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The “Krinker Verein” in Los Angeles, California, with their respected President Heiman Miller join in the mourning over the extermination of the heroic Jewish people of Krynki which always gave an exemplary of pugnaciousness.

We will honor their memory!

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The “Krinker Ladies Auxiliary” of Chicago join in the mourning over the extermination of our dear and cherished brothers and sisters who were killed by the barbaric Nazis.

Let us honor their memory!

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In memory of all our perished and murdered from the Krinker Ghetto.
We will keep their lightful memory forever.

“Committee of the Krinker Aid Society in Uruguay”
and its “Women's Committee” (Ladies Auxiliary)


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For eternity the image will be embedded in my heart when my family was snatched away from me for their last walk to Kiełbasin, on November 2, 1942.

Blood flowed from my eyes when the bloodthirsty Nazi murderers took away my father, Yisroel-Moyshe (Israel-Moshe), my mother, Brokhe (Brocha), my grandmother, Dvoyre (Deborah) Pruzhanski, my grandfather Khayim (Chaim)-Osher Pruzhanski, my sisters, Dorele, Lizele and Sonyele.

My brother Perets (Peretz) died as a partisan in the forest like a hero. For your innocent cut off life I have taken nekome in my capacity as a postwar soldier.

We will honor your memory!

The author A. Soyfer (Soifer) and his brother Osher Soifer

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Our beloved, for us immortal parents
Berl and Blumke Zakheym (Zakheim) z”l,


Tormented to death by Nazi fascism in Auschwitz,
on January 18, 1943, at 10 o'clock in the morning.

We, your children, will forever keep you in sacred memory.

Rivl, Heshl and Rokhl (Rachel)

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Deep is our sorrow and incurable our grief over the tragic death
of our unforgotten mother, mother-in-law and grandma
Hindl Kirzhner, peace be upon her, our brother,
Itshke Kirzhner and sister-in-law
Merkeleye (Merke-Leah) Kirzhner, and their dear children:
Yosele, Khaym'l (Chaim'l) and Khanele (Chanele) Kirzhner


Because the barbaric Nazi beasts in the world left no grave for you, these few sentences shall tell our children and our neighbors that you were killed by the Nazi beasts in Treblinka (next to Bialystok, Poland) just because you were Jews!

Your memory is sacred for us!

Sheynke (Sheinke) Kirzhner de Liberman (Montevideo)
Yakev (Jacob) Kirzshner and family (New York)
Moyshe (Moshe) Kirzshner and family (Chicago)

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With painful hearts we remember
the death of our brother and his family,
Shmaye (Shemayahu) Grodzitski
(from the Gabarska Street)

of our uncle and aunt and their families,
Khaym-Mordekhay (Chaim-Mordechai) Lavler
(the carpenter from the Gabarska Street),
Killed by the Nazi beasts,
They died as martyrs, for the glory of G'd - because they were Jews ה׳׳ק

Rokhl-Reyzl Veyner (Rachel-Reisl Weiner) and family
Fayvl (Feivl) Grodzitski and family
Avreml (Abraham) Grodzenski and family
Feygl (Feigl, Feiga) Grodzenski and family

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With deep pain we memorialize our holy people, peace be upon them:
To our immortal father, Khayim (Chaim) Lozovski (Lozowski),
Our brother, Leybe Lozovski and family,
and our brother, Yankl Lozovski.


We, the surviving brothers:
Eliyahu Lozovski (Lozowski) and family
David Lozovski and family
Shimen Lozovski and family (Tshako) (Czakó)
Sheyne Sikorski and family (Tshako) (Czakó)
Shepsl Lozovski and family (Salto

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With eternal grief we remember
our holy people who were killed in Treblinka:

Our unforgettable father, who was shot in the ghetto, the day before Passover, 1942, Mair Blokh (Bloch) , brother Yosl and family, Berl and family, Tsipe and family

The survivors:
Dvoyre (Deborah), Leybe (Leibe) and Meri (Mary) Bloch

With bowed heads, with sorrow and pain in our hearts,
we perpetuate in holiness the names of

Our dear parents,
Our sister Sheve (Basheva) and her family,
Our brother Shepsl with his family,
Who were killed in a gruesome way by our bloody enemy, Nazism!


Khane (Chane) Kushnier Levin
Artshik Kushnier
Kayle Kushnier-Garfeyn (Garfein)

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In sorrow we remember the passing of the families

Zak and Nayman (Neiman, Neuman), peace be upon them


Sholem (Shalom) Zak and family
Shprintse Zak-Shneyder and family

In mourning for the passing of our sister
Shifra and brother-in-law Shmulke Shinder, and their children
Shimen and Lilye,
killed by the Nazis.

Zelde Sokol de Zak,
Esther Sokol de Vitkind (Witkind),
Zalmen Sokol

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In mourning for the passing of:

My mother Yokhe (Yocheved?), peace be upon her, my sister Tsivye and brothers Nokhem (Nachum), Leybe, Hershl, Tsale (Betsaleyl?) and sister-in-law and children,

Who were all killed by the Nazi murderers.

Abe Blacher and family,
Shloime Blacher and family,
Gitl Blacher and family,
Esther Blacher-Naliber and family


May the few sentences be a reflection of our sorrow and pain
for the great loss that the Hitler gangs inflicted on us by murdering:

Our father Motl Yelinovitsh (Yelinovich), mother Frume, sister Krayne (Kreyna) Yelinovich-Kagan, brother-in-law Motye and (their) only child Yudele

Sister Liba Jelinovich-Lev, brother-in-law Gedalya and their only child(ren) Idele and brother Meni, who had the opportunity to save himself, but did not want to abandon his parents.

May the innocent spilled blood of the whole family
fall upon the heads of their murderers.

Rachel Jelinovich-Blacher and family,
Leibl Jelinovich and family

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We are mourning with deep sorrow for our lost parents,
sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law and nephews
who were were killed by the Nazi beasts in Treblinka.

In mourning:
Leibl Khashkes (Chashkes) and family,
Lyube (Liobe) Chashkes-Shvarts and family


We commemorate the bright souls of our dear father, aunt,
sister, brother-in-law and sister-in-law, martyred in Kiełbas in!

Leitshe Kozoltshik (Kozolchik) and family
Mashke Chashkes and family
Esther Feldenbloym (Feldenbloim) and family
Yankl Levin and family, Itke Gotfrid and husband

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With deep sorrow in our hearts we remember our children,
murdered by the Nazis in Auschwitz on January 21, 1943, 10 am,
Shi(y)e Furye (Furie), his wife and children.

Our nephews:
Avreml (Abrahaml) Labendik, his wife and child, murdered in Treblinka.

The mourning survivors:
Itshe, Khaya-Sore (Chaya-Sara) Furye and children (NY),
Merke Furye-Vitkind (Witkind) and family (Montevideo)

We mourn the loss of our murdered brothers (and sisters)

Yisroel Manikhes (Israel Maniches) and family
Moyshe (Moshe) Maniches and family
Dvoyre (Deborah) Maniches and family
Zisl Maniches

Peace be upon them.
Yankl Maniches and family

We express our mourning for the loss
of our father at the hands of the Nazis,
Alter Kozaltshik (Kozolchik)
and our sister Mikhle (Michla) Kozolchik-Starinski and family
Yisroel (Israel) Kozolchik and family

Peace be upon them!
Frume Kozolchik-Maniches and family

Frume Kozaltshik (Kozolchik) commemorates her father Alter, her sister Michla and her family, and her nephew Israel Kozolchik and his family

Frume Alter Miller
Kozolchik family

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In deep mourning we remember
our unforgettable family murdered by the Nazi beasts:

My mother Khaye (Chaya), my sister Yente Khane (Jenta-Chane) and their families, my brother Fayvl (Feivl, Fayvush) and family, peace be upon them!

Glory be upon your holy names!

David Pruzhanski and family


I mourn the tragic deaths
of my dearly beloved wife Yente and my daughter.

Let's honor their memory!

Yisroel Leybovitsh (Israel Leibovich)

May eternal shame be upon the Nazi murderers of my family:

My mother Elke Furman, my brothers Moyshe (Moshe) and Shmuel,
peace be upon them and the others of the family.

Leybl (Leibl) Furman and family

I am mourning the passing
of my beloved parents and family by Nazi bombs:

Yisroel (Israel), Shlime, Nekhe Khane (Necha Chana), Rive and their children.

Their memory is dear to us!

Heshi Kirzhner

I mourn the death of my beloved parents

Fayvl (Feivl) and Mikhle (Michla), peace be upon them!

They were killed by the Nazis; may these words serve as a tombstone!

Yudl Levin

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We mourn the loss of our mother

Itke and our brother Hishye Levin, peace be upon them!

David Levin and family

We remember with the greatest reverence the holy people of our families,

Our father Mikhl (Michal) Levin (Munyes),
Our brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law and nephews, perished by the Nazis

Sholem (Shalom) Levin and family

We mourn the loss of our nearest and dearest

Frume Yeride de Rabinovitsh (Rabinovich)

The Krinker Jews of “Treinta y Tres” join in mourning the perishing
of their parents, brothers and sisters by the Nazi-murderers.

May these few sentences serve as a tombstone!

Nisl Kirzhner and family
Borekh (Baruch) Galinski and family
Yosl Galinski and family
Abraham Kirzhner and family
Yankl Stolarski and family
Sime Levin and family
Aharon-Hilel Shafir and family

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In memory of our dear parents

Zalmen and Feygl Losh, our sister Khane (Chana) and
Khame (Chama), peace may upon them!

They perished by the bestial Hitlerism

Your sons and brothers,
Sinay and Leybl

In memory of our dear parents

Osher and Dvoyre (Deborah) Sholokhovitsh (Sholochovich)
and our sister Esther, peace be upon them,
they perished at the hands of the bestial Hitlerism

Your children: Bashe, Reyne and Pine

I join the mourning of our Jews from Krynki and
commemorate the passing of our closest people

Eliyam Soifer and family

I join the mourning of our Jews from Krynki and
commemorate the passing of our closest people

Fayvl Golts (Feivl Goltz) and family
(Treinta y Tres)

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The Dreyzik Family

The grandchildren of HaRav HaGaon R' Yosef Hatzadik, z”l, the author of the religious book “אפיקי זהב” (the Golden Channel). — They perished in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka and were not granted a burial place in Israel. After their death, I am left in loneliness, an eternal mourner. May their light-filled memory be hallowed among all the holy people of Israel who were murdered by the accursed enemy ימ”ש (may his name be deleted) of the Jews in the dark years of the Shoa. הי”א

Yishai Dreyzik
Porto Alegre — Brazil

Mashke Dreyzik and her children Roze and Khane Dreyzik, peace be upon them!

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Roze Dreyzik Sapozhnik, her husband Shmuel Sapozhnik and their little boy Mair, peace be upon them!   First row from right to left:
Mariashke Dreyzik (Shayke Dreyzik's wife) and her son, Roze Dreyzik (now in a camp in Berlin).
Second row, same direction:
Chaya Glembotzki-Rabinovich (now in Petach Tikva), Roze Dreyzik, Rishe Dreyzik and Lyobe Glembotzki.
Third row, right to left:
Shloime Zalman Dreyzik, Chane Dreyzik and Freidl Glembotzki
At the window, same direction:
Freyde Dreyzik, Chane Dreyzik and Sime Guzhanski

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Mournfully, we remember our Krinker martyrs
who were killed by the Nazi murderers.

Let us honor their memory!


The Administration of the “Krinker Aid and Compatriots Society
(Verein)” and its “Women's Committee” (Ladies Auxiliary) in Argentina

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In deep sorrow and pain we remember the tragic death of our families.

May these words serve as a headstone on the unknown grave!

Yisroel (Israel), Hayke and Itsel Veyner (Weiner)
Eliyah Veyner (Weiner) and family

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We mourn in grief for the perished Jews from Krynki

Khaim Sikorski and family
Meir and Malkah Sikorski
Manyeh Sikorski

We join in sorrow for the destruction of our families

Moyshe Lifshitz and family
Shmuel Shmulevich

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We mourn the loss of our loved ones

Breyne Mordkhelevitsh (Mordchelevich) and husband
New York

We join the mourning for the Krinker Jews

Fanni Sikorski and husband

It is with great sorrow that we mourn the cruel loss of our loved ones

Abraham Bloch and family

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The Kirpitsh (Kirpich, Kirpitz) Family

In place of a gravestone I commemorate with these words:

My father Zavl, peace be upon him!
My sister Mashke and her husband,
Sister Kele-Rachel,
Mother Khul (Chaya?)
Brother Moshe'l and sister-in-law


Mere Kirpitsh and family
Buenos Aires

We mourn the loss of our closest people

Moyshe Khayim (Moshe Chaim) Gozhanski and family

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We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Motl Maniches and family

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Mates Feinberg and family

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Chaim Feinberg and family

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Itzchak Brustin and family

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Yosl Gel and family

We mourn the passing of our loved ones and families

Dashke Zacharias and family

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In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Brothers Yosl and David Yudzik (Judzik) and families

In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Mashke Weyner (Weiner) de Kleinbord

In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Moshe Garber and family

In eternal memory of my father
Chaim, Sister Babl and her husband Hershl

Velvl Ekshtein (Welvel Ekstein) and family

In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Freidl Furye and family

In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Rachel Navik and family

In deepest sorrow for the loss of our families

Shimen Sikorski and wife

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We mourn the loss of our hometown relatives and families

Kayle Stolarski and family

We mourn the loss of our hometown relatives and families

Shmulke Volfovitsh (Wolfovich) and family

We mourn the loss of our hometown relatives and families

Asne Kantarovitsh (Kantarovich) and family

In eternal memory of our Shneider family, who tragically perished
far too soon at the hands of the Nazi murderers

Golde and Sonye Kushnier
and Broche Terkl

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Let us honor their memory! With deep sorrow and pain we will always remember the return of the Day of Death (Yortsayt), when our families and loved ones were cruelly killed by the Nazi barbarians!

Esther Levi and family
Memke Kugel
Pinye Grishtshinski
and family
David and Mindl Kuntzevitzki
Faivl Oygustovski (Augustowski)
and family
Itke Levi and family
Leibl Furye
Abraham Fridman
and family
Mendl Lavler
and wife
Maires Garber
and wife
Leibl Losh
Meilech Fridman
Yankl Agunin (Agonin)
Brothers Feldman
Deborah Khosid (Chasid)
and family
Berta Tsigl (Tzigel)
and family
Chaie Rachel Lev
and family
Peshe Gitl Kovalski and husband
Heshl Feinberg
Golde Farber
and family
Babl Fridman
and family
and Lifshe Filipski
Zeidl and Chaie Lev
Chane Zelikovitsh (Zelikovich)
Mair Brustin
Reine Sholokhovitsh (Sholochovich)
and family
Simche Gendler and family
Reitze Kaplan and family
Sheine-Chaie Kaplan and family
Rachel Harontshik (Haronchik)
and family
Aizik Veyner (Weiner)
and family


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