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[Columns 1045-1046]

Necrology – Obituaries

Translated by Tina Lunson

[ ] translator's remarks

[Columns 1047-1048]

Leibel Landman's funeral
In the year 1930

Leibel Landman (son of Yitzchok Miriam's), was loved and respected in town. A genius student right at from the beginning of his Beis Medrash studies, later active in culture organizations, an activist in the secret revolutionary Workers' movement. Died from consumption at the young age of 33.

In this picture of his funeral, we can recognize several people, such as:

Motel Hopenheim, Soro Laya Krantzberg, Ruchama Ritzer, Yitzchok Rosen (lives in Hadera, Israel), Leibish Rosen, Avrohom Finkelstein (lives in Tel Aviv), Zisel Ritzer, Meyer Kornstein, Hersh Kotlazh, Yehoshua Buchshreiber, Nechemia Grosman, Simcha Bergerman, Moishe Elenboigen, Itche Fishman, Moishe Zinger, Dovid Hochman, Fularia (Refoel Aryeh) Buchshreiber, Dovid Niderberg.

[Columns 1049-1050]

I will never forget my dear family

My father Leibel Weinberg (Miriam's)
My mother Esther Frandel;
My brother Yona, his wife Elke, and children;
My brother Nute, his wife Brocho, and child;
My sister Laya, her husband Hersh Nisenboim, and child;
My sister Potshe, her husband Yankel Goldboim, and chld. –

All who were killed by Nazi murderers.

Shimon Weinberg, wife , and child (Israel)

I will never forget my deceased and perished family

My father Pesach Zilbering (Mulazh);
My mother Pearl;
My sister Rochel Laya, her husband Moshe, and children;
My brother Yosef, his wife and children;
My brother Dovid, his wife Soroh, and children;
My brother Yankel, his wife and children;
My sister Rosa, her husband Moshe and children;
My sister Yuta, her husband Sholom.

Shimon Zilbering, wife and children (Israel)

My dears, you will always remain in my memory,
With deep, I am mentioning you now in the Memorial Book.

My father, Sheps Mordechai Wachenhazer, died 5 Shevat 5689 [January 16, 1929];
My mother Soroh Rivka, died 5 Iyar, 1906 [April 30];
My brother Avrohom Ber, his wife and children – perished in Warsaw;
My brother Shlomo Tewil, wife and children;

Gitel Wachenhazer, daughter of Shlomo Tewil

My brother Yekusiel, wife and children;
My brother Binyomin Beinish, wife and children – all perished;
My brother Shaul Mendel, died on the first day of Rosh Hashana, 1907;
My brother Moshe, wife and daughter – perished;
My brother's daughter Faige and her husband Pesach, and five children – perished;
My cousin Gitel Honigsblum and her son Shmuel and his wife and children;

Gitel Trudler, Ramat Hasharon, Israel.

We will never forget our deceased father –
Noach Mendel Buchshreiber
And our entire perished family;



* [Tombstone content]

Our mother Chaya;
Our brother Ziskind;
Our sister Kaila with her husband Naftali and children;
Our sister Reva with her children;
Our sister Yocheved with a child;
Our sister Henna with her husband Noach Klaperman and a child;
Our brother Raphoel Aryeh, wife and child;
Our uncle Shloime Buchshreiber with his wife and children;

Gutshe Gringruz (Buchshreiber); Naomi
Furer (Buchshreiber) with her husband;
Miriam and Moshe Hoizwirt (Israel)

I will always remember my family that was murdered by Hitler's wild animal-people

My father Leibel Fajerglas;
My mother Chaya Laya;
My sister Chiyena and her husband Yidel Waserman;
My sister Sarah;
My brother Bunim;
My brother Mendel.
G-d, please take revenge for the spilled blood!

Tauba Fajerglas (Lyubitcher)
Israel, Givat Hashlosha

[Columns 1051-1052]

With tears in our eyes on the breaking of our nation and the members of our families who were murdered by the hands of the evil men

Our father Reb Yakov (Yankel) Weinreb, our mother Shaindel;
Our sister Chana and her husband Reb Yisroel Meir Kohen,Shochet u'Bodek (ritual slaughterer and kashrut inspector), in Ostrowa, and their children: Leibishel, Sheva'le, Moishele, and Soroh'le;
Our sister Serke and her husband, who died in their youth, and their children: Sheva'le, Yisroel, and Rochele;
Our sister Devoira who died in her youth, and her son Leibele;
Our brother Aharon, his wife Miriam and their son Moishe'le;
Our sister Sheva, her husband Mendel Faierstajn, and their son;
Our uncle Moishe (Moishke) Nisenboim, his wife Rivka and their children;
Our uncle Avrohom Yitzchok Zlutczicki and his wife Tzirel and their children: Henye, Pinchas, and Selah.

Binyomin and Liptche Weinreb
Aryeh and Reva Weinreb (Israel)

In perpetual sorrow and memory for

My father Sender son of Yechezkel, died on 15 Elul, 1922;
My family in Kurow, killed by the German murderers in 1942;
My mother Chava Gutman (Weinman) daughter of Simcha Meir, and two young sisters, Perel and Raizel;
My grandmother Rivkele Gutman;
My aunt Fraidele Weinman; husband Velvel Ginzburg, and their sons Simcha Meir, Moishe, and Yankel;
My uncle Yankel Gutman and wife Malkele;
My aunt Pesse Rubenshtain (Gutman) and husband Getzel;
My aunt Shaindel (Gutman) Chanisman, her husband and her children.

Chaim Gutman, Montreal

With a holy tremble, we remember our beloved parents:

Aharele Hitelman (Shneider) and our dear mother Henye Mindel, may they rest in peace;
The parents of my wife: Itche Lipskind;
Our brother Moshe Shamai; or brother Pesach Lipskind and his family; Henoch Hitelman; Zecharya Hitelman and his family – who were murdered at the hands of the Nazis, may their names be erased.

By giving charity, we will consecrate your blessed memory.

Avrohom Hitelman and family, Montreal

Our father Sholom son of Harav Yechiel Goldberg, perished in Israel, 4 Iyar 5701 -----
Our mother Soroh Rochel, perished 23 Elul 5705 --------
Our brother Avromtche, his wife Neche and children: Yechiel, Pinchas, Chaya, Moishele;
Our brother Mordechai, his wife Perel and their children: Yechiel, Blima;
Our sister Chaya, her husband Shmuel Tzimerman and their children: Tzadok, Blimele;
Our uncle Chaim son of Harav Reb Yechiel, who died before the war, and his children were killed by the hands of the Nazis;
Our uncle Shmuel Menachem son of Harav Reb Yechiel, died in Russia, and his wife Gitele – who died in Israel;
Our uncle Elimelech, died before the war; his wife, Sorole and her children: Tzivia and her husband and their children; Shaindel and her husband and their children, Rashale and her husband and their children;
Our aunt Liptche, perished, and with her two children at the hands of the Nazis;
Our aunt Shaindel daughter of Harav Reb Yechiel and his wife Mindel Lerman, and their children who were murdered at the hands of the Nazis;
Our uncle Avrohom Hersh Bubes, his wife Baila Rochel, and their children;
Our aunt Kaila with her husband Shimon Dovidson from Belsiec----- and their children: Yakov Yitzchok and his wife Tzivia and their daughter Chantche, Chaim Gershon, Rivka Leah, Nachman Dovid, Shaindel Dobra, who were killed in Majdanek;
Our uncle Leibish Goldshlager and his wife Yocheved Kaveh, and their children;
Our uncle Nechemia Goldshlager and his wife and his children;
Our aunt Perele with her husband Nechemia Migdalek and their daughter.

Binyomin and Liptche Weinreb
Max and Bella Tzigler (Israel)

With anguish and pain we announce to all the Kurow people in the world about the early death of our beloved wife and mother –
Devoira – Ritzer-Feldberg

Died on April 16, 1954 (13 Nisan, 5714) in Buenos Aires, born in Kurow in 1900. She is the daughter of Yisroel and Miriam Ritzer. She was active in the culture society and in the drama circle.

Honor her memory!

Remaining in sorrow –
Husband Fishel Feldberg
Daughter Lola and Perele
Buenos Aires

[Columns 1053-1054]

In perpetual sorrow and in memory [of my family who] perished, and were murdered at the hands of the Germans, may their names be erased –

My mother Esther, daughter of Mindel (Wolinski);
My father Yosef son of Shmuel Lerman;
My sister Soroh and her family;
My brother Moshe and family;
My sister Tauba and her husband.

Tauba Yosef Lermans and her husband

My brother Shmuel;
My sister Tauba (daughter of Yakov) and husband Mordechai Zukerman.

Yakov Lerman, Montreal

I will always cry for my dear family, perished, and murdered by the Nazi murderers.

My father Yudel Brik, long-time chairman of the community in Kurow; died before the war;
My mother Bashe, died before the war;
My aunt Frumet – perished;
My sister Breindel; her husband Abba Pomerantz, and their son Shloime – perished;
My sister Raizel, died at a young age;
My brother Mendel, his wife Estushe and child – perished;
My uncle Moshe Brik and his children;
My uncle Shmuel Brik, his wife and children;
My uncle Shimon Brik, his wife and children;
My aunt Devora, her husband Leizer Ber and children;
My aunt Perel, her husband and children –
All perished.

Faige Brik – Rechtman, her husband Yitzchok,
Bnei Brak, Israel

Our deceased and perished family will remain as an eternal memory –
Our father and mother Hertzke and Chava Teitelboim, died in Israel

Hertzke and Chava Teitelboim, died in Israel;
their grand-daughter Rechel – perished.

Our brother Meilech, died in his blossoming age before the war.
His wife Devora and their children, perished;
Our brother Gedalia and his wife Hinde and children – perished;

Gedallia Teitelboin, his wife Rechel and children – perished

Our brother Meir, his wife Sorole and children, perished;
Our sister Rechel and children – perished;
Our brother Leibish, his wife Chana and children – perished.

Eliezer and Devorale Teitelboim;
Shmuel and Neche Teitelboim – Israel.

[Columns 1055-1056]

With awe and reverence, I remember my family that perished –

Father Shiye Altman;
Mother Ettel-Rivka;
Sister Tauba, her husband Avrohom Yosef, their children Yankel, Leibel, Soroh-Neche, and Henne-Yuta;
My brothers Shmuel, Pinchas;
Sister Frandel and her husband Chaim;

Frandel Altman

My cousins Yankel and Malka Gutman.

Chaim Avigdor (Nesher) Altman and his family, Israel

With sorrow and pain, we remember our wife and mother
Esther Miriam Huberman
Died, 19 Shevat 5707 in New York

Esther Miriam Huberman

Our sister-in-law, brother-in-law, uncle, and aunt;
Leibele and Reuven Oberkleid and their children, perished in Wojnwylic [Wojnicz?];
Yitzchok, Pesach, Velvel, and Dobrele;
Our brother-in-law and uncle Yankel Huberman.

In sorrow,
Her husband Yeshayohu; the sons: Moshe, Meyer, Yitzchok, and Noach; daughters: Chaya and Rivkele,
New York.

With sadness and pain, I remember my dear ones, deceased, and murdered by the Hitler murderers –

My grandfather Noach , Dobre's, Shildkraut;
My grandmother Esther Chaya, Dina's;

At the gravesite of Miriam Dobre –Esther Chaya, Dina's daughter
There stands: Esther Chaya, Dina's, her brother Meir, her husband Chaim (lives in Israel), her sister Leah Teme, her three sisters – Vitel, Leah, and Yehudis. All three daughters are living.

My father Avremele, Noach's (Malach);
My mother Sorole Tauba – Shmuel Shamash's daughter, died 26 Elul 5679 in Kurow;
My brother Chaim Yosef, wife and child;
My sister Rivkele, husband and child;
My brother Yankel Meyer and his wife;
My aunt Miriam, her daughter Rochel, husband and children;
My aunt Miriam Dobre, who was burned to death in Demblin in the year 1931;
My aunt Leah Teme and her husband;
My uncle Meyer Shildkraut, his wife and children.

In eternal sorrow –
Pinchas Shildkraut and family, Tel Aviv, Israel.

We wish to eternalize in the Yizkor Book the names of those who perished and those who were killed:

Our parents: Yakov Hersh and Chaya Soroh Morgenstern;
Our brothers:
Yechiel Meyer Morgenstern, his wife and children;
Leibel Morgenstern, died in New York;
Our sisters:
Geleh, her husband Shaul Dovid Levinson and their children;
Aidel and her husband Leibel Libhaber and their children;

We will never forget them.

Silke and Zalman Lifskind, New York
Miriam and Shlomo Licht, Magdiel, Israel.

[Columns 1057-1058]

We mourn for our family that was horrifyingly murdered by the Nazi killers.

Our father Shloime Eisenshmidt (Moshe Asher's);
Our mother Mindel;

Shloime and Mindel Eisenshmidt and their two grandchildren

Our sister Roiza and her husband Leibel Zeidentrager and children;

Roiza Eisenshmidt and her husband Leibel Zeidentrager and their children

Our brother Avrohom Aharon and his wife Gittel Rozen and their children;
Our sister Elke;
Our brother Ber, his wife and children;
Our brother Mordechai, his wife and child.

Rivka and Fishel Brutman;
Leah and Asher Rozenboim, Israel

We will always remember in sorrow:

My father Shimon Matis (Matisyahu) Gilbert;
My mother Chana Tauba;
My sister Chume Leah and her husband Moshe and their children;
My brother Shulem;
My sister Elke;
My brother Berish.

We will never forget you.

Yankel Gilbert and his wife Chana, Israel.

With pain in our hearts, and perpetual sorrow, you will always remain in our memory – my dear and loved ones

My father Yosef Boruch Lerman;
My mother Esther-Miriam (Gosziczanski);
My brother Shmuel Eliyahu;
My grandfather Mendel Lerman, and grandmother Shaindel;
My grandfather Yisroel Gosziczanski and aunt Perel;
My aunt Sorole Lerman with her husband and child;
My aunt Malka Gosziczanski and her husband Leibel and children – in Lublin;
My aunt Teme Gosziczanski and her husband Simcha Bunim and their child;

Teme Gosziczanski, Sorole Lerman

My uncle Melech Gosziczanski and his wife and child -
Who were brutally murdered by the Nazi beasts, may their names be erased

The only survivor of the entire family
Rivkele Lerman in Newark, United States

We will always remember our dear family:

Our father, Moshe Chanisman, died on 10 Shevat, 1927;
Our mother Zlate, died on 10 Teves, 1925;
Our brother Leibel, wife and children;
Our brother Shmuel, died in Paris;
Our brother Yisroelke, wife and children;
Our brother Dan, his wife Shaindel and children;
Our sister Pesse, her husband Zalman and their children;
Our sister Elke;
Our sister Chayale;
My wife Fraide Brenner and my child Gitele;

All perished.

Chaim Chanisman, Israel
Faige Chanisman, New York

[Columns 1059-1060]

With great pain and in dark grief, I cry for the members of my family who were killed and strangled in the gas chambers by Hitler's soldiers, may their names be erased.

They may have been destroyed but will not be forgotten.

My grandfather Reb Shulem son of Simcha Bunim, died in Kurow;
My grandmother Rivka daughter of Reb Shmuel-Shamash (Goldshlager), killed by the Nazis;
My grandfather Reb Alter son of Yakov Meyer (Beilender), and grandmother Tzippe, they died in Pulaw;
My father Yakov Yoel son of Shulem, and my mother Faige Henne;
My brother Shimon and his wife Leah (Nisenboim) and their children;
My uncle Avrohom Hersh and his wife and the entire family;
My uncle Faivel and his wife and the entire family;
My aunt Roiza daughter of Shulem;
My aunt's son Shmuel Kartman who died as a partisan in the war against the Nazis;
My uncle and my aunt Hertzke and Chana Shtern and the entire family, died in Warsaw;
My uncle Avrohom and aunt Esther Devoira (Beilender), in Pulaw.

May it be that the People of Israel never forget this, for eternity.

Remember what Amalek did to you!

From the only survivor of the entire family
Dovid Kartman, Ramat Gan, Israel.

We will never forget our deceased, and those who were murdered by the Nazi thugs –

Our father Moshe Shulem Goldshlager, died in Israel;
Our mother, died in Poland before the war;
Our sisters who perished –
Rechel, her husband Hershel Dovid Yosef's and their children;

Rechel (Goldshlager) Melhendler
Died with her husband and eight children

Soroh Rivka and her husband and children.

Gitel Goldshlager, her husband Moshe Fishman;
Rochel Leah, her husband Yehuda Fishman.

In eternal memory of my deceased and tragically murdered family

My father Chaim Chanisman (Motel Yenta's);
My mother Rivka;
My brother Moshe (died);
My brother Yankel (died in New York);
My brother Hersh, wife and children;

Top 3, right to left: Simcha Chanisman, Rivka Chaim's Chanisman, Yankel Chanisman
Center: Shloime Chanisman
Bottom photo, handwriting on right: Sender, Sorole
Bottom photo, handwriting on left: Shiye [not sure about this name] Leib Chanisman, Raizel Chanisman

My brother Yeshiye Leib;
My sister Raizele, husband and children;
My sister Sorole and her husband Sender Brenner.

Simcha Chanisman and wife,
Montevideo, Uruguay

In eternal memory of my tragically murdered family, killed by the Nazi murderers, may their names be erased.

My father Reuven son of Yosef Feivel Finkelstein, from Gniwisov;
My mother Shaindel Zlate daughter of Yehoshua (Zlatogura);
My sister Faiga;
My sister Rochel and her husband Yechezkel Freiberg (Gniwisov);
My sister Leah;
My brother Shmuel Yonoson;
My brother Shraga Feivel;
My brother Chaim Pinchas;
My brother Aryeh Leib;
My sister Tauba.

May G-d avenge their blood, and redeem us in eternal redemption, speedily, in our days.

Their son and brother,
Yakov, Shloime, Mordechai Finkelstein
And his family, New York


* Tombstone content

[shows date of death]
Died 21 Sivan, 5674 [June 4, 1934]

An honest man
Always went in good ways
May his memory protect his children.
Noach Menachem, son of Simcha Moshe
Hakohen, may his soul be bound up in the bond of everlasting life. Return


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