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Kostopil – List of Martyrs

Transliterated by Shalom Bronstein


Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks Page
ABLOVE Feiga F 291
ABLOVE Shimon M Feiga 291
ADLER Moshe Leib M 291
OVERSTERN Shabtai M Rachel 291
OVERSTERN Shmuel M Married Leah Yenta 291
OVERSTERN Yenta F Married Shmuel 291
OLIVER Dr. M Married Zina 291
OLIVER Zina F Married 291
OLSHANSKY M Married Nechama 291
OLSHANSKY Nechama F Married 291
OLSHANSKY M Nechama 291
OLSHANSKY F Nechama 291
OXMAN Yekutiel M Married Devorah 291
OXMAN Devorah ZILBERSTEIN F Married Yekutiel She is the daughter of the rabbi 291
OXMAN Sarah F Yekutiel Devorah 291
AUERBUCH M Married Pesil Profession listed as - teacher 291
AUERBUCH Pesil KOTZ F Married 291
AZARBAH Ya'akov M Married Miriam 291
AZARBAH Miriam F Married Ya'akov 291
AZARBAH Moshe M Married Tzila 291
AZARBAH Tzila F Married Moshe 291
AZARBAH Aharon M Married Batya 291
AZARBAH Batya F Married Aharon 291
ETSTEIN Akiva M Married Chaya 291
ETSTEIN Chaya F Married Akiva 291
ETSTEIN Tsonia F Akiva Chaya 291
ETSTEIN M Akiva Chaya 291
AIDELMAN Berel M Married Chencha 291
AIDELMAN Chancha SHOCHAT F Married Berel 291
AIDELSTEIN Yitzhak Ayzik M Married Rivkah 291
AIDELSTEIN Rivkah F Married Yitzhak Ayzik 291
AIDELSTEIN Yehuda M Married Chaya Sarah 291
AIDELSTEIN Chaya Sarah F Married Yehuda 291
AIDELSTEIN Ya'akov M Yehuda Chaya Sarah 291
EISENBERG Eliezer M Married Malka 291
EISENBERG Malka F Married Eliezer 291
EISENBERG Leah F Eliezer Malka 291
EISENBERG Chaim M Married Eliezer Malka 291
EISENBERG F Married Chaim 291
EISENBERG Nechemia M Married Sarah 291
EISENBERG Sarah F Married Nechemia 291
EISENBERG Eliyahu M Married 291
EISENBERG BARASH F Married Eliyahu 291
EISENBERG M Eliyahu 291
EISENMAN Yosef M 291
EISENSTADT Zvi Grisha M Married Liba 291
EISENSTADT Liba F Married Zvi Grisha 291
EISENSTADT Gittel F Zvi Grisha Liba 291
ASRAR Nechama F 291
ASTRAKS Fridel M Married 291
ASTRAKS F Married Fridel 291
ASTRAKS F Fridel 291
ASTRAKS F Fridel 291
INIK Gershon M Married Breindel 291
INIK Breindel F Married Gershon 291
INIK Shlomo M Gershon Breindel 291
INIK Yoel M Gershon Breindel 291
APEL Baruch M Married Nechama 291
APEL Nechama WALDMAN F Married Baruch 291
APEL F Baruch Nechama 291
APNAS Sarah F 291
APNAS Slova F Sarah 291
AKMAN Eliyahu M 291
ASHZAR Moshe M Married Hinda 291
ASHZAR Hinda WEINSTEIN F Married Moshe 291
ASHZAR M Moshe Hinda 291
ESROG Simcha M Married Tziporah 291
ESROG Tziporah F Married Simcha 291
ESROG Avraham M Simcha Tzipora 291
ESROG Pinchas M Simcha Tzipora 291
  Bet  return
BARO David M Married Devorah 291
BARO Devorah SADEH F Married David 291
BARO Zelig M David Devorah 291
BARO M David Devorah 291
BARO Aharon M Married Leah 291
BARO Leah F Married Aharon 291
BARO Yehudit F Aharon Leah 291
BARO Miriam F Aharon Leah 291
BARO Batya F Aharon Leah 291
BARO Rachel F Aharon Leah 291
BARO Moshe M Aharon Leah 291
BARGAL Yehuda M Married Machla 292
BARGAL Machla CHARPICHNIK F Married Yehuda 292
BARD Pinchas M Married Rivkah 292
BARD Rivkah F Married Pinchas 292
BARD Tziporah Feigel F Pinchas Rivkah 292
BARD Chaim M Pinchas Rivkah 292
BABCHUK M baby Bat-Sheva 292
BABCHUK Arieh Leibel M Married Doba 292
BABCHUK Doba GLADSTEIN F Married Arieh Leibel 292
BABCHUK Meir M Married Manya 292
BABCHUK Manya F Married Meir 292
BABCHUK Hershel M Meir Manya 292
BABCHUK Rivkah F Meir Manya 292
BABCHUK F Meir Manya 292
BABCHUK Moshe M Married Feiga 292
BABCHUK Feiga F Married Moshe 292
BABCHUK Eliezer M Moshe Feiga 292
BABCHUK Wolf Zev M Married Feiga 292
BABCHUK Feiga F Married Wolf Zev 292
BABCHUK Avraham M Wolf Zev Feiga 292
BABCHUK Yitzhak M Wolf Zev Feiga 292
BABCHUK Miriam Marla F Wolf Zev Feiga 292
BABCHUK Yisrael Isar M Married Etel 292
BABCHUK Etel F Married Yisrael Isar 292
BABCHUK Yosef M Married Leah 292
BABCHUK Leah F Married Yosef 292
BABCHUK Tzirel F Yosef Leah 292
BOIR Mordecai M Married Chana 292
BOIR Chana SONDELZON F Married Mordecai 292
BOIR Chaim M Mordecai Chana 292
BOIR Liova F Mordecai Chana 292
BUNIM Chaim M Married Keila 292
BUNIM Keila F Married Chaim 292
BUNIM David M Chaim Keila 292
BOLIAN Dr. M 292
BIBERMAN Ya'akov M 292
BIBERMAN Avraham M 292
BIBERMAN Yehoshua M 292
BIBERMAN Aharon M 292
BIBER Mindel M 292
BIBER Ya'akov M Married Chana 292
BIBER Chana F Married Ya'akov 292
BIBER Chava M Ya'akov Chana 292
BIALER Avraham M Married Shifra 292
BIALER Shifra FEIMAN F Married Avraham 292
BIALER Natan Nosik M Avraham Shifra 292
BIDERMAN Yitzhak M 292
BIDERMAN Leibush M 292
BIDERMAN Chaya F 292
BIDERMAN Lifsha F 292
BIDERMAN Shmuel M Married Leah 292
BIDERMAN Leah F Married Shmuel 292
BIDERMAN Chaya F Shmuel Leah 292
BIALER David M 292
BILINKO Yosef M Married Matal 292
BILINKO Matel F Married Yosef 292
BILINKO Tziporah F Yosef Matel 292
BILINKO Leah F Yosef Matel 292
BILINKO Dov M Yosef Matel 292
BINDEL Dr. M Married 292
BINDEL F Married Her husband is a doctor 292
BINDEL F She is the doctor's daughter 292
BINDEL F She is the doctor's daughter 292
BICK Rudolph M Married Bluma 292
BICK Bluma FELDMAN F Married Rudolph 292
BICK Devorah F Rudolf Bluma 292
BICK M Rudolf Bluma 292
BIRGER Alter M Married Breindel 292
BIRGER Breindel LERNER F Married Alter 292
BIRGER Devorah F Alter Breindel 292
BIRGER M Alter Breindel 292
BLINSKY Shneur M Married Rivkah 292
BLINSKY Rivkah F Married Shneour 292
BLINSKY Yosef M Shneour Rivkah 292
BLINSKY Chaim M Shneour Rivkah 292
BLINSKY Mindel M Shneour Rivkah 292
BLINSKY Pesach M Shneour Rivkah 292
BLINSKY Sonia F 292
BLIZOVSKY Aharon M 292
BLIZOVSKY Yosef M Married Breindel 292
BLIZOVSKY Breindel F Married Yosef 292
BLIZOVSKY F Yosef Breindel 292
BLACHER Moshe M Married 292
BLACHER F Married Moshe 292
BACK Paltiel M Married Breindel 292
BACK Breindel F Married Paltiel 292
BAKOVITZKY Avraham M Married Matal Manya 292
BAKOVITZKY Matel Manya F Married Avraham 292
BECKER Hershel M Married 292
BECKER F Married Hershel 292
BECKER M Married Hershel 292
BECKER Yehuda Yudel M Married 292
BECKER F Married Yehuda Yudel 292
BECKER David M Married Sarah 292
BECKER Sarah F Married David 292
BECKER Eliezer M David Sarah 292
BECKER F David Sarah 292
BAR Ayzik M Married Henya 292
BAR Henia F Married Ayzik 292
BAR Nechama F Ayzik Henya 292
BAR Breindel F Ayzik Henya 292
BAR Devorah F Ayzik Henya 292
BRAZNIAK M Married Chaya 292
BRAZNIAK Chaya F Married 292
BRAZNIAK Chana F Chaya 292
BRODOLY Leah F 292
BRODOLY Moshe M Married Nechama 292
BRODOLY Nechama F Married Moshe 292
BRODOLY M Moshe Nechama 292
BRODOLY Chaim M Married Ita 293
BRODOLY Ita F Married Chaim 293
BRODOLY Klara F Chaim Ita 293
Chaya BRODOLY F Married 293
BRODER Yitzhak Leib M 293
BRODER Ya'akov M Married 293
BRODER F Married Ya'akov 293
BRUNER Aharon M Married Bat-Sheva 293
BRUNER Batsheva F Married Aharon 293
BRUNER Chana F Aharon Bat-Sheva 293
BRUNER Yisrael M Aharon Bat-Sheva 293
BRUNER Binyamin M 293
BRUNER Zev Velvel M Married Freida 293
BRUNER Freida F Married Zev Velvel 293
BRUNER Chanoch M Zev Velvel Freida 293
BARGOVOY Baruch M Married Polia 293
BARGOVOY Polia F Married Baruch 293
BRICHKA Shlomo M 293
BRICHKA Shmuel M Married Sonia 293
BRICHKA Sonia F Married Shmuel 293
BRICHKA Sheindel F Shmuel Sonia 293
BRICHKA Moshe M Shmuel Sonia 293
BRICHKA Pinchas M Married Rivkah 293
BRICHKA Rivkah F Married Pinchas 293
BRIK Yeshayahu M Married Gilah 293
BRIK Gilah F Married Yishayahu 293
BRACHMAN M Married Tzvia 293
BRILIANT Toiba F 293
BERMAN Shmuel M 293
BERMAN Chana F 293
BERMAN Sonia F 293
BERMAN Rina F 293
BERNSTEIN Chasia F 293
BERNSTEIN Moshe M Chasia 293
BERNSTEIN Eliyahu M Chasia 293
BERNSTEIN Zisha M Married Sonia 293
BERNSTEIN Sonia F Married Zisha 293
BERNSTEIN M Zisha Sonia 293
BERNSTEIN M Zisha Sonia 293
BERNSTEIN Gedalyahu M Married Lifsha 293
BERNSTEIN Lifsha BIDERMAN F Married Gedalyahu 293
BALK Pinchas M Married 293
BALK F Married Pinchas 293
BALK Zelig M Pinchas 293
BALK F Pinchas 293
BALK F Pinchas 293
  Gimmel  return
GOZ Wolf M Married Baila 293
GOZ Baila F Married Wolf 293
GOZ M Wolf Baila 293
GOZ M Wolf Baila 293
GOZ M Wolf Baila 293
GOZ Yeshayahu M Married Chana 293
GOZ Chana SCHWARTZMAN F Married Yishayahu 293
GOZ F Yeshayahu Chana 293
GOZ Yerucham M He is the brother of Aharon 293
GOZ Aharon M He is the brother of Yerucham 293
GOZ M He is the brother of Aharon & Yerucham 293
GOZ Naftali M Married Leah 293
GOZ Leah F Married Naftali 293
GOZ Charna F Naftali Leah 293
GOZ Mordecai M Naftali Leah 293
GOZ Naftali M Married Rachel 293
GOZ Rachel F Married Naftali 293
GOZ Moshe M Naftali Rachel 293
GOZ Zisel F Naftali Rachel 293
GUTMAN Moshe M Married 293
GUTMAN F Married Moshe 293
GUTMAN Nachman Niacha M Married Rachel 293
GUTMAN Rachel SPIVAK F Married Nachman Niacha 293
GUTMAN M Nachman Niacha Rachel 293
GOLDBERG Mordecai M 293
GOLDGROVE Yitzhak M 293
GOLOVSHKA Arieh Leibel M Married Tzeitel 293
GOLOVSHKA Tseitel F Married Arieh Leibel 293
GOLOVSHKA Chaim M Married Mindel 293
GOLOVSHKA Mindel F Married Chaim 293
GOLOVSHKA Roza F Chaim Mindel 293
GOLOVSHKA Moshe M Chaim Mindel 293
GOLOMBKA Chaim M Perhaps all three are the same person - and the name appears to be GOLOVSHKA 293
GOLOMBKA Minna Mindel F 293
GOLTZMAN Devorah F Pirl 293
GOLTZMAN Bluma F Pirl 293
GOLTZMAN David M Pirl 293
GOLTZMAN Michael M Pirl 293
GONIK Liba F 293
GONIK Ya'akov M Married Liza 293
GONIK Liza F Married Ya'akov 293
GONIK Rivkah Riva F Ya'akov Liza 293
GONIK Shmuel M Married Baila 294
GONIK Baila F Married Shmuel 294
GONIK Leah F Shmuel Baila 294
GONIK Zahava F Shmuel Baila 294
Miriam Mirl GONIK F Married Yehezkel 294
Yehezkel M Married Miriam Mirl 294
Shulamit F Yehezkel Miriam Mirl 294
Chanania M Yehezkel Miriam Mirl 294
GONIK Shmuel M Married Chana 294
GONIK Chana F Married Shmuel 294
GONIK Chaya F Shmuel Chana 294
GONIK Leah F Shmuel Chana 294
GONIK Yosef M Shmuel Chana 294
GONIK Mordecai M Married Feiga 294
GONIK Feiga F Married Mordecai 294
GONIK Leibel M Mordecai Feiga 294
GONIK Chaim M Mordecai Feiga 294
GONIK Chana F Mordecai Feiga 294
GONIK Yosef M Married Rachel 294
GONIK Rachel F Married Yosef 294
GORODTZER Moshe M Married Bat-Sheva 294
GORODTZER Batsheva F Married Moshe 294
GORODTZER Pesia F Moshe Bat-Sheva 294
GORODTZER Tzasia F Moshe Bat-Sheva 294
Breindel GORODTZER F 294
Shulamit F Breindel 294
GORODTZER Chaim M Married Baila 294
GORODTZER Baila F Married Chaim 294
GORODTZER Monish M Married Esther 294
GORODTZER Esther F Married Monish 294
GORODTZER Chava F Monish Esther 294
GORODTZER Miriam F 294
GORODTZER Mordei M 294
GORON M Married Roza 294
GORON Ahuva F Roza 294
GORIN Shmuel M Married Chasia 294
GORIN Chasia F Married Shmuel 294
GORIN Sima F Shmuel Chasia 294
GORIN Chaya F Shmuel Chasia 294
GORIN Rachel F Shmuel Chasia 294
GORIN Zev Valka M Married Sarah 294
GORIN Sarah F Married Zev Valka 294
GORIN Rivkah F Zev Valka Sarah 294
GORIN Chen M Zev Valka Sarah 294
GORIN F Widow Address: Rubinski Street 294
GORIN Dov M 294
GORIN Chaya F 294
GORIN David M 294
GORIN Shmaya M 294
GORIN Shimon M 294
GORIN Ya'akov M 294
GORIN Yosef M 294
GORIN Sonia F 294
GORIN Rivkah F 294
GORIN Esther F 294
GORIN Chava F 294
GORIN Rachel F 294
GORIN Aidel M 294
GORIN Tsonia M 294
GORIN Ya'akov M 294
GORIN Yosef M 294
GORIN Yisrael M 294
GORIN Yitzhak M 294
GORIN Shimon M 294
GORNSTEIN Hershel M Married Reizel 294
GORNSTEIN Reizel LOTINSKY F Married Hershel 294
GORNSTEIN Leah F Hershel Raizel 294
GORNSTEIN Shlomo M Hershel Raizel 294
GORNSTEIN Yitzhak M Married Feiga 294
GORNSTEIN Feiga F Married Yitzhak 294
GORNSTEIN Leah F Yitzhak Feiga 294
GORNSTEIN Henia F Yitzhak Feiga 294
GORLERNER Nachum M Married Bluma 294
GORLERNER Bluma KIFERMAN F Married Nachum 294
GORLERNER Aharon M Nachum Bluma 294
GORLERNER Rivkah F Nachum Bluma 294
GILMAN Shmuel M Married Chaya 294
GILMAN Chaya AIDELSTEIN F Married Shmuel 294
GILMAN Reizel F Shmuel Chaya 294
GILMAN Zvi M Married Alta Esther-Leah 294
GILMAN Alta Esther-Leah F Married Zvi 294
GILMAN Shulamit F Zvi Alta Esther-Leah 294
GILFIKS Yosef M Married Susil 294
GILFIKS Susil F Married Yosef 294
GILFIKS Miriam F Yosef Susil 294
GILFIKS Batya F Yosef Susil 294
GILFIKS Arieh M Married 294
GILFIKS F Married Arieh 294
GILFIKS M Arieh 294
GINZBERG Zvi M Married Chava Leah 294
GINZBERG Chava Leah F Married Zvi 294
GINZBERG Tziporah F Zvi Chava Leah 294
GINZBERG Chaim M Married 294
GINZBERG F Married Chaim 294
GINZBERG Shimshon M 294
GISIS Leibush M Married Baila 294
GISIS Baila F Married Leibush 294
GISIS Rachel F Leibush Baila 294
GISIS Bezalel M Married 294
GISIS F Married Bezalel 294
GISIS Chaya F 294
GISIS Eliezer M 294
GALANT Leah F 294
GALANT Yitzhak M Leah 294
GALANT Feiga F Leah 294
GOLDSTEIN Yosef M Married Miriam 294
GOLDSTEIN Miriam F Married Yosef 294
GOLDSTEIN Meita F Yosef Miriam 294
GOLDSTEIN Devorah F 295
Chasia GOLDSTEIN F Married 295
Michael M Chasia 295
GLUSKA Etel F 295
GELTZER M Chana 295
GELLER Avraham Zigmunt M Married 295
GELLER F Married Avraham Zigmunt 295
GELLER F Avraham Zigmunt 295
GELLER F Avraham Zigmunt 295
GELLER Aharon M 295
GAMERMAN Yisrael Ber M Married Baila 295
GAMERMAN Baila F Married Yisrael Ber 295
GAMERMAN Zev M Married Lova 295
GAMERMAN Lova F Married Zev 295
GAMERMAN Meir M Married Sarah 295
GAMERMAN Sarah F Married Meir 295
GANDELMAN Avraham M 295
GANDELMAN Rachel F 295
GANDLER Mordecai Susia M Married Sheina 295
GANDLER Sheina F Married Mordecai Susia 295
GANDLER Feigel F Mordecai Susia Sheina 295
GANDLER Rachel F Mordecai Susia Sheina 295
GANDLER Zisha M Mordecai Susia Sheina 295
GANDLER Doshal F 295
GASKO Dr. M Married 295
GASKO F Married The wife of Dr. GASKO 295
GASKO Ya'akov M The son of Dr. GASKO 295
GASKO Ada F The daughter of Dr. GASKO 295
GECHMAN Avraham M Married Devorah 295
GECHMAN Devorah FELDMAN F Married Avraham 295
GECHMAN Shonia M Avraham Devorah 295
GETZ Ya'akov M Married 295
GETZ F Married Ya'akov 295
GETZ Moshe M Ya'akov 295
GETZ F Ya'akov 295
GETZ F Ya'akov 295
GREENBERG Simcha M Married Zelda 295
GREENBERG Zelda F Married Simcha 295
GREENBERG Charna F Simcha Zelda Zelda 295
GREENBERG Mordecai M Simcha Zelda Simcha 295
GREENBERG Tuvia M Married Nechama 295
GREENBERG Nechama F Married Tuvia 295
GREENBERG Yitzhak M Tuvia Nechama 295
GREENBERG Zvi M Tuvia Nechama 295
GREENBERG Eliezer M Married Susia 295
GREENBERG Susia F Married Eliezer 295
GREENBERG Chava F Eliezer Susia 295
GREENBERG Yosef M Eliezer Susia 295
GREENBERG Devorah F 295
GREENBERG Bezalel M Married Kreina 295
GREENBERG Kreina F Married Bezalel 295
GREENBERG Chaim M Married Bracha 295
GREENBERG Bracha F Married Chaim 295
GREENBERG Yisrael M Chaim Bracha 295
GREENBERG David M Chaim Bracha 295
GREENBERG Bluma F Chaim Bracha 295
GREENBERG Shmuel M Married Mindel 295
GREENBERG Mindel F Married Shmuel 295
GREENBERG Devorah F Shmuel Mindel 295
GREENBERG Ita F Shmuel Mindel 295
GREENBERG Yoel M Shmuel Mindel 295
GREENBERG Ya'akov Yasha M Married Batya 295
GREENBERG Batya F Married Ya'akov Yasha 295
GRUSHKA Chaya Bracha F 295
GRUSHKA Yenta F Chaya Bracha 295
GREENWALD Pinchas M Married Bat-Sheva 295
GREENWALD Batsheva AIDELSTEIN F Married Pinchas 295
GREENWALD Sarah F Pinchas Bat-Sheva 295
Sarah F Etel 295
Dov Ber M Etel 295
GREENSHPON Aidel F Esther 295
GOLMAN Zvi M Married Alta 295
GOLMAN Yeshayahu M Zvi Alta 295
GOLMAN Shulamit F Zvi Alta 295
  Dalet  return
DODLAZAK Rachel F 295
DODLAZAK David M Married Polia 295
DODLAZAK Polia LIMON F Married David 295
DODLAZAK Devorah F David Polia 295
DODLAZAK Leibush M Married Chana 295
DODLAZAK Chana YACHNIOK F Married Leibush 295
DODLAZAK Feigel F Leibush Chana 295
DODLAZAK Zvia F Leibush Chana 295
DODLAZAK Yoel M Leibush Chana 295
DODLAZAK Yitzhak M Leibush Chana 295
DOLIN Menachem Mendel M Married Rachel 296
DOLIN Rachel KLEINER F Married Menachem Mendel The daughter of Rabbi KLEINER-SHOCHAT from Sudlikov 296
DEITCH Yeshayahu Leib M Married Chaya Babel 296
DEITCH Chaya Babel F Married Yishayahu Leib 296
DEITCH Zev M Yeshayahu Leib Chaya Babel 296
DEITCHMEISTER M Profession listed as - attorney 296
DAYAN David M Married Sarah 296
DAYAN Sarah MELAMED F Married David 296
DAYAN Ben-Zion M Married Chana 296
DAYAN Chana F Married Ben-Zion 296
DAYAN Michael M Married 296
DAYAN F Married Michael 296
DAYAN Mordecai M Married 296
DAYAN F Married Mordecai 296
DAYAN David M Married 296
DAYAN F Married David 296
DRAZHNER Chaya Sheindel F 296
DRAZHNER Pinchas M Married Miriam 296
DRAZHNER Miriam F Married Pinchas 296
DRAZHNER F Pinchas Miriam 296
DRAZHNER F Pinchas Miriam 296
DRUKER Liba F 296
  Hey  return
HOCHMAN David M Married Etel 296
HOCHMAN Etel F Married David 296
Efraim M See SCHWARTZ, his son-in-law; Profession listed as - bath house attendant 296
HIMMELFARB M Profession listed as - teacher 296
HALPRIN Gedalyahu M 296
HANIGMAN Simcha Bunim M 296
HORN M Married Feiga 296
HORN Feiga PROL F Married 296
HORN Arieh M Feiga 296
HORN Moshe M Feiga 296
HERSHBERG Yehoshua M Married Chana 296
HERSHBERG Chana KIFERMAN F Married Yehoshua 296
HERSHBERG David M Yehoshua Chana 296
HERSHBERG Chava F Yehoshua Chana 296
  Vav  return
VAVA Avraham M Married Michla 296
VAVA Michla F Married Avraham 296
VAVA Devorah Dora F Avraham Michla 296
VAVA Shimon M Avraham Michla 296
VATSHINA Shifra F 296
VATSHINA Kopel M 296
VATSHINA Manya F Kopel 296
VATSHINA Chaya Leah F 296
VATSHINA Moshe M 296
VATSHINA Yehezkel M 296
WEINGURT Moshe M Married 296
WEINGURT F Married Moshe 296
WEINGURT Keifa F Moshe 296
WEINGURT Ya'akov M Married 296
WEINGURT F Married Ya'akov 296
WEINGURT M Ya'akov 296
WEINGURT Avraham M Married Fruma 296
WEINGURT Fruma F Married Avraham 296
WEINGURT Sonia F Avraham Fruma 296
WEINGURT Ya'akov M Married Devorah 296
WEINGURT Devorah CHARNIZHER F Married Ya'akov 296
WEINGURT David M Married Hinda 296
WEINGURT Hinda F Married David 296
Gittel WEINGURT F Married 296
M Married Gittel 296
M Gittel 296
M Gittel 296
Pirl WEINGURT F Married 296
M Married Pirl 296
WEINGURT Moshe M Married 296
WEINGURT F Married Moshe 296
WEINGURT Akiva M 296
WEINGURT Yehoshua M Married 296
WEINGURT F Married Yehoshua 296
WEINGURT Doba F Yehoshua 296
WEINGURT Nechama F Yehoshua 296
WEINGURT Fruma F 296
WEINGURT Sonia F 296
WEINGURT Ya'akov M 296
WEINGURT Yosef M 296
WEINGURT Keifa F 296
WEINGURT Gittel F 296
VINITZA Baila F 296
VINITZA Baruch M Married 296
VINITZA F Married Baruch 296
VINITZA M Baruch 296
WEINER Mordecai M Married Chaya 297
WEINER Chaya F Married Mordecai 297
WEINER Bluma F Mordecai Chaya 297
WEINER Rivkah F Mordecai Chaya 297
VINIK Gershon M Married Breindol 297
VINIK Breindel F Married Gershon 297
VINIK Shlomo M Gershon Breindol 297
VINIK Yoel M Gershon Breindol 297
VEITMAN Yehuda M Married Dina 297
VEITMAN Dinah F Married Yehuda 297
VEITMAN Yekutiel M Yehuda Dina 297
VEITMAN Shmaryahu M Yehuda Dina 297
WEINSTEIN Ya'akov M Married Rivkah 297
WEINSTEIN Rivkah F Married Ya'akov 297
WALDMAN Rachel F 297
WALDMAN Nechama F 297
WALDMAN Shlomo M Married Bracha 297
WALDMAN Bracha F Married Shlomo 297
WALDMAN Rivkah F Shlomo Bracha 297
WALDMAN Nechemia M Shlomo Bracha 297
WALDMAN Yosef M Married Rivkah 297
WALDMAN Rivkah F Married Yosef 297
WALDMAN Yitzhak M Married Malka 297
WALDMAN Malka BRICHKA F Married Yitzhak 297
WALDMAN Elchanan M Yitzhak Malka 297
WALDMAN Chaim M Married Chasia 297
WALDMAN Chasia F Married Chaim 297
WALTMAN Pinchas M 297
WAKSTEIN Yehoshua M The brother of Reuven 297
WAKSTEIN Reuven M The brother of Yehoshua 297
WAKSTEIN F The sister of Reuven & Yehoshua 297
WAKSTEIN F The sister of Reuven & Yehoshua 297
WACHS Sonia F The sister of Chana, Monya, Esther, Rivkah & Chanan 297
WACHS Chana F The sister of Sonia, Monya, Esther, Rivkah & Chanan 297
WACHS Monya F The sister of Sonia, Chana, Esther, Rivkah & Chanan 297
WACHS Esther F The sister of Sonia, Chana, Monya, Rivkah & Chanan 297
WACHS Rivkah F The sister of Sonia, Chana, Monya, Esther & Chanan 297
WACHS Chanan M The sister of Sonia, Chana, Monya, Esther & Rivkah 297
VARSTAT Yocheved F 297
VARSTAT Mordecai M Yocheved 297
VARSTAT Eliyahu M Yocheved 297
WACHS Micha M Married Rachel 297
WACHS Rachel KAMINER F Married Micah 297
WACHS Gittel F Micha Rachel 297
WACHS Frayda F Micha Rachel 297
  Zayin  return
ZAVODNIK Yisrael M Married Toiba 297
ZAVODNIK Toiba FEIMAN F Married Yisrael 297
ZAVODNIK Avraham M Yisrael Toiba 297
ZOBATI Kalman M Married Shprintza 297
ZOBATI Shprintza F Married Kalman 297
ZOLIR Shlomo M Married Bluma 297
ZOLIR Bluma F Married Shlomo 297
ZOLIR Feiga F Shlomo Bluma 297
ZEIGER Yona M 297
ZEIGER Zvia F 297
ZEIDMAN Hodel M Married Rivkah 297
ZEIDMAN Rivkah F Married Hodel 297
ZEIDMAN David M Married Edna 297
ZEIDMAN Edna F Married David 297
ZEIDMAN Shalom M Married Yafa 297
ZEIDMAN Yafa F Married Shalom 297
ZEITZ Avraham M Married Chana 297
ZEITZ Chana F Married Avraham 297
ZEITZ Bluma F Avraham Chana 297
ZILBERSTEIN Leibush M Married Zlata Son of a rabbi 297
ZILBERSTEIN Zlata F Married Leibush 297
ZILBERSTEIN Esther F Leibush Zlata 297
ZILBERSTEIN Yisrael M Married Feiga Son of a rabbi 297
ZILBERSTEIN Feiga MEISLISH F Married Yisrael 297
ZILBERSTEIN Chana F Yisrael Feiga 297
ZILBERSTEIN Mordecai M Yisrael Feiga 297
ZINGER Moshe M Married Devorah 297
ZINGER Devorah F Married Moshe 297
ZINOVKA Leib M Married Yocheved 297
ZINOVKA Yocheved F Married Leib 297
ZINOVKA Gittel F Leib Yocheved 297
ZINOVKA F Leib Yocheved 297
ZLOTNICK Yehuda M Married Sheindel 297
ZLOTNICK Sheindel F Married Yehuda 297
ZLOTNICK Sarah F Yehuda Sheindel 297
ZLOTNICK Rivkah F 297
ZLOTNICK Binyamin M 297
ZLOTNICK Eliezer M 297
ZLOTNICK Shmuel M 297
ZLOTNICK Malka F 297
ZLOTNICK Susia F 297
ZLOTNICK Avraham M 297
ZLOTNICK Miriam F 297
ZLOTNICK Henia F 297
ZLOTNICK Ya'akov M 297
ZLOTNICK Rachel F 297
ZLOTNICK Reizel F 297
ZLOTNICK Mirla F 297
ZLOTNICK Reizel F 297
ZELIGMAN M Married 297
ZELIGMAN F Married 297
ZALTZMAN Yeshayahu M Married Pesia 297
ZALTZMAN Pesia F Married Yishayahu 297
ZALTZMAN Batsheva F Yeshayahu Pesia 297
ZALTZMAN Rachel F Yeshayahu Pesia 297
ZALTZMAN Esther F Yeshayahu Pesia 297
ZELTZER Ya'akov M Married Roza 298
ZELTZER Roza ZIMMERMAN F Married Ya'akov 298
ZELTZER Netka F Ya'akov Roza 298
ZELTZER Vala F Ya'akov Roza 298
ZAKTZER Mordecai M Married Pirl Profession listed as - slaughterer (shohet) 298
ZAKTZER Pirl F Married Mordecai 298
ZAKTZER Chana F Mordecai Pirl 298
ZAKTZER Rivkah F Mordecai Pirl 298
ZAKTZER Yehezkel M 298
ZAKTZER Avraham M Married Golda 298
ZAKTZER Golda F Married Avraham 298
ZAKTZER Yisrael M Avraham Golda 298
ZAKTZER Reizel F Avraham Golda 298
  Chet  return
CHASID Simcha M Married Chasia 298
CHASID Chasia F Married Simcha 298
CHASID Genia F Simcha Chasia 298
CHASID Leibel M Simcha Chasia 298
CHEICHUK Yosef M Married Chaya 298
CHEICHUK Chaya F Married Yosef 298
CHEICHUK Devorah F Yosef Chaya 298
  Tet  return
TABACHNIK Berel M Married Nechama 298
TABACHNIK Nechama ZEIDMAN F Married Berel 298
TABACHNIK Pirl F Buzia 298
TABACHNIK David M Married Kresel 298
TABACHNIK Karsel F Married David 298
TABACHNIK Penina F David Kresel 298
TABACHNIK Nota M Married Sheindel 298
TABACHNIK Sheindel F Married Nota 298
TABACHNIK Moshe M Nota Sheindel 298
Penina Pepe TABACHNIK F Married 298
M Penina 298
TABACHNIK David M The brother of Yisrael 298
TABACHNIK Yisrael M The brother of David 298
TUTIN Efraim M Married Rivkah 298
TUTIN Rivkah F Married Efraim 298
Zlata TUTIN F Married 298
TUTIN Yehoshua M Married 298
TUTIN F Married Yehoshua 298
Chana TUTIN F Married 298
TUTIN Pinchas M Married Leah 298
TUTIN Leah F Married Pinchas 298
TUTIN Avraham M Married Pirl 298
TUTIN Pirl F Married Avraham 298
TUTIN Leibush M Married 298
TUTIN F Married Leibush 298
Sarah TUTIN F Married 298
TUTIN Shlomo M 298
TUTIN Yocheved F 298
TOLCHIN Aharon M Married Fraydel 298
TOLCHIN Fraydel F Married Aharon 298
TOLCHIN Zelig M Aharon Fraydel 298
TOLCHIN Reizel F Aharon Fraydel 298
TOLCHIN Liba F Aharon Fraydel 298
TOLCHIN Feigel F Aharon Fraydel 298
TOLCHIN Etel F Aharon Fraydel 298
TURUK Yosef M 298
TUSHMAN Yosef M Married Sheindel 298
TUSHMAN Sheindel F Married Yosef 298
TUSHMAN Moshe M Married Henya 298
TUSHMAN Henia F Married Moshe 298
TEFER Yitzhak M Married Malka 298
TEFER Malka ZOLIR F Married Yitzhak 298
TEFER Shonia M Yitzhak Malka 298
TRACHTENBERG Eliyahu M Married Gittel 298
TRACHTENBERG Gittel F Married Eliyahu 298
TRACHTENBERG Mordecai M Eliyahu Gittel The adopted son of Gittel and Eliyahu 298
TRACHTENBERG Hershel M Married 298
TRACHTENBERG F Married Hershel 298
TRACHTENBERG Zelig M Married 298
TRACHTENBERG F Married Zelig 298
Sheindel TRACHTENBERG F Married Mordecai 298
Mordecai M Married Sheindel 298
Feiga F Mordecai Sheindel 298
Chaya F Mordecai Sheindel 298
Rachel F Mordecai Sheindel 298
TARES Nechemia M Married Pesia 298
TARES Pesia F Married Nechemia 298
TARES Leah F Nechemiah Pesia 298
TARES Rachel F Nechemiah Pesia 298
TARES Shmuel M Nechemiah Pesia 298
TARES Yitzhak M Nechemiah Pesia 298
TARES Zelig M Married 298
TARES BALIK F Married Zelig 298
  Yod  return
YOMSHCHIK Efraim M Married 299
YOMSHCHIK F Married Efraim 299
Shifra YOMSHCHIK F Married Matityahu 299
Matityahu M Married Shifra 299
YUNGSTEIN Yisrael M 299
YUNGSTEIN M Married Feigel 299
YUNGSTEIN Feigel SHOCHAT F Married 299
YUNGSTEIN Aharon M Married Perl 299
YUNGSTEIN Perl F Married Aharon 299
YUNGSTEIN Shlomo M Aharon Perl 299
YUNGSTEIN Yoel M Aharon Perl 299
YORESH Alter M Married Pirl 299
YORESH Pirl F Married Alter 299
YACHNIOK Noach M Married Golda 299
YACHNIOK Golda F Married Noach 299
YACHNIOK Chana F Noach Golda Pehaps she is DUDLAZAK, Chana, pg. 295? 299
YACHNIOK Pesach M Married Reizel 299
YACHNIOK Reizel F Married Pesach 299
YACHNIOK Ya'akov Kotzia M Pesach Raizel 299
YACHNIOK Feiga F Pesach Raizel 299
YACHNIOK Mala F Pesach Raizel 299
YACHNIOK Yitzhak M Married Chaya 299
YACHNIOK Chaya F Married Yitzhak 299
YACHNIOK Feigel F Yitzhak Chaya 299
YACHNIOK Ya'akov M Yitzhak Chaya 299
YACHNIOK Nechemia M Yitzhak Chaya 299
YACHNIOK Ya'akov M 299
YACHNIOK Bella F 299
YACHNIOK Matityahu M Married Tziporah 299
YACHNIOK Tziporah PERLMUTER F Married Matityahu 299
YACHNIOK Rachel F Matityahu Tzipora 299
YACHNIOK Shmuel Zvi M Matityahu Tzipora 299
YACHNIOK Mordecai M Married Sarah 299
YACHNIOK Sarah EISENBERG F Married Mordecai 299
YACHNIOK Yosef M Married 299
YACHNIOK F Married Yosef 299
YACHNIOK Shmaryahu M 299
YACHNIOK F Shmaryahu 299
YACHNIOK F Shmaryahu 299
YACHNIOK F Shmaryahu 299
YACHNIOK Mordecai M Married Rachel 299
YACHNIOK Rachel BABCHUK F Married Mordecai 299
YACHNIOK Moshe Dov M Mordecai Rachel 299
  Kaf  return
KAGAN Shalom M Married Gittel 299
KAGAN Gittel F Married Shalom 299
KAGAN Ya'akov Nunia M Shalom Gittel 299
KAGAN Chaim M Susil 299
KAGAN Simcha M Married Yenta 299
KAGAN Yenta F Married Simcha 299
KAGAN Yisrael M Simcha Yenta 299
KAGAN Minna F Simcha Yenta 299
KAGAN Mordecai M Married Tzvia 299
KAGAN Zvia YACHNIOK F Married Mordecai 299
KAGAN Shmuel M Married Perl 299
KAGAN Perl F Married Shmuel 299
KAGAN Zelda F Shmuel Perl 299
KAGAN Nechama F Shmuel Perl 299
KAGAN F Shmuel Perl 299
KAGAN Chaim M Rachel 299
KAGAN Asher M Married Bracha 299
KAGAN Bracha SPECTOR F Married Asher 299
KAGAN Chaim M Asher Bracha 299
KAGAN Ya'akov Nachum M 299
KAGAN Sosil F 299
KAGAN Reizel F 299
KAGAN Bracha F 299
KAGAN Yisrael M 299
KAGAN Asher M 299
KATZ Leah F 299
KATZ Rachel F The sister of Binyamin KATZ 299
KATZ Binyamin M The brother of Rachel KATZ 299
KATZ Dov M Married Fradil 299
KATZ Fradel FELDMAN F Married Dov 299
  Lamed  return
LAVONSKY Arieh Lev M Married Devorah 299
LAVONSKY Devorah F Married Arieh Leib 299
LAVONSKY Pesach M Married Sarah 299
LAVONSKY Sarah F Married Pesach 299
LAVONSKY Babba F Pesach Sarah 299
LOTINSKY Leib M Married Gisia Profession listed as - slaughterer (shohet) 299
LOTINSKY Gisia F Married Leib 299
LOTINSKY Aharon M Married Mamtzia 299
LOTINSKY Mamtzia F Married Aharon 299
LOTINSKY Velvel M Aharon Mamtzia 299
LOTINSKY Leah F Aharon Mamtzia 299
LEICHTER Michael M Married Miriam 299
LEICHTER Miriam F Married Michael 299
LEICHTER Yehezkel M Married 299
LEICHTER F Married Yehezkel 299
LEICHTER F Yehezkel 299
LEICHTER M Yehezkel 299
LITVAK Yitzhak M Married Vichna 299
LITVAK Vichna F Married Yitzhak 299
LITVAK David M Married 299
LITVAK F Married David 299
LITVAK Moshe M David 299
LITVAK Michael M Married Chana 299
LITVAK Chana F Married Michael 299
LITVAK Aharon M Michael Chana 299
LITVAK Tzirel F Michael Chana 299
LITVAK Avraham M 299
LICHT Chaya Sarah F 300
LICHT Yerucham M 300
LICHT Meir M Married 300
LICHT F Married Meir 300
LICHT F Meir 300
LICHT Aharon M Married 300
LICHT F Married Aharon 300
LICHT F Aharon 300
LICHT Peretz M 300
LICHT Yeshayahu M 300
LICHT Chasia F 300
LICHT Reizel F 300
LIFSHITZ Feibush M 300
LIFSHITZ Avigdor M Married Golda 300
LIFSHITZ Golda F Married Avigdor 300
LIFSHITZ Eliezer M Avigdor Golda 300
LIFSHITZ Ya'akov M Avigdor Golda 300
LIFSHITZ Sarah F Avigdor Golda 300
LIFSHITZ Manya F 300
LITZERMAN M Profession listed as - dentist 300
LERNER Noach M Married Chaya Sarah 300
LERNER Chaya Sarah F Married Noach 300
LERNER Efraim M Married Yenta 300
LERNER Yenta KOTZ F Married Efraim 300
LERNER Arieh M Efraim Yenta 300
LERNER F Efraim Yenta 300
LERNER F The sisters from Bovarnikes (?) 300
Reizel LERNER F The sister of Yosef LERNER 300
LERNER Yosef M The sister of Reizel nee LERNER 300
LERNER Chaim M Married Esther 300
LERNER Esther SHIHOR F Married Chaim 300
LERNER Avraham M Chaim Esther 300
LERNER Pesach M Chaim Esther 300
  Mem  return
MAVCHOAN Mordecai M Married Chaya 300
MAVCHOAN Chaya F Married Mordecai 300
MAVCHOAN Feigel F Mordecai Chaya 300
MAVCHOAN M Mordecai Chaya 300
MAGID Chana F 300
MAGID Zisha Ziska M Married Chaya 300
MAGID Chaya F Married Zisha Ziska 300
MAGID Shmuel M Zisha Ziska Chaya 300
MAGID Shlomo M Zisha Ziska Chaya 300
MAGID Avraham M Married Miriam 300
MAGID Miriam F Married Avraham 300
MAGID M Avraham Miriam 300
MAGID M Avraham Miriam 300
MAHAL Etel F 300
MAHAL Zev M Etel 300
MAHAL Tzirel Tzila F Etel 300
MOGIN Yeshayahu M Married Liba 300
MOGIN Liba F Married Yishayahu 300
MOGIN Leibel M Married Etel 300
MOGIN Etel CHAYAT F Married Leibel 300
MOGIN Devorah F Leibel Etel 300
MOGIN Aharon M Married 300
MOGIN F Married Aharon 300
MOGIN Pesach M 300
MOGIN Batya F 300
MOGILIANSKY Nisan M Married 300
MOGILIANSKY F Married Nisan 300
MOGILIANSKY Yehuda M Nisan 300
Baila MOGILIANSKY F Nisan 300
Gisia MOGILIANSKY F Nisan 300
MOTORIN Shifra F 300
Batya MOTORIN F Married 300
Genia MOTORIN F Married 300
MORVACHIK Ben-Zion M Married Rachel 300
MORVACHIK Rachel F Married Ben-Zion 300
MORVACHIK Chava F Chaya 300
MEIDAN F The mother of Rachel and grandmother of Batya 300
Rachel MEIDAN F 300
Batya F Rachel 300
MEIDAN Leibel M 300
MEIDAN Natan M 300
MEIDAN Dov M 300
MEIDAN Feibush M 300
MEIDAN Mordecai M 300
MEIDAN Yoel M 300
MEIDAN Sarah F 300
MEIDAN Chana F 300
MIDANSKY David M Married Gittel 301
MIDANSKY Gittel YACHNIOK F Married David 301
MIDANSKY Shlomo M David Gittel 301
MIDANSKY Shmuel M 301
MEISLISH Moshe M Married Zlata Profession listed as - teacher 301
MEISLISH Zlata F Married Moshe 301
MEISLISH Yosef M Moshe Zlata 301
MEISLISH Chava F Moshe Zlata 301
MEISLISH Rachel F 301
MEISLISH Batya F 301
MEISTAL Ya'akov M Married Rivkah 301
MEISTAL Rivkah LERNER F Married Ya'akov Sister of the poet Ya'akov LERNER 301
MEISTAL Avraham M Ya'akov Rivkah 301
MEISTAL Feiga F Ya'akov Rivkah 301
MEISTAL Sima F Ya'akov Rivkah 301
MEISTER Tziporah F 301
MILCHMAN M The brother of Avraham 301
MILCHMAN Leon M Married Etel 301
MILCHMAN Etel KIFERMAN F Married Leon 301
MILSTEIN Ya'akov M Married Tzvia 301
MILSTEIN Zvia F Married Ya'akov 301
MILSTEIN Shmuel M Married Sarah 301
MILSTEIN Sarah F Married Shmuel 301
MILSTEIN Yitzhak M Shmuel Sarah 301
MILSTEIN Ya'akov M 301
Chana MILSTEIN F Married 301
Miriam MILSTEIN F Married 301
Aidel MILSTEIN F Married 301
MILSTEIN Yosef M 301
MILSTEIN Yisrael M Yosef 301
MILSTEIN Chana F The sister of Kreindel, Moshe & Menachem 301
MILSTEIN Kreindel F The sister of Chana, Moshe & Menachem 301
MILSTEIN Moshe M The brother of Chana, Kreindel & Menachem 301
MILSTEIN Menachem M The brother of Chana, Kreindel & Moshe 301
MILSTEIN Devorah F 301
MILSTEIN Esther F 301
MILSTEIN Sarah F Esther 301
MILSTEIN Reuven M Doba 301
MILSTEIN Sarah F Doba 301
MILSTEIN F Widow 301
MILSTEIN F The daughter of the widow MILSTEIN 301
MILSTEIN F The daughter of the widow MILSTEIN 301
MALBAN TZIGALNIK Moshe M Married Etel 301
MANDL David M Married Miriam 301
MANDL Miriam F Married David 301
MANDL Baila F David Miriam 301
MASAR Ya'akov M Married Reizel 301
MASAR Reizel F Married Ya'akov 301
MASAR M Ya'akov Raizel 301
MARGOLIS Nachum M Married 301
MARGOLIS F Married Machom 301
MARFIELD Gatzia F 301
  Nun  return
NAVOZHNIK Esther F 301
NAVOZHNIK Zev M Married Batya 301
NAVOZHNIK Batya F Married Zev 301
NAVOZHNIK Yitzhak M Married Yocheved 301
NAVOZHNIK Yocheved F Married Yitzhak 301
NAVOZHNIK Shimon M Yitzhak Yocheved 301
NAVOZHNIK Yisrael M Married Chaya 301
NAVOZHNIK Chaya F Married Yisrael 301
NAVOZHNIK Mordecai M Yisrael Chaya 301
NAVOZHNIK Yoel M Married Shadra 301
NAVOZHNIK Sarah F Married Yoel 301
NAIER Chaim M Married Tziporah 301
NAIER Tziporah WALDMAN F Married Chaim 301
NAIER Esther F Chaim Tzipora 301
  Samech  return
SADAH Yosef Chaim M Married Chana 301
SADAH Chana F Married Yosef Chaim 301
SADAH Chanan M Married Chasia 301
SADAH Chasia F Married Chanan 301
SADAH Baruch Buzia M Chanan Chasia 301
SADAH Rivkah F Chanan Chasia 301
SADAH Zonia F Chanan Chasia 301
SADAH Chaya F Chanan Chasia 301
SADAH Eliyahu M Married 301
SADAH F Married Eliyahu 301
SADAH Moshe Musia M Eliyahu 301
SUKKAH Pesach M Married Pesia 302
SUKKAH Pesia F Married Pesach 302
SUKKAH Yitzhak M Pesach Pesia 302
SONDELZON Avraham M Zlata 302
SONDELZON Batsheva F Zlata 302
SOSID Akiva M Married Baila 302
SOSID Baila F Married Akiva 302
SOSID Leibel M Married 302
SOSID BERNSHVEIN F Married Leibel 302
SOSID Avraham M 302
SOSID Ya'akov M 302
SOSID Dov M 302
SOSID Sheindel F 302
SOSID Babba F 302
SOSID Gensia F 302
STARCH Shmuel M Married Pirl 302
STARCH Pirl F Married Shmuel 302
STARCH Michael M Shmuel Pirl 302
STARCH Mordecai M Shmuel Pirl 302
STARCH Rivkah F Shmuel Pirl 302
STANDER David M Married Esther 302
STANDER Esther F Married David 302
STANDER Yosef M David Esther 302
STANDER David M David Esther 302
STANDER Koka F David Esther 302
STANDER Gisia F David Esther 302
STANDER Shmuel M 302
SALFOY Yona M 302
SALFOY Sarah F 302
SALFOY Eliezer M 302
SALFOY Moshe M Married 302
SALFOY Henia F Married Moshe 302
Ronia SALFOY F 302
Raya F Ronia 302
SALFOY Reizel F 302
SALFOY Eliezer M Married 302
SALFOY F Married Eliezer 302
SALFOY F Eliezer 302
SALFOY F Eliezer 302
SALFOY M Eliezer 302
SANDBERG Avraham M Married Aidel 302
SANDBERG Aidel F Married Avraham 302
SANDLER Michael M Married Miriam 302
SANDLER Miriam TZASIS F Married Michael 302
SANDLER Sarah F Michael Miriam 302
SANDLER Abba M Michael Miriam 302
SAPOZHNIK Eliyahu M Married Breindel 302
SAPOZHNIK Breindel F Married Eliyahu 302
SAPOZHNIK Ita F Eliyahu Breindel 302
SAPOZHNIK Tzila F Eliyahu Breindel 302
SPIVAK Bella F 302
SPIVAK Hersh Ber M Married Rivkah 302
SPIVAK Rivkah F Married Hersh Ber 302
SPIVAK Yitzhak M Married Feiga 302
SPIVAK Feiga F Married Yitzhak 302
SPIVAK F Yitzhak Feiga 302
SPIVAK Baila F 302
SPIVAK Leibush M Married Tziporah 302
SPIVAK Tziporah F Married Leibush 302
SPIVAK Yehoshua M Married Teibel 302
SPIVAK Teibel F Married Yehoshua 302
SPIVAK Baila F Yehoshua Teibel 302
SPIVAK F Yehoshua Teibel 302
SPIVAK Avraham M Married Yehudit 302
SPIVAK Yehudit LERNER F Married Avraham 302
SPIVAK Esther F Avraham Yehudit 302
SPIVAK M Avraham Yehudit 302
SPIVAK Avraham M Married Sonia 302
SPIVAK Sonia F Married Avraham 302
SPIVAK David M Avraham Sonia 302
SPIVAK Moshe M Avraham Sonia 302
SPIVAK Yosef M Married Pirl 302
SPIVAK Pirl F Married Yosef 302
SPIVAK Moshe Muna M Yosef Pirl 302
SPIVAK Nota M Married Yuzia 302
SPIVAK Yuzia F Married Nota 302
SPIVAK M Nota Yuzia 302
SPIVAK F Nota Yuzia 302
SPIVAK Ya'akov M Married 302
SPIVAK F Married Ya'akov 302
SPIVAK M Ya'akov 302
SPIVAK F Ya'akov 302
SPIVAK Shmerel M Married Nechama 302
SPIVAK Nechama F Married Shmeril 302
SPIVAK Sheindel F 302
SPIVAK Moshe M 302
SPIVAK Yosef M 302
SPIVAK Peretz M 302
SPIVAK Elisheva F 302
SPIVAK Sarah F 302
SPECTOR Moshe M Married Breindel 302
SPECTOR Breindel F Married Moshe 302
SPECTOR Baila F 302
  Peh  return
PODLISKER Devorah F Chaya 302
POMERANTZ Eliyahu M Married Roza 302
POMERANTZ Roza F Married Eliyahu 302
POMERANTZ Shonia Yehoshua M Eliyahu Roza 302
POMERANTZ Yozik Yosef M Married Roza Rozhka 302
POMERANTZ Roza Ruzhka F Married Yuzik Yosef 302
POMERANTZ Michael Meika M Married Reizel 303
POMERANTZ Reizel F Married Michael Meika 303
PORTNOY Alter M 303
PORTNOY Chana Devorah F 303
PORTNOY Fridel F 303
PORTNOY Chaim M 303
PORTNOY Feigel F 303
PORAZ Moshe M Married 303
PORAZ F Married Moshe 303
FORMAN Ya'akov M Married Miriam 303
FORMAN Miriam F Married Ya'akov 303
FORMAN Pesil Paka F Ya'akov Miriam 303
FORMAN Moshe M Married 303
FORMAN F Married Moshe 303
Olah FORMAN F Married 303
Gittel FORMAN F Married 303
FORMAN Ya'akov M Married Rachel 303
FORMAN Rachel F Married Ya'akov 303
FORMAN Gittel F Ya'akov Rachel 303
FORMAN Pesia F Ya'akov Rachel 303
PTICHER Yeshayahu M Married Leah 303
PTICHER Leah F Married Yishayahu 303
FEIMAN Miriam Mirl F 303
FEIMAN Ya'akov M Miriam Mirl 303
FEIMAN Yehoshua M 303
FINGERHUT Asher M Married Tzila 303
FINGERHUT Tzila F Married Asher 303
Rivkah FINGERHUT F Married 303
FIERSTEIN M Married 303
FIERSTEIN F Married 303
FIERSTEIN Rivkah F 303
FISHMAN Pesach M Married Batya 303
FISHMAN Batya KRAMER F Married Pesach 303
FISHMAN Mordecai M Pesach Batya 303
FELDMAN Rachel F 303
FELDMAN Mordecai M Rachel 303
FELDMAN Reizel F Rachel 303
FELDMAN Chaya Pirl F 303
FELDMAN Rachel F Chaya Pirl 303
FELDMAN Eliezer M Married Manya 303
FELDMAN Manya F Married Eliezer 303
FELDMAN Levi Lova M The brother of Yitzhak (Isak) 303
FELDMAN Yitzhak Isak M The brother of Levi (Lova) 303
FELDMAN Reuven M Married Dora 303
FELDMAN Dora F Married Reuven 303
FELDMAN Zonia F Reuven Dora 303
FELDMAN Menasha M Married Zlata 303
FELDMAN Zlata F Married 303
FELDMAN Rachel F 303
FELDMAN Michael Mitya M 303
FELDMAN Bracha F 303
FELDMAN Ya'akov M Married 303
FELDMAN F Married Ya'akov 303
FELDMAN Rachel F Ya'akov 303
FELDMAN Pinchas M Married Yocheved 303
FELDMAN Yocheved F Married Pinchas 303
FELDMAN Shmuel M 303
FELDMAN Leah F 303
FELDMAN Chaya F 303
FELDMAN Golda F 303
FELDMAN Zalman M 303
FELDMAN Etel F 303
FELDMAN Michla F 303
FELDMAN Avraham M 303
FELDMAN Abba M 303
FELDMAN Hersh Leib M 303
FELDMAN Shmuel M 303
FELDMAN Aharon M 303
FELDENKREIS Baruch Buzia M The son of the above 303
FELDENKREIS F The daughter of the above 303
FALON Yom-Tov M Married Rachel 303
FALON Rachel F Married Yom-Tov 303
FALON Penina F Yom-Tov Rachel 303
FELMAN Aharon M Married 303
FELMAN F Married Aharon 303
PARCHUK Ya'akov Moshe M Married 303
PARCHUK F Married Ya'akov Moshe 303
PARCHUK Batya F Ya'akov Moshe 303
PARCHUK Simcha M Ya'akov Moshe 303
PARCHUK Yoel M Ya'akov Moshe 303
PARCHUK M Ya'akov Moshe 303
PENKER M Married Golda 304
PENKER Golda GILFIKS F Married 304
PENKER M Golda 304
PROL Sheindel F 304
Rivkah PROL F Married 304
FRIEDMAN David M Married Feiga 304
FRIEDMAN Feiga F Married 304
FRIEDMAN Meir M David Feiga 304
FRIEDMAN Ya'akov M David Feiga 304
FRISHBERG Hersh Leib M Married Pirl 304
FRISHBERG Pirl F Married Hersh Leib 304
FRISHBERG Rivkah F Hersh Leib Pirl 304
FRISHBERG Bonia F Hersh Leib Pirl 304
FRISHBERG Moshe M Hersh Leib Pirl 304
FRISHBERG Sarah Zlata F 304
FRISHBERG Tuvia M Sarah Zlata 304
PERL Yisrael M Married Chaya 304
PERL Chaya F Married Yisrael 304
PERL Nechemia M Yisrael Chaya 304
PERES Yosef M 304
PERES Nechemia M 304
PERES Ya'akov M Married Chinia 304
PERES Chinia F Married Ya'akov 304
PERES Michael M Ya'akov Chinya 304
PERES Moshe Leib M Married Chaya Breindel 304
PERES Chaya Breindel F Married Moshe Leib 304
PERES Bracha F Moshe Leib Chaya Breindel 304
PERES Chasia F Moshe Leib Chaya Breindel 304
PERLOVITZ Nachman M Married Reizel 304
PERLOVITZ Reizel LERNER F Married Nachman 304
PERLOVITZ Dinah F Nachman Raizel 304
PERLOVITZ Asher M Nachman Raizel 304
FRANKEL Yitzhak M 304
FRANKEL Yeshayahu M Married Gittel Profession listed as - teacher 304
FRANKEL Gittel YACHNIOK F Married Yishayahu 304
FRANKEL Sarah F Yeshayahu Gittel 304
FRANKEL Meir M Yeshayahu Gittel 304
FRANKEL Velvel M Married 304
FRANKEL F Married Velvel 304
Chava FRANKEL F Married 304
PERLMUTER Chaya Pirl F 304
  Tzadik  return
ZUCKERMAN Leibush M Married Bracha 304
ZUCKERMAN Bracha F Married Leibush 304
ZIMMERMAN Eliezer M Married Gisia 304
ZIMMERMAN Gisia F Married Eliezer 304
CHIZ Sarah F 304
CHIZ Etel F Sarah 304
CHIZ Ya'akov M Sarah 304
CHIPS Ben-Zion M Married Rivkah 304
CHIPS Rivkah F Married Ben-Zion 304
CHIPS Shlomo M Ben-Zion Rivkah 304
CHIPS Gisia F Ben-Zion Rivkah 304
CHIPS Shlomo M 304
CHIPS Roza F 304
CHIPS Pesia F 304
TZIKMAN Baruch M 304
TZIKMAN Reizel F 304
TZIKMAN Michael M 304
TZIKMAN Shalom M 304
TZIKMAN Noach M Married Malka 304
TZIKMAN Malka MILSTEIN F Married Noach 304
TZIKMAN Bezalel M Noach Malka 304
TZIKMAN M Noach Malka 304
TZASIS Naftali M Married Devorah 304
TZASIS Devorah F Married Naftali 304
TZASIS Hinda F Naftali Devorah 304
TZASIS Mordecai M Naftali Devorah 304
TZARVITCH Leib M Married Leah 304
TZARVITCH Leah F Married Leib 304
TZARVITCH Breindel F Leib Leah 304
TZARVITCH Bracha F Leib Leah 304
TZARVITCH Manya F Leib Leah 304
TZARVITCH Moshe M Leib Leah 304
TZARVITCH Ya'akov M Leib Leah 304
CHERTOK Meir M Married Pesia 304
CHERTOK Pesia F Married Meir 304
CHERTOK Ayzik M Married Leah 304
CHERTOK Leah F Married Ayzik 304
CHERTOK Miriam F Ayzik Leah 304
CHARLIN Noach M Married Bronia 304
CHARLIN Bronia SHEINKER F Married Noach 304
CHARLIN Gisia F Noach Bronia 304
CHARNIZHER F The mother 304
CHARNIZHER M Married Rachel 304
CHARNIZHER Rachel KOTZ F Married 304
CHARPICHNIK Yeshayahu M Married Tzvia 304
CHARPICHNIK Zvia LERNER F Married Yishayahu 304
CHARPICHNIK Yoel M Yeshayahu Tzvia 304
CHARPICHNIK Efraim M Yeshayahu Tzvia 304
CHARPICHNIK Mordecai M Married Reizel 304
CHARPICHNIK Reizel F Married Mordecai 304
CHARPICHNIK Zev M Mordecai Raizel 304
CHARPICHNIK Dinah F Mordecai Raizel 304
CHARPICHNIK Yitzhak M Married Fraydel 305
CHARPICHNIK Fraydel F Married Yitzhak 305
CHARPICHNIK M Yitzhak Fraydel 305
CHARPICHNIK Yisrael M Married 305
CHARPICHNIK F Married Yisrael 305
CHARPICHNIK Yoel M Yisrael 305
CHARPICHNIK Arieh Lova M Fruma 305
CHARPICHNIK Yitzhak M Married Chana 305
CHARPICHNIK Chana F Married Yitzhak 305
CHARPICHNIK Yeshayahu M Yitzhak Chana 305
CHARPICHNIK Yosef M Married 305
CHARPICHNIK F Married Yosef 305
CHARPICHNIK David M Married 305
CHARPICHNIK F Married David 305
CHARPICHNIK Feiga Leah F 305
  Kof  return
KABATSAN Rivkah F 305
KABATSAN Chona M Rivkah The adopted son of Rivkah 305
KABATSAN Pesia F 305
KABATSAN F Pesia 305
KABATSAN F Pesia 305
KABATSAN F Pesia 305
KALK Pinchas M 305
KAMNER Chaya F 305
KASAL Shraga Feivel M 305
KASAL Ayzik M 305
KASAL Bezalel M Married 305
KASAL F Married Bezalel 305
KASAL M Married 305
KASAL F Married 305
KASAL Avraham M The son of the above 305
KASAL Pesia F The daughter of the above 305
KATZAF Yisrael M 305
KATZAF Yosef M 305
KATZAF Alta F 305
KARP Zalman M Married Tziporah 305
KARP Tziporah F Married Zalman 305
KARP Chaya F Zalman Tzipora 305
KARP Gisia F Zalman Tzipora 305
KARP Miriam F Zalman Tzipora 305
KUTLIAR Yisrael M Married Batya 305
KUTLIAR Batya F Married Yisrael 305
KUTLIAR Yosef M 305
KAUFMAN Moshe M The brother of Rachel nee KAUFMAN 305
Rachel KAUFMAN F Married The sister of Moshe KAUFMAN 305
KAUFMAN Keifa M Married Rivkah 305
KAUFMAN Rivkah LITVAK F Married Keifa 305
KAUFMAN M Keifa Rivkah 305
KOICHKO Avraham M Married Feiga 305
KOICHKO Feiga F Married Avraham 305
KOICHKO Moshe M Avraham Feiga 305
KOICHKO Meir M Avraham Feiga 305
KOICHKO Nechama F 305
KOMROVSKY Alter M Married Susil 305
KOMROVSKY Susil F Married Alter 305
KOMROVSKY Bunem M Married 305
KOMROVSKY F Married Bunim 305
KOMROVSKY Moshe M Married 305
KOMROVSKY F Married Moshe 305
KOMROVSKY Nota M Married Baila 305
KOMROVSKY Baila F Married Nota 305
KOMROVSKY Shlomo M Nota Baila 305
KOMROVSKY Ya'akov M Nota Baila 305
KOMROVSKY Asher M Nota Baila 305
KOMROVSKY Meir M Married 305
KOMROVSKY F Married Meir 305
Zelda KOMROVSKY F Married 305
Tzirel KOMROVSKY F Married 305
KONAH Chanoch M Married Tziporah 305
KONAH Tziporah F Married Chanoch 305
KONAH Michael M Chanoch Tzipora 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Avraham M Rachel 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Tzila F Rachel 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Manya F Rachel 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Aharon M Married Pirl 305
COOPERSCHMIDT David M Aharon Pirl 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Babchik F Aharon Pirl 305
COOPERSCHMIDT Zisel F Mordecai 305
KOTZ Zisha M Married Rivkah 306
KOTZ Rivkah F Married Zisha 306
KOTZ David M 306
KOTZ Naftali M 306
KOTZ Breindel F 306
KOKLIS Ya'akov M Married Baila 306
KOKLIS Baila F Married Ya'akov 306
KOKLIS F Ya'akov Baila 306
KEIZ Yitzhak M Married Baila 306
KEIZ Baila SHOCHAT F Married Yitzhak 306
KEIZ Leah F Yitzhak Baila 306
KEIZ Shabtai M Married Sonia 306
KEIZ Sonia F Married Shabtai 306
KEIZ M Shabtai Sonia 306
KEILER Yitzhak M Married Feiga 306
KEILER Feiga CHARPICHNIK F Married Yitzhak 306
KEILER Esther F Yitzhak Feiga 306
KEILER Roza F 306
KEILER Aidel F 306
KEILER Milka F 306
KEILER Zvi M 306
KEILER Susil F 306
KIFERBAND Moshe M Married Pirl 306
KIFERBAND Pirl F Married Moshe 306
KIFERMAN Michael M Married Hinda 306
KIFERMAN Hinda F Married Michael 306
KIFERMAN Aharon M Michael Hinda 306
KIFERMAN Rivkah F Michael Hinda 306
KLEINER Rachel F 306
KLEINER Chaya F 306
KLEINER Sheindel F 306
KLEINER SHOCHAT Chaim M Married Devorah 306
KLEINER SHOCHAT Devorah F Married Chaim 306
KLEINER SHOCHAT Chaya F Chaim Devorah 306
KLEINER SHOCHAT Yechiel M Chaim Devorah 306
KLEIN Moshe M Married Rachel 306
KLEIN Rachel F Married Moshe 306
KLEIN Chaya F Moshe Rachel 306
KLEIN Sheindel F Moshe Rachel 306
KLIPATCH Fradel F 306
KLIPATCH Feigel F Fradel 306
KLARICH Ya'akov M 306
KLARICH Yitzhak M 306
KLARICH Moshe Bezalel M Married Hinda 306
KLARICH Hinda F Married Moshe Bezalel 306
KLATZELMAN Moshe M Married Mirl 306
KLATZELMAN Yitzhak M Moshe Mirl 306
KLATZELMAN Avraham M Moshe Mirl 306
KAMIN Chasia F 306
KAMIN Gittel F Chasia 306
KAMIN Chaim M Chasia 306
KANTOR Yitzhak M Married Breindel 306
KANTOR Breindel SPIVAK F Married Yitzhak 306
KANTOR Sioma M Yitzhak Breindel 306
KANTOR Baila F Yitzhak Breindel 306
KANTOR Yehudit F Yitzhak Breindel 306
Sheindel KANTOR F 306
Mishka M 306
KRAVITZ Shmuel Ya'akov M Married 306
KRAVITZ F Married Shmuel Ya'akov 306
KRIGER Rabbi M 306
KROMRIS Fraydel F 306
KRAMER Ayzik M Married Toiba 306
KRAMER Toiba F Married Ayzik 306
KRAMER Chaim M Married 306
KRAMER F Married Chaim 306
KRAMER M Chaim 306
KRAMER Baruch M Married Chava 306
KRAMER Chava F Married Baruch 306
KRAMER Nachum M Married Feiga 306
KRAMER Feiga SHAPIRO F Married Nachum 306
KRAMER Bracha F Nachum Feiga 306
KRAMER Sioma M Nachum Feiga 306
KRAMER Genendel F 306
KRAMER Yitzhak M The brother of Moshe & Esther 306
KRAMER Moshe M The brother of Yitzhak & Esther 306
KRAMER Esther F The sister of Yitzhak & Moshe 306
KRAMER Baruch M 306
KRAMER Manya F 306
KRAMER Esther F 306
KRAMER Batya F 306
KRAMER Yitzhak M Married Yenta 306
KRAMER Yenta BABCHUK F Married Yitzhak 306
KRAMER Esther F Yitzhak Yenta 306
KRAMER Feigel F 306
KRAMER Shimon M Married Badana 307
KRAMER Badana F Married Shimon 307
KRAMERS Zvi M Married Miriam 307
KRAMERS Miriam F Married Zvi 307
KRAMERS Freida F Zvi Miriam 307
KRAMERS Aharon M Zvi Miriam 307
KRAMERS Leibel M Zvi Miriam 307
KRAMERS Shabtai M Zvi Miriam 307
KRAMERS Ben-Zion M Zvi Miriam 307
KRAMERS Yeshayahu M Married Dina 307
KRAMERS Dinah LICHT F Married Yishayahu 307
KRAMERS Chava F Yeshayahu Dina 307
KRAMERS Aharon M Yeshayahu Dina 307
  Resh  return
RAVAR Tziporah F 307
RAVAR Dona F Tzipora 307
RAVAR Vava M Tzipora 307
RABINOWITZ Ya'akov M Yenta 307
RABINOWITZ Hinda F Yenta 307
RABINOWITZ Tziporah F 307
RABINOWITZ F Tzipora 307
RUBACHA Ya'akov M 307
RUBIN Ya'akov M Married Sarah 307
RUBIN Sarah GINZBERG F Married Ya'akov 307
RUBIN F Ya'akov Sarah 307
RUBINOWITZ Yona M Married Pirl 307
RUBINOWITZ Pirl F Married Yona 307
RUBINOWITZ Feigel F Yona Pirl 307
RUBINOWITZ Hinda F Yona Pirl 307
RUBINOWITZ Batya F Yona Pirl 307
RUDNICK Eliyahu M Married Golda 307
RUDNICK Golda F Married Eliyahu 307
RUDNICK Leibush M Eliyahu Golda 307
RUDNICK Pesach M Eliyahu Golda 307
Donia RUDNICK F Married 307
ROSENFELD Avraham M Married Devorah 307
ROSENFELD Devorah F Married Avraham 307
ROSENFELD Reizel F Avraham Devorah 307
Sheindel F The neice of ROSENFELD Avraham & Devorah 307
ROITBORD Pinchas M Married Bracha 307
ROITBORD Bracha F Married Pinchas 307
ROITBORD Nachum M 307
ROITBORD Shmuel M 307
ROITBORD Baruch M 307
ROITBORD M Married Sarah 307
ROITBORD Meir M Married Reizel 307
ROITBORD Reizel F Married Meir 307
ROITBORD Rachel F Meir Raizel 307
RESNICK Yehoshua M Married Chaya 307
RESNICK Chaya F Married Yehoshua 307
RESNICK Manya F Yehoshua Chaya 307
RESNICK Arieh Leibel M Married Gittel 307
RESNICK Gittel F Married Arieh Leibel 307
Rachel RESNICK F Married Eliyahu 307
Eliyahu M Married Rachel 307
RESNICK Barka M 307
RESNICK Max M Married Pesia 307
RESNICK Pesia F Married Max 307
RESNICK Rivkah F Max Pesia 307
RIZ Natan Nosik M Married Chasia 307
RIZ Chasia F Married Natan Nosik 307
RIZ Moshe M Natan Nosik Chasia 307
RIZ Doba M Natan Nosik Chasia 307
RIZ David M Natan Nosik Chasia 307
RIZ Montzia M Natan Nosik Chasia 307
Feiga RIZ F Natan Nosik Chasia 307
REIZ Leibel M Married 307
REIZ F Married Leibel 307
REIZ M Leibel 307
REIZ M Leibel 307
Sarah REIZ F Married 307
REINFELD Aharon M 307
REINFELD Golda F 307
REINFELD Henia F 307
REINFELD Mordecai M 307
REINFELD Breindel F 307
REIKS Mordecai M Married Leah 307
REIKS Leah AIDELSTEIN F Married Mordecai 307
REIKS Moshe M Mordecai Leah 307
REIKS Chaya F Mordecai Leah 307
Sima REIKS F Married 307
Rachel REIKS F Married 307
RECHT Moshe M Married Baila 308
RECHT Baila YACHNIOK F Married Moshe 308
RECHT Yitzhak M Moshe Baila 308
RECHT Tanya F Moshe Baila 308
RAFAELOVITCH Noach M Married Yenta 308
  Shin  return
SHOCHAT Malka F Etel 308
SHOCHAT Hillel M Etel 308
SHOCHAT Pinchas M 308
SHOCHAT Moshe M Pinchas 308
SHOCHAT Zelig M Married Sarah 308
SHOCHAT Sarah F Married Zelig 308
SHOCHAT Yoel M 308
SHOCHAT Motel M 308
SHOCHAT Rivkah F 308
SHOCHAT Yosef M Married Zisel 308
SHOCHAT Zisel F Married Yosef 308
SHOCHAT Yosef M Yosef Zisel 308
SHOCHAT Yeshayahu M Yosef Zisel 308
SHOCHAT Esther F Leah 308
SHOCHAT Pinchas M Leah 308
SHOCHAT Boris M Married Frayda 308
SHOCHAT Frayda KRAMER F Married Boris 308
SHOCHAT Shmuel M Married Minna 308
SHOCHAT Minna F Married Shmuel 308
SHOCHAT Sonia F Shmuel Minna 308
SHOCHAT M Married 308
SHOCHAT Chana F 308
SHOCHAT Buzia Baruch M 308
SHOCHAT Berel M Murdered along with his family 308
SHOCHAT Moshe M Murdered along with his family 308
Sarah SHOCHAT F Murdered along with his family 308
SHOCHAT Yehuda M 308
SHOCHAT Bracha F 308
SHOCHAT Leib M 308
SHOCHAT Asher M Married Penina 308
SHOCHAT Penina FRANKEL F Married Asher 308
SHOCHAT Yoel M Asher Penina 308
SHOCHAT Hershel M 308
SHOCHAT Shmuel M 308
SHOCHAT Minna F 308
SHOCHAT Shlomo M 308
SHOCHAT Babba F 308
SHUSTER Ya'akov M Married Sima 308
SHUSTER Sima F Married Ya'akov 308
SHUSTER Asher M Ya'akov Sima 308
SHUSTER Zisel F Ya'akov Sima 308
SCHWARTZ M Married The son-in-law of Efraim the bath house attendant 308
SCHWARTZ Chanina M Married Polia 308
SCHWARTZ Polia GOLDSTEIN F Married Chanina 308
SCHWARTZ Chana F Chanina Polia 308
SCHWARTZ Shifra F 308
SCHWARTZ Bezalel M 308
Breindel SCHWARTZ F Married 308
SCHWARTZMAN Avraham M Married 308
SCHWARTZMAN F Married Avraham 308
SCHWARTZMAN Yisrael M Married 308
SCHWARTZMAN F Married Yisrael 308
Chana SCHWARTZMAN F Married 308
SCHWARTZMAN Yitzhak M Tzipora 308
SCHWARTZMAN Avraham M Tzipora 308
SCHWARTZMAN Moshe M Married Alta 308
SCHWARTZMAN Alta F Married Moshe 308
SCHWARTZMAN Tziporah F 308
STEINBERG Yeshayahu Yehuda M Married Rachel Leah 308
STEINBERG Rachel Leah F Married Yishayahu Yehuda 308
STEINBERG Leibel M Yeshayahu Yehuda Rachel Leah 308
Roza F Keila 308
STEINBERG Yitzhak M Married Feiga 308
STEINBERG Feiga F Married Yitzhak 308
STEINBERG Leibel M Yitzhak Feiga 308
STEINBERG Reuven M Yitzhak Feiga 308
STEINBERG M Yitzhak Feiga 308
STEINBERG F Yitzhak Feiga 308
STEINBERG Yosef M Married 308
STEINBERG F Married Yosef 308
Sarah STEINBERG F Married 308
Rivkah STEINBERG F Married 309
STEINBERG Yisrael M 309
STEINBERG Rachel F 309
STEINDAL Adina F The sister of Esther, Sheindel & Sarah 309
STEINDAL Esther F The sister of Adina, Sheindel & Sarah 309
STEINDAL Sheindel F The sister of Adina, Esther & Sarah 309
STEINDAL Sarah F The sister of Adina, Esther & Sheindel 309
SZTERNBERG Gershon M Malka 309
SZTERNBERG Motel M Malka 309
SZTERNBERG Pesil F Malka 309
STERNSCHUSS Avraham M Married Pepa 309
STERNSCHUSS Pepe BRICHKA F Married Avraham 309
SHICHOR Moshe M Married Susia 309
SHICHOR Susia KASAL F Married Moshe 309
SHICHOR Dinah F Moshe Susia 309
SHICHOR Tziporah F 309
SHICHOR Meir M Married Chava 309
SHICHOR Chava F Married Meir 309
SHICHOR Ya'akov M Meir Chava He was a partisan 309
SHICHOR Avraham M 309
SHICHOR Rivkah F Avraham 309
SHICHOR Leah F Avraham 309
Rivkah SHICHOR F Married 309
SHEINKER Nechama F Bronia The daughter of the second wife of CHARLIN, Noach 309
SHEINKER Sarah F Bronia The daughter of the second wife of CHARLIN, Noach 309
SHINDEL Leibush M Married Baila 309
SHINDEL Baila F Married Leibush 309
SHINDEL Zalman M Leibush 309
SHINDEL Yisrael M Leibush Baila 309
SHINDEL M Leibush Baila 309
SHINDEL Eliezer M 309
SHINDEL Yosef M 309
SHINDEL Shmuel M 309
SHINDEL Avraham M 309
SHISGAL M Married 309
SHISGAL Yosef M The son of the above 309
SHMELTZ Gadi M 309
SHEMESH Motel M 309
SCHNEIDER Binyamin M Married Keila 309
SCHNEIDER Keila F Married Binyamin 309
SCHNEIDER M baby Yenta 309
SCHNEIDER Devosia F 309
SCHNEIDER Yehuda M 309
SCHNEIDER Shmerel M 309
SCHNEIDER Ben-Zion M Married Baila 309
SCHNEIDER Baila F Married Ben-Zion 309
SCHNEIDER Keila F Ben-Zion Baila 309
SCHNEIDER Michael M Ben-Zion Baila 309
SCHNIPER Hershel M Married Nechama 309
SCHNIPER Nechama F Married Hershel 309
SCHNIPER Dov M Hershel Nechama 309
SCHNIPER Zvia F Hershel Nechama 309
SCHNITZER Yeshayahu M Married Chaya 309
SCHNITZER Chaya BRILIANT F Married Yishayahu 309
SCHNITZER M Yeshayahu Chaya 309
SHPITZGLAZ Motel M Married Zisel 309
SHPITZGLAZ Zisel BRICHKA F Married Motel 309
SHPITZGLAZ Yenta F Motel Zisel 309
SHAPIRO Baruch Michael M 309
SHAPIRO Simcha M Married Frayda 309
SHAPIRO Frayda F Married Simcha 309
SHAPIRO Avraham M Married Ita 309
SHAPIRO Ita F Married Avraham 309
SHAPIRO Meir M Avraham Ita 309
SHAPIRO Feiga F Avraham Ita 309
SHAPIRO Mindel F 309
SHAPIRO Avraham M Married Fania 309
SHAPIRO Fania F Married Avraham 309
SHAPIRO Leah F Avraham Fania 309
SHAPIRO M Married Rachel 309
SHAPIRO Rachel KOTZ F Married 309
SHAPIRO Alter M 309
SHAPIRO Asher M 309
SHAPIRO Chana F 309
SHAPIRO Leah F 309
SHAPIRO Nachum M 309
SHAPIRO Ben-Zion M 309
SHAPIRO Meir M 309
SHAKLIER Avraham M Married Rachel 309
SHAKLIER Rachel SPIVAK F Married Avraham 309
SHAKLIER Batya F Avraham Rachel 309
SHAKLIER Moshe M Avraham Rachel 309
SHER Yosef M Married Chasia 309
SHER Chasia F Married Yosef 309
SHER Leah F 309
SHER Mordecai M Leah 309
SHER Lodzia F 309
SCHREIBER Shprintza F 309
SCHREIBER Eliezer M Married Sheindel 309
SCHREIBER Sheindel F Married Eliezer 309
SCHREIBER Abba M Eliezer Sheindel 309
SCHREIBER Meir M Eliezer Sheindel 309
SCHREIBER Chaim Leib M Married Batya 310
SCHREIBER Batya F Married Chaim Leib 310
SCHREIBER Tuvia M Chaim Leib Batya 310
SCHREIBER Ya'akov M Chaim Leib Batya 310
SCHREIBER Zelig M Chaim Leib Batya 310
SCHREIBER Markel M Married 310
SCHREIBER F Married Markel 310
SCHREIBER F Markel 310
SCHREIBER Shifra Shivka F 310
SCHREIBER F Shifra Shivka 310
SCHREIBER Michael M Married 310
SCHREIBER F Married Michael 310
SCHREIBER David M Married 310
SCHREIBER F Married David 310
SCHREIBER Ya'akov M 310
SCHREIBER Yisrael M 310
  Tav  return
TAM Hershel M 310


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