The Destruction and Heroism
of the Town of Markuszow
(Markuszów, Poland)

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Translation of
Hurbana u-gevurata shel ha-ayara Markuszow

Editor: David Shtokfish

Published in Tel Aviv 1955

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Hurbana u-gevurata shel ha-ayara Markuszow (The destruction and heroism of the town of Markuszow),
Editor: David Shtokfish, Former Residents of Markuszow in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1955 (Y 436 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Markuszow

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TOC translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


Introduction (Hebrew)   5
Introduction (Yiddish)   7
First Part - This is How the Shtetl Looked
Several Historical-Statistical Facts about Jews in Markuszow (Inserted at page 12) Dr. Rafael Mahler I
Several Historical Dates and Numbers about Markuszow   13
A Stroll through Markuszow Dvora Czapnik-Fiszbajn 14
1) Markuszow Piety: Fishele Melamed; The “Silk” Shtetl; The “Shokl”; The Draftees; The Up-Side-Down One; Reb Hershele the Shamas; The Verker; Gepsele the Shoykhet; The Small Robe; A History of a Groom and Bride; Markuszow Had No Luck; The Well; The Jewish Law about Non-Jewish Wine; The Ceremony at the Conclusion of Writing a Torah; Two Houses
2) Guests in the Shtetl: The Russian-Japanese War;The Revolution of the Fifth Year In… Markuszow; The Natshalnik is Here!; Stolen Cholent; A Disturbed Purim; The Gramophone; The Goblets
3) Types and Figures: Avraham-Ber the Maskil; Berish Lerer; Pinkhas Kandel; The Lamed Vovnik; Kis-Kis; The Shabbos Goy; The Tall Yitzhak, The Sportsman; The Composer, Zeligl Gutbizicer, The “Honest One”; Avraham-Dovid Kopitko; Markuszow Wagon Drivers
The Religious, Political and Cultural Life
The Hasidic War between Radzin and Markuszow M. Nachshon [Capa] 59
The Kehile [organized Jewish community] and its Dozores [members of the communal council] Arya Wajnriber 64
Our Clergy; Markuszow Wants a Rabbi; Rabbi Wajcman.    
Sholem Asch and I.M. Wajzernberg in Markuszow Chaya Herc-Lotersztajn 71
Kadima - First Zionist Organization Moshe Nachshon [Capa] 75
Memories of Kadima Chaya Herc-Lotersztajn 78
Zionist Organization Tarbut School, Plan for a Markuszow Colony in Eretz Yisroel, Hasidim and Zionists, Away to the Revisionists, Without an Esrog…, Again a Split Arya Wajnriber 80
Difficulties in the Zionist Work Sura Fianka-Wajnfiber 87
Revisionists and Betar Moshe Nachshon [Capa] 88
Left Poalei-Zion Dovid Brener (Tevl) 98
Yugnt, Yungbar and Sport, Persecutions, Great Youth Celebrations, Decline and Rise, In Memory of Comrades    
Sustenance, We Act in Theater, Fooling Our Father Tzipora Fedberg (Bajgelman) 110
The Professional Union L. Kandel, Dovid Brener 113
Jewish Income
The Monday Fair Moshe Nachshon [Capa] 120
Sadownikes [orchard renters] Dovid Brener (Tevl) 126
Young Women of the House Pesa Wasersztrum 129
Merchants and Artisans Sholem Wasersztrum 130
Help Organizations
Markuszower Philanthropy Sholem Wasersztrum 132
Banks Arya Wajnriber 134
To the Memory of Our Personalities
Reb Yosef Zeev Ashkanazi Idlsh (Rabbi in Markuszow) Avraham Yuri 137
Reb Yosef Zeev Idlsh Sholem Wasersztrum 140
Reb Reb Avraham-Moshe of Markuszow N. Shomen 141
The Rebbe, Reb Avraham Moshe Sholem Wasersztrum 142
In Memory of Yitzhak Wasersztrum M. Nachshon [Capa] 144
The Four Maskilim M. Nachshon [Capa] 145
The Builders and Fighters: In Memory of a Comrade Arya Wajnriber 147
Yisroel-Itshe Roguski Sura Fianka-Wajnfiber 150
Moshe Ejdlsztajn - the Heroic Messenger of the Community Sholem Wasersztrum 151
Second Part - Death and Resistance
List of Markuszow Jewish Partisans 157
With Partisans, Among Farmers, in Bunkers The shtetl up to the churban; Markuszow is bombed; The first days of the occupation; The deportation actions; We acquire weapons; In Wole forest; Back to the bunker; Partisan stories Dina Gothelf 159
In Battle with the Nazi Enemy Moishe Pelz 195
With Markuszow Partisans Nathan Westlshneider 226
My Experiences During the German Occupation
(Eyewitness Testimony)
Eidl Fishbein 239
Memories of Nazi Hell Esther Fishbein-Friedman 256
The Hero of Majdanek
(Eyewitness Testimony of Rivkeh Nachshon [Capa])
Two-Week Period of Partisan Life Shmuel Rubinstein 272
Jewish Partisans in the Armia Ludowa Michal Laterstein 283
A Group of Partisans at Plouszowice Alter Rasset 300
My Child Wanted to Live Ester Zilbering 302
Two Sisters Speak (Frandl and Rywka Zilberman)
(Eyewitness Testimony Recorded by M. Nachshon [Capa])
My Experiences During the Occupation
(Eyewitness Testimony Recorded by M. Nachshon [Capa])
Esther Kitenkaren-Grossman 312
Miriam Laterstein   349
In the Partisan Movement Shmuel Laks 350
List of Jews Who Perished during the Occupation   389
Obituaries   399
Markuszower in Israel   429


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