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Jewish Sport Groups

Translated by Hadas Eyal



Shmuel Harbarm–Krupnik

The Maccabi gymnastics team was founded by the local ‘Zion Youth’ Party and active in 1921–1922. My older brother Gdalyahu was among its devoted and excellent members who regularly performed in the ‘People's Bank’ public hall. They would usually form human pyramids and entertain the audience with amusing gymnastic routines.


The ‘Bar Kochva’ Soccer Team

A soccer league for the benefit of Eretz–Israel workers was held in Krynki during the mid–1920s. Although the team used the Christian grazing meadow for local and regional home matches, the religious Jews were angered nonetheless because some games were held on Shabbat. They were also furious when the team travelled on Shabbat to away games.



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‘The Young Chalutz’

Dvora Levin–Shpatz

Local Training for Aliya to Israel

I joined ‘The Young Chalutz’ youth movement in 1928. The Krynki branch had around 100 boys and girls, most of them Hebrew speakers, all with national spirit and yearning to see their future in Eretz Israel. The cultural activities in the branch were organized by alumni such as myself. I was the branch secretary for a long time. Among other things, we would collect the donations from the Jewish National Fund (JNF ‘Keren Kayemet’) donation boxes and coordinated fund raising for the Chalutz Fund. There were many obstacles to overcome to get government legalization.

Despite the 1929 violence in Eretz Israel and the difficulties to make Aliya at that time, many friends joined the training program, myself included. When Aliya was renewed in 1932, dozens of youth honored the Krynki name by demonstrating the high quality cultural education and excellent Hebrew language skills they received in our branch.


Sat in the middle: Zeev Tsur (Velvel Shein)


The Momentous Activity of ‘The Young Chalutz’

Haim Sheinberg

During the 1930s, the Krynki ‘Young Chalutz’ branch was one of the largest and most active in Poland. Its membership included the majority of the educated contemporary youth who were immersed in Hebrew language, literature and culture. They competed against the conservative–religious youth, the Yiddish ‘Bund’ and ‘Zukunft’, the socialists ‘SKIF’, and the Communist youth (who were commendably organized and active in the underground). The rivalry added interest and energy to our activities.


Krynki Chalutz Committee


As members of a movement that advocated personal fulfilment, we held conventions, summer camps, weekly educational seminars, weekend parties, and debates with other youth groups on local Jewish issues as well as global affairs of the time. Additional invigorating enrichment activities included literary clubs and Q&A gatherings with candidates before elections to the city municipality, to community committees and to Jewish conventions.

Our adolescent exuberance was devoted to practical Zionist work collecting donations to the Jewish National Fund (JNF ‘Keren Kayemet’) and United Israel Appeal (UIA ‘Keren HaYesod’); we even enlisted our families and neighbors to action. Our success earned us praise and esteem from the movement's central institutions: prizes and flags, invitations to large conventions, and requests to send our youth counselors to fill various official roles. There were indeed many Krynki pioneers in the training Kibbutzim throughout Poland.


Flower Day to benefit the JNF


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