Our town Nalibok,
its existence and destruction
(Naliboki, Belarus)

53°45' / 26°27'

Translation of
Ayaratenu Nalibok, hayeha ve-hurbana

Published by: Former Residents of Nalibok

Tel Aviv 1967

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This is a translation of: Ayaratenu Nalibok, hayeha ve-hurbana (Our town Nalibok, its existence and destruction),
Published by: Former Residents of Nalibok, Tel Aviv 1967 (H, Y 239 pages).

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Translated by Ann Belinsky


Preface   11
The History, Economy, Culture and Social Development of Nalibok
Yaacov Ohel (Nemiot) [Y] Our Shtetl Nalibok 17
Yaacov Ohel (Nemiot) [Y] The Library and Drama Club 22
Chayim Shlosberg [H] The Hashomer HaTsa'ir Organization in Nalibok 25
Yaacov Ohel [H] The Rabbi Ga'on Ayeh Leib Ragaznitsky z”l 29
Rachel Feldman and Avraham Viner [H] In Memory of the Rabbi Yom–Tov Lipman Guttman z”l 30
Yaacov Ohel [H] In Memory of the Missing Ones 33
Pnina and Chayim Shlosberg [H} A Portrait of Chaya Nemiot z”l 35
Perla Schmidt Shlosberg [Y] Rabbi Itche and Chaya Fraydel Shlosberg 36
Perla Schmidt Shlosberg [Y] A Yizkor candle for my dear grandfathers z”l 37
Grunia Mordehovitz–Tisnboim [Y] In Eternal Honor – Without Tombstones 38
Akiva Shimonovitz [H] Episodes from Childhood 41
Avraham Viner [H] I Loved You, My Town (Nalibok) 45
Mila Ohel [H] Hakafot 48
Hirshel (Tzvi) Skaliot Memories 57
Sula Rubizevsky–Rubin [Y] A Yizkor Candle for a Whole Family 68
Shula Rubizevsky–Rubin [English] Hands of Blood 73
Chayim Shlosberg [Y} Memories 75
Yisrael Shlosberg [Y] My Experiences 79
Yisrael Bolotnitzky [Y] Memories and Experiences 85
Tuvia K. [Y] Nalibok in the First and Second World Wars 91
Akiva Shimonovitz [Y] A Memorial Candle: In the Forest 91
Chayim Shlosberg [H] After the Massacre in Dvoretz 101
Yaacov Oshman Memories 108
Struggle And Resistance
Dr. S. Amarant [H] The Jews of Nalibok in the Forest of the Partisans 115
Perla Schmidt Shlosberg [Y] Memories and Experiences 146
Hirshel (Tzvi) Skaliot [Y] Memories of a Partisan 166
Fania Fisher–Leviatan Justice: Revenge 177
Gran and Derevna
Nachman Barman [Y] Gran and Derevna, their Life and Destruction 179
Necrology 208
List of the Martyrs 233
List of Nalibok Townspeople who Survived [H] 239


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