Oshmana Memorial Book
(Ashmyany, Belarus)

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Translation of
Sefer Zikaron le-kehilat Oshmana

Edited by: M. Gelbart

Published in Tel Aviv, 1969



Project Coordinator

Selma Neubauer


This is a translation from: Sefer Zikaron le-kehilat Oshmana, Oshmana Memorial Book,
ed. M. Gelbart. Tel Aviv: Organization in Israel and the Oshmaner Society in the USA, 1969 (H, Y, E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Oshmena

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Our Town - our Old Home
The History of our Town
The History of Oshmana [H] Hosea Soltz 21
The rabbi R'Meir Mechl Kahana; R'Mordechai Rosenblatt (R'Mordche'le) Zeev Bakst 29-30
The rabbi R'Mordche'le from Karlice N. N. 33
The rabbi R'Yehuda Leib Fein Rabiner 35
The rabbi R'Gershon Moshe Gelbard J. Gelbard 38
Rabbi Menashe Chaim Shmuelsohn; Rabbi Heller; The last Oshmana rabbi, R'Heller Chaim Berkman 43
Synagogues and Kloizen Michael Peled 45
The Great Synagogue Zeev Bakst 48
Education and Culture
Education; Raising children and studying in the old days [Y] Michael Peled 53-64
Melamdim and their Heder classes [Y] Yona Livne 75
Aaron David Chadash, may God revenge his blood Ben-David 78
The Tarbut School and the teacher Aaron David Chadash [Y] Tzipora Kaplanovich 79
Purim holiday in the Hebrew school Tarbut Menachem Shogol 80
To the memory of of some of the Tarbut School teachers Michael Peled 83-87
The Tarbut School and the Hashomer Hatzair movement Lolik Yoselsohn 92
Schools in Oshmana [Y] Rivka Spatz 94
The Jewish school [Y] Pesie Kostin 95
Memories from the orphanage Ahuva Schewetz 96
The Social Life
There once was a town named Oshmana; The Diaspora was organized; They were idealists; Trifles Michael Peled 103-114
Visiting the sick and charity accomodations; Fire fighters and fires in Oshmyamy and surroundings; Organizations and institutions; The Hovevei Zion movement Zeev Bakst 119-124
The activities of The General Zionists Dov Itzkowitz z”l 128
The Young Hechalutz; In memory of three friends Moshe Beinisohn 133
The Hashomer Hatzair Shimon Shibolet 135
The Youth Movement Rachel Novodvorski 140
The Beitar movement Zvi Chadash 142
Oshmana 1905-1910 [Y] Welvel Shogar 149
Way of Life and Memories
The Sabbath-Jews; Sparks rising from the ruins; Old people; The Gallery: in front of the photo-album; When we were children; Hours; “It never happened”; No title; At the end of my writing Michael Peled 153-216
The town and my street Zelda Ziskind 218
About a visit in my home-town [Y] Aaron Borovski 220
My guilt; This is how it looks...; My sorrow Y. Berkman 228-231
The third tear Aba Kovner 232
My town Zvi Chadash 234
My little town [Y] Henye Sieger-Svirski 235
My town Oshmana [H & Y] Aliza Gofstein 237-239
Memories Zvi Chadash 240
Memories Yitzhak Ben-Cohen 243
Memories Nechemia Trukel 248
Memories Yakov Gurewitz 250
Memories Eliezer Kozlovski 252
In the old home and in Russia [Y] Pesach Kozlovski 253
A walk around town Fishel Gaber z”l 260
On the eve of destruction Yosef Golombo z”l 266
Agricultural Co-operatives
The first agricultural co-operative in Oshmana Eliyahu Schnitt 269
Jewish farmers in Oshmana [H & Y] Moshe Becker 272-273
The “Jews of the soil” M. S. 279
A tiny Jewish village z”l [H & Y] Michael Peled 281-282
Oshmana and its Surroundings
The town Zhofran: The scholar and writer Philip Kranz * * * 287-289
Krewe Yehuda Levine 291
The destruction of Oshmana Hinda Daul z”l 297
Memories from the time of the Holocaust Moshe Soltz 322
The ghetto in Oshmana Rivka Levinsohn Shapira 331
The destruction of Oshmana Shraga Feibushevitz 335
The destruction of Oshmana [Y] Lea Omanuti-Levine 337
The Oshmana ghetto [Y] Pesie Kostin 348
During the German Occupation [Y] Ida Glick-Berman 351
In the claws of death [Y] Lea Rodaschewski 354
In the ghetto and in the camps [Y] Rieve Mechanitzki 363
The last time I saw my child [Y] Sonia Druzgenitzky 369
In the clutch of the Germans [Y[ Hinde Kagan 371
The slaughter [Y] Rivka Spatz 374
Memories Tova Longin 376
Ghetto, camp and forest [Y[ Henia Sieger-Swirski 379
Details about the Milligan camp [Y] Yehudit Kuler-Rosenthal 381
The sad total [Y] Genia Tzeplinski 382
Escape from the camp [Y] Dvora Kesselgrass-Alperowitz 384
The road of torture [Y[ Michael Davidsohn 385
The end of a home [Y] Michael Baron 387
Leaving Oshmana; Surviving; The song of the ghetto; A lullaby * * * 389-394
I saw your figure as through a fog Dvora Koplowitz-Bedent 395
The ghetto in Oshmana Lea Gershonowitz 396
Away to the woods * * * 397
Rivka Yakov Reuven Leonid 399
Arye Lyuba Sisskowitz N. N. 400
About three, out of many... Shulamit Dobrovski 401
Jewish partisans: a transcript * * * 402-407
Oshmana after the Holocaust
My liberation [Y[ Tzipora Rosenthal-Kozlowski 423
After the liberation [H] Lea Gershonowitz 430
After the liberation [Y] Bella Karp-Greenstein 432
A visit to Oshmana after 27 years [H] Shlomo Ben-Yehuda 435
The last visit to Oshmana [H] Chana Lubetzki-Wiener 440
Oshmana after the Holocaust Breina Kozlovski-Borovski 442
A visit to the parents' grave in the home-town [Y] Y. Shmulevich 444
Former Oshmaner among the veteran settlers in Eretz Israel; R'Yitzhak Cohen z”l Zeev Bakst 454-455
Learning Yona Berkman 457
One who has not succeeded Zeev Bakst 464
The Oshmana rabbi, R'Mordche'le and other personalities [Y] Welvel Shogar 467
In memory of Avraham Strogatch z”l [H & Y] Michael Peled 469-470
About a father and his son Zvi Chadash 474
R'Lipe the blacksmith Zelda Ziskind 477
The two brothers Zvi Chadash 478
Hirshe'le Pesie Kostin 479
Our Townspeople who Passed away and Those who Fell for the Defense of our Country
Chaim Tziplonski z”l Michael Peled 483
Lea, the daughter of rabbi Menashe Shmulsohn z”l Tova Berkman 484
In memory of Eliezer Itzkowitz Zelda Ziskind 485
In memory of Dov Itzkowitz Michael Peled 486
The synagogue in memory of R'Dov Itzkowitz z”l David Weitzfeld 488
On the grave of R'Dov Itzkowitz z”l Stern 489
In memory of Avraham Ben-Tzur Michael Peled 490
A few words in memory of Yosef Golomba z”l Hosea Soltz 491
A few words in memory of Dina Kaplanowitz Michael Peled 493
Dina Kaplanowitz z”l Achi Ronit 495
Dina Kaplanowitz z”l Miriam Schmid 496
Dina Kaplanowitz z”l Moshe Soroka 498
In memory of R'Eliezer Shmelsohn z”l; Words in memory of Bracha Rosind z”l Michael Peled 500-501
Dov Schenkman z”l * * * 502
Our townspeople in the wide world and in Israel Michael Peled 507
The Oshmaner Society in America [Y] * * * 525
The Oshmaner Society in America [Y] Aaaron Borowski 529
List of martyrs 533
Necrology 563-659
English Section
Introduction Moshe Becker 7
Our Home-Town
The history of Oshmana Hosea Soltz 13
Rabbi Mordechai Rosenblatt Zeev Bakst 17
To the memory of Rav Gershon Gelbard J. Gelbard 23
In front of a picture Album; Types of old men in Oshmana; The Gallery; A world of parting Michael Peled 24-45
My village & my street Zelda Ziskind 46
Jewish farmers in Oshmana Moshe Becker 49
Oshmana - my home-town Aliza Gofstein (Liza Kozlovsky) 54
Destruction of Oshmana
The Holocaust Hinda Daul 59
Excerpts from “The Book of the Jewish Partisans” * * * 74
The last time I saw my child Sonia Druzgenitsky 82
I, too, could have been one of them Aaron Borowsky 84
A visit to the parents' grave in the home-town T. Shmulevich 86
Our people in Israel and in America
Our townsmen in the wide world and in Israel Michael Peled 93
The Oshmaner Society in America 102
United Oshmaner Relief Aaron Borowsky 106
Index to Names in Oshmana Memorial Book


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