Monasterzyska: a Memorial Book
(Monastyrysíka, Ukraine)

49°05' / 25°10'

Translation of Sefer Monastrishtz

Edited by: Meir Segal

Published in Tel Aviv, 1974

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Project Coordinator

Judith Kloogman Weinstein


Submitted to the Yizkor Book Project by Judith Kloogman Weinstein for
for the Suchostaw Region Research Group (SRRG)

This is a translation from: Sefer Monastrishtz Monasterzyska: a Memorial Book,
Meir Segal, editor. Tel Aviv, 1974: Monasterzyska Association in Israel (Irgun Yozei Monasterzyska b'israel) H,Y,E

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Edited by M. SEGAL


Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Preface   2
Remember   3
Introduction   7
The Book of Monasteryzyka
History of the town   11
Geographical conditions   11
Climate, flora and fauna   12
Industry, crafts and commerce   13
Economic and social activity of the Jews   13
History of the Jewish Community   14
Life in the Community   14
The Shabbetay Zvi era in the Eastern part of Poland   15
Schools   16
The beginnings of the Zionist Movement in Monasteryzyka   18
The Safrin Family
The Safrin family   25
Religious life in our town   27
Our Townspeople Tell Their Stories
Aharon Oshpiz   35
Yitzhak Rauber   38
Zvi Shmueli   38
Shalom Blank   39
Chaia Bartfeld   42
Shlomo Segenreich   43
Mina Reibel–Dolberg   43
Etka Dolberg–Yakov   44
Chaim–Yitzhak Schwartz   47
Dov Singer   48
Malka Waldman   49
Moshe Bauchman   50
Aba Reiner   53
Poems [Yiddish]
Mother Malka Lee 65
My little town M. S. 67
Taking from Jewish children Aharon Zeitlin 69
The Tchortkow Kloiz [synagogue] M. Segal 71
Yiddish A. Lyessin 73
Am Israel Chai [The Jewish people are alive] Malka Lee 77
Childhood years Mordechai Gebirtig 79
Memories and Testimony from the Holocaust
The extermination of the Jews in Eastern Galicia Dr. Phillip Friedman 83
Our shtetl in the course of 70 years Meir Ben Mordechai 90
Our youth between the Two Wars Meir Ben Mordechai 93
A walk through Monasteryzyka Meir Ben Mordechai 96
Gone with the wind… Meir Segal 101
How I was saved Yenta Lerch–Falik 110
Yizkor Am Israel [May the Jewish people remember]   113
The names of the martyrs (Necrology)   115


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