The Korets Book;
In Memory Of Our Community That Is No More
(Korets, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Korets (Wolyn); sefer zikaron le-kehilatenu she-ala aleha ha-koret

Edited by: E. Leoni

Published in Tel Aviv, 1959



Project Coordinator

Dr. Jeffrey Mark Paull


Our sincere appreciation to Mr. Israel Zawdi, of the Korets Landmanshaft in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Korets (Wolyn); sefer zikaron le-kehilatenu she-ala aleha ha-koret,
The Korets book; in memory of our community that is no more,
ed. E. Leoni, Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Korets in Israel, 1959 (Pages 791 H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Korets

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Title Author Page
The Book Noach Dagoni 7-8
A monument for future generations The Editorial Board 9-10
The early History of the Town
The history of the Jews in Korets Dr. N. M. Gelber 15-31
Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz Eliezer Leoni 32-47
Publishing houses and printing shops in Korets Eliezer Leoni 48-62
Memories and Way of life
Winter Y. Y. Segal z”l 65-71
The Kortchek River Shoshana Rabinowitz (Shochen) 72-74
This was my home Zahava Riess (Goldman) 75-76
What I remembered Aizik Chimenis 77-90
In Days of Sadness Louis Osher (Leibel Acher) 91-95
The Koretser Self Defense Organization Eliezer Basyuk 95-96
The great fire in Korets Hinda Kligerman 97-98
The Batei Hamidrash [synagogues, lit. houses of learning] in Korets Shraga Zawdi z”l 99-100
“Kol Nidre” in Yaacov-Yossi Hornshtein's Shul Eliezer Basyuk 101-102
The Poor People of Korets Y. Y. Segal z”l 103-106
The “banquet” in Korets in honor of my Aliya to Eretz Yisrael Judge Menachem Pinchas Avisar (Schwartzman) 107-108
Education and Art
The Hebrew Schools in Korets Meir Panas 111-113
Tarbut” School in Korets Sara Rosenfeld (Bronstein) 114-119
The “Heder” and the “Yeshiva” in our city Noach Barber 120-123
The “Heavenly Yeshiva” [The Yeshiva on the top floor] in Korets MP Eliezer Shostak 123-126
The "Podstawowa" (elementary) Schools in Korets Michael Glass 127-132
The B. Borochov Yiddish School Aizik Chimenes 133
The “Tarbut” library in Korets Judge Pinchas Avisar (Schwarzman) 134-135
The “Tarbut” library and the man Asher Blovstein Moshe Smolier 135-137
The B. Borochov Library Arie Zabodnik 138-139
The Art Life in Korets Yosef Wachbroit 140-143
The Korets Jewish Drama Lovers' Club Simcha Baraz 144-148
How Korets celebrated the opening of the University in Jerusalem David Solomoniak z”l 149-150
Economy, Institutions and Organizations
The Jewish Community Elik Kligstein 153-156
The economic life of the Korets Jews Dov Bernstein 157-161
Livelihoods in Korets Eliezer Basyuk 162-163
The “Fair” in town Yosef Kligerman 164-166
The “Interest-Free Loan Fund” Dov Bernstein 167-170
The Orphanage Dr. Yakov Wolach 170-172
“TOZ” in Korets Dov Bernstein 172-176
The “TOZ” Children's Colony Nechama Kranzberg 177-179
The Fire Brigade in Korets Yosef Brode (Broder) 180-182
The Zionist Movement and the Youth Movements
The first buds of Zionism and its heralds in Korets Moshe Dafna (Blovstein) 185-190
The Zionist fraction Tze'irei Zion in Korets Meir Panas 191-193
The Po'alei-Zion party in Korets Simcha Baraz 194-197
The Zionist Labor Party Hit'achdut David Lidski 198-200
The first members of “HeHalutz” in Korets and the torments of their immigration to Israel Meir Panas 201-205
Hechalutz in Korets Y. D. 206-210
The first Korets Chalutzim [pioneers], their Aliya and their work Shmuel Zuker 211-213
The Professional Union and the Ha'oved in Korets Yontel Schneider 214-216
The Hashomer Hatza'ir movement in Korets, in its life and its death Moshe Smolier 217-227
The Gordonia Organization in Korets Avraham Shilon (Gillman) 228-232
From Hovevei Sfat Ever [Lovers of the Hebrew Language] to the Hechalutz Hatza'ir [the young pioneer] Noach Dagoni 233-241
The Z. S. Youth and the Freiheit [Liberty] Avraham Gilgon 242-244
The Hapo'el Hamizrachi Daniel Bernstein 245
The Revisionist Movement in Korets Avraham Singerman 246-250
KKL [JNF=Jewish National Fund] and the Zionist movement in Korets Avraham Shilon (Gillman) 251-255
The training company in Korets Bat-Zion Shoshani (Turtcheniok) 256-260
The sports movement in Korets Aizik Kesselman 261-263
Rabbis and Poets
The Korets rabbis M. Tzinowitz 267-269
Nechemya Herschenhorn (the “Official Rabbi”) Eliezer Rabed 270-275
R'Yoel Schorin (the “prodigy of Poltava”) Avraham-Yitzhak Schorin 276-279
The Tzadik R'Mechele Halevi [the Levite] Rav Shmuel Halevi Yosefov 280-281
The Great Scholar Rav Moshe-Mordechai Lidski z”l Yakov Bar-Midot 282-283
Yakov-Yitzhak Segal Eliezer Leoni 284-296
Meir Tchonder Eliezer Leoni 297-305
Types and Personalities
Figures and personalities that I knew Dov Bernstein
a. Rav Yeshaya Zweig 309-310
b. Dr. Yakov (Yany) Herschenhorn 310-311
c. Dr. Yehuda Zeitlin 311-312
d. Herzl Silberman 313
e. Mordechai Silberman 314-315
A Korets Talmid Chacham [Jewish scholar] Shmuel Bar'am 315-316
R' Nisan Brezner Avraham Reiz 317-318
Episodes from the life of Reb Yakov–Yosi Horenstein Herzl Frenkel 318-319
Menachem (Mendel) Gorben Eliezer Achi-Aharon 320-325
The Holocaust
Y i z k o r ! [Remember!] Meir Gilman z”l 331
Six White Candles… A. A. Shkolnikov 332
At the outbreak of the War Meir Kahana 333-335
When the Soviets came Aizik Chimenes 336-337
This is how the town was ruined… Dov Bergel 338-347
The song of the Korets Ghetto 348
”Write this for a memorial in a book”… [Exodus 17:14] Yehudit Kersch (Shapira) 349-356
The last road of our martyrs [Y] Yitzhak Feiner 357-360
On the road to extinction Dr. Yakov Wolach 361-365
The destruction of Korets Moshe Gildenman z”l 366-407
The massacre in the “New City” Avigdor Zayka 408-412
How I escaped from the claws of death Zelig Charif 413-414
The shadow of death Sheindl Chimenes (Yaffa Dembski) 415-420
The troubles and tribulations that I encountered Moshe Gurewitz 421-425
From the big holocaust… Chaia Serber 426-428
What my eyes have seen… Miriam Vidro (Vilner) 429-430
A drop from the sea of blood and tears Dora Rabinowitz (Strassberg) 431-432
How I escaped from the pit of death Shmuel Vidro 433-439
What I missed… [poem] A. S. Shkolnikov 440
In the Path of Suffering and Struggle
Fighting and Struggle in the Forest Dyadya Misha (Moshe Gildenman) z”l 443-450
In the Korets Ghetto and in the woods Batya Zaloska (Fuchs) 451-469
The road to the partisans and to liberation Dov Bergel 470-479
This is how I took revenge on the murderers Zvi Pe'er 480-485
Wandering Yakov Pe'er 486-489
“To Me belongs vengeance and recompense”… [Deut. 32:35] Simcha Gildenman 490-493
In the storm of battle Chaim Bergel 494-497
As a female paratrooper in the Red Army Zahava Me'iri (Serber) 498-499
From the nightmares of those days… Yitzhak Kleiner 500-502
Dyadya Misha z”l S. G. 503-505
Korets After Destruction
Over the ruins of Korets Moshe Gildenman z”l 509-526
The old cemetery in Korets Z. Rutenberg 527-529
Upon my return to the town Simcha Gildenman 530-532
A leaf from the destruction Azriel Beitchman 533-535
Memories Nechama Nelson (Kranzberg) 536-537
The Korets people in Tchelyavinsk (1941-1946) Moshe Neiterman 538-544
My activity in the Bricha movement [”flight” of survivors after WWII] Avraham Vidro 545-550
Y I Z K O R [Remember]
Names of the Korets Jews who perished in the Holocaust 553-720
The activity of the Former Korets Residents Association in Israel Noach Dagoni 723-733
The “Ahavat Achim Anshei Korets Society of Boston” Louis Osher (Leibl Acher) 734-739
Yizkor for the departed members of the Organization
The personality of Pinchas Yaniv (Yentes) Chaim Melamed 741-742
Meir Gilman Yafa Yoeli (Gilman) 742-744
Arye Broda'y (Broder) Zahava Broda'it 744-745
Shraga Zawdi (Zavodnik) Shmuel Bar'am 745-746
Sara Idesis (Yentis) E. H. 746
Fell while Performing Their Duty
Shabtay Drucker Pesia and Chaim Drucker 747
David Weiner Frieda Weiner 748
Eliyahu Wechsler Yakov Bar-Midot 749
Shmuel Perlman Varda Perlman 750
Asher Tzimelgisser Penina Tzimelgisser 751
Yakov Kliefeld (Klik) Arye (Leibush) Kliefeld 752
Fell in the War of Independence
From the book YIZKOR published by the Ministry of Defense
AltsteinYakov (Yanke'le) 753
Ben-Israel Yoram 754
Zuker Shmuel (Mulik) 755
Schwarzman Israel 756
List of Photos and Illustrations 757-760
Index of Names
Persons mentioned in the book (by Hebrew alphabet) 761-785
Table of Contents 787-791

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