eski blanc
Piesk and Most, a Memorial Book

Piesk (Peski and Piaski)
53°21' / 24°38'

Most (Masty)
53°25' / 24°32'

Translation of
Pyesk ve-Most; Sefer Yizkor

Edited by: Piesk and Most Societies in Israel and the Diaspora

Published: Tel Aviv, 1975



Project Coordinator

Ellen Sadove Renck


This is a translation of: Piesk V'Most; Sefer Yizkor (Piesk and Most, a memorial book),
Piesk and Most Societies in Israel and the Diaspora, Tel Aviv, 1975 (726 pages, Hebrew, Yiddish, English)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Peski

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[Hebrew 6]

Yizkor Contributors and Officers of the

Organization of Piesk and Most Émigrés

Yehuda Borovsky, Chana Dikter, Meri Bendor, Zalman Kaplan, David Reitbord, Ekhezkal Lisovsky, Tzipora Galnitz, Yehuda Rozinsky, Reuben Brezili, Moshe Shakuri, Eizer Shebach, Sara Dobensky,
Tenakhum Kaplan, Sarah Karmi, Itzak Brodzinsky Archive, Shmuel David Levin Archive, Chaim Rozinsky (Argentina), Abraham Valak (Argentina)

Book: Yehuda Borovsky, Chana Dikter, Moshe Shakuri, Zalman Kaplan, Yehuda Rozinsky,

In Israel: Tzipora Galnitz, Meri Bendor

In Argentina: Hinda Veiner, Chaim Rozinsky, Abraham Valak, Boruk Borovsky

Archive: Shmuel-David Levin (New York), Chaim Shebach (Boston)

Untranslated words are in italics.

English Portion
Forward by Abraham Emikem 7
My Grandfather from Piesk   17
History of Two Cities by Yehuda Borovosky 19
The Hidden Light of the People of the Little Town of Piesk
(see p. 452 for Yiddish Version and also English Section)
by Chana Dikter 76
An everday town   82
Educational Activity and Tarbut of Piesk by Yekhezkal Lisovsky 85
“Gemilut Chasadim” by Naftali ben Israel Kaplan 92
Images of Organizers of Youth and Instruction by Moshe Shakuri (Zlotnitzky) 94
Of Piesk in Israel by Yekhezkal Lisovsky 97
Memories of “Hechalutz Hatzair” of Piesk by Meri Tzin Bendor (Bendormaker) 99
The Life of the Branch of Hachshara Training by Sara Kaplan 100
The Betar Movement by Zalman Kaplan 101
Founding of Chalutz and Betar in Piesk by Moshe Shakuri 102
The Hetzair Organization of Piesk by Miriam Bendormaker 104
Meir Kaplan of Most by Itzak Yelin 105
Training of Shedlitza and Zaludok by Sara Karmi 106
Training of the Lutzk Group by Khonon Shebach 106
Training of Baranowitz by Aviva Kaplan 107
Training by Mendel Finkelshtein 108
Visit to Joint Center: Chalutz Hetzeir by Moshe Shakuri 109
My town by Sarah Kaplan 110
Start of Organizations in Piesk by Natan Shebach 111
Section: Memorials
Alone (poetry) by Miriam Toirshtein (Plekowitz) 115
Memories of a lumberjack by Yehuda Rozansky 116
Children of Piesk by Pelta Igel (Penina Abstikhi) 118
Memories by Menachum-Mendel Finkelshtein 119
Memories of Broad Zaretz (note: a section of Piesk) by Sara Karmi (Shebrowsky) 120
Village Visit by Rachel Enkor 121
Eirti Piesk   122
Memories from Tkupft hakibush hagdmni b'mlkhmut-haeulim ga harashuna   126
herb hakhron bbit huri by Devora Shvakhdovorsky-Yeshinsky 127
Eirtnu Piesk by Sara Kaplan 128
Memorial: The Late Shmeyahu Orshovsky by Meri Tzin Bendor (Bendormaker) 131
Memory of the late Gershon Pekovitz by Meri Tzin Bendor (Bendormaker) 132
Memory of Social Etel, daughter of Chaya-Edes and Boruk Borovsky by Meri Tzin Bendor (Bendormaker) 133
Malka the Seamstress by Chaim-Leib Lamudni 134
Memories of Brother, the Late Zeidel by Tzipora Galnitz 135
Memory of the Late Chana Pogrim (Lev) by Zanvil Pomgrin 136
Kalman – Simple, Honest, and Popular by Tzipora Galnitz 138
Memory of the Late Teddy Boyarsky by Yehuda Boyarsky 139
Memory of the Late R' Zelig by Miriam Pekovitz (Toyrshtein) 140
Zalman Goldberg by Chana Dikter 141
__ wife, the late Freda Yehudi by Yehuda Yehudi 143
The Late Avigdor Dikowsky by Chana Dikhowsky 145
My Late Sister Sarah'la by Chana Dikter 146
Jewish Memories by Sara Karmi (Srbowsky) 148
National Emigration by Tzipora Galnitz 149
The Dybok [or the obsession] by Chaim Shebach (Buenos Aires) 150
Memory of the Family of Leiba (Aryeh) and Chaya Zelda Borovsky by I. Borovsky 153
Memory of a Large and Numerous Family by Moshe Shakuri (Zltnitzky) 155
Family by Freda Shaprio-Rozantzveig 158
Memory of Himim and Horrors of Households by Miriam Proshbitzky Boruch 159
Memories by Rabbi Yehoshua Egel 161
Memories of My Father's House by Teiba Domanshitzky 163
Sister Leisure – Time _______ Sister Khesya by Meri Tzin Bendor (Bendormaker) 165
Memories of Family by Shoshana Alperowitz (Glembotzky) 168
Freda Mami by Yaffa Kaplan, wife of
Tenachum Kaplan
Huri Household by Chava Lamudni 171
Abraham Orshevsky and Family by Chana Orshevsky-Kinel 173
Memories of Family from Piesk by Sara and Rachel,
daughters of Bunia Vinokur
Kuim of the Late Yoel Godes by Ida Godes 176
R' Shlomo Orhaftig of Piesk by Sholom Orhaftig 177
Bet Dreizl Partisans   178
Memories by David and Devora Reitbord 181
Family History by Aviva Kaplan 184
House of My Father by Sara Shapira 186
Conflagration of Piesk Yeirtnu by Miriam Palkovitz (Morshtein) 187
The House of my Parents by Chaim Pshinsky 188
_____ of Father Shraga-Feivel by Chaya Borovsky 190
History Khei by Yehuda Rozinsky 193
Father the Teacher (Note: Shivovsky) by Sara Epshtein 195
House of the Family Prosbitzky by Chana Felsher, Zahava Goldberg and Miriam Brom 196
The Bright Sons of Father, The Late A. Sh. Amiel by Sadya Amiel and Yakob Ufruf 198
History Chai by Shmuel Z'ukowsky 203
The Holocaust and Heroism
The Holocaust by Leib Israel 207
Hazmanim hara'im by Shimon Orshovsky 211
Nduri b'tkuft the Holocaust   221
Life of Suffering and Torment by Meir Rakkhin 223
Gale-ed l'kodshe ayarotenu Piesk and Most   238
Memory of Abram Shebach by Yehuda Borovsky 247
The Late Mordechai Grodovsky   247
The Late Shimon Lonsky   248
The Late Yoel Godes   248
The Late Shraga-Feivl Godes   249:
The Late Shraga Borovsky   250
The Late Shraga Donshvitzky   250
Fate of Haefla by Zvi Lebna   252
Chalutz Hemi, The Late Shraga Borovsky by Chana Dikter 258
Two Aliyahs by Devorah Reidbord 261
Group Wound/Comprehension by Chaim Lev 262
History of Aliyah to Israel by David Reitbord 264
Pain of Adapting to Israel and Activity of Protection by Chana Shela 265
Adjusting to Israel: Defense Activity by Ekhutial Shebach 266
Memories of Beginnings of Life in Israel by Yaffa Shebach 267
Ekhutial Shebach by Chana Dikter 269
Historical Obituary of Zalman Goldberg by Tenachum Kaplan 271
Memory of Freda Yehudi, daughter of Rabbi Kviat by Yehkhezkal Lisovsky 272
Memory of the Life of the Figure, The Late Chaya Borovsky by Yehuda Borovsky 274
Bmlau Thirty Stalks of Grain, The Late Chaya Borovsky by Yehuda Rozansky 300
The Sisters Association, Khaya, 30 Days by Meri Bendor 301
To the Memory of the Late Chaya Borovsky by Yehuda Borovsky 302
Yiddish Section begins
Grodno District [see Hebrew and English sections]   343-386
To the Life of the Late Rabbi Mordechai Amiel   386
Memories of the Talmud Torah   386
The Talmud Torah   387
The Zeiden House   388
Bet Sba Moshe Borovsky   388
List of the Souls of the Borovsky Family / Their Death in the Holocaust   389
The House of Noach Eizenman   390
List of the Children of the Izenman Family Killed in the Holocaust   392
The Chapter of the Physical Destruction of the Jews of Piesk and Most   392
Peace Talk   393
My Shtetl Mosty by Zlata (Kaplan) Ben Chaim 395
The First Pioneers by Hindy Veiner (Argentina) 398
Muzker – Liturgy for the Commemoration of the Dead
A History with an Attic, A Strategic Plan, The Evil Lust Work, The Catastrophe
by Chaim Shebach (Cambridge, England) 399
Memories of my Shtetl Piesk in 1924
The Sabbath Afternoon Walk, The First World War, Organization Life, The Economic Situation, Cultural Society Life
by Zipora Galnitz (Haifa) 404
The Little Shtetl Piesk
The Velderer, Elected Heads of the Community, The Bet-Midrashim
by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 407
The Dam by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 411
Piesk at the End of the First World War
With a Scar from the Time, The First Hebrew School, A Drama Society, Dreams
by L. Aryeh Lonsky (Canada) 413
“Still Life in Piesk”
Jewish Elected Heads of the Community, A Street in Zaretz
by Hindy Benkovich (Veiner) 415
A Jewish Cow by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 417
Perpetual Israel by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 418
And the Sun Stood Still in the Middle of the Heavens by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 419
Piesk on a Wintry Night by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 420
The Proud Watermen
Inene Gezetzn, Contact with the Goyim, The Mass Arrest
by Chaim Rozansky (Argentina) 422
MyAusgerunener Nightmare
The Savage, Evil Decree, Is a Stream of Hurt
by Glika Vand Rozansky (Argentina) 425
The Vide [Confession of Sin] of a Socialist Fighter
A Letter-A Confession, Lived His Little Shtetl
by Devora Reitbord 427
The First Seder Night Veit of Piesk by Sarah Levin-Glazer (New York) 430
A Spoiled Yom Kippur
An Arrest on the Eve of Yom Kippur, Between Hammer and Anvil, To Kol Nidre in the Synagogue,
The Sorrowful Gentile, Yom Kippur Signatures, The Last Glimpse
by Abraham Valak (Argentina) 433
The Cultural Activity in our Shtetl
The Economic Situation on the Eve of the War, The Establishment of a Zionist Organization in our Shtetl,
The Source to Cover the Complaints from the Shul, Balfour Declaration, The Farewell
by Yekhezkal Lisovsky 438
Founding of the Chalutz and Beteir by Moshe Shakuri 447
The Chalutz Hetzeir in Piesk by Miriam Bendormaker 449
The Chalutz Movement in Piesk by Khonon Shebach 450
Creation of the Tarbut School in the Chalutz Movement by Yekhezkel Lisovsky 451
Hidden Light of the People of My Shtetl Piesk (p. 76 for Hebrew) by Chana Dikter 452
The Hebrew School and our Education in Piesk by M. Shakuri 457
Parity by Chana Tzin Dikter 460
The Water Routes of Piesk by Chaim Shebach 467
Pictorial of the Past [poetry]
The Silk Melody, Nostalgia, Seen in a Shtetl
by H. Vand Elegy 468
Memories of My Old Home by Leah'chy Levin (America) 472
The Mother from the Alley by Leah'chy Levin 474
The Shebach Dynasty
by Eizer Shebach 475
Reb Leib Ber [Wendrowsky] (no author, possibly written by
Rabbi Shabtai Egel)
The Miracle of the Jewish Doctor
Aik Ruf the Doctor, Litevsky's Long Foot
by Chaim Rozhansky (Argentina) 480
Memories of Our Shtetl Piesk
In Soviet Russia, Back in Poland, Encounter with the Sister
by Zeidl Shmuel Danielevich 482
The Family Frei by Chana Rozhansky 485
Pesach Eve in Our Little Shtetl by Hindy Benkovich-Veiner 488
The Binkovich Family written by Feigl Binkovich, daughter of Abraham Binkovich By Tzipora Galnitz (Haifa) 490
Yona the Psalm Reader by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 492
Zamky the Meshugener by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 493
My Rabbi Eshkeh by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 495
The Dybok by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 496
Our Shtetl Mother – The Late Chaya-Leah Levin by Itzak Dikter 500
Care for my Father's Tombstone [father: Abraham ben Shlomo] by Hindy Benkovich Veiner 503
The Late Itzak Shebach by Chaim Shebach (Cambridge, England) 504
R' Moshe-Yudl – The Village Tailor by Ozer Shebach (Argentina) 506
The Gravedigger of the Little Shtetl by Chaim Shebach (Argentina) 508
Shtetl Childhood
The Misfortune, On the Poter, Our Uncle, In Traffic from Schedule, Even the Military Years, My Voyage to Father
by Shmuel-David Levin (New York) 510
The Good Advice of my Father by Chaim Lev (Boston) 515
The Wedding in the Hospital   518
To the Memory of Seven Friends by Yehuda Borovsky 522
The Late Meir Borovsky   522
The Late Shimon Lonsky   523
The Late Yoel Godes   524
The Late Shraga-Feivel Godes   525
The Late Shraga Borovsky   526
The Late Shimon Domashevitzky   527
The Form of the Organization and Instructors of the Young Women   528
In Memory of the Family of Leiby (Aryeh) and Chaya-Zelda Borovsky   530
The Fight for an Eight-Hour Workday
Cultural Activity, The Student has his Oynsgelozt, Even the Military
by Chaim Rozhansky (Argentina) 533
The Beteir Movement in Mosti by Zalman Kaplan   535
The Late Chaya-Leah Levin by Rabbi Abraham Egel   536
Letter from Moshe-Reuben, Malka, and Zeidl Shebach–November 13, 1936   537
The Destruction and Heroism
With the Partisans by Freda Varshavsky 541
Jewish Partisan
The Russians are Coming, 22 June 1941, My Wandering Continues, An Encounter with Two Germans, The First "Aktion", My Search for a Hideout, Even Gerodft Jews, Out of The Fresh Graves, In the Forest, The First Arms, Combat with the Germans, Families in the Forest, The Big Oblovy, Anti-Semitism on the Part of the Russian Partisans, General Maier Kapostin, An Army Truly, Back in Piesk, Back in the Sector, Ve a Foter
by Israel Lev 544
The Fateful Year
1939, In Two Captivities, The Short Military, Soviet Order, Refugees in Piesk, 22 June 1941, The First Days with the Germans, The First Partisans, Surrounding the Ghetto, In Volkovysk Prison, Captivity Because of Escape, My Escape, I Procure Jewish Food, My Encounter with Jews in the Forest, Genuine Partisans, Germans Around, An Encounter with Partisans, The Best Comrades Die, The Last Jews in Piesk, My Sworn Revenge, In Piesk after the War, Out of the Cemetery
by Shimon Varshavsky 556
A Trick to Live for Misery and Fear – From a Remnant and Refugee from the Horrific Shoah
In Military and in War, The Russian Occupation, The German Assault, A Ghetto in Piesk, A Scent of Death, The Chevra-Kedisha, My Wandering in the Forest, Persecution From the Germans, Becoming a Partisan, Alone in the Woods, The Jewish Forest, Again Passed Between Partisans, Arrest via the Russian, Exiled without Kolima, Set as Cook, We were Liberated, Back in Piesk, Thanks to a Russian Family, Arrival in Israel
by Meir Rakhkin 575
Martyrology-Necrology   591 
List of photographs    

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