Memorial book of the community of Maków-Mazowiecki
(Maków Mazowiecki, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Maków-Mazowiecki

Edited by: J. Brat

Published in Tel Aviv, 1969

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This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Maków-Mazowiecki (Memorial book of the community of Maków-Mazowiecki),
Editors: J. Bram, Tel Aviv, the former residents of Maków-Mazowiecki in Israel, 1969 (Hebrew, Yiddish, 505 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Makow-Mazowiecki

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund (Yiddish) and by Sara Mages (Hebrew)

Title Author Language


Introduction Yakov M. Skornik H 7
Forward Yitzhak Brat Y 9
The Book of Blood Yehezkiel Itskowicz Y 11
The History of the Yizkor [Memorial] Book Mordekhai Ciechanower Y 13
Organization of Former Residents of Maków in Israel Yisroel Frankl H 19
Maków (History of the Annihilated Community) Yakov M. Skornik Y 29
Sing! Itzhak Katzenelson Y 99
Maków Before the First World War Rafael-Zvi Baharav H 105
Ways of Life
There Was a Shtetl [town] Maków Yakov-Chaim Sobel Y 115
The Market Avraham Shilo (Ribak) Y 148
Maków, a Shtetl [town] with Desires Natan Shahar (Manczkowski) Y 150
My Shtetl [town] Maków Dobe Godes Kalina Y 154
From My Shtetl [town] Chana Sztalnic Y 158
A Day in Maków Dr. M. Gur (Kociak) Y 162
Memories of Maków, My Birthplace Eliezer Shachar (Manczkowski) Y 170
The Mill Nechama Sela-Lewkowicz H 174
A Street in Maków Mordechai Ciewiner Y 176
What Was Said About the Maków Synagogue Rabbi Shmuel Hilert Y 181
In the New World
Maków Jews in the New World Yakov-Chaim Sobel Y 187
Help from Far Shanghai M. C. Y 200
Cultural Activities, Schools, Parties
Schools in Maków Mazowiecki Ida Beer-Garfinkel Y 205
“Bund” in Maków Leibl Gogol Y 217
With the Storm Ita Pshut (Ruszyniak) Y 221
Memories Ester Chasad-Elion H 225
Death and Heroism
The World's Conscience Did Not Awaken Yehezkiel Itskowicz Y 229
Blows, Torturing, Death Meir-Hersh Ciechanower Y 237
Among Human Animals Meir Rubin Y 252
From Death and Destruction Moshe Aba Kamen Y 273
Red Flowers Yehezkiel Itskowicz Y 277
A Bundle of Sorrowful Memories Shmuel Taub Y 283
Young Makówer in Auschwitz Ida Kac-Beer-Garfinkel Y 291
Blood on White Flowers Yehezkiel Itskowicz H 305
Over Bloody Roads Mordekhai Ciechanower Y 309
In the Horrific Years Shlomo Rajczyk Y 338
Number 81434 A. Eiznberg Y 348
The Holocaust and its lesson Rafael-Tzvi Baharav H 353
Maków in Ruins Yehezkiel Itskowicz Y 357
The Visit to My Shtetl [town] Moshe Kac Y 362
A Matzevah [headstone] Tsirl Bejlem (Aczech) Y 365
At the Day of Mourning Rafael-Tzvi Baharav H 367
The Road of Agony from Poland, Russia - Until Israel Ruchl Pomeranec Y 369
I See You, Mother Yehezkiel Itskowicz Y 374
Three Songs Moshe Kac Y 376
Only your image was left…[Poem] Shmuel Bursztyn Y 380
Personalities and Images
Kaddish for Friends Yakov-Chaim Sobel Y 383
The virtue of Maków The Rabbi Ben-Tzion Rozental Y 388
My Makówer Grandfathers Dr. Yehuda Rozental Y 403
Makówer Jews Yakov-Chaim Sobel Y 408
Lamentation for the death of R’ Avraham-Yosef Rozental of blessed memory N. Sokolow H 413
Zionist activities in the city during the years 1917-1918   H 415
The history of the rabbinate in Maków until 5641 [1880/81] M. Cynowicz H 419
Kahan (Yehiel) Michel Y. M. S. H 421
Ben-Tzion Chilinowicz   Y 423
A road full of obstacles and hardship   H 424
Words of mourning and condolences for the passing of Rabbi R’ Mordechai Finkel of blessed memory   H 426
From the activities of “Keren Hayesod” in the city   H 426
The author Eliezer David Finkel of blessed memory Yakov M. Skornik H 427
The Rabbi, Reb Ephriam-Fishl Najman, of blessed memory   H 429
Khil Aronman Melekh Rawicz Y 431
The Kotzker Rebbe Asks a Klezmer [musician] to Play   Y 433
Dr.Yehuda Rozental   H 434
Berko Dr. Menakhem Gur-Kociak Y 436
Yisroel Pomeranc, of blessed memory The Committee H 439
Second- Lieutenant Danny Weisberg of blessed memory The Committee H 441
The Rabbi, Reb Pinkhas Ingberman, of blessed memory The Rabbi Moshe Szulman H 442
Mindl Frydman-Rajczyk, of blessed memory Yehuda Arz H 444
Mindl Frydman-Rajczyk, of blessed memory Yehuda Arz H 446
Shoshona, may she rest in peace Yisroel Frenkel H 449
A beloved soul and an enterprising image Dovid Bukhner H 451
Reb Eliezer-Dov ben [son of] Reb Pinkhas Yehuda Rozenman H 453
Lines to the image of our father Nekhama Sela-Lewkowicz
Yakov Lewkowicz
H 455
Our Home   H 458
Light in the Night A Student Y 459
Memories of My Father's House Chaya-Gitl Prezberg H 463
List of photos and their content Dovid Bukhner H 467
A Visit to the Home-Town Maków Max Pianka, Ph. D. E 468
Remembrance   H 473
List of Martyrs   H 475
List of the Pictures and their Content   H 510
List of the Pictures and their Content   Y 513

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