My Dear Shtetl Mihaileni
(Mihăileni, Romania)

47°58'/ 26°08'

Translation of
Shtetlul Meu Drag Mihaileni

Written by: Dr. Zisu Lebel



Project Coordinator

Dr. Artur Hecht


Our sincere appreciation to Dr. Zisu Lebel for permission
to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Shtetlul Meu Drag Mihaileni
(My Dear Shtetl Mihaileni), Written by Dr. Zisu Lebel, Haifa, August 1998

This material is made available by JewishGen, Inc. and the Yizkor Book Project for the purpose of
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The Romanian version and the first English version can be found at <>, a private site maintained by Uli Valureanu. Our presentation is the second English version of Dr. Lebel's memoirs of life in Mihaileni and in Russia during World War II.

This is a 2nd edition of the book edited by A. Hecht.

Many of the Romanian names contain diacritics. In order to make them intelligible and pronounceable in English I had to change their spelling. Furthermore there were some names that are known in English but had an unusual spelling in Romanian (either because this is the normal Romanian spelling or because they were changed by transliteration form Hebrew), once more I had to change their spelling to enable comparisons with lists of names from other sources (e.g. Vagner in Romanian was changed to Wagner in English). Notes in the text in curled parentheses {} are those of the editor A. Hecht.


 1. Instead of a Preface A Nostalgic Jew with a Terrific Memory
 2. Instead of an Introduction  
 3. My Home  
 4. My Grandparents  
 5. Holidays  
 6. School Days  
 7. Friends and Neighbors  
 8. My Dear Shtetl - People and Events  
 9. Back to Mihaileni  
10. Away from Home  
11. The War  
12. Thirty Three Years the Former USSR  
13. I am at a Loss, As if I am Beaten  
14. In Israel!  
15. Letter from America  
16. Mihaileni, My Dear Shtetl Review by Paul Schweiger
17. Mihaileni - One Thousand Meters Review by Carol Isac

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