Memorial Book Mogielnica-Bledow

(Mogielnica, Poland)   (Błędów, Poland)
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Translation of
Sefer yizkor Mogielnica-Bledow

Editor: Yisreal Zonder

Published in Tel Aviv 1972

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Sefer yizkor Mogielnica-Bledow (Memorial book Mogielnica-Bledow),
Editor: Yisreal Zonder, Mogielnica and Bledow Society, Published: Tel Aviv 1972 (H,Y 808 pages)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

[Y] = Yiddish
Historical Sources
An Order from Vladislaw IV [Y]   17
“Ha'erev” [Tonight] from Mogielnica [Y]    
Jews in Mogielnica in the years 1856-1886 [Y] Jewish encyclopedia, biographical dictionary 18
Professor of medicine, one of the first Jewish doctors in Poland, born in Mogielnica [Y] E. Ringelblum 18
A chapter of history, until the end of WWI [Y] Moshe Chaimowitz 19
The expulsion from Mogielnica in 1915 [Y] Elimelech Sonder 24
The Jewish community in Mogielnica, the residence of surrounding towns and villages [Y] Israel Sonder 31
Przibishew is “Judenrein” I. Sonder 33
The Jews of Mogielnica [Y] Leon Gudjimerski 34
The Mogielnica rabbi R'Chaim Meir Yechiel, “the Seraph” [Y] Menashe Ungar z”l 37
The Seraph from Mogielnica Rav A. I. Bromberg 39
Hasidic stories about the Seraph Mordechai Buber z”l 52
The fountain of Hasidism, the ADMORs of Poland A. Steinman z”l 53
The Branches of the Seraph Dynasty
R'Chaim Meir Yechiel z”l   55
The Kidush Hashem [martyr's death] of the Grodjisker rabbi,
R'Israel Shapira, may God avenge his blood [Y]
Elimelech Shapira z”l 55
Rav Klonimus-Kalmish, may God avenge his blood   56
Rav Yeshayahu (Shayele) Shapira z”l Ben Yechiel 57
The Yahrzeit [memorial day] of R'Chaim Meir Yechiel z”l [Y] Israel Ben-Tzviya 58
Rebuilding the Seraph's Tent [Y] Elimelech Sonder 59
The last rabbi of Mogielnica Yitzhak Shapira 61
The tombstone of R'Chaim Meir Shapira Sefer Plock [Plock Yizkor Book] 64
Messiah's Shofar [ram's horn] (poem) Peretz Markish, may God avenge his blood 65
Losses - about rabbi Elimelech Shapira z”l   66
The rabbis of Mogielnica Y. Avidov 67
My father Rav R'Gavriel Zev Osalka z”l Sara Osalka-Chetz 69
In memory of Rav Pinchas Osalka, may God avenge his blood Shmuel Fuchs 70
My brothers the rabbis [Y] Sara Chetz-Osalka 72
The community officers until WWI Yosef Rochfeld z”l 73
The Bet Hamidrash [house of learning] and the synagogue [Y] M. Ben Yechiel 74
Chanuka Lights (poem) [Y] M. Chaimowitz 75
The Bet Hamidrash in Mogielnica [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 76
From childhood years [Y]   80
Religious occupations
Slaughterers, cantors, scribes, melamdim,
rebbetzins [rabbi's wife], synagogue attendants
Israel Sonder 85
The mikve [ritual bath] and the bathhouse Israel Sonder 91
Chevra Kadisha [burial society] Israel Sonder 95
An Eternal Light Yosef Rochfeld z”l 98
The love for Eretz Israel in Mogielnica Yosef Rochfeld z”l 99
Charity accomodations for the night Linat Tzedek Ben Yitzhak 100
Hibat Zion movement - new version Yosef Rochfeld z”l 102
Visiting the sick Elimelech Liebster 104
Book repair M. Margalit z”l 105
Hospitality M. Margalit z”l 106
Tiferet Bahurim Yitzhak Rochfeld 107
Mogielnica as a shelter [Y] Yosef Rochfeld z”l 108
The “Little Bund” in Mogielnica in 1905 [Y] Avraham Klein 111
How the Mogielnica Jews gave the hooligans a lesson [Y] Hersch Moshe 113
The year 1905 in Mogielnica [Y] Itche Lehrman 115
The first Jewish library [Y] Itche Lehrman 116
Founding the Loan Fund [Y] Hersch Moshe 119
The Jewish craftsmen's Loan Fund [Y] Y. Achi-Yosef 119
Education: in the Heder, Yeshiva, Schools and private teachers
In the Heder:
R'Itzhak Meir Noah's heder [Y] Yechiel Provisor 124
A characteristic of R'Yitzhak Meir Noah [Y] Moshe Chaimowitz 130
Neta'le melamed [Y] Tova Anelewitz-Silberberg 130
Talmud Tora in Mogielnica Yitzhak Rochfeld 131
My melamdim [teachers] [Y] Elimelech Sonder 132
My rabbi R'Yankel [Y] Ben-Zion Brucker 133
Pinie Melamed's pupils go on strike [Y] M. Margalit z”l, Y. Sonder, may he long live 137
R'Avraham Yosef Melamed z”l M. Margalit z”l 139
My Chumash [Torah] party Y. Ben-Tzviya 142
Refugees from Pinsk and Mogielnica Sara Bergman-Alexandrowitz z”l 144
In the Yeshivas:
A “General Heder” - an unsuccessful experiment [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 149
Mogielnica young students in the Piasetchner Yeshiva [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 149
Government schools for Jews Y. Zuta 150
The “Tarbut” Hebrew School Yitzhak Rochfeld 152
The Bet Yakov School [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 153
Bet Yakov religious school for girls Y. Ben Eliezer 154
The national-religious school for boys “Yavne” Eliezer Toren & Shmuel Hoffman 156
Elimelech Merker and his family Moshe Margalit z”l 158
My Hebrew teacher Ben-Yechiel 160
Words of thanks to Elimelech Merker z”l Y. Ben-Tzvia 161
Personalities, Way of Life
The first emigrant from Mogielnica to Eretz Israel Israel Sonder 165
My Father and Teacher the rav R'Yechiel ben R' Menachem Halevi Zvi Moshe 168
My Father and Teacher R'Avraham Avush z”l M. Margalit z”l 169
Our parents R'Eliezer Yitzhak and Yette Zviya z”l Israel Sonder 172
The Weingart family Mordechai Karmi 178
My grandfather R'Avraham z”l [Y] Shmuel Belzberg 180
My grandfather R'Leibele Reiseles z”l [Y] Binyamin Guttman 182
R'Yehoshua Feldin, may God avenge his blood Zvi Moshe 184
R'Yehoshua Feldsher, may God avenge his blood [Y] Sara Bregman-Alexandrowitz 187
R'Eliezer Abramowitz, may God avenge his blood [Y] M. Margalit z”l 188
Ahre'le Goldsohn z”l [Y] Moshe Matgalit z”l 192
A poem Uri Zvi Grinberg 195
Old customs are not kept any more Serl Chaimowitz 196
How my father Israel Eliezer came to America [Y] Binyamin Guttman 197
A Mogielnica Hasid makes Teshuva [repentance] [Y] Reuven Zucker 201
The rabbi R'Moishele brings back a lost Hasid [Y] Tova Anilevitch-Silberberg 204
What my grandmother Beile taught me [Y] A grandson of “Folberte” 206
Aharon from Baku [Y] Binyamin Guttman 208
Types of Mogielnica Jews [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 212
Types in town [Y] Moshe Chaimowitz 215
Israel Goldberg “Iron Head” M. Chaimowitz 222
Clowns and nicknames in Mogielnica [Y] Y. Avi Binyamin 223
More about clowns [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 224
My town Mogielnica [Y] Binyamin Guttman 225
The First of May [Y] Zvi Tufman, may God avenge his blood 226
Memories from the old home [Y] Israel Sonder 227
Yeshayahu Nissels z”l and his right to recite Kol Nidrei Binyamin Guttman 230
The rebbetzin [rabbi's wife] Rechele Shapira [Y] Keile Rechtscheid 231
R'Hirsch-Aharon Provisor z”l M. Avi-Miriam z”l 233
My parents Lea and Bendet Siegel Rivka Siegel- Levin 235
Avraham Bretmesser, may God avenge his blood Ben-Yechiel 237
A memorial candle for my mother Lea'ke z”l [Y] Yechiel Provisor 238
My parents R'Nuske and Yentel Stern, may God avenge their blood Bendet (Beni) Stern 240
Memories from my town [Y] Bunem Lehrman 241
Memories Keile Rechtscheid 245
The commotion on Passover eve [Y] Itche (Yitzhak) Guttman z”l 247
Memories Rivka Siegel-Levin 248
Bunem Merker, may God avenge his blood - the weaver-philosofer Y. Ben-Eliezer 252
The community activist Naftali Yosef Sonder, may God avenge his blood   252
Yosef Peltz, may God avenge his blood Moshe Margalit 255
Another bundle of memories [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 256
My dear parents [Y] Sarah'ke Sheps-Rochfeld 258
My dear parents Neche and Herschel Ostrovietzki [Y] Rachel Ostrovietzki-Borenstein 261
My father R'Israel Rechtscheid [Y] Bunem Rechtscheid 262
R'Bendet Siegel z”l M. Avi-Miriam z”l 263
An intersting story [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 267
A trip to Mogielnica [Y] Avraham Merker z”l 275
In memory of my friend Chana Chaimowitz, may God avenge her blood [Y] Rivka Siegel Levin 302
The Economic Life
The economic life of the Jews in Mogielnica   305
The day-by-day occupations of the Mogielnica Jews Avraham Merker z”l 307
The Jewish craftsmen Israel Sonder 308
A new trade brings prosperity Yosef Rochfeld z”l 339
Our factory of soda-water and other drinks Yechiel Provisor 346
My grandfather's soda-water factory Moshe Margalit z”l 349
R'Moshe Welvele Blumenkranz's socks factory M. Margalit 350
My father's oil factory A. Liebster 352
R'Shlomo Yastshomber I. Sonder 355
Binyamin Latutnik Louis Markowitz z”l 356
At the home of Nathan Schuster Winter A. Sonder 357
An unsuccessful attempt Yechiel Provisor 358
Founding the Hashahar [Y] M. Chaimowitz 363
The beginning of the organized Zionism in Mogielnica M. Margalit z”l 366
The Association in Mogielnica Yitzhak Rochfeld 369
The Freiheit [freedom] movement in Mogielnica [Y] Sarah'ke Rochfeld-Scheps 370
Freiheit brings meaning to the Jewish youth [Y] Yakov Feifer 372
History of the Jewish labor party, Poalei-Zion Left [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 373
Hashomer Hadati [religious youth movement] in Mogielnica Shmuel Hoffman 377
Hechalutz movement in Mogielnica Shmuel Hoffman 378
A training kibbutz near Mogielnica Chaim Chetz 379
Chana Truks and Leizer Grossman A. Margalit 380
The Revisionist Zionists [Brit Hazhar] Yechiel Provisor 381
The “Bund” in Mogielnica [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 382
Zukunft [future], the youth Movement of the “Bund” [Y] Fruma Grossman 383
The Jewish communist party in Mogielnica [Y] Tobe Friedman Wolpowitz 384
The foundation of Agudat Israel [Y] Archives 386
Elections to the first Town Council, community and Zionist Congress [Y] Moshe Chaimowitz 387
Israel Sonder, the first Mogielnica pioneer [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 395
After Israel Sonder left for Eretz Israel [Y] M. Chaimowitz 396
Moshe Margalit z”l is leaving for Eretz Israel [Y] M. Chaimowitz 402
An Antisemite changes, becoming a brave fighter against Anti-Semitism Moshe Avi-Yechiel 403
From the early 1930s to 1939 Zvi Achi-Yaakov 405
A brave commander in the War of Independence I. Sonder 409
We were six Chaim Goldenberg 411
Holocaust and Resistance
Introduction to “Holocaust and struggle” of the Mogielnica Jews [Y] I. Sonder 415
Documents that tell a story [Y] (Photostats) 416
The order to assemble the Jews from the villages to the towns I. A. Maurer 418
The Mogielnica Jews under German rule [Y] [Y] Yakov Rothbart 418
Fleeing from Warsaw ghetto and wandering from camp to camp [Y] Israel Zerach Bartmesser 421
Fragment of a report by the Mogielnica Mayor L. Godzhimerski 424
The Jews in Mogielnica during the German occupation [Y] Chaim Bitner 425
What I went through [Y] A. Anelewitz z”l 429
With the Germans in Mogielnica [Y] Yechezkel Goldscheider 436
What I went through [Y] Hene Waldstein-Gelbart 439
Warsaw during the first months of the German occupation [Y] Zvi Gelbart 444
The life of the Mogielnica Jews in the Warsaw ghetto [Y] Zvi Gelbart 452
The stones in the walls are weeping [Y] Tzipora Troks-Wasserman 455
With Love [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 460
Testimony of Mogielnica Christians about the murder of Jews Pola Schewatz-Anelewitz 461
In the attic of a house [Y] Gute Guterman 463
An interview with Mrs. Charita Herpstein [Y] Yechezkel Krasovski 464
From Ghetto Lodz to the death camps [Y] Aharon Rothman 465
The destruction of the small Jewish community in Gastzin [Y] Account of two brothers 465
Mogielnica Jews under German occupation I. Sonder 468
Why didn't the young Jewish men try to save their lives? Pola Schewatz-Anelewitz 480
The route of a young pioneer from Mogielnica Yosef Wosowitz 482
The Struggle
Anonimous soldiers M. Chaimowitz 486
The story of Avraham Yitzhak Gelbert z”l Yehudit Gelbert-Cohen 487
A memorial to the souls of our heroes Zvi-Moshe Chaimowitz 489
Feivel Reibenbach, may God avenge his soul Rivka Siegel-Levin 490
My part in the struggle [Y] Yosef Goldberg-Golan 493
Mogielnica young Jews in the ranks of the partisans I. Ben-Eliezer 496
Fighters in the Warsaw ghetto: Bretmesser Neta; Truks Leib; Katz Yakov From “Lochamei Haghetaot” [the ghetto fighters] 499
Fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto
Bendet Ziegelman Rivka Siegel-Levin 500
Mogielnica Freiheit members who fell in battle in the ghetto uprising:
Bartmesser Neta; Traks Leib; Yakov Katz [Y]
From the book “Destruction and resistance
in the Warsaw Ghetto”
Rav Klonimus Kalmish Shapira z”l   504
Yakov Aharon Chaimowitz, may God avenge his blood Zvi Moshe 505
In the Labor and Death Camps
Bialobzhek a “sanctuary town” [Y] Yechezkel Goldscheider 507
In the Skarozhiska labor camp [Y] Chaim Singer 511
We run to Warsaw [Y] Chana Chaimowitz- Leizerowitz 518
He taught his trade to the Christian where he lived [Y] Simcha Bartmesser 521
The mourning train (poem) [Y] Malka Goldenfahn 526
What I went through and how I was saved in the death camps [Y] Bendet (Beny) Stern 527
In the open field Gute Guterman 529
A diary from the end of 1941 to 2 May 1945 Itche Anelevitch 530
How we survived [Y] Meir Yechiel and Nechemia Rapaport;
Bine Trelnik-Kuzminski; Chaia Rosen
Grandchildren [Y] I. Ben Eliezer 538
A letter to my father Avraham Mordechai (poem) [Y] Nute Guterman 540
My liberation [Y] Yechezkel Goldscheider 542
Survivors in Mogielnica and Surroundings
A rare episode [Y] Mordechai Herbstein 544
How Rachel-Lea Schewatz and her husband saved themselves [Y] Paula Schewatz-Anelewitz 551
In a bunker in the Mogielnica forest [Y] Aizik Hirsch 552
In the martyrs' forest [Y] Gute Guterman 556
A young Jewish boy from Warsaw - a sheigetz [Christian] in Mogielnica Daniel Rupinski 557
The story of a survivor in Russia [Y] Frumet Winter 559
Mogielnica Without Jews
Three Jewish towns: Mogielnica, Blendow, Grice [Y] Michael Silberberg 565
Survivors in Mogielnica and surroundings I. Sonder 567
“A home” again [Y] Dina Traks-Vogel 586
What the Diamand brothers have seen and heard [Y] Shmuel Hoffman 588
There once was a town (poem) Chaim Lanski 590
Kadish (poem) A prisoner in USSR 590
A visit in Mogielnica in 1957 [Y] Paula Schewatz 591
Mogielnica Without Jews Israel Ritov 592
Landsmashaften (Organizations)
Report on the activities of the Organization of former
residents of Mogielnica in Israel 1943-1950 [Y]
Reorganization of the Organization - spring 1950   603
Members of the Committee and the Council   611
In Memory of those who passed away in Israel
Rechscheid Yosef z”l Zvi Rechscheid 613
Mordechai my son Yitzhak Dov Rochfeld 614
In memory of Mordechai Rochfeld z”l Yitzhak Alexandroni 616
Shoshana Grossman (Reizl Goldberg) z”l Zvi Chaimowitz 617
Elimelech Koifman z”l Zvi Moshe 617
In memory of the passed: Riva Borenstein Ch. M. 618
My sister Rive, may she rest in peace Hinde Sheinfarber 618
R'Meir Provisor z”l Z. M. Avi-Yechiel 619
Chana Shmuel Yitzhak's Feifer z”l Rivka Siegel-Levin 620
A tree was uprooted Rivka Siegel-Levin 621
Shlomo Blazberg z”l Zvi Moshe Chaimowitz 622
Dov Sonder z”l - memorial to a pure soul Zvi Ben-Yechiel 624
To Dov (poem) Nechama Sonder 624
Avraham and Rivke'le Zorek z”l I. Ben-Yitzhak 625
Avraham Zelik Goldberg z”l I. Sonder 626
List of Mogielnica Jews deceased in Israel   627
Members of the Hagana and IDF who fell in battle
Amnon Michaeli Avraham Merker z”l 630
In the War of Independence
Yosef Grossman Family and Friends 631
Zvi Tufman - a memorial Zvi Moshe 633
The story of Zvi Tufman, may God avenge his blood I. Sonder 634
David Yehuda Liebster, may God avenge his blood M. Nomberg 636
Scheinfarber Mordechai Bracha and Yakov Scheinfarber 637
In the Six-Day-War
Our son Gideon Menachem Shraga [Y] Rachel (Lenga) Shraga 639
In the wars after Six-Day-War
Kuzminski Chaim; Sand Israel; Chetz Shmuel “DAVAR” newspaper 642
Our pilot fell (poem) Diary of Kibbutz Kissufim 643
In memory of my son the pilot (poem) Father - Chaim Chetz 643
Organizations Abroad
Mogielnica Societies in America [Y] Editor 644
Memorial to the Deceased in USA
Israel Leib (Louis) Markowitz z”l Max Friedlander 647
Avram'tche Fleischer Louis Markowitz z”l 649
Yosl Fleischer Gavriel Weingart 649
Shlomo'le Rechtscheid z”l Keile Rechtscheid 650
Yakov Schissler z”l Getzl Guterman 651
Deceased members of the Mogielnica Society in New-York and surroundings   651
List of members of the Mogielnica Society in New-York (English)   653
Blendow, Mogielnica. Biala, Grica in Kansas City Peretz Lerner z”l 654
Mogielnica Landsleit in Argentina
Interview with the Jewish pianist in Argentina;
Chronology of the immigration and occupations of Mogielnica Jews in Argentina [Y]
A. Merker z”l 656
My husband Avraham Herbstein z”l [Y] Sarita-Feigele Herbstein 658
To Avraham (poem) [Y] Sarita Herbstein 660
Dishka Siegelman I. Sonder 660
Yakov Siegelman z”l Yerachmiel & Rivka Feller 661
Avraham Merker - the perfect person I. Sonder 662
Heartfelt congratulations   664
Avraham Merker, the person that we have not knowm Ben-Zion Aminadav 665
List of deceased in Argentina, Brazil, England, France and Russia   667
Mogielnica Landsleit in Paris
The Societies in Paris [Y] Yitzhak Rochfeld 668
Memories Neche Bornstein 670
Mogielnica Jews in France [Y] Rivka Siegel-Levin 671
With friends in Paris [Y] Israel Sonder 674
32 months in the death camps [Y] Israel Avraham Klarfeld 677
How we escaped frm the Hitler murderers [Y] Moshe Ostrowietzki 681
My fight for liberation [Y] Yechiel Shraga 683
Again with friends in Paris [Y] I. Sonder 684
Mogielnica Landsleit in Various Countries
In Belgium [Y]   687
In Canada [Y]   689
In Australia [Y]   689
Mogielnica Jews in Russia between the two World Wars [Y] Rivka Siegel Levin 690
Moshe Margalit z”l - in his memory I. Sonder 691
His personality Zvi Moshe 694
How Moshe Margalit became silent [Y] Rivka Siegel Levin 694
My friend [Y] Getzl Guterman 695
Mogielnica Landsleit in Argentina honoring the memory of Moshe Margalit z”l [Y]   696
“I remember them” [Eile ezkera]   696
My mother from Mogielnica (poem) [Y] Yeshayahu Spiegel 697
List of Mogielnica martyrs   701
Blendow our Town
Blendow our Town [Y] I. Davidowitz z”l, Yehudit Kaspi-Scherman, Fishel Vilner, Mordechai Gleimer 733
The Jews in Blendow [Y]   736
Memories from our home [Y] Rachel Davidowitz-Lehrman 739
Happy Memories (poem) [Y] Max Freilech 742
Blendow my town Meir Schatz 749
Blendow relief in Chicago [Y] Eichel Tekler 753
Holocaust and Struggle
My experiences [Y] Mania Schrager-Herzberg 761
Holocaust of the Blendow Jews - testimony for Yad Vashem Chaia Hammer 768
The Story of my life Wolf Albert 775
IDF Soldiers who Fell in Battle
In Memory of the Deceased in Israel
How our son Yechiel David Vilner fell in battle [Y] Fishel Vilner 787
Yechiel David Vilner, may God avenge his blood Fragments from a booklet 789
Zev Bombard I. Sonder 789
Zev Zacharin Bombard - one of the 86 [Y] I. Sonder 790
Yosef Beker is not with us any more Yehudit Kaspi 791
Yechiel Davidowitz z”l Zvi Moshe 798
Blendow Jews who died in Israel   798
List of Blendow (Błędów) Martyrs   799

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