Przytyk (Y) Helen Baum124
Factions and Jewish Manners in Przytyk (Y) Dr. Eng. Shalom Honig126
From Przytyk to the Land of Israel (Y) David Zeitani (Baumelgrin)135
B. Events in Przytyk – March 1936
The Town is Burning! (H) David Shtockfish157
Our Self-Defense (H) Yitzchak Friedman160
In the Home of the Minkowski Family (H) Sh. Berlinski164
It is Burning (Y) M. Gebirtik167
The Przytyk Pogrom (Y) Yaakov Lencynski168
In the Home of the Minkowskis (Y) Sh. Berlinski187
The Eve of the Pogrom (Y) Shifra and Shalom Cymbalista190
We Were Victims of the Pogrom (Y) Tzirel and Gittel Mauer191
On the Day of the Pogrom (Y) Hiller Strasman193
During and After the Pogrom (Y) Tamar Kaufman195
Our Self-Defense (Y) Yitzchak Friedman197
We Prepared Resistance (Y) Yisrael Cymbalista200
Why Did the Events in Przytyk of 1936 Take Place? (Y) Dr. Jozef Urban Holan203
Pogrom and Resistance (Document) (Y)  207
With the Minkowski Orphans in a Krakow Synagogue at Neila (Y) L. Rodal228
The Bloody Events in Przytyk (Y) Michael Teper232
Our Town is Burning… (Y) David Shtockfish238
35 Years after the Tragic, Famous Pogrom in Przytyk (Y) Y. Shmuelewitz244
C. The Holocaust
Remember! (H) David Zeitani253
The War and the Destruction of the Jewish Population of the Radom Region (H) A. Rotkowski257
Przytyk During the 1930s, and its Destruction (H) Yisrael Cymbalist259
The Destruction of Przytyk (H) Shifra Friedman268
During Those Melancholy Days (H) Dr. Eng. Shalom Honig269
War and Destruction (Y) A. Rotkowski275
The Martyrology of the Przytyk Jews (Poles Relate) (Y)  278
I do not have Enough Energy to Tell About That Cruel Era (Y) Yisrael Tishler281
Fragments of Bravery and Anguish (Y) Shaul Kirshenzweig293
I was Saved from Auschwitz (Y) Feiga-Leah Kuperwas300
At Hard Labor and in the Death Camps (Y) Tzvi Teper302
One Survivor from an Entire Family (Y) Tamar Kaufman305
In Ghettos and Camps (Y) Yisrael Leventhal310
The First Victim of the German Murders (Y) Lola Basow315
In Auschwitz, We Just Waited for Death… (Y) Leibish Friedman318
Jews of Przytyk Escaped to Wierzbica (Y) Chaya-Sheva Malcmacher321
A Tragic Episode (Y) Sheindel Friedman (Schwitzki)323
During Those Dark Days (Y) Dr. Eng. Shalom Honig325
The “Supermen” Turned People into Sheep (E) Malka Honig335
D. Personalities
Rabbi Yisrael Shapira of holy blessed memory (H) Meir Shapira339
In Their Memory (H) Mendel Honig343
Monuments to Several Families of Przytyk (H) Devora Zaltzschirer378
Elimelech Yitzchak Katz (H) David Zeitani380
Yossel Przytyker (H) Tz. Z. Weinberg381
Nathan Fuerst (H) From the book “Memorial to the Fallen of the Israel Defense Forces”385
From Our Personalities (Y) Yisrael Cymbalista386
We Must Remember Them (Y) Mendel Honig392
Several Personalities of Przytyk (Y) Hillel Strasman408
Our Father Hershele the son of Yaakov Mauer of blessed memory (Y) Tzirel and Gittel Mauer411
The Miller Family (Y) David Zeitani412
Moshe Fuerst (Y) Sam Davis414
E. A Memorial Candle
A List of the Martyrs & those who Perished in Przytyk  419
Mourning Notices  [3]427
The Organization of Przytyk Natives in Israel (H) The Committee455
The Przytyker Landsmanschaft in Israel (Y) The Committee459

Translator's Footnotes

  1. These three Foreword sections are identical translations of each other. Return
  2. Maapilim are the immigrants who came to Palestine in the years prior to the founding of the State of Israel, despite great obstacles imposed on them by the Mandatory Government. Sometimes termed as 'illegal immigrants'. Return
  3. There is a typographical error in the original here, which says 227. Return

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