Memorial for Ataky:
A Memorial Book for a
Jewish Community in Bessarabia (Supplements)
(Otaci, Moldova)

48°27' / 27°47'

Translation of
Yad le-Ataki: sefer zikaron le-kehilah yehudit be-Besarabia

Editors: Zrubavel Seker, Landsmanschaften of Ataky in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1993

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Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander for typing up the
table of contents of this book to facilitate its addition to this project.

This is a translation of: Yad le-Ataki: sefer zikaron le-kehilah yehudit be-Besarabia
(Memorial for Ataky: A Memorial Book for a Jewish Community in Bessarabia - Supplements),
Editors: Zrubavel Seker, Landsmanschaften of Ataky in Israel, Tel Aviv 1993 (H, Y, E) 108 pages

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Foreword C. Zamir 3
Ataki Memorial Book, Hebrew contents, ammendments C. Zamir 4
Ataki Memorial Book,English contents, amendments D.H. Argamany 6
Deep potholes, red clay S. Halkin 12
Shlomo Berman's activities in “Hashomer Ha“Zair” M. Vinzuf 13
Poems S. Berman 14
Abramov Family F. Peled 16
Blinzik Family M. Blinzik, Z. Zoler 17
Goldenberg Family Y. Golan 19
Eight Generations, details 20
Eldest, Genealogical Tree, summary 28
Harari(Goldenberg) Moshe A. Harari 30
Gelbord Family M. Gelbord 31
Sherman Family D. Ghershman 34
Gertovsky Family M. Vinzuf 36
Mendel Vinzuf C. Zamir 37
Vinzuf Family M. Vinzuf 38
Wiseman Family I. Wiseman 44
Zonis Yosef Family G. Zonis 45
Yoshpa Family - literatures' pictures 50
Liptshak Family I. Liptshak 52
Lerner Family M. Vinzuf 53
Stoliar Family A. Stoliar 54
Slobodeniuk Family A. Ruhig 57
Flek Family G. Zonis 60
Memories from Ataki K.(Motia) Kazak 62
Kuperman Family Y. Golan 64
Krakoshanski Family Y. Krakoshanski 67
Rozen Berel M. Rozen 69
Rozentuler Family L. Zonis 73
Roitman(Rothman)+Shnirman(Sherman) Families Eternization (Hebrew & English texts) D.H. Argamany 74
The Roitman(Rothman) Family - Family Tree -100yrs old (English text) D.H. Argamany 77
The Rothmans' D.H. Argamany 78
Genealogical Tree (a) six known generations 78
Genealogical Tree (B) birthday calendar 80
Genealogical Tree (C) Memorial Calendar 82
The Shnirmans' – Shermans' D.H. Argamany 82
Genealogical Tree - five known generations 83
The Rothmans' Family - snapshots 84
Shtainberg Family A. Shtainberg 87
Shnirman Abraham & Esther Family G. Shnirman 88
Shapira Family T. Loshak Shapira 96
Various snapshots 101
Annual Meetings' protocols 104
English contents 107


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