Jews of Kaiserstrasse

The Jews who lived on Mainz's Park Avenue

(Mainz, Germany)

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By Michael Stowell Phillips



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This is the book: Jews of Kaiserstrasse – The Jews who lived on Mainz's Park Avenue,
Written by Michael Stowell Phillips, Yizkor Books in Print Project, 2020 (E 162 pages)

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The Jews of Kaiserstrasse were wealthy, successful, worldly and cultured—active participants in the commercial, social, and municipal life of Mainz. They considered themselves German citizens, a community whose history in this Rhineland city stretched back over a thousand years.

Starting with the author's own family, this meticulously researched book vividly details the stories of 300 Jewish residents of a single fabled street in Mainz—from the rise of German National Socialism to the end of the Second World War and Germany's defeat in 1945.


Jews of Kaiserstrasse


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