List of Jewish names in Korczyna, near Krosno, Galicia

The source indicates the origin of the information:

YA Yad Vashem archives
D Denn files from Korczyna
P Private research, letters and documents

Family Maiden name First name Second name Father's name Mother's name Profession    or dates Status Gender Spouse name Family members Comment Source
Ader   Esther       midwife unclear F       D
Akselrad   Lajbek   Bendet     unclear M       YA
Baum   Adolph         unclear M       YA
Baum   Moses   Adolph     unclear M       YA
Beckhardt   Ted         surv M       P
Denn   Zalman Leib       unclear M       D
Denn Zwanglofs Malka         unclear F Zalman     D
Denn Kalb Sissel       d. Aug 1922 unclear F Haim     D
Denn   Leja   Haim Sissel   unclear M       D
Denn Mendlowicz Hannah         unclear F Israel     D
Denn   Malka         unclear F       D
Denn   Israel         unclear M       D
Denn Mendelowicz Chaje         unclear F Israel     D
Denn   Basche   Israel Chaje b. Feb 1901 unclear F       D
Denn   Beile   Israel Chaje b. Oct 1904 unclear F       D
Denn   Avraham Mendel Israel Chaje b. Oct 1906 unclear M       D
Denn   Blima   Israel Chaje b. Apr 1909 unclear F       D
Denn Dershowicz Suza Suza   Lezer Chana   unclear F Yuda     D
Denn   Rachel   Haim Sissel   unclear F       D
Denn   Hene   Zalman Malka   unclear F       D
Denn   Chaim   Israel Chaje b. May 1911 unclear M       D
Denn   Shulem Wolf Israel Chaje b. Jul 1915 unclear M       D
Dershowitz Gutwein Chana Liebe       unclear F Leser     D
Dershowitz   Hinde         unclear M       D
Dershowitz   Shulem       shochet unclear M       D
Eisen   Shmuel         died M       YA
Eisen   Moses   Aron Esther   perish M       YA
Elias   Mordechai         unclear M Reisel Baltschanker 2 wife   P
Feigenbaum   Moshe         unclear M       YA
Fessel   Dawid         unclear M       YA
Fessel   Mechel   Dawid     unclear M       YA
Freifeld   Leib   Yaacov     unclear M       YA
Freifeld   Yaacov   Leib     perish M     Majdanek YA
Gleicher   Beile         unclear F Avramtsche     YA
Grin   Elimelech         unclear M       YA
Grin   Mindel   Yehshua Rachel   perish F       YA
Grin   Feige         perish M Zishe child   YA
Guterbaum   Bluma         sur F       P
Gutman   Moshe   Yehuda     unclear M       YA
Gutwein   Yudel     Sarah   perish M       P
Gutwein   Malka         perish F Yudel     P
Gutwein   Mindel   Yudel Sarah   perish F       P
Gutwein   Moshe   Yudel Sarah   perish M       P
Gutwein   Nissan   Yudel Sarah   perish M       P
Gutwein   Tzirel   Yudel Sarah   perish F       P
Gutwein   Esther         perish F Haim 4 childr   P
Gutwein   Yochewet   Haim Esther   sur F       P
Gutwein   Meir         sur M       P
Gutwein   Pearl         perish F       P
Gutwein   Rachel         perish F       P
Holloschicz   Hersh         unclear M       YA
Horowitz   Chana   Itzhak Reisel   unclear F       D
Horowitz   Chaskel         unclear M       D
Horowitz   Usher         unclear M       D
Horowitz Kobulanez Hene         unclear F Usher     D
Kalb   Leib       m. Jul 1927 unclear M       D
Kalb Horowitz Chana       m. Jul 1927 unclear F Leib     D
Kalb   Samson   Leib Chana b. Oct 1928 unclear M       D
Kalb   Pinkas Moses Leib Chana b. Apr 1931 unclear M       D
Kalb   Dawid         unclear M       D
Kalb   Leja         unclear F Dawid     D
Korb   Roizy         unclear F       D
Korb   Beila     Roizy m. Jan 1914   F       D
Kuref   Pesla         unclear F       D
Kuref Gebel Moses Josef   Pesla   unclear M       D
Kuref Korb Beila         unclear F Moses     D
Lambig   Elieazar Dawid       killed M       P
Lambig   Lea         killed F Elieazar     P
Lambig   Haim   Elieazar Lea   killed M       P
Lambig   Yehuda         killed M       P
Lamm   Franka         killed F     Korczyn P
Lamm   Malka         killed F     Korczyn P
Lamm   Rachel         killed F     Korczyn P
Landau   Mordechai         perish M       P
Landau   Pearl         perish F Mordechai child   P
Lautman   Moshe         perish M       P
Lautman   Feige         perish F Moshe     P
Lautman   Mordechai   Moshe Feige   perish M       P
Lautman   Benie   Moshe Feige   perish M       P
Lautman   Yehezkel       Judenrat perish M       P
Lautman   Yehiel         perish F       P
Leibner   Nathan Nute         M     USA P
Leibner   Ephraim         sur M     Israel P
Leibner Lustgarten Miriam         sur F Ephraim   Israel P
Leibner   Avaham Meir Ephraim Miriam   perish M       P
Leibner   Tzvi   Ephraim Miriam   sur M     Israel P
Leibner   Aron   Ephraim Miriam   sur M     Israel P
Leibner   Raisel   Ephraim Miriam   perish F       P
Leibner   Pearl           F     USA P
Leibner   Esther         died F stepmother of Nathan   Zmigrod P
Leizer   Shulem Leib       unclear M       D
Mendelowicz   Chaje   Pinkas Sarah   unclear F       D
Mohler   Elieazar         perish M       P
Mohler   Haya Rivka       perish F       P
Mohler   Hersh   Elieazar Haya   perish M Elieazar     P
Mohler   Wolf   Elieazar Haya   perish M       P
Mohler   Moshe   Elieazar Haya   perish M       P
Mohler   Sarah   Elieazar Haya   perish F       P
Mohler   Yanka   Elieazar Haya   perish F       P
Mohler   Raphael   Elieazar Haya   perish M       P
Mohler   Hanoch   Raphael     perish M       P
Neiger   Asher         unclear M       D
Neiger   Hene         unclear F       D
Neiger   Liebe   Asher Ilena b. Sep 1901 unclear F Asher     D
Neuman   Rita         sur F       P
Ostrow   Samuel         sur M       P
Ostrowiecki   Shlomo         sur M       P
Ramras   Shmuel Hersh     teacher unclear M       D
Reck   Beril   Hersh     unclear M       YA
Reck   Haya   Moshe     perish F       YA
Roseman   Fradel   Hersh     perish F     Belzec YA
Rubin   Yochewed         unclear F Shmuel     D
Rubin   Asher   Shmuel Yochewed Rabbi
d. Feb 1931
  M       D
Rubin   Pepi         unclear F Mechel   Krosno P
Rubin   Hadassah         surv F       P
Schechter   Dawid   Dawid     unclear M       YA
Schechter   Meir         perish M       YA
Schechter   Riwka         perish F Meir   Zaslawa YA
Schechter   Mechel   Meir Riwka   perish M     Belzec YA
Schmier   Berl         perish M       P
Schmier   Golda         perish F Berl     P
Schmier   Beile   Berl Golda   perish F       P
Schprung   Yankel         perish M     Aushwitz YA
Schprung   Avraham   Yankel Hannah   unclear M       YA
Schprung   Wolf         unclear M       YA
Schprung   Haya   Wolf     perish F     Aushwitz YA
Tabacznik   Mania         sur F       P
Wachter   Irwing         unclear M       P
Weiss   Baruch       teacher unclear M       P
Zwirn   Bronia   Oscar Bronia   perish F Solomon     P
Zwirn   Dawid   Oscar Bronia   surv         P
Zwirn   Solomon         unclear M       YA
Zwirn   Oscar   Solomon     perish M     Aushwitz YA
Zwirn   Lazar   Oscar Bronia   perish M     Aushwitz YA
Zwirn   Shmuel   Oscar Bronia   perish M     Aushwitz YA

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