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1.2  In Memory of Itzik Schwartz-Kara (1906-2001)

pod003.jpg [16 KB] - Itzik Schwartz-Kara
pod004.jpg [13 KB] - Itzik Schwartz-Kara circa 1949
Itzik Schwartz-Kara 1939
  Itzik Schwartz-Kara circa 1949


pod005.jpg [26 KB] - Itzik Schwartz-Kara and family 1938
Itzik Schwartz-Kara and family 1938
Clockwise: Itzik, Sister Bacia, Golda, Ana, Brother Yosi
Sister Miriam, Mother Ester, and First Wife Anna


pod006.jpg [36 KB] - Itzik Schwartz-Kara 1975
Itzik Schwartz-Kara 1975
Wife Tzila on the left and Sister Golda on the right


1.3  In Memory of Nathan P. Abramowitz (1917-2002)

Nathan, son of Max and Minna Abramowitz, was born and educated in N.Y. and later settled in Cherry Hill, N.J. He was an electrical engineer whose career included consulting, manufacturing and management services in United States as well as Europe.

Upon his retirement his endless curiosity and wanderlust, as well as his intelligence and good humor, led him to pursue his interest in genealogy. His interest in his grandfather's and father's hometown of Podu Iloaiei introduced him to Itzik Schwartz-Kara's book, “The Jewish Community in Podu Iloaiei”.

Nathan had this book translated from Romanian to English to make it available to people interested in their Romanian-Jewish heritage and acquaint them with the detailed town history, community life, education, synagogues and rabbinate of Podu Iloaiei.

He is survived by his wife, Lucille, and two sons.


2  About the Aug/2006 Edition

A number of additions and changes are being introduced with this new edition of Kara's book.


2.1  Organization of Chapters

The arrangement of chapters has changed and new chapters have been added.

  Chapter Old Chapter# Comment
1 Preface by KM Elias, 2006   New
2 Modifications Appearing in this Edition, 2006   New
3 Preface by N. Abramowitz, 2002   New
4 Obituary for Itic-Svart Kara, 2001   New
5 Foreword by Dr. S. Caufman, 1990 15 Formerly called “Afterword”
6 Introduction by I.Kara, 1990 1  
7 Chronicle (1818-1968) 2  
8 Economic Life 3  
9 Communal Life 4  
10 Private and Public Education 5  
11 Synagogues 6  
12 Rabbinate 7  
13 Hasidism 8  
14 Folklore and Ethnography 9  
15 Podu Iloaiei as Depicted in Literary Works 10  
16 Documentary Appendices 11 This edition does not include Appendix P, the 1898 census. Appendix P appears separately as a database in the JRI section of JewishGen. ???
17 At the Turn of the Century. Several Cumpulsory Additions 13  
18 I. Kara: History Studies. Selected Bibliography 14  
19 References 12 Formerly called “Notes” Now arranged by chapter.
20 Glossary of Terms   New
21 Glossary of Places   New
22 Glossary of People   New
23 Pictures 16  


2.2  Footnotes

In the Romanian edition of the book there's a chapter titled “Notes”, which we are now calling “References”. In this English edition the pointers in the body of the book appear in the format [A-1], [A-2], [A-3].

We've also added our own footnotes, indicated by the following prefixes:

  • [Ed-Com] – these deal with words or concepts used in the book
  • [KME] – these deal with the process of producing this book

    In this English edition the pointers in the body of the book appear in the format [B-1], [B-2], [B-3]


    2.3  Glossaries

    During the course of editing this book, I've had a number of inquires from people with Podu Iloiaie ancestry looking for information about their families. In a number of cases I've been able to find them pertainent information by doing keyword searches throughout the Word document.

    As a result I came to realize the need for a glossary of people and places mentioned in the book. This will be very helpful for genealogists searching for specific names.


    2.4  Printing this Document

    This document was originally written as an MS Word Doc file and later converted to PDF format. It was also converted to HTML format for hosting at Yizkor Book Project.

    Some people however may prefer reading a document of this size (over 100 pages) from a printed hardcopy rather than from the computer monitor. The PDF version is ideal for this purpose as it is more printer-friendly than HTML.

      “The Jewish Community in Podu Iloaiei”


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