Kamen Kashirskiy Book
(Kamen’-Kashirskiy, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer ha-zikaron le-kehilat Kamien Koszyrski ve-ha-seviva

Edited by: A. A. Stein, et al.

Published in Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Kamin Koshirsky
and surroundings in Israel, 1965 (H,Y)

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Nancy Biederman


This is a translation from: Sefer ha-zikaron le-kehilat Kamien Koszyrski ve-ha-seviva, Kamen Kashirskiy Book
ed. A. A. Stein, et al., Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Kamin Koshirsky and surroundings in Israel, 1965 (H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kamin Kashyrskyi

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Translated by Selwyn Rose (Hebrew)
and Archie Barkan and Lazer Mishulovin (Yiddish)

Chapter TitleAuthorPage #
Hebrew Section
Map   9
Introduction Chaim Lazar Litai 13
The Jewish Town That No longer Exists A. Ramba 21
Foreword The Editorial Board 25
The Activities in Israel of the Jewish Survivors of Kamin-Koshirski and its Surroundings Fishel Leizeruk 27
Events and Dates to Remember   31
The Towns as They Were in Their Time and Place
The Beginnings of Kamen-Kashirskiy Y. Krost / A.M. Orzhitser 37
An Exemplary and Glorious Community Baruch Melamed 39
My Town – Kamien-Koszyrski Shmuel Aba Klurman 43
Childhood in the Shadow of Pogroms Bracha Gazit 45
Childhood and Youth in a Village Bat-Sheva Rabiner 49
Memories of Kamen-Kashirskiy Mina Karsh-Soloveitchik 53
The Uniqueness of Our Town Yosef Gananni 55
The Zionist Movement in Our Town Yaakov Plot 57
The Beginnings of “Hashomer Hatza’ir” in Our Town Bracha Ben Yehonatan 61
The “Freiheit” Organization Ze’ev Vaton 63
The Founding of the School and Its Influence in the Village D. Kuten 65
The Dayanim Controversy Abish Klurman 69
The War of Yesterday and Tomorrow Baruch Stoller 71
My Town Glusha Berl Greenberg 73
A Visit to the Town after its Destruction Moshe Paltieli (Plot) 81
Mala Glusha and Wielka Glusha Reuven Grabov 85
The Jews of Vul'ka Shchityn’ska and Cherche Yoel Eidess / Iser Oremland 87
Mala Glusha and the Surrounding Area Reuven Grabov 89
The Holocaust and Heroism
September 1939 – the Beginning of the End Shmuel Abba Klurman 101
The Holocaust – Outbreak of the War Avraham Biber 103
Thus was I Saved Scheindl Buckler 113
Avenged and Paid For Ben-Zion Malik 122
From the Mouth of Survivors D. Kattan 125
Rosh Hashanah in the Forest Moshe Paltieli (Plot) 129
A Little Girl Among Wolves Masha Wolfstall 131
The Forest Gathered Us Ze'ev Ingberg 143
Annihilation and Vengeance Dov Amit (Berish Drug) 145
The Destruction of Pnevno Mendel Chazan 177
By the Grace of the Rabbi's Kaddish Moshe Paltieli (Plot) 187
The Jewish Partisan’ War in Eastern Europe Moishe Kahanowitz 189
About the Village that Was – and is Not Simcha Lavi 199
People and Personalities
Images Baruch Melamed 205
The Rabbi Benzion Gynzberg z”l Eliezer Gynzberg 211
Two Old People Noah Cohen 213
Reb Yitzhak Ben Shalom Friedmann Benjamin Barg 215
A Portrait of the Ritual Slaughterer Yitzhak, The Son of Reb Moishe Yisroel Poznanski 217
Baruch Rubinstein z”l and his Family Avraham Biber 219
My Father, Mordecai Lehrmann Bracha Ben-Yehonatan 221
A Portrait of Yosef (Yossele) Segal z”l Dov Amit (Berish Drug) 223
To The Memory of Our Dear Ones, Deprived of Their Lives at the Hands of the Nazis Nechama Greenstein 223
My Mother, Malka Gortenstein Yosef Gananni 225
Hanniah Malik Frieda Malik 227
Shmuel Wolinietz Berl Greenberg 229
Lema Klurman Bracha Ben-Yehonatan 231
Lema – The Builder and Hero Asher Shofet (z”l) 233
Lema – The Personality Simcha Lavi 235
Baruch-Asher Shapira Eliezer Shapira 235
To the Memory of Moishe (Munick) Zeltzer Moishe Font 243
Yiddish Section
Foreword The Editorial Board 249
The Town in Construction
Various Sources about Kamen-Kashirskiy A.M. Arzhitser / J. Krost 251
Historic Features/Traits of Kamen-Kashirskiy B. Melamed 255
The Beginning of the Jewish Community In Kamen-Kashirskiy Y. Plot 257
Our Town and the Neighboring Towns Yaakov Plot 261
A Pack of Recollections Yaakov Plot 263
The Creation of the S.S. Organization Isaac Solomon Plot 279
Saturday and Sunday in Town Baruch Melamed 281
Fairs and Market Days Y. Ben-Moshe 285
My Home Khave Litvinsky Zafran 287
The Yiddish Kamen-Kashirskiy M. Zafran 289
From Kamen to the Land of Israel Brokhe Factorovitz 291
The Town and My Father’s House Mordecai Zafran 297
Under Soviet Rule Y. Plot 305
A Communist Gathering - A Zionist Elected as Representative Y. Ben-Moshe 311
My Memories of Home Dvore Gooz 313
I Recall Rayzl-Gitl Plot Winograd 315
Two Towns J. Konishtser 319
The Importance of Lyubeshov Fishl Layzeruk 327
Memories of Lyubeshov A. M. A. 329
My Little Town Lyubeshov Khane Elyavitch De Manker 331
Pnevno Israel Begun 337
Pnevno My Town Brurye Freedman-Gebovny 341
Jews of Glusha Joshua Swartz 343
Memories of Glusha Joshua Swartz 347
My Birth Town, Mala Glusha Sawsye Kandel De Shander 351
The Temple Court Near Kamen Meyer Eisen 353
Khoteshiv Leybl Bakler 355
Memories of Politsy Yerachmiel Tsinovich 357
Martyr Anthology and Resistance
Pogroms, Self-Defense and Conflict Abish Klurman 365
The Bandit Army of Bulak-Balakhovich Yaakov Plot 397
Describes a Pogrom in Kamen Kashirskiy and Surroundings On Rosh Hashanah 1920 Hillel Zeitlin 405
A Pogrom Rachel Schechter-Ingber 409
The Pogrom in Kamen-Kashirskiy Hirsh Leyzer Levinson 409
Kamen-Kashirskiy in the Years of World War I Yaakov Plot 411
Parties and Organizations
The Beginning of the Zionist Movement in Kamen-Kashirskiy Yaakov Plot 425
Zionism in Kamen-Kashirskiy: A Folk Institution Baruch Melamed 441
Zeire Zion (Marxist Zionists) and Poale Zion (Socialist Zionists) in Kamen-Kashirskiy Yaakov Plot 447
Zionism in Town Pinches Gorenstein 457
Farewell Banquets of Zionist Organizations Picture  
The Communal (Social)-Cultural Life
Education Up to World War I Yaakov Plot 473
The School “Hitkhayeh” (?) Yaakov Plot 479
The “Arlozorov Library” Yaakov Plot 487
Unions and Institutions Yaakov Plot 489
The “Food Cooperative” Y. P. 497
A General Picture of Jewish Economic Life In Kamen-Kashirskiy Y. Plot 501
List of Settlements Around Kamen-Kashirskiy Where Jews Lived   507
Images, Episodes and Characters
Rabbis and Chasidism Jacob Orimland 513
The Large Fire in Town in 1904 Yaakov Plot 513
The River in Our Town Y.P. 517
Our Little Street Adjacent to Kovler Street Henny Tsinovich-Engel 519
A Wedding in Town Mina Soloveitchik 523
A Yiddishe Mama Tsvi Vasoon 525
Sincerity/Cordiality of Kamen-Kashirskiy Jews Helen and Hirsch Gelfant 529
Images and Experiences of Kamen-Kashirskiy Israel Cohen-Kasher 529
Nise the Tailor (Dub) Dov Amit (Berish Drug) 533
Moshe Falafan Yaakov Plot 535
The Old Cemetery Yaakov Plot 535
A New Torah Scroll in Town Y. Ben-Moshe 537
R' Abraham Yankel, the Old Fellow: R'Abraham Yankel, the Old Man Y. Ben-Moshe 539
Kamen Kashirskiy – My Home Town Aaron Verba 541
Mass Death (Holocaust) and Heroism
Pain, Suffering and Hope Pinkhes Ormland 557
Slaughter and Death Shlome Kaganovich 605
Suffering and Holocaust Shoshana Perchick 637
This is How Jews Were Killed Jacob Goldstein 649
My Experiences Fradel Goldstein-Kofler 659
German Murders Moone Meltzer (Koshar) 683
My Sister, Frume L. Olitsky 689
Pogroms, Murders and Liberation Menashe Perchick 691
I was So Young At That Time Rachel Vinokur 701
The Murdered: Yankel Leyzerik and a Single Gun Kalmen Rubenstein 709
The Perishing of My Family Baruch Primack 713
The Judenrat (The Jewish Council) Ben Tzion Karsh 729
The Destruction of Lyubeshov Yahfe Plotnick 739
Never Will I Forget Yehoshua Shwartz 745
Murders in Vul’ka, Zolochiv and Divin Pesl Perliss 745
Yezerki, Kamen Kashirskiy’s Ghetto Aryeh Eisen 753
Alone Yahfe Plotnick 771
A Tragedy of a Kamen-Kashiskiy Family Baruch Melamed 775
In Memory of the K'doshim (Martyrs) of My Family and of the Jews in Lishe Yehoshua Shwartz 781
My Road to the Partisans Abraham Roufa 783
Among the Partisans T. Berliner 789
The Last Jew of Kamen-Kashirskiy Chaim Gershnoble 793
A Eulogy For Our Saints Shlome Kagan 795
The New Century Y. Plot 797
The Last Trace of Our Saints is Destroyed Y. Ben-Moshe 799
Personalities and Times
Rabbi Pesakh Aaron Weisman A. Klurman 805
Rabbi Mordechai Perlin Baruch Melamed 805
The Last Rabbi in Kamen Kashirskiy Pinkhes Orimland 809
Eliezer Plot: the First Haskalah Adherent in Kamen-Kashirskiy A.M.A 813
Reb Asher Ehrlich z”l Y. Ben-Moshe 815
Tziporeh Ehrlich-Plot Y. Ben-Moshe 817
David Klurman Y. P.  
R' Yitzhak Barg Y. P. 819
R' Isser and Leah Layzerik Y. P. 819
Images Frahdl Goldstein 821
Shmuel Verbliya Baruch Melamed 821
R’ Aryeh Leibush Goldstein Jacob Goldstein 823
R’ Yoel Chaim Kasher Benjamin Barg 825
R’ Yitzhak Verba: Yitzhak the Teacher Benjamin Barg 827
The Agony of Destruction Meyer Rosen 829
They Fell in Battle Against the Hitler Gangs   831
The Young Baruch Shapiro, Fallen for the Land of Israel A. M. A. 833
An Excerpt of a Letter to America Yitzkhak Bernholtz 835
A Letter to Friends in Canada   837
Baruch Melamed, of Blessed Memory (z”l) Yaakov Plot 839
People of Kamen-Kashirskiy Around the World
The Beginning of Kamen-Kashirskiy and Environs’ Jews Gathering in Israel Fishl Layzerik 845
On the Road to Israel Pictures 847
Receptions in Honor of American Guests in Israel Pictures 849
The 27th of Nissan at the Tombstone in the Forest of the Saints Pictures 853
Characteristics of a Societal Activist Fishel Layzerik 855
Of the History of Kamen-Kashirskiy’s Countrymen's Organizations Y. Plot 857
Kamen Kashirskiy Compatriot Society in America A.M.A. 859
Kaminers in America Abish Klurman 865
With the Kaminers in America David Kimmel 867
Townsmen in America Berel Abel 869
My Arrival in the Kamen Kashirskiy Organization As Secretary Shmuel Beck 871
Union of Kaminers in Argentina Mordechai Zafran 871
The Town in Pictures
The Old Generation   881
Celebrations and Pastimes   885
Family Pictures   891
Youth   909
In Military Service   915
Children   917
Pnevno   923
Velika Glusha   925
Mala Glusha   929
Lyubeshov   931
Lists of the Martyrs   937
The 27th of Av – the Yahrtseit of the Martyrs of Kamen Kashirskiy and Environs   967


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