Memorial Book to the
Community of Jozefow and its Martyrs
(Józefów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Jozefow ve-le-kedosheha

Editor: Azriel Omer-Lemer

Published in Tel Aviv 1975

This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Jozefow ve-le-kedosheha
(Memorial book to the community of Jozefow and its martyrs),
Editor: Azriel Omer-Lemer, Jozefow Societies in Israel and the USA, Published: Tel Aviv 1975 (H,Y 426 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Jozefow

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Translated by Sara Mages


From the beginning to the outbreak of the First World War
With the publication of the book The Book Committee 11
In the beginning 15
Sections from the book “Pinkas Vaad Arba Aratzot 19
Quotations in ancient Polish from “PinkasVaad Arba Aratzot 20
The sources of income of the first residents E. Szuker 21
The title page of the book “Leyesharim Tehilla 25
The first printing press in Jozefow 26
The title page of the book “Toldot Adam 28
The printing press of Setzer-Rener 29
How to serve a glass of water Azriel 30
H. N. Bialik and Jozefow's books 31
The Slavita printing house 32
Jozefow's Jews ask for land 34
The “Magid” - R' Solomon Kluger Prof. Dov Sadan 35
The perennial spring [a fluent scholar] HaRav N.Z. Fridman 40
The greatest sages of Israel in our city Eliezer Lerner 42
An innovative scholar Bezalel Lemer 45
A noble character Eliezer 51
Ghosts in the ruin of the printing press Efraim Wermstein 53
HaRav R' Shalom Yosef Herzstark Zishe Herzstark 55
Bereli the Lamed Vav E. Emer-Lemer 60
The goat of R' Berish from Zobi (a sotry) E. Emer-Lemer 63
Stories from memory M. Printz 69
The Renaissance Period - 1916-1939
The introduction to the Renaissance period 73
The celebration for the Balfour Declaration in our city A. Talmid 74
The founding of “Hehalutz” and “HaOved Yitzchak Wermstein 76
The library E. A.L. 80
Keren Ha kayemet Le Yisrael” in our town Azriel A.L. 83
The first immigrant Yosef Dror-Dach 87
Tarbut” School in Jozefow Bezalel Lemer 91
Woodcutting - “Hechalutz Hatzair E. 98
From the Zionist activities Leibish Klener 101
Keren Hayesod E. A. 103
Hadarim” and my teachers E. Ben-Moshe 105
Theater performances in Jozefow A viewer 111
The loan fund - the “Kasa Po?yczkowa” Rachel Lemer 116
The Joint's soup kitchen E. Hindis 117
The “Ragatke” - a source of income Yosef Spadik 119
A book - a gravestone Rachel Lemer-Lerner 120
The Yeshiva in our town Eliezer 121
Craftsmen E. A. L. 122
My sister Sara Efraim Wermstein 127
The youth movement - “Beitar Bezalel Lemer 129
The founding of “HaMizrachi Eliezer Lerner 133
Carters E. A. 134
The town and its scholars Eliezer Ben-Shalom and Ita Lerner 137
Hersheli Yakov Moshe's Y. Wermstein, A. Lerner, R. Nedler, E.L. 138
Jews are being loaded in the train stations E.L. 141
Shmuklers, Brakazim, and timber exporters E.L. 143
Shopkeepers, merchants, and stall owners E. A. L. 145
Butchers, livestock dealers, and horse dealers E. Hindis 147
My town Jozefow Eliezer Lerner 149
My town - Jozefow - (memories) Bezalel Lemer 152
The beauty of Israel is slain…
Klagsbrun Moshe z”l 161
Geist Yehusua z”l 162
Krempf Uri z”l 163
Wegmister Yitzchak z”l 164
The home - the family in our town
My family house Shoshanna Unterbauch-Dagan 167
The Wermstein family Efraim 171
Mother (poem) Yitzchak Wermstein 172
The family of Moshe Naftali and Hindi'li Lemer Azriel 173
The family of Shalom Lerner (photos) Chantzi 175
The family of Shmuel and Frida-Malcha Firshat Moshe and Leah 177
In memory of Elki Wermstein The family of Y. Wermstein 178
The Spadik family (photos) 180
To the memory of Father and Mother [Y] Leah Frast, Yehusua Unterbauch 182
Baruch Lemer z”l The family 184
In memory of the family of Moshe (Cohen) Fersht 185
The family of Yehusua Dach 186
The family of Bezalel Frozer (photo) 187
The Listnberg family (photo) 188
The Kupensztok family (photo) 189
Chana Pesel Schwalb (photo) 190
The Rabbi's family (photo) 191
The Awruch family (photo) 193
The Berger family (photo) 194
The family of Avraham Schwarz (photo) 195
Sashi Schleicherŝ (photo) 196
The family of Yakov Schleicherŝ (photo) 197
The Fisher brothers (photo) 198
The Holocaust 1939-1945
Bloody trails… Azriel Amer-Lemer 201
Introduction to the history of our town during the Holocaust 204
Martyrology (from Polish) T. Berenstein 205
“Reports from the ghetto” (from Yiddish) Emanuel Ringelblum 206
A letter from the Polish Embassy to Yosef Spadik 207
Remember the Jewish Holocaust! Dr. M. Dworzecki 208
The annual meeting of the formers residents of Jozefow Chana Lemer 209
A Jewish soldier from the division named after Tragott Yosef Kaminsky 210
The first victims of the Nazi Holocaust Meir Prinz 212
Survivors in Germany (photo) 213
A memorial for Jozefow's martyrs in Mount Zion. Jerusalem Eliezer 214
Figures in my town Rafael Nedler 215
I didn’t find Jews in Jozefow Simcha and Reizil Zamerman 219
The Poles assisted in the murder of Jews Yosef Lochtefeld 221
May their memory be forever Eliezer Lerner 226
I remained alone Sima Honigsfeld (Spudik) 227
A Jewish boy, orphaned from his father and mother - partisan Yisrael Schleicher 229
Survival Rachel Lochtefeld 240
Remember what they have done to us! Eliezer Ben-Shalom and Ita Lerner 247
The horrors of war (from Polish) Miriam Rak-Steibel 249
23 months in the forest Sheindil Unterbauch-Kozlovich 256
Longing to my home (poem) A. Melamed 258
Like sheep to the slaughter (poem) Y. Wermstein 259
A prayer (poem) A. Melamed 260
Yiddish Section 261
Pages for supplements 428
We will remember 435
Necrology of the martyrs 437
Pages for the martyrs who weren’t included in the list 454
Kaddish for the town Eliezer Lerner 460
Corrections 461


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