Yanow near Pinsk; Memorial Book
(Ivanava, Belarus)

52°08' / 25°33'

Translation of
Janow al yad Pinsk; sefer zikaron

Edited by: Dr. Mordechai Nadav (Katzekovits), with the collaboration of Nachman Blumenthal;
Association of Former Residents of Janow near Pinsk in Israel

Published in Jerusalem, 1969



Project Coordinators

Debby Applegate and Smadar Gilboa


Iris B. Sitkin (emerita)


Our sincere appreciation to Dr. Mordechai Nadav for permission
to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Janow al yad Pinsk; sefer zikaron; Yanow near Pinsk; memorial book;
ed: Dr. Mordechai Nadav (Katzekovits), with the collaboration of Nachman Blumenthal;
Jerusalem, 1969, Association of former residents of Janow near Pinsk in Israel

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Janow (Belarus)

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Yanov near Pinsk (Janów Poleski)

Memorial Book




Publication Committee members

Eiser Apelbaum, Asher Lifshitz, Mordekhai Nadav (Katzekovitz)

Nechemia Nadav (Katzekovitz), Ben-Zion Feinstein

Editorial Committee

Eiser Apelbaum, Mordekhai Nadav, Ben-Zion Feinstein

Printing Preparation

Meir Choviv

Printed in Israel by “Hamerkaz” Press, Tel Aviv

May they be remembered for good
Our fellow towns-folk in the diaspora
Portnoy Family in Mexico
Mr. Alter Reznik from New York
Mr. Joshua Feldman from New York
For their assistance in the publication of this book
Yanov Near Pinsk
Memorial Book
Edited and prepared for printing by
Dr. Mordekhai Nadav (Katzekovitz)
with the collaboration of Nakhman Blumenthal

Jerusalem 1969

Monument of Memorial

(Near Pinsk, Poland)

Who were incinerated and killed
by the Nazis, their names should be erased,
In the Years of the Holocaust (Shoah)


Support from our townsmen overseas
The Portnoy Family of Mexico
Mr. Alter Reznik of New York
Mr. Joshua Feldman of New York
who have assisted in the publication of this book.

* * * * *

This book has been published
with the generous assistance
of our fellow townsman
and his wife NEDDI
Chicago, U.S.A.

Mordekhai Nadav: Words of Introduction XIII
From the Past
Berel Pomerantz: Poems 3
Mordekhai Nadav: Outline of the History of the Jewish Community in Janow 12
Writings about Yanov from “Ha'Meilitz” 26
Israel Tsvi Pisar: Letters about Janow from the 1890's 35
Articles about Yanov from “The Pinsker Shtime” 44
Khlavna Katzekovitz: My Home Town (Memories) 52
Beila Feigan: Memories of my Childhood 60
Pinkhas Katzekovitz: Memories 63
Levi and Sheyne Levine: Various Items from 60-80 Years Ago 66
Menakhem (Manya) Mednik: Memories from my Parents' Home 68
Isser Apelbaum: Janow before the First World War 73
Levi Feinstein: Education, Charitable Institutions and Credit Bureaus 77
Eliyahou Chelenchuk: Synagogues and Societies 79
Menakhem (Manya) Mednik: Customs in Yanov near Pinsk 81
Menakhem (Manya) Mednik: Yanov Artisans 83
Zvi Aviv: Rebellion of the Youth of Janow against the Tsar 86
Sarah Mednik: A Collection of Memories 88
Yerukham Arzi-Tannenbaum: Cheder Teachers in Yanov 91
Levi Feinstein: My Immigration to Canada 93
David Warshevsky: The Tarbut School 95
David Warshevsky: The People's Cooperative Bank 97
Tsemach Portnoy : Jewish Life in Yanov near Pinsk 99
Miriam Cohen: “Rifishtsas” [a separate part of the town of Yanov -ed.] 103
Eiser Apelbaum: Military Conscription in 1925 104
Ben-Zion Feinstein: The Zionist Movement Until 1939 106
Personalities and Characters
Yona Kravetz: Yanov and its Jews 111
S. Ernst: Yishai Adler 119
S. Ernst: Concerning His Life 119
Ezra Reichert: Businessman Extraordinaire 122
ZD'K: About Yishai Adler 125
About Yehuda Zvi Levin: 127
Mordecai Levin: A Short Biography 127
Menakhem Riblov: Yehuda Zvi Levin of Blessed Memory 129
Asher Karni: Memories from Grandfather's House – Rabbi Moshe'l Megidas 130
Berel Divinsky: My Brother Alter 133
About Nakhum Tishbei 141
David Warshevsky: An Expensive Chess Game 143
Aharon Rotblatt: The First Female Pioneer from Yanov who Emigrated to Palestine 144
I. Eisenberg: Veilie Minsky 146
About Berel Pomerantz (from the introduction by Noakh Peniel in his book of Poetry) 148
Berel Pomerantz: Letter to Z. Weinberg 152
Eiser Apelbaum: How does one please Berel Pomerantz 156
Dr. M. A. Nahir: Zvi Avivi (Reznik) 160
Eiser Apelbaum: Moishe Yeshaya the Klezmer 161
Eiser Apelbaum: Berel Zarutzky the Chimneysweep 162
Lists of Family Members
Sarah Freidel Ruzh'ansky: Memories of my Father 165
R. Avraham Yehuda Ha'koen of Blessed Memory  
Pinkhas Katzekovitz: My Family 168
In Memory of Levi Kuperstokh 172
Eiser Apelbaum: In Memory of my Parents 175
Yoel Shartok: The House of my Father, Reb Zalman Ts'rtok 177
Rivka Yoselovitz-Cherniavsky and Chana Yoselovitz: My City and my Parents' House 180
Chana Arzi-Tanenbaum: Memories of my Family 182
Masha Epstein-Odrozinsky: Memories of my Family 184
Miriam Strubinsky-Geladi: Memories of my Father's House R. Reuben Strubinsky 186
Tsila Epstein: Memories of my Family 187
Merel Kuper (Portnoy–Kuperstokh): My sister Nechome (Poem) 190
Yona Kravitz: Pesakh Okroynitz 192
Yona Kravitz: Avraham Kravitz 193
About R. Yitzhak Khaim Pomerantz 194
Bushes Family 195
The Holocaust
Avraham Epstein: My Letter 199
Zalman Tz'rtok: Four Letters 200
Khonan Valodovsky: A German Captive 204
Ruchel Reznik: Memories of a Nurse's Life Inside and Outside the Ghetto, and in the Forests 207
Mordecai Bezdesky: My Memories 217
Shmuel Gerber: Memories of the Nazi Occupation and the Red Army 264
Shmuel Aizenshtein: Memories of Days of the Nazi Occupation 308
Ben-Zion Feinstein: Memories 312
Daniel Sershtok: My Memories from the Period of Nazi Occupation 320
Avraham Feinstein: Chapters of the those Days 324
Eiser Apelbaum: From Days of Yanov 328
Eleazer Portnoy: Memories of Bitter Times 344
Aharon Pomerantz: World War II and the Holocaust 349
Yitzhak Odrozinsky: The Sawmill and the Jewish Sawmill Workers 358
Eiser Apelbaum: For the Love of a Bottle of Milk 366
Eiser Apelbaum: The Last Kol Nidre 367
Shabati Odrozinsky: Songs 369
Eiser Apelbaum: The Bravery of Leizer Ratnowsky 379
Ben-Zion Feinstein: The Fall of Heroes (Three Reznik Brothers) 384
Chanan Wlodowsky: My Brother, Dr. Kotel (Mordechai Zvi) Wlodowsky 385
Chanan Wlodowsky: Partisan Operation: The “Tongue” of a German 388
Sheindel Faltshuk: A letter to a Partisan 390
Shepsel Barzovsky: From History 391
Collecting Communal Testimonies from Yanov Survivors 392
Memorial Calendar
Record of Victims Murdered at the Hands of the Nazis in Yanov 409
Jews of Yanov who Died Serving in the Partisans 419
Jews of Yanov who Died in World War Two in the Polish and Red Armies 420
Jews of Yanov who Died in His Holy Name in the Woods around Yanov 421

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