[Page 447-456]

List of victims

AlsterBinem, wife Feige, children Deworah, Pearl and Yehudith
AmsterDavid, wife-Charna- and children
Apel--Yaacov Dan, wife- Reitze, son-Shmuel Aron
AxelradItzhak, wife-Cila and child
Axelrad -Shimshon
Beer--Yosef, wifeMalka +daughter Gele
Beer--Haim, wife Nehe+-4 children.
Bezenschtock, Avraham, wife-Ethel +- children: Simha, David, Miriam
Blank, Aron, wife-Lea - children: Miriam and Rivka
Bleichfeld, Avraham yehoshua
Bruder--Hersh Leib, wife-Czarne +- 2 children
Cohen--Haim, wife - Roize +-child
Den--Beer, wife -Hava, children: Yudel, Leizer, Tziporah, Golde and child
Den--Israel Itzhak, wife -Haitshe +-children: Shmuel, Rivkah
Diller--Simha+-children: Yankel, Freidel+husband., Malka +-husband
Dym--Arie, wife+-child .
Eichhorn--Rikel +-husband +-2 daughters
Eichhorn--Shimon +-wife+-2children
Eichhorn--Yankel +-wife+-3 children
Eichhorn--Zishe, wife- Esther+-children Berish, Rivkah, Hannah
Eisen--Aron, wife-Esther Moshe Shabtai +-Zishe
Engelhard--Moshe, wife-Rachel+-daughter Hene
Epstein--Moshe, wife - Hodes +8 children
Erreich--Shmuel, wife - Hannah + children: Matityahu, Naphtali, Reisel
Erreich--Beer, wife +-child
Erreich--Pessel+-child. Hersh, Sarah, dau+-husb
Feigenbaum--Avraham, wife-Haya +- 4 children
Feit--Leizer, wife -Lea
Fenner--Itzhak, wife -Miriam +-child
Ferber--Shimon, wife -Liebe +- 2 children
Ferber--Yosef, wife-Beile +- 2children
Fessek--Moshe David +-children: Benyamin, Sender, Yehoshua, Shmuel Mehel
FesselFeige +-children: Sender, Mindel, Esther, Haya Ite, Breindel
Fessel--Elimelech, daughter Rikel with husband and child, Bertshe
Fessel--Eliezar Lippe Lea
Fessel--Avraham, wife - Lea
Fessel--Haim David, wife- Lea +children: Wolf, Beile, Sarah
Fessel--Beerish, wife-Hannah Tzirel+- children: Sarah, Godel
Firsichbaum--Shlomo +-wife
Frei-- Shaul, wife -Haya+- children Avraham, Bashe, Feige
Freifeld--Rachel+- daughters: Hannah, Rivkah, Feige
Freifeld--Yacov+-wife +- son +-daug
Frenkel--Sender, wife -Rivkah
Freund--Hersh+-children: Shmuel, Yahet*
Freund--Wolf, wife Haya +- 3 children*
Geler--Yanka (worked in the drug store.)
Gleicher--Wolf, wife - Lea +-child Mindel Sender
Green-- Zishe, wife-Feige +- child
Green--Yeshua Leib, wife - Rachel +- children Pessil +-husband, Mindel
Green--Eliyahu, wife- Beila +-2 children
Gutwein--Haim, wife -Esther +- 4 children
Gutwein--Yudel, wife -Malka +-children: Moshe, Nissa, Tzirel, Mindel
HalperinMend +-wife +-child
Halpern--Hersh +-wife +- child
Halpern--Haim, wife - Nehema +-children Hersh, Aron Rachel
Halpern--Mendel, wife- Fradel
Halpern--Yona, wife-Breindel + son Wolf, daughter: Miriam+-husb
Holoschitz--Beile +-Yosef +-children Yehudit, Devorah
Horowitz--Bendet, wife -Rachel+-Berta, daughter
Horowitz--Hava nee Kalb, wife of Moshe, children: Shimshon, Moshe
Horowitz--Itzhak, wife - Reisel
Horowitz-- Naphtali, wife -Rachel + daughter Hannah
Horowitz--Sarah, son Mordecai, his wife Reisel +-child,
Horowitz--Yehezkel, Shlomo, son, Mechel and wife
Infeld--Leibish +- wife
Infeld--Matityahu, wife-Tzeril+-4 children
Infeld--Yantshe, wife - Tzirel+- 4 children
Kandel---Mendel, wife - Hinde
Kanner-- Avraham Itzhak, wife - Lea
Katz-- Hannah Rikel
Katz-Gleicher-- Matityahu, wife -Tzivia+-child.Yehoshua, Nissan, AVRAHAM
Kaufman--Meir, wife - Tziporah + son Israel, + daughter Bashe, daughter
Kirmer-- Sarah
Kirschner--Nahum, wife-Lea
Kirschner--Benyamin+- wife +- 2 children
Kirschner--Wolf, wife-Rivkah+-David Leib, son
Kirschner--Moshe, wife-Ita+-children: Avraham, Esther
Kizelstein--Moshe +-wife+- 2 children
Koref--Haim Wolf, wife -Nehe +- children: Yankel, Gutshe
Kratzer--Pessah, wife - Miriam +- 2 children
Kuplik--Yehoshua, wife -Hene+- children Meir, Shmuel, Malka
Landau--Mordecai, wife-Pearl+-child
Langer--Henie, the daughter of Itzhak Beer
Leichtag--Moshe, wife- Hannah +- 4 children
Leiner--Mordechai and wife +-children
Lerman--Moshe, wife -Haya+- 2 children
Lerner--Yehoshua, wife -Esther+- 4 children
LeviMendel, wife Hannah+- 4 children
Levi--Yaacov +-wife
Lewitman--Yehezkel +-wife
Lewitman--Moshe, wife-Feiga Fessel+-children- Mordechai, Benie
Lieber--Wolf, wife - Hannah+-2 children
Maltz--Yaacov Shaul, wife -Taube+-child ren: Mehel, Itzhak, Yosef, Haya, Sheindel
Margolis--Israel, wife - Haya Liebe +-children: Mehel, Moshe Yaacov, Ethel
Margolis--Yeshayahu, wife-Reisel +-children: Hersh, Nehe, Pearl
Margolis--Bunem, wife Beile Hendel +-children: Gittel, Avraham, Yehoshua
Meisner--Shmuel Hirsh, wife -Sarah +-child
Melamed Zalke, wife-Taube+- Braindel, dau
Melamed--Beile +-child
Mendel, wife-Rivka (Mordechai Rossdeutchers son-in-law)
Pasterna--Tuvia, wife -Matel+-children Eliezer, Bracha, Taube, Hannah+-husb
Penner--Itzhak, wife -Miriam+- child
Pineles-- Zissel, wife-Hene, daughter
Pinter--Avraham, wife -Blime +- child
Podolanski--Shmuel Aaron, wife-Hava +-children: Roize, Motel
Push--Motel +-wife+- 4 children
Raab--Moshe Shmuel+-wife
Raab--Shabtai+-wife +-children: Naphtali, Shmuel, Yona
Rahwal--Raphael, wife - Tzipe +- 2children
Rathaus--Moshe, wife -Ronie +- children: Sarah+-husband, Hene+-husband
Reich--Nachmen Leibish, wife -Rechele +-children: Yossef, Ritze
Rek--Naphtali, wife -Haya +- 4 children
Ringelheim--Eidel+ children: .Moshe Yehoshua, Avraham, Lea Haya, Mindel, Feige
Ritter--Leibish, wife -Beile +-children: Mindel, Mendel
Rosenhandler--Itche, wife-Nissel +-children: Wolf, Leibele
RosenhandlerMotel +-wife
Rosenman--Mendel, wife-Freide +- Lea,
Rossdeitcher--Mordecai, wife-Braindel
Rothenberg--Shimon Wolf, wife - Ethel
Rothenberg--Leibish+-child.Yankel, Pessil
Rothenberg--Hersh Haim, wife - Feige +-children: Yantze, Aron, Leibish, Motel, Lea
Rubin--Oscar +-wife +- child
Rubin--Benyamin, wife -Tile
Rubin--Eliazer Shifra +-8 children
Rubin-- Samuel +-wife
Rubin--Yehoshua, wife - Shprintza +- 2 children
Rubin--Eliyahu, rabbi, wife -Malka +- 6 children
Schechter--Meir, wife-Rywka+-children: Yehezkel, Freidel, Malka
Scheiner--Asher +-wife +-child
Scheiner--Haim Israel+-children: Pinhas, Avraham+-wife
Schenker--Moshe Hersh, wife-Rahel +-children: .Haim, Aron, Menashe, Esther, Hannah
SchiffPearl + daughter, Yocheved
Schiff--Yaacov Pinhas, wife and daughter Nechema
SchiffGetzel, wife- Sarah, + children: Bashe Miriam Wolf
SchimmelMoshe, wife-Hinde
SchlangerKalman, wife -Rivkah
Schmier--Berl, wife-Golde + daughter Beile
SchperberKalman +-wife
Schpitz--Nahum, wife -Fradel
Schprung--Avraham +-wife+-child
Schprung--Yankel, wife-Hannah + son Yosef
Schreiber--David, wife-Sima +- 2 children
Schwerd--Eliyahu, wife-Lea +- 3 children
Teller-- Shmuel Aaaron, wife -Hene +-children: Lieber, Yankel, Mendel+-2daughters
Tuchman--Mordecai, wife-Ethel +- child
Tzwik--Nathan, wife - Sarah
Weber--Yosef +-wife .
Weber--Aron, wife-Dinah
Weinig--Naphtali, wife - Treine+- children: Wolf, Leib, Avraham
Weinstein--Rachel Leah+- children: Ephraim+-wife, Mendel, Haya
Weissman-- Moshe, wife - Hannah +-Simha, son
Weissman--Yehiel, wife - Lea +- children: Reisel, Yente
Wekselbaum--Shlomo +-wife
Whitman--Moshe, wife-Frimet
Wilner-- Moshe+-children: Aidel+-husband -Feibish, Frumet
Wohlmut--Yehoshua Heshel, wife - Pertshe +- 4 children
Zilberberg--Yosef, wife -Hendel
Zilberberg-- Itzhak, wife -Esther + son Avraham,
Zilberberg-- Avraham

* Note:

The following names were taken word for word from the victims listed in the Korczyna Yizkor book but nevertheless are in error in the original print.
Hersh and Leib Wolf Freund were brothers of my Great grandmother Esther Wasserberg née Freund.

FREUND Hersh+children: Shmuel, Yahet Korczyna
FREUND Wolf, wife Haya + 3 children Korczyna

This is incorrect. Haya was Hersh's daughter His wife Roiza died before the Holocaust. They are all in the picture on page 480 in the Korczyna YB dedicated by Hersh's surviving son, my cousin Benzion a“h.
Leib Wolf's wife name was Scheindel Josefowicz. His three children that were killed were Surah, Yaakov, and Yachet (after the same paternal grandmother as Hersh's daughter.) Leib Wolf's children used their mother maiden name Josewicz (Josefovitz) of his two sons that survived the war, (page 283 Korczyna YB) Max (Mordechai Tzvi) died about two years ago and Martin (Moshe) is still living in Queens. He's about 94. There is a picture of Leib Wolf and his family in Jack Joseph's book “An unbelievable thing”. Jack Joseph is a nephew of Scheindel Josephowicz. Last I asked he was still around at age 84.

Dovid Shatz Return

[Page 454-455]

List of Korczyner Jews that were murdered by the Germans in other cities and Jews
from other areas that were murdered in Korczyn during the month of Av in the year Tashab

City of Krosno. Korczyner Jews murdered in Krosno

Akselrad, Bendet and his wife Tzila
Akselrad, Shmuel and his wife
Akselrad, Meshulem
Diller, Yossef and his wife and children
Ettinger, Moshe and his wife and children
Hoizner, Yudel and his wife Beile nee Platner
Horowitz, Ben Zion and his wife Sarah
Horowitz, Moshe, the son of Ben Zion
Kriger, Baruch and his wife Sarah
Kriger, Elimelech son of Baruch
Kriger, Hersh son of Baruch
Kriger, Braindel daughter of Baruch
Krieger, Shifra daughter of Baruch
Kriger, Yaacov son of Baruch
Platner, Mordechai and his wife Hanah
Platner, Dobtche, daughter of Mordechai
Privirt, Benyamin and his wife and children
Scheiner, Naphtali
Tischler, Yossef and his wife Rachel
Tischler, Dov
Tischler, Tziporah
Tischler, Yehiel Aron
Tischler, Sarah
Tischler, Elimelech
Weinber, Itzik and his wife
Weinberg, Mendel
Weinberg, Nissan
Weinberg, Sima Beile

Krosner families murdered in Korczyn

Lambig, Eliazar
Lambig, Dawid
Lambig, Lea
Lambig, Haim
Lam, Malka
Lam, Rachel Lam, Franko Mahler, Eliazar
Mahler, Haya Rivka wife Eliezar
Mahler, Hersh
Mahler, Wolf
Mahler, Raphael
Mahler, Moshe
Mahler, Sarah
Mahler, ;Hersh
Mahler, Yanka

[Page 456]

Korczyner Jews murdered in other places

Englard, Wolf and wife and children
Holloshitz, Shmuel Aron and wife
Holloshitz, Mordechai and family
Holloshitz, Moshe and family
Holloshitz, Ethel, her husband and children
Holloshitz, Esther, her husband and family
Holloshitz, Sarah and husband
Willner, Shmuel and wife and children
Willner, Shimon and wife and children
Willner Avraham and wife and children
Fischler, Eli and wife and children
Kaufman, Avraham and wife and children
Kaufman, Yaacov
Kaufman, Sime wife of Yaacov
Strassberg, Zishe and wife and children

Jews from Ikrzenia

Fennig, Eli
Fennig, Manes
Fennig, Hesse
Fennig, Vite

Jews from Kombornia

The Feit family, individual names unknown

Jews from Krosczienko

The Shtern family, individual names unknown

Jews from Adzikon and Toraszowka, names unknown

May God avenge the victims

[Page 457]

In memory to the saints

The hundreds of Jews from various towns
From Krakow, Radom, Kielce, Lodz and other places
That the Germans sent to Korczyn and murdered them with the Korczyner Jews in the month of Av in the year Tashab

[Page 458]

Eternal memorial page in memory of my dear parents
Shimshon the son of Itzhak Englard, my father
Feige the daughter of Shlomo Gimpel, Englard, my mother
Bashe Enlard and her husband Tzvi Haim, my sister and brother in law
Frimet, their three year old daughter
Zev Englard, his wife and three children, my brother
Dworah Englard, my sister

The Germans murdered all in the month of Av Tashab. Itzhak Englard

[Page 459]

Picture on the right of Feige Englard and left of Dworah Englard
The Germans in Av of Tashab murdered them. Itzhak Englard-Wasserstrum

[Page 460]

Eternal memorial page in eternal memory.
To our parents and sisters that were murdered by the Germans in 1944 in Auschwitz
Our father, Israel the son of Haim Englard, died in Lodz in Heshvan, Tartzah
Our mother, Sara Hadas Englard, murdered in Auschwitz in 1944
Our three sisters; Dworah Hendel, Yochewed Miriam and Tziporah Mindel
The Germans murdered them in 1944 in Auschwitz
Haim Englard and Rachel Englard-Wasserstrum, New York

[Page 461]

Eternal memorial page in eternal memory.
My uncle Moshe Englard, his wife Rachel and their daughter Hene
The Germans murdered all in Av, Tashab, Korczyn. Itzhak Englard

[Page 462]

Eternal memorial page for the victims by relatives
Yossef Shaul Frei sh
Haya Frei, wife of Yossef, sh
Their three children: Avraham, Bashe and Feige Frei
The Germans murdered all in Av, Tashab, Korczyn. Itzhak Englard-Wasserstrum

[Page 463]

Eternal memorial page for the victims by relatives
Arieh Leib Rothenberg sh
Yaacov Rothenberg, son of Arieh sh
Pesil Rothenberg, daugh of Arieh sh
The Germans murdered all in Av, Tashab, Korczyn. Itzhak Englard

[Page 464]

Eternal memorial page for a close friend
The Saint Yossef Reich sh
Died in the death camp of Plaszow at the hands of the Germans, Itzhak Englard

[Page 465]

Eternal memorial page for my closest and dearest friend
The Saint Yossef Weber and his wife sh
The Germans killed them in the month of Elul Tashab. Itzhak Englard

[Page 466]

Eternal memorial page in memory of my family
Picture of the family. My wife Esther Eichorn sh
My son Berish Eichorn, my daughters; Rivka and Hannah Eichorn, sh
Zishe Eichorn, Jerusalem

[Page 467]

Eternal memory
To my brother Yehoshua Zucker and his wife sh
Killed in 1942 in Czechoslovakia. Moshe Zucker New York

[Page 468]

Eternal memorial for my family that perished
My father, Berish Dov the son of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
My mother, Alte Chana Tzirel the daughter of Ethel and Shimon Z. Rothenberg
My sister, Sarah, dau of Berish sh
My sister, Feige Rachel dau of Berish sh
My brother, Gadel Asher son of Berish sh
My grandfather, Shimon Wolf the son of Hanna and Leibish Rothenberg sh
My grandmother, Ethel the daughter of Gadel Asher and Sarah Gutwein
My grandfather, Eliezar Lipa, the son of Naphtali Pessel
Uncle, Moshe the son of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
Uncle, Eliyahu the son of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel and his wife
Uncle, Naphtali the son of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
Aunt, Tzirel the dau of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
Aunt, Rachel the dau of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
The husband of Rachel, Berish the son of Elimelech Fessel
Aunt, Hannah the dau of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
Aunt, Haitche the dau of Lea and Eliezar Lipa Fessel
Rachel Freifeld and her daughters
The daughter of Hannah and Leibish Rothenberg
Hersh Haim and the entire family, son of Hannah and Leibish Rothenberg
Yehuda Gutwein and his entire family, son of Gadel Asher and Sara Gutwein
The entire family of Gutwein Aron and Yantche Infeld
The entire family of Elimelech Fessel the son of Naphtali Fessel
Hersh Tzvi Fessel and his wife the son of Naphtali Fessel
Eternal Rest. May God avenge them
Yaacov Itzhak Fessel, Stockholm Sweden

[Page 469]

In memory of my dear parents
Picture on the right of Dov Berish Fessel sh, the son Eliezer Lipa
Picture on the left of Hannah Alte Tzirel, daughter. of Shimon Zev Rothenberg sh
Yaacov Itzhak Fessel, Stockholm Sweden

[Page 470]

Eternal memorial to parents and family. The Germans murdered them.
My father, Eliezer the son of Naphtali Yossef Raab sh
My mother, Haya the daug. of Moshe Shmuel sh
My brother, Moshe Shmuel and his wife Sara sh
My sister Freida Sarah Rivka and her husband Sender Frenkel sh
My sister Matil and her husband Yaacov Werner with their children sh
Naphtali Werner and Shprintze Werner and their daughter. Gnendil Werner sh
Hene Feige Werner and her husb. Herz Engel and their children
Lemil, Eliezar and Yeshayahu Engel sh
My sister, Bluma and her husband Itzhak Hebenschrit and their children
Perl, Rachel and Leah Hebenschrit sh
My sister, Feige and her husband Mordechai Yossef Taube and their children
Moshe, Ben Tzion and Bluma Taube sh
Dwoshe Rubin, New York

[Page 471]

In memory of the victims
Pictures, top page, Sender Frenkel sh and his wife Rivka [nee Rubin] Frenkel
Bottom page, Moshe Shmuel Raab sh, center, Hadas Epstein sh wife of Moshe Epstein and Rivka Dym sh wife of Arie Dym.

[Page 472]

Eternal memorial to my parents, brothers and sisters.
They were muredered by the Germans in Av of Tashab [ 12th of August, 1942 ] in
My father,         Dawid Ringelheim
My mother,         Eidel
My brothers; Moshe, Yehoshua, Avraham Ringelheim
My sisters; Lea, Haya, Esther, Feige and Mindel
Wolf Ringelheim, New York

[Page 473]

Picture of Dawid Ringelheim and his family
Wolf Ringelheim, New York

[Page 474]

Eternal memorial
My father,         Yehoshua Kuflick
My mother, Hene Kuflick
My brothers, Meir and Shmuel Kuflick
My sister,         Malka Kuflick
Simha Kuflick, New York

[Page 475]

Eternal memorial
Pictures, top right, my father, Haim Halpern
My mother, Nehema Halpern
My brother, Tzvi Hersh Halpern
Bottom right, My brother, Aron Halpern
My sister, Rachel Halpern
Leibish Atlas-Halpern, New York

[Page 476]

Eternal Memorial
My father, Mordechai Platner
My mother, Hannah Platner
My sister Beile Platner and her husband Yudel Hoizner
My sister Dobtche Platner
My brother Yossef Platner
Israel Platner, Toronto Canada

[Page 477]

Eternal Memorial
To our parents, brothers and sisters. They were muredered by the Germans in Av of Tashab [12th of August 1942] in Korczyn.
My father, Moshe Tzvi Schenker
My mother, Rachel Schenker
My brothers; Mordechai, Haim Zev, Aron, Menashe Schenker
Picture of Aron Schenker on the page
My sisters; Esther and Hannah Malka Schenker
Yossef and Pinhas Schenker, Toronto Canada

[Page 478]

Eternal Memorial
The Germans killed them
My father, Shimon Beer from Jaszlisek
My mother Taube Yochewed Beer
My sisters; Miriasm and Malka Beer
May God avenge their death
Aron Atlas, Jerusalem

[Page 479]

In memory to the victims
Picture on the right, Shimon Akselrad and his daughter Hinde Akselrad
Picture on the left, Itzhak Akselrad and His wife and sister Hinde Akselrad

[Page 480]

In memory to the victims
Picture of Hersh Freund
His wife, his son Shmuel and his daughters Haya and Yahet Freund
Ben Zion Freund, New York

[Page 481]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Simha Diller, shamash
Top left, Shmuel Aron Teller
Bottom right, Avraham Feigenbaum
Bottom left, Nathasn Zwick

[Page 482]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Avraham Frei
Top left, Avraham Schprung
Bottom right, Motel Push
Bottom left, Yaacov [Yankel] Freifeld

[Page 483]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Yaacov [Yankel ] Diller
Top left, Hersh Margolies, son of Yehoshua Margolies
Bottom right, Hersh Leib Brode
Bottom left, Dawid Shreiber, Meshulem Weinstein's son in law

[Page 484]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top Miriam Kaufman
Bottom right, Rachel [Rechtche ] Horowitz
Bottom left, Hannah Horowitz daughter of Rachel Horowitz

[Page 485]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top left, Rachel Freifeld and her daughters
Bottom right, Feige Freifeld
Bottom center, Esther nee Freifeld Kirzner-Zilberberg
Bottom left, Hannah Rivka Freifeld

[Page 486]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Hannah Pasternak
Top left, Tcharne Feit-Amster
Bottom right, Eidel Willner-Schechter
Bottom left, Jendel Gleicher-Zilberberg

[Page 487]

Eternal memmorial for the Kaufman family
My brother, Meir the son of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Korczyn
My brother Avraham the son of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Antwerp Belgium
My sister, Feige the dau of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Przenysl
My sister, Gittel the dau of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Antwerp, Belgium
My sister, Braindel the dau of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Lemberg
My sister, Roize the dau of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Krosno
My sister, Golde the dau of Haim Eliyahu, killed in Lemberg
The Germans during WWII killed them all
Shmuel Arie Kaufman, Israel

[Page 488]

Eternal memorial for my parents and family
My father, Menahem Mendel the son of Avraham Weissman
My mother Freide Ita Weissman
My sister Esther Weissman and her husband Haim Dawid Zwiebel and their
children; Hersh Pinhas, Tirzah, Nehe, Rivka Zwiebel sh
My sister Haya Weissman and her husbandhAIM Reuven Rubin and their
Children Rivka and her husband Hersh, Golda, and Malka Rubin
Haim Hersh Weissman and his wife Sara and their children
Meir Weissman and his wife Yehudit
Reisel Weissman and her husband Itzhak Kanarek
Niha Weissman-Rand died
Shulem Weissman, Jerusalem

[Page 489]

An eternal memorial to my parents
My father, Shmuel the son of Avraham
My mother, Golde the daughter of Tzvi
Sarah Dawidowitz, New York

An eternal memorial to my parents
My father, Betzalel the son of Moshe Zilberman
My mother, Sarah Taube the daug. of Yehiel Zilberman
My sisters; Rivka and Hannah Malka Zilberman
Meir Zilberman, New York

An eternal memorial to my parents
My father, Zelig the son of Avraham Langer
My mother, Freidel the dau of Avraham
Haya Langer New York

An eternal memorial to my parents
My father, Dawid the son of Meshulem Akselrad
My mother,         Hawa
My brother, Gedalia the son of Dawid
Yaacov Aleksander, Israel

[Page 490]

In memory to the victims of Ikrzenia
They were murdered by the Germans in Korczyn in Av of Tashab
Pictures, top right, Eliyahu Fennig
Top left, Manes Fennig
Bottom right, Hesse Fennig
Bottom left, Vite Fennig
In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Simha Diller, shamash
Top left, Shmuel Aron Teller
Bottom right, Avraham Feigenbaum
Bottom left, Nathasn Zwick

[Page 491]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Yossef Shtern from Krosczenko
Top left, Avraham Feit from Kombornia
Bottom right, Eliyahu Horowitz, birth place unknown
Bottom left, Mordechai Horowitz, birth place unknown
They were all killed in Korczyn in Av of Tashab

[Page 492]

In memory to the victims
Pictures, top right, Hersh Dawid Friedman from Krakow
Top left, Liebe Friedeman from Zastow near Krakow
Bottom, Paula Gutreich, birth place unknown
They were all killed in Korczyn in Av of Tashab

[Page 493]

An eternal memorial to our parents
The Germans killed them
Our father,         Yaacov thye son of Aron Ader
Our mother,         Esther the daug. of Mechel Ader
Our brother, Itche Ader and his wife and children
Our brother,         Benyamin Ader and his wife and daughter
Our sister, Roize Ader and her husband Meshel and their son and daug.
Our sister, Haya Ader and her husband and daughter
Our sister         Perl Ader
Our sister         Sara Ader
Yossel Ader and Malka [nee Ader] Tenzer, New York

[Page 494]

[Page 495]

An Explanation

The pictures of the victims on pages 481-492 we received from Zishe Eichorn.
Hundreds of Jews from near and far received shelter in Korczyn. The reasons were varied, some thought a small place would offer protection from the Germans and the Germans brought some there. About two weeks before the liquidation of the Jewish community, the Judenrat ordered all Jews to bring identification photos. These photos remained in the office of the Jewish community after the destruction of the community. The Polish authorities removed hundreds of pictures from the office of the community and they found their way into private hands. Some of the landsmen managed to obtain some of these photos and a few sent them to us. We memorialized for eternity those pictures that we received. May the few pictures symbolize the entire Jewish community of Korczyn and other places that were killed in the month of Av in the year of Tashab.
May God avenge their deaths.

List of names that appear in the Korczyn Yizkor book and their occupations.

The “sh” notation indicates that they were killed during the shoah

Akselrad, Meshulem very well do in Korczyn
Atlas Aron, grandson of Hirsh Halpern
Atlas, Leibish survived war
Baletschanker Mordechai Hersh
Bau Rikel nee Eichorn + husband and 2 children. sh
Beck Zishe
Ber Fishel Haim
Bezenshtock Simha supplied merchandise from Tarnow sh
Bezenshtock, Avraham sh
Bezenshtock, Dawid son oof Avra sh
Bezenshtock, Ethel wife of Avra.        sh
Bezenshtock, Miriam, daugh of Avra. sh
Bezenshtock, Simha, son oof Avra sh
Blank Aaron owner of tavern, died in Russia
Blank Lea wife of Aaron, sh
Blank Meir son of Aaron, survived in Russia
Blank Miriam dau. of Aaron, sh
Blank Rivka dau. of Aaron, sh
Brener, Israel lived in Domaradz
Kirschner David Leib shot by polish policeman. Son of Wolf sh
Dawidowicz Moshe
Den Haim as Haimel Broider, influential individual
Denn Itsche
Denn, Leizer sh
Dorschowitz Israel Meir
Dym Arie, single, disappeared in Russia
Dym Haim
Dym Naphtali, family survived in Russia
Dym, Chaim
Dym, linen production
Eichorn Berish son of Zishe, d. in Russia
Eichorn Braindel wife of Chaim, d.
Eichorn Chaim d
Eichorn Esther, wife of Zishe + Rivka aged 18 and Hanah aged 16, sh
Eichorn Esther, wife of Zishe sh
Eichorn Hanah daugh. of Zishe sh
Eichorn Jacob + wife + 3 children, sh
Eichorn Rivka daugh. of Zishe sh Eichorn Simon +wife +2 child. sh
Eichorn Zishe son Chaim, survived in Russia
Eichorn, Blima dau of Chaim sh
Eidel, the daughter of Moshe Willner
Epstein, Moshe shot by the Gestapo sh
Erreich, Ber member of the Judenrat, sh
Erreich, Hanah Pessel nee Eichorn, wife of Shmuel + 3 child. sh
Erreich, Shmuel sh
Fessel Itzhak
Fessel Moshe Dawid, sh
Firsichbaum Shlomo + wife shot
Frei Shaul, services were held in his home
Freund Leib Wolf
Gadli, my Hebrew teacher
Geller Yanka sh
Gleiche Avramtsche r, son of Mendel Gleicher. Lived in Krosno. Killed in Dinow
Gleicher, Wolf restaurant owner
Gleicher Mendel very well do do people in Korczyn
Gleicher Yudel. son of Avra. Gleicher. Lived in Krosno. Killed in Dinow
Grin Eli, member of the Judenrat, sh
Grin Zishe, single, disappeared in Russia
Gutwein Godele, owned house
Gutwein Sarah charity
Guzik Wolf Yankel
Halpern Mendel, the son of Yona, judenrat police sh
Halpern Naphtali Hirtz
Halpern, Chaim
Halpern. Herz owned house
Hannah Malka, the glazier
Holloshicz, Jehudith, shot by the Gestapo
Holloshitz, Yosef owned vinegar factory
Horowitz Michael
Horowitz Naphtali
Horowitz Shlomo family survived in Russia
Horowitz, Shlomo member of the Judenrat, sh
Infeld Naphtali member of the Judenrat, sh
Infeld, Yantsche
Ita Kirschner wife of Moshe Kirschner sh
Kamelhar Yekutiel
Kanner Itzhak
Kanner, Avraham Itzhak, nicknamed Peitash
Katz Eli Wolf
Kaufman Shmuel Leib
Kaufman, Haim Eliyahu owned soda factory
Kawalek, mother and son sh
Kirschner Meir Nachum
Kirschner Michael owner of house
Kirschner Naphtali, the son of Moshe, judenrat police sur.
Kirschner Wolf and his 12 year old son, apple dealer shoah
Kokolin Percze nee Katz, aunt of Zishe Eichorn sh
Kokoshka Shmuel Aron
Korb Mrs., the wife of Yossef Korb and infant, shot by the Gestapo
Korb, Yossef
Koref, Haim Wolf, cigarretee store owner
Koref Yantsche single, disappeared in Russia
Koref.Chaim Wolf sh
Kratzer, Pessah Haim Halpern's son in law sh
Krawtchik [ Schiff] Bashe
Leichtog Chana and children. Wife of sochet sh Leichtog Moshe the shochet sh
Levy Yaacov, pharmacist sh.
Lewitman Moshe sh
Lewitman Moshe the son, lived in Germany sh
Lewitman Yehezkel assistant head the Judenrat.sh
Lezer Aisik, family survived in Russia
Lezer Avraham, family survived in Russia
Lezer, linen production
Maltz Yossef, shot by the Gestapo
Margolies Bunem, owned metal store
Margolies Israel supplied merchandise from Krakow sh
Mechale Moshe
Mechel Kirchner died
Meisner Raphael
Meisner Sam
Melamed Zalke
Mendel Halpern, , the son of Hertz, member of the Judenrat, sh
Holoshitz. Mendel survived war
Shroit, Mendel
Mendel Weinstein, single, disappeared in Russia
Mener, Fishel
Kirschner Moshe, ritual slaughterer sh
Rothenberg Moshe
Moshe Willner's son –in-law, husband of Eidel shot by the Gestapo sh
Pinter Yehezkel family survived in Russia
Pinter, linen production
Pinzel, Naphtali, the dumb one, shot by the Gestapo
Platner Israel
Platner Israel
Podlanski, Sima sur
Raab Eliezar services were held in his home
Raab, Naphtali and his descendants called Raabes, very well do do people in Korczyn
Raab, Shabtai sh
Raab Avraham,
Raab Elieazar, brother of Elieazar
Rapport Wolf
Rapport, Wele, very well do people in Korczyn
Reck Naphtali
Reich Avraham Yossel
Reich Nachman Leibish -Belzer hassid, d
Reich Shaul
Reich Yossele sh
Reich, Bashe Welke
Reich, linen production
Reich, Shaul
Reuven Yossef
Ringelheim Dawid
Ritter, Leibish
Rosenman Mendel, single, disappeared in Russia
Rossenhendler Hersh Yankel
Rosshendler Itsche, owner of metal store, nicknamed Broider
Rosshendler Motel sh
Rosshendler, Motel sh
Rosshendler, Hersh Yaacov
Rosshendler, Itsche sh
Rothenberg, Moshe very well do do people in Korczyn
Rothenberg. Moshe
Rubin, Mendel. very well do do people in Korczyn
Rubin Benyamin
Rubin Eli Rabbi of Korczyn sh
Rubin Eliezar who moved into the apartement of his brother, Mendel
Rubin Eliyahu -rabbi
Rubin linen production
Rubin Mendel, family survived in Russia
Rubin Mordechai Eliezar- rabbi
Rubin Shmuel Aaron-rabbi
Rubin, Oscar a grand son of of Benyamin Rubin. head the Judenrat.sh
Rubin, Shmuel-rabbi
Schiff Mordechai - Bashe Motik's
Schiff Getzil
Schiff Jochewed
Schiff Yochewed sh
Schiff, Leibele, haulage company sh
Schprung Yankel
Schroit, Mendel very well do do people in Korczyn, d
Shprung, Yankel sh
Rubin Simha the son of Mendel Rubin
Stretiner Dawid
Tulipan Bluma, nee Eichorn wife of Ephraim +3 child. sh
Tulipan Ephraim sh
Tzeiger Haim Levi, scholar
Wasserstrom Itzhak Englard
Wasserstrom Shlomo Gimpel
Weber Yossef
Weber Rothenberg Yossef
Weber. linen production
Weber. Yossef member of the Judenrat, sh
Weissberger Karol, manager at Weglowka sh
Weissman Mendel
Weissman Shulem
Weissman Zeev
Willner Feibush, son of Moshe Willner, shot by the Gestapo sh
Willner, linen production
Willner, Moshe
Kirschner, Wolf shot by polish policeman. Son of Mechel sh
Zucker- Haim
Zucker Moshe

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