Memorial book of Otvotsk and Kartshev
(Otwock, Poland)   (Karczew, Poland)
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Translation of
Yisker-bukh; Otvotsk-Kartshev

Editor: Sh. Kanc

Tel Aviv 1968

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This is a translation of: Yisker-bukh; Otvotsk-Kartshev (Memorial book of Otvotsk and Kartshev),
Editors: Sh. Kanc, Former Residents of Otvotsk-Kartshev, Tel Aviv 1968 (H, Y 1086 columns)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Karczew (1968)

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Book Committee

Israel Eidelman
Nathan Gelbard (Noske)
Shalom Goldstein
Moshe Goldstein
Israel Zlotkovski
Meir Yarkoni, chairman
Arie Lederman
Shimon Marcusfeld
Moshe Fanitzman
Moshe Rechtman
Shalom Rechtman

Translated by Yocheved Klausner

History of the town Book Committee  
S. Kantz  
M. Fanitzman  
S. Goldstein  
M. Skatnitzki  
M. Goldstein  
M. Yarkoni  
Rebbes, Rabbis and Hassidim I. Idelman  
S. Katz  
Dr. S. Bikel  
A. Kalish  
A. Khamiel  
M. Alberstein  
M. Bornstein  
Parties and Organizations A. Lederman  
Yitzhak Turok  
M. Rechtman  
S. Katz  
S. Sokol  
S. Mei-Tzur (Minzberg)  
M. Schieff  
I. Novik  
N, Katz-Kotzik  
M. Yarkoni  
A. Kaminski  
I. Idelman  
P. Kaufman  
B. Feldman  
I. Zlotkovski  
P. Finkelstein  
N. Gelbard  
L. Lifschitz  
I. Riva  
P. Scherman  
A. Lederman  
S. Finkman  
K. Itzkowitz  
M. Goldstein  
I. Perel  
Dr. Ch. Stein  
S. Simchowitz  
Way of Life and Personalities I. Hoffer  
M. Alberstein  
M. Rechtman  
N. Gelbard  
D. Mendel  
M. Goldstein  
S. Katz  
M. Yarkoni  
I. Idelman  
I. Turkow  
M. Fenitzman  
A. Khamiel  
H. Gottkind  
A. Barenstein  
S. Landoy  
M. Barenstein  
K. Benek  
I. Zlatkovski  
P. Rosenberg  
S. Gerling  
M. Kassman-Yablonski  
I. Liebeskind  
Z. Lebenbaum  
D. Schieff  
A. M. Perel  
I. Botlinski  
A. Beyer  
S. Edelstein  
Dr. A. Rabinowitz  
A. Zhelazni  
A. Kaganovski  
B. I. Rosen  
B. Teitelbaum  
The Story of Karczew I. Zlatkovski  
H. Geyer  
Ch. L. Lifschitz  
R. Yagadowitz  
K. Yedvav  
G. Rosenblum  
R. Bassan-Eisenstark  
A. Ungar  
I. I. Kellerman  
M. Rosenblatt  
The Horrors of the Holocaust A. Parchodnik  
B. Orenstein  
I. Perel  
I. Tovim  
M. Schulstein  
N. Katz-Kotzik  
Dr. Ringelblum  
I. Barodzki-Gantarski  
I. Turkow  
M. Kassman  
M. Kalkowitz  
D. Schieff  
M. Braff  
A. Gelblum  
S. Vigodski  
Upon the Ruins M. Rakovski  
D. Halperin  
D. Schieff  
M. M. Braff  
Chronicle of Bravery S. Gerling  
R. Walevski  
M. Braff  
S. Rubin  
I. Klamberg  
M. Yarkoni  
L. Galambyavski  
List of Martyrs (Necrology)  
  List of Martyrs 1055


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