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[Columns 115-116]

Translated by Yael Chaver

[Editor's Note: This is the El Maleh Rachamim, a mourning prayer said on occasions commemorating the dead. This Memorial section of the book is outlined with a bold black line, reminiscent of Jewish Death Notices of the time. The prayer below is printed as it would appear in a prayer book with the words arranged to give the appearance of ascending upward toward God.]


God, full of mercy, who dwells in the heights, provide a sure rest upon the Divine Presence's wings, within the range of the holy and the pure, whose shining resemble that of the sky, for the seven thousand souls of the members of the holy community of


Men, women, and children,
Who were murdered, slaughtered, burned, strangled, and buried alive, by the executioners of Hitler and their wicked servants, may their names be blotted out
During 1939-1945

The Garden of Eden shall be their resting place. Therefore, the Master of Mercy will tie their souls in the bundle of life. God is their heritage.
May they rest in peace.
And we say, “Amen.”

[Columns 117-118]

The Martyrs of Hrubieszow, may their memory be for a blessing,
who were shot, gassed, and tortured, by the Hitlerite executioners and their partners, during 1939–1945

Translated by Yael Chaver

Translator's note: The names in this section begin with the Hebrew letter alef but their transliteration varies according to the pronunciation.

I have transliterated the names throughout these lists, according to the YIVO transliteration system.


ABEND Arn, Yehuda, Rivke, Meir, and Reyzl
ADLER Sender, Toybe–Itte, and Mordkhe
ADLER Moyshe, and family
ADLER Henekh, and family
ADLER Shmuel, and Shloyme
ADELERFLIGL Shmuel, Khaye–Sore, and Mirl
ADER Arn, and Reyzl
ADER Nechemiah, and Gitl
ADER Meir, and wife
OYSBROKH Yankev, and wife
OYSBROKH Sore, husband, and children
OYFER Sender, Sore, and children
UNGER Khayim, Shoshe, Reyzl, Leyzer, and Khane
EYGER Khune, Yehudis, Sheyndl, and Rivke
EYDELMAN Golde, Sore, and Pesl
EYDELMAN Avrom, and family
EYDELSHTEYN Yankev–Hershl, and Leye
EYDELSHTEYN Hirsh, and Leye
EYDELSHTEYN Feyge, and Sore–Malye
EYDELSHTEYN Yitskhok, and Khave
EYDELSHTEYN Avrom, Gutshe, and two children
EYDELSHTEYN Yehoshua, Henye, Serl, Yankev, Alter–Moyshe, Meir, and Zlate
AYZEN Tsipora
AYZEN Mordkhe, Avrom, Khane, Matisyohu, and Zalmen
AYZEN Kopel, Feyge, Ester, and Shifre
AYZEN Motke, and family
AYZEN Eliezer, Khaye, Dovid, Leah, and Fradl
AYZEN Shoul, Sore, Regine, and Rokhl
AYZEN Yitskhok, Etti, Moyshe, and Bas–Sheve
AYZEN Leyzer, Rivke, and Ruvn
AYZEN Shmuel–Eli, Sore, and Gitl–Leah
AYZEN Sonye, Rivka, and daughter
AYZEN Yehoshua, and Gitele
AYZEN Sender, Khane, and five children
AYZEN Shoshe, and two children
AYZEN Rivke, and a child
AYZEN Khane–Golde, husband, and five children
AYZEN Moyshe, and family
AYZENKRANTS Matisyohu, Dvoyre, and Perele
AYZENKRANTS Khayim–Moyshe, Rokhl–Leah, Mordkhe, Perele, Ranie, and Esterl
AYZENBERG Golde, children, and grandchildren
AYZENBERG Sore, husband, and two children
AYZENSHTAT Khayim, Khane, and Itshe
AYZENSHTAT Miriam, and children
AYKHENBLAT Noyekh, wife, and children
AYKHENBLAT Hersh, Khane, and child
EYL Yisro'el
EYL Leyb and Malke
EYL Yankev, Yehoshua, and Sheyndl
EYL Yitskhok, and family
EYL Dina, husband, and child
EYL Moyshe, and family
EYL Yisro'el
EYLBOYM Ben–Tsien, and family
EYLBOYM Yitskhok
EYLBOYM Yitskhok, Mali, Khaneh, and Matl
EYLBOYM Hinde, Nosn, Dovid, and Genendl
AYNHORN Leyb, Gitl, and three children
AYNHORN Shmuel–Eliyohu, Shloyme, and Golde
AYNHORN Shimen, and family
AYNHORN Shloyme, Yitskhok, Malke, and Shimen
AYNHORN Mordkhe, Manye, and two children
ALBOYM Hinde, husband, and four children
ALT Abish, Frimet, and Hindele
ALT Rivke, and two children, Moyshe, Ester, Meir, Ruvn, Henye, and Serke
Remember what Amalek Did to You!

[Columns 119-120]

ALT Ruvn
ALTMAN Moyshe, wife, and child
ALER Avrom–Khayim, Mirl, and children
ALER Mekhl, and children
AMPER Yoysef
ANGELSBERG Gitl, Malye and three children, Khaye, and Mordkhe
ANTSHIK Mendl, Elke, Yitskhok, and Sore
ANIS Zishe, wife, and children
ANTSIG Mikhl, and Khane
OPATOVSKY Hershl, Mire, Moyshe–Yoysef, Rokhl, and Reyzl
OPATOVSKY Hersh, and Simkhe
OPATOVSKY Yitskhok, Beyle, Berish, and Eliezer
APEL (Langer), Hudis, and children
APEL Ber, wife, and children
APEL Shloyme, wife, and child
APELBOYM Mendl, Brayndl, and children Shloyme, Moyshe, Ester, and Itte
OKSMEND Ben–Tsien, and wife
OKSMEND Yitskhok, wife, and children
ARBUKH Avigder
ARBUKH Yitskhok, and family (Stepankovitsh)
ORGAN Shmuel, Khane, and Dinale
ORGAN Shmuel, wife, and child
ORNSHTEYN Leybl, Golde, Zelik, and daughter
ORENSHTEYN Yehoshua, Basya, and Meir
BADEN Toyve, Shloyme, Sore, Mekhl, Yashe, Khaye, Kalmen, Shmuel, Sheyndl, Moyshe, and Yerukham
BADEN Avrom, Beyle, Shloyme, and Rokhl
BODENSHTEYN Yitskhok, wife, and three children
BODENSHTEYN Meytshe, Khayke, and Moyshele
BAHER Efroyim, and family
BAUMGARTEN Avrom, Yehudis, and Leye
BARG Leyzer, Khaye, Moyshe, Tsipora, Dvoyre, and Rokhl
BART Gutman
BART Bruntshe, husband, and child
BART Zelik
BART Dovid, wife, and two children
BART Yankev
BART Avrom
BORENSHTEYN Dovid, Vitl, and children
BORENSHTEYN Noyekh, and Khaye–Sore
BORENSHTEYN Keyle–Feyge, Yankev, and children
BORENSHTEYN Dovid–Arn, and Irke
BOYGEN Mayntsie, Henye, Yitskhok–Sholem, and Rokhl
BOYGEN Yisro'el, and Etl
BOYM Dovid, and Perl
BOYML Hershl, Sore, Itte, Yisro'el, Avrom, and Leye
BOYML Avrom–Mendl, and Tsivie
BUKHTREGER Ber, and wife
BUKHTREGER Avrom, wife, and two children
BUKHTREGER Yitskhok–Shoul, Nekhome, Arn, and Nosn
BUKHTREGER Freyde, and children
BUKHTREGER Hersh, wife, and children
BUKHTREGER Yitskhok–Meir, Khane, and Brayndl
BUKHTREGER Hersh, Rokhl, and children
BUKHSHTAB Yoel, Khaye, Reyzl, and Hersh–Leyb
BULM Eliyohu, Shifre, Avrom, Matl, Moyshe, and Khaye
BIGLER Eliyohu, and family
BIGLER Etl, Beyle, Yankev, and Feyge
BIGLER Khaye, and Malke
BIDERMAN (Blas), Khane–Feyge, Hershl, and Miriam
BITERMAN Khane, and two children
BITERMAN Hillel, Perl, and two children
BITERMAN Feyge, Hershl, and two children
BITERMAN Leye, and three children
BITERMAN Yeshaye, and two children
BITERMAN Sheyndl, husband, eight children and grandchildren
BEYL Yekhezkel, Khane, and Hersh
BIKHLER Ester–Malke, husband, and children
BIKHLER Sonye, husband, and children
BIKHLER Ber, wife, and children
BIKHLER Shoulke, wife, and children
BIKHLER Khane, husband, and children
BISKOVITSH Yoysef, Sheyndl, and children
BISKOVITSH Leyb, Perl, and Hinde
BISKOVITSH Moyshe, and family
BISKOVITSH Yisro'el, and family
BIREN Khayim–Yitskhok, and Lifshe
BLONDER Yisro'el, Keyle, and two children
BLONDER Yoysef, Reyzl, and three children
May God Avenge Their Blood!

[Columns 121-122]

BLONDER Sheyndl, Leye, and Yoyne
BLONDER Yoyne, Khane, Yankev, and Yokheved
BLONDER Yoysef, Reyzl (Ya'abets), Issar, Meir, and Leye
BLONDER Hersh, Dovid, and Blume
BLANIS Sheyndl, Gutshe, and father Sholem
BLANK Motye, Tsivie, Moyshe, and Itte
BLAS Matisyohu, and Ester
BLEKHMAN Eliyohu, Volf, Bine, Reyzl, and Tsivie
BLEKHMAN Khayim, and Matisyohu
BEBEL Gedalye, Dvoyre, and two children
BEZIM Moyshe, Tsirl, Beyle, Ester, Tsipe, Yoyneh, Meni, and five children
BEZIM Hersh, Ester, Toybe, Sore, Gute, and her family
BEZIM Kuni, Perl, and eight children
BEZIM Freyde, husband, and two children
BEZIM Bine, and two children
BEZIM Leyb, Miriam, Elke, Feyge, Freyde, Brayndl, Tuvia, Sore–Gitl, Peshe, and Moyshe
BEKHER Yankev–Yehoshua, Rokhl, Feygele, Blume, Avrom, Rosele, and Khane
BEKHER Yoel, Khaykl, wife, and three children
BEKHER Avrom, and family
BEKER Khane, Serl, and family
BEKER Zalmen–Yitskhok, Hodis, Itte, Rokhl, Leybish–Mendl, and Mekhl
BEKER Nokhem, Margolis, Avrom, and Tsivie
BEKER Moyshe, Eydl, Khane, and Ester
BEKER Avrom, Eydl, Khane, and Nyonek
BEKER Shi'e, Sheyndl, Khaye, and Yente
BERGER Gishe, husband, and children
BERGER Shloyme, and wife
BERGER Hersh, Feyge (Biterman), and two children
BERGER Frume, husband, and child
BERGER Khantshe, and five children
BERGERZON Malke, and child
BERNSHTEYN Yisro'el, Beyle, and children
BERNSHTEYN Arn, Shifre, Peysekh, Simkhe, Berish, and Yankev
BERER Rivke, and Feyge
BRAND Shmuel, and Ester
BRAND Simkhe
BRAND Rekhtshe, and Blume
BRAND Azri'el, wife, and two children
BRAND Hersh, wife, and child
BRAND Simkhe
BRAND Nekhe, husband, and two children
BRANDEL Itshe, wife, and son
BRANDEL Khaye, Bashe, and Sorele
BRANDEL Moyshe, Sore–Zlate, Khayim, Itshe, Yankev–Zelik, Khane, Binyomin, Avrom, Yehuda, Ester, and Yoysef
BRANDEL Sheve, Yankev–Zelik, Mashe, Efroyim–Sholem, Mekhele, and Rokhl
BOREKH Yisro'el
BRIF Volf, Khave, Rokhl, and Berele
BREGMAN Abish, Hinde, Matl, and Yitskhok
BRENER Arn, Matl, and Avremele
BRENER Motl, and Sheve
BRENER Nokhem, Brokhe, and Miriam
BRENER Elke, Brayndl, Sore, Margolis, and Moyshe
BRENER Yashe, and Dobe
BRENER Hershl, wife, and children
BRENER Itshe, wife, and children
GOLDBOYM Khayim, Yehoshua, and Perl
GOLDBERG Shloyme, Royze, Binyomin, Sore, and Feyge
GOLDMAN Motl, and Derzil
GOLDFARB Khaye, and Simkhe
GOLDSHTEYN Berish, Yoysef–Arn, Itshe, and Moyshe
GOLDSHMID Yankev, wife, and children
GANTSVEK Henye, and Mordkhe
GARDIAN Shloyme, wife, and children
GUBERMAN Fayvish, Ester, and two children (Treyatin village)
GUBERMAN Menashe, Note, Zisl, Rishe, Leye, and Shmuel (Treyatin village)
GUBERMAN Hersh, Teme, and four children (Treyatin village)
GUBERMAN Mintshe, and three children (Treyatin village)
GUBERMAN Leye, and Shmuel (Treyatin village)
GUBERMAN Fayvish, Leye, Menashe, Note, and Zisl
GUBERMAN Mine, and three children
GUTERMAN Meir, wife, and children
GZHEBIN Avrom, and Khane
God Will Have War With Amalek From Generation to Generation! (Exodus 17:16)

[Columns 123-124]

GIVERTS Berish, and Freydl
GIVERTS Ben–Tsiyen
GIVERTS Falik, Matl, wife, and child
GIVERTS Arn, Feyge, and child
GIVERTS Shloyme, and Yitskhok
GIVERTS Berish, and Khaye
GIVERTS Rukhama, Dvoyre, husband, and children
GIVERTS Mirl, husband, and children
GIVERTS Shmelke, Beyle, and children
GIVERTS Mirl, Pesl, Peysekh, and Tsvi
GITAR Dovid, Khave, and children
GAYST Rivke, and three children
GAYST Yisro'el, Yitskhok, Silke, and Naftoli
GAYST Leybish, Sore, husband, and child
GAYST Shmuel, Rivke, Sime, Yekhezkel, and two children
GAYST Bas–Sheve, husband, and children
GAYST Feyge, husband, and children
GAYST Yisro'el, Rokhl, Yekhezkel, Moyshe, and Yitskhok
GAYST Toybe, and children
GAYER Dovid–Ber, Fradl, Feyge, and Rivke
GAYER Abish, Peshe, Yankl, and Khane
GAYER Shloyme, wife, and child
GAYERMAN Merl, and wife
GAYERMAN Yudl, wife, and children
GAYERMAN Avrom, wife, and child
GAYERMAN Feyge–Sore, husband, and child
GINTSBERG Feygl, Tiltse, Malke, Moyshe, and Betsalel
GINTSBURG Fishl, wife, and child
GLAZER Leybl, Brayndl, and children
GLAZER Mordkhe–Hirsh, Sore–Malye, Khave, Perl, and three children
GLOZBERG Yehoshua, and Teme
GLOZBERG Shloyme, Menukhe, and children
GLOZBERG Leyb, Toyve, and children
GLOZBERG Munye (Sholem)
GLOZBERG Hadassa, her husband Shloyme, and children
GLUZ Berish, Perl, and children
GLAYKHGEVIKHT Bayrak, and Beyle–Reyzl
GLAYKHGEVIKHT Rokhl, and child
GEDULDIK Rokhl, and Yekhiel
GEDULDIK (Fraynd), Zlate, and children
GEDULDIK Leyb, Hame, and Meir
GEDULDIK Manis, Hinde, Yoyneh, Zlate, Feyge, Zelik, Dvoyre, Yitskhok, and Meir
GEDULDIK Meir, and Shoshe
GELBER Zisl, Beyltshe, Sheyndl, Yoysef, Leyb, Brokhe, and Moyshe
GELBER Borekh, wife, and children
GELER Mordkhe, Hentshe, Khayim, Moyshe, and Sore
GELERNTER Yoyneh, and family
GERBER Noyekh, Rivke, Leye, and Dvoyre
GERTNER Pesl, Rokhl, Yuta, and Rivke
GERTNER Shmuel, and family
GERTL Fishl–Efroyim, Ester, Sore, and Avrom–Yisro'el
GERTL Avrom, Sime, and Khayim–Refoyl
GERTL Yudl, Sore–Leye, Avrom, Fishl, Feyge, and Yankel
GERTL Beyle, and Khayim
GERTL Berish, Rivke, and Reyzele
GERTL Anshl, Tille, Khayim, Pinye, and Keyle
GERTL Moyshe, Dina, and two children
GERTL Falik, and two children
GERTL Sore–Etl, Sheyndl, and Shoshe
GERTL Feyge, husband Dovid, and Moyshele
GERTL Mekhl, and Yente
GERTL Mordkhe, Beyle, and Gele
GERTL Moyshe, Khane, and Feyge
GERMAN Avrom, Makhle, and family
GRO Yoysef, Yitskhok, and Dovid
GRO'ER Avrom, Yente, and children
GROZ Yoysef
GRUBER Yute, Avrom, Moyshe, and Bashe
GRUBER Avrom–Eli, and wife
GRUBER Brand, and Bashele
GRUBER Yitskhok, and wife
GRUBER Yidl, and family
GRUBERMAN Arn, Malke, Shayke, Elke, and Eliezer
GRUZBERG Berish, Ester, Tobe, Neme, and Avrom
GRUZBERG, Yashe, wife, and child
GRINBOYM Yekhiel, Mekhl, Khaye–Rokhl, Feyge–Reyzl, and Rikl
GRINBOYM Blume, and two children
GRINBOYM Khane, Rivke, Hersh, and Shmuel
GRINBOYM Motl, Rokhl, Feyge, and two children
GRINBERG Mekhl, Itshe, Beyle, Henye, and Yute
Write This For a Memorial in a Book! (Exodus, 17:15)

[Columns 125-123]

GRINBERG Arn, Margolis, and Berl
GRINBERG Motl, Ester, Zalmen, Yitskhok, and Malke
GRINVALD Avigder, Khave, and children
GRINVALD Nosn, Malke, Moyshe, and Khayim
GRINER Meir, and Rishe
DALES Leyzer, Hinde, Yankev, and Refoyl
DALES and family
DANTSHER Avrom–Yankl, and wife
DANTSIGER Hershl, and two children
DANTSIGER Leye, and her family
DANTSIGER Moyshe, and family
DUB Moyshe–Ze'ev, wife, and six children
DUB Tsvi, Gershn, Henek, wife, and children
DUB Shoul, wife, and children
DUB Yehuda, Avrom, and Etl
DUBELMAN Fishl, and Feyge
DIAMENT Yoysef, Shprintse, and Noyekh
DIAMENT Dvoyre, and Sime
DAYTSH Efroyim, Rivke, Naftoli, Hudes, and two children
DAYTSH Yekhezkel, Khane, and three children
DAYTSH Yankev–Hersh, and Khaye–Tobe
DAYTSH Mendl, and children
DIKHTERMAN Yankev, Khaye–Ester, Khane, and Shmuel
DIKHTERMAN Khaye, and Yute
DIMENSHTEYN Moyshe, Khane, Feyge, and Shloyme
DIKLER Shmuel–Leyb, Sore, and Meir
DIKLER Itshe, and wife
DIKLER Silke, and Meirl
DEKH Moyshe, Sime, and Rokhl
DEKH Shmuel, and family
DEKH Zalmen–Itsik, wife, and family
DERMAN Yitskhok
DRUT Eli, and Rokhl
DRUT Leybish, wife, and children
DRUKER Arn, Tsirl, and two children
DRUKER Fishl, Malke, Meir, Khaye, and Rivke
DREYER Dvoyre, and Yehudis
DRAYER Bine, husband, and children
DRAYER Hersh, wife, and children
HABEL Shloymele, Sheyndl, Moyshe, Butshe, and Yankl
HABEL Avrom, Zosye, and children
HABEL Shmuel, Gutshe, and child
HABEL Asher, Khaye, and two children
HABEL Feyge, and Binyomin
HABER Zishe, Frume, Yekhezkel, Khaye, Sheyndl, Tsivie, Yankl, and Elisheva
HAUZMAN Itsik, and Mekhl
HAUZMAN Khanine, and Feyge
HAUZMAN Moyshe, Glikl, and children
HAT Moyshe
HAIT Malke, Rivke, Sore, and Moyshe
HOKHMAN Khaye, Regine, Miriam, and Yokheved
HOKHMAN Hinde, Rokhl, Sanye, Sheyndl, Henye, Yisro'el, and Eliezer
HOKHMAN Matl, and family
HOKHMAN Moyshe, Tsharne, Sore, Peysekh, Malke, Khave, Eliezer
HOKHMAN (Mazer), Bashe, Sanye, and Shimen
HOKHMAN Mordkhe, Leye, Yerakhmiel, Malke, Zlate, Khave
HOKHMAN Fishl, wife, and daughter
HOKHMAN Avrom, wife, and child
HOKHMAN Avrom, and wife
HOKHMAN Shakhne, wife, and children
HOKHMAN Azri'el, and Yankev
HOKHMAN Noyekh, Mashe, and Bentshe
HOKHMAN Manele, Rokhl, Sore, Peshe, and Avrom
HOKHMAN Leyzer, and family
HALPERN Mordkhe, Ester, Elke, Moyshe, Tsharne, Roze, and Sore
HALPERN Sender, Brokhe, Ronye, Shoshe, and Etl
HOLTS Yisro'el, Feyge, Moyshe, Khane, and Rokhl
HOLTSER Avrom, and Toybe
HASTIK Tsipora
“Vengeance for the Blood of a Child–Satan has not Yet Created”

[Columns 127-128]

HASTIK Sholem, and Khane
HASTIK Gershn, Tsivie, and four children
HASTIK Yitskhok, Tobe, Rivke, Khume, Reyzl
HASTIK Binyomin, Tobe, and Hershele
HOFMAN Tsirl–Leye
HOFMAN Hinde, and children
HOFMAN Moyshe, Miriam, and children
HOFMAN Leybl, Hinde, Yoysef, and a girl
HOFMAN Arn–Hersh
HAK Leybish, and family
HORVITS Efroyim, Ber, and wife
HORVITS Moyshe, and his family
HORVITS Shloyme, and his family
HORVITS Borekh, Khayke, and Henek
HORENFELD Hersh, Sheve, and children
HARPEN Zlate, Yehoshua, Feyge
HARPEN Dovid, Feyge, and child
HARPEN Yehoshua, Mashe
HARPEN Arn, and Gemitshe
HARPEN Yankev–Moyshe, Matl, Feyge, and Leyb
HARPEN Bashe, husband, and children (Nisenboym)
HARPEN Nosn–Leyb, Freyde, and children
HUBER Efroyim, Pesye, Leye, Beyle, Yoysef
HUDIS Mordkhe, Ze'ev, Menukhe, and Khane
HUDIS Yoykhonon, wife, and children
HUDIS Moyshe, wife, and children
HUDIS Khantshe, husband, and children
HUDIS Khaye, and Sore
HOYZ Shloyme
HOYZMAN Yekhiel, Sorele, and girl
HOYZMAN Moyshe, and wife
HUZBEL Noyekh, Libe, and children
HUS Khune, Etl, and children
HURVITS Yehoshua, wife, and children
HURVITS Moyshe, Hinde, and two children
HURVITS Shloyme, and daughter
HURVITS Perets, Arn, Moyshe, Yehoshua, Sore, Naomi, Yoysef, Matl, and Leye
HAY Yoyne, Malke, Golde, Matl, Avrom, and Kopel
HAY Avrom, Hinde, Shmuel, and Yankev
HAY Sore, and Etl
HAY Moyshe, Rivke, Sore, Golde, Ester, and Mordkhe
HAYDENBLIT Ayzik, and wife
HIPSH Simkhe, Sheyndl, Perl, and Sore
HIPSH Khaye, and Sore
HEKHT Yoysef, wife, and children
HEKHT Shmerl, Dovid, and Sore
HEKHT Yankev, and Zlate
HEKHT Moyshe
HEKHT Yisro'el, Khaye–Itke, and two children
HENDL Moyshe–Arn, Shoshe, Rokhl, and Yitskhok
HENDL Shmuel–Dovid, Avrom, Yehoshua, and Rivke
HESE Hadasa
HESE Henye, and husband
HESE Shloyme, Khaye, Moyshe, Godl, and Eliyohu
HERING Binyomin, Avrom, Beyle, and son
HERING Moyshe, Khaye, and three children
HERMAN Berish, Khane, Moyshe, Freyde–Mekhl, and Rokhl
HERMAN Yankev, wife, and two children
HERMAN Shmuel–Eli, Toyve, Sheyndl, Yankev, and Bashe
HERMAN Moyshe, and Bashe
HERMAN Mordkhe
HERTS Yashe, and children
HERTS Leyb, Hodl, Zisl, Sore, and Ester
HERSHKE Kashemakher, Gold, Perl, Mendl, and Eli
VALDMAN Hersh, Shifre, Brayndl, Sore, Freyde, and Marye
VALDMAN Yisro'el, Yoysef, and Rokhl
VALDMAN Yehoshua, Roze, Volf, Henye, and Rekhl
VALDMAN Moyshe, and Brokhe
VALDMAN Mate, Ester, Libe, Dobe, and Yoysef
VALDMAN Vove, and Rokhl
VALDMAN Faye, Shloyme, Yehoshua, and Sore–Itte
VALDMAN Maytshe, and family
VALDMAN Getsl, Peshe, and family
VALDMAN Khayim–Ber, and family
VALDMAN Shloyme, Feyge, and children
VALDMAN Yehoshua, and family
VALDMAN Meir, Rivke, and two children
VALDMAN Binem, wife, and children
VALDMAN Avrom, Miriam, and children
VALDMAN Nokhem, wife, children
So Let Your Enemies Perish, Israel!

[Columns 129-130]

VALDMAN Binem, Arn, Khayim–Ber, Dishke, Rive
VALDMAN Tune, Khaye, and Tshipe
VALDMAN Shmuel, and family
VALDMAN Doptshe, and Sonye
VASERMAN Nosn, Rokhl, Ben–Tsien, Yankev, Moyshe, and Sholem
VAKS Maytshe, wife, and children
VAKS Beyle–Royze
VAX Itshe, Rivke, Shloyme
VAKSBAUM Shimshen, and Nekhe
VAKSMAN Meir, Elke, Moyshe, Miriam, Yisro'el, and Nyushe
VAKSMAN Zisl, Fride, and Rokhl
VAKSMAN Yoysef, wife, Leybish, and children
VAKSMAN Yoysef, and family
VARMAN Etl, Moyshe, Gitl, and six children
VARMAN Beyle–Gitl, Sore, and Khave
VARMAN Moyshe, Gitl, Avrom, Khayim, Yoysef, Khaye, Sheyndl, and Sheve
VAYN Leml, Ester, and Shmuel
VAYNBERG Yitskhok, Zisl, and Malke
VAYNBERG Velvish, Tobe, and Sheyndl
VAYNTROYB Hersh–Leyb, and Khane
VAYNTROYB Silke, and Hese
VAYNTROYB Avrom, Hinde, Yekhiel, Dovid, and Khaytshe
VAYNTROYB Mekhl, wife, and children
VAYNER Moyshe–Yoysef, wife, and children
VAYNER Tsipora, and Bashe
VAYNER Menashe, Rivke, and child
VAYNSHTAYN Shloyme, wife, and children
VAYSPUTER Avrom, Rivke, and three children
VAYS Khayim
VAYSBROT Shmuel, wife, and two children
VAYSBROT Mordkhe, wife, and children
VAYSMAN Ester, Sorele, Mendl, Lipe, Bashe, and two grandchildren
VILDER Tsvi, wife, and two children
VINDERBOYM Moyshe, Arn, Rokhl, Rivke, Henye–Feyge, Mali, and Shprintse
VINYARZH Hersh, and family
VINYARZH Arish, Malke, and children
VINYARZH Yankev–Yitskhok, and Feyge
VINYARZH Motl, Sore, and children
VINYARZH Avrom, Leye, and three children
VINKLER Herts, Ester, Feyge, and Mali
VEVRIK Kalmen, Khane, and Itshe
VEVRIK Yehoshua, Shoshe, Kalmen, and Moyshe
VEKSLER Khayim–Yekl, Malke, and children
VEKERMAN Rivke (Giverts)
VERTMAN Yankev, Dvoyre, Feyge, Leye, Yoysef, and Khaye
VERTMAN Noyekh, Khaye, Khane, Slibe, Leybl, Yitskhok, Rivke, Hersh, Malke, Rile, and Hinde
VERTMAN Yisro'el
VERTMAN Zecharyahu, wife, and children
VERTMAN Leyzer, wife, and children
VERTMAN Itshe and Rivka
ZAVDOVITSH Lipe, Khane, Gershn, Yoysef, Levi–Yitskhok, Etl, and Rivke
ZAMOTSHER Khane, husband, and children
ZAMOTSHER Hersh, Hinde (Ayzen), and children
ZAMOTSHER Yoysef, Feyge, Sore, and Yankev
ZAMOTSHER Perl, husband, and children
ZAMOTSHER Yoysef, Feyge, Sore, and Yankev
ZAMLER Yoysef, Ester, and two children
ZAMLER Motl, and family
ZAMLER Dvoyre, Khaye, and Mali
ZAMER Khayim–Nokhem, Eydl–Reyzl, Khane, Teme, Etl, and Tsipora
ZAMER Yente, and Yoysef
ZAMER Khayim–Nokhem, Tshipe, and four children
ZAFRAN Eliyohu, wife, Khaye, Yankev, and Perl
ZAFRAN Hirsh, Dvoyre, Khanine, and Yisro'el
ZUBERMAN Leybl, Itshe, Khane, Gitl, and Merl
ZOYL Khane–Rishe, and Miriam
ZOYM Avrom, Khaye, and three children
ZOYM Khaye, and Arn
ZUSMAN Itshe, and wife
ZAYD Toybe, Avrom–Yoyneh, Khaye, and Moyshe–Nakhmen
ZAYD Shoul, and Rivke
ZAYD Shmuel, Serke, Beyle, and children
ZAYD Moyshe, Miriam, and daughter
Pursue our murderers in anger and destroy them from under the heavens of the Lord!

[Columns 131-132]

ZAYD Nekhe, Avrom, and Yeshaye
ZAYD Yoyne, Hinde, and children
ZAYD Hersh, and Sore
ZAYD Berl, Tobe, and two children
ZAYD Ruvn, Tobe, Miriam, and Etl
ZAYD Shiye, wife, and child
ZAYD Borekh, and Beyle
ZEYF Khayim–Yehoshua, wife, and child
ZEYF Nosn, Dina, Hersh, and Reyzl
ZEYF Dovid
ZIKHER Moyshe–Mordkhe, Brokhe, Levi–Yitskhok, and Sore
ZILBER Pinkhes, Naftoli, Reyzl, and Rive
ZILBER Arn–Dovid, and Golde–Malke
ZILBER Tsvi, Aryeh, Zlate, Sore, Pnina, Yitskhok, Henye, Tsipe, Mordkhe, Note, and Refoyl
ZILBERMINTS Toyve, Rivke, Meir, Sore, Avrom, Leye, Leyb, Shloyme, and Gitl
ZILBERMINTS Margolis, Yitskhok, Betsalel, and Henye
ZILBERMINTS Moyshe, and family
ZILBERTSVAYG Mendl, Royze, and Efroyim–Yitskhok
ZILBERTSVAYG Hese, Dvoyre, Yute, Leyb, and Elke
ZILBERSHTEYN Yankev, Ester, Beyle, Henye, Mindele, Naomi, Moyshe, and Rokhl
ZILBERSHTEYN Yankev, Dvoyre, Khave, Yidl, and Mendl
ZILBERSHTEYN Shloyme, Khave, Sheyndl, and Shmuel
ZILBERSHTEYN Pinkhes, Etl, and Khayim
ZILBERSHTEYN Moyshe–Abe, Matl, Feyge, and Shepsl
ZINGER Yashe, and family
ZINGER Yisokher–Ber, Leye, and Hersh
ZINGER Arn–Meir, Freyde, and two children
ZINGER Avrom–Yitskhok, Dovid, Khaye–Feyge, and Tevl
ZINGER Leye, and husband (the deaf), and child
ZINGER Efroyim–Fishl, Khaye, Feyge, and Sore
ZIS Yitskhok, wife, and two children
ZISBRENER Sholem, Khaye, Yitskhok, Malke, and Perl
ZISKIND Shmuel, wife, and children
ZELPOVITSH Niske, Dore, Manye, and Rkhzi
ZELTSER Dovid, and the entire family
ZELTSER Arn, and family
ZELTSER Sore, and Monish
ZELTSER Yankev, and Libe
ZEKSER Bas–Sheve, Leye, Rokhl, and Malke
ZAK Khane
ZAK Yisro'el, Khane, and child
ZAK Hersh, wife, and children
ZAK Sore, and children
ZAK Yisro'el, Gitl, Pini, Shoshe, and Rive
ZHARKE Dvoyre, and Grine
TAUBLIB Yoysef, and Shoshe
TORBE Note, and Khaye
TORBE Avrom, Bunim, Dvoyre, Yisro'el, Yoysef, Shloyme, and Etl
TORBE Leybish, Peshe, and children
TASHER Mendl, Khave, Zishe, and Feyge
TASHER Naftoli, wife, and child
TASHER Yekutiel, wife, and three children
TASHER Peshe, husband, and child
TASHER Khaye, husband, and child
TASHER Yashe, and family
TVERSKI Yoykhonon (the Rabbi), wife, and child
TUKHSHNAYDER Mikhoel, Pesye, and Reyzl
TULER Motl, and Sore
TELER Hersh, and Roze
TELER Peshe, husband, and child
TELER Efroyim, and family
TELER Eliezer
TELER (Rays), Rokhl
TENER Moyshe, Gitl, Yekhezkel, Malke, Nekhe, Shimen–Arn, and Rivke
TENER Matisyohu, Avrom, Feyge, and Shloyme
TENER Khaye, and children
TEPER Efroyim, Glikl, Beyle, Khayke, and Hentshe
TERKELTUB Hersh, Perl, and children
TROMAN Idl, and Lipe
TROST Khane, Feyge, and Nekhome
TROST Shoul, wife, and child
TROYST Yehude, Yshipe, and two children
TRUM Yisokher, Hinde, and Motl
TRUK Khave, Zlate, Khaye, and Shloyme
And I will lay my vengeance upon Edom! (Ezekiel 25:14)

[Columns 133-134]

TRUPER Binyomin, and family
TRISHTANER Sholem, Yitskhok–Leyb, Perl, Kune, and Klare
TSHEKHOVITSH Zlate, Yokheved, Brayndl, Moyshele, Motele
YANOVER Aryeh, Beyle, Mordkhe, and another child
YANOVER Hillel, Royze, Tsvi, and another child
YOR Moshe–Avrom, Hersh, Khaye, Voltse, Yoysef, Yisro'el, Mikhoel, and Sore
YAKUBOVITSH Sime (Brand), and husband
YUNGMAN Yisokher, Brokhe, and child
YURTSAYG Yehoshua, Zelig, and Yushe
YA'ABETS Miriam, and Bela
KHOR Mordkhe Gitl, and children
KATZ Khaye, Hershele, Toybe, Moyshe, and Miriam
KATZ Kalmen, Shmuel, Hershele, Khaye, Toybele, Yekhezkel, and Moyshe
KATZ Sholem, Eydl, Sore, and Shoshana
KATZ Akiva, Rokhl, and child
KATZ Peysekh, Mendl, and Rivke
KATZ Yitskhok
KATZ Khayim, Bunem, and Shloyme
KATZ Avrom, Male, and Rivke
KATS Yisro'el–Ruvn, and Sore
KATZ Peshe, husband, and two children
KATZHANDL Perets, wife, and children
LODN Pinkhes, Tsharne, and Sore
LODN Yoyneh, wife, Dvoyre, and Leyzer
LODN Eliezer
LODN Pinkhes, Feyge, Sore, and daughter
LANGER Leybish, Leye, and children
LANGER Mordkhe
LANGER Mendl, and Hinde
LANTSBERG Moyshe, wife, and two children
LAKS Yisro'el, Sheyndl, Mordkhe, Brandl, and Reyne
LAKS Yoyne, Malke, and two children
LAKS Yisokher, Rokhl, Gedalye, Sheyndl, Tsharne, Moyshe, Berish, and two children
LAKS Shloyme, Rivke, Ziskind, and Shmuel
LAKS Shmuel, Yankev
LAKS Khayim–Borekh, wife, and child
LAKS Eli–Hersh, and wife
LAKS Gitl, husband, and children
LAKS Arn–Dovid, wife, and children
LAKS Yankev, wife, and two children
LAKS Khayim, wife, and child
LAKS Hersh, wife, and two children
LAKS (Tenenboym), Miriam, and children
LAKS Beyle–Royze
LAKS Naftoli, Toybe, and Avrom
LUSTIK Moyshe, Yekhezkel, and Dvoyre
LUSTMAN Itamar, and Rokhl–Tirtse
LUFT Arn–Yoysef, Gitl, Leyzer, and Dovid
LUKSENBERG Yudel, and Kalmen
LIBERMAN Simkhe, and family
LIBERMAN Borekh, Avrom, Yoysef, and Khave
LIBERMAN Mordkhe, Sore, and two children
LIKHT Sender, Beyle, and children
LIKHT Yekhiel, Feyge, and children
LIKHTINGER Hanye, child, and Yisro'el
LIKHTENFELD Leyzer, wife, and child
LEKHTENSHTEYN Henik, and Taube
LIKHTENSHTEYN Mordkhe, Zlate, Yankev–Dovid, Margolis, and Yisro'el
LIKHTENSHTEYN Moyshe, and family
LINDENBAUM Leyb, and Menakhem
LINK Avrom, Brayndl, and children
LINK Yoysef, Perl, and Yankev
LINK Mordkhe, and Miriam
Earth, do not cover their blood!

[Columns 135-136]

LINK Moyshe, Bashe, Sore, and Elke
LINK Brandl, and four children
LISKER Perets, Khave, and Feyge
LISKER Meir, Hadasa, and Yehudis
LIFSHITS Dr., and family
LEDER Moyshe, Serke, and three children
LEDERMAN Avrom, Moyshe, Frimat, Rokhl, Reshe, Yoysef, and Khaye
LEDERMAN Avrom, and Khane
LEDERMAN Rishe, Khaye, and Yoysef
LEDERMAN Avrom, Frimat, Pinkhes, Moyshe, and Rokhl
LEDERKREMER Leyzer–Ber, and family
LEV Yehoshua, Freyde, Hersh, and Shloyme
LEV Yekhiel, and family
LEVIT Adzye, Lisye, and Blume
LEVENFUS Itshe, Brantshe, Mendl, Hinde, and Gedalye
LENERMAN Sore, and a child
LENERMAN Shloyme–Osher, Yisro'el, Moyshe, Perl, and Reyzele
LENERMAN Khayim, wife, and children
LENERMAN Pinkhes, and Dvoyre
LENERMAN Tuvia, Sore, Rokhl, Shoshe, and Pintse
LERNER Arn, Ester, Moyshe, Royze, and Sali
LERER Yitskhok, wife, and children
LERER Meir, and wife
LERER Avrom, Martshe, Mordkhe, and Yoysef
LERER Yehoshua, Gitl, and Arn
LERER Zalmen, Bashe, and Zelig
LERER Daniel, and Rivke–Leye
LERER Yoysef, Mindl, and Silke
LERER Yehoshua, Etl, and daughter
LERER Yoysef–Meir, and family
LERER Ben–Tsien, Ester, Blume, Arn, Khaye, Khayim–Leyb, Matl, Yankev, Tsirl, and Rokhl
LERER Yankev, wife, and children
LERER Khayim–Leyb
LERER Dovid, Ester, Khane, Blume, Marusye, Shifre, and Vovke
LERER Shoshe–Mirl, Feyge, Miriam, Rivke, and Rokhl
MOGILEVSKI Sore, Menye, and two children
MANGEL Shimen, Arn, Adel, Dina, Sime, Zlate, and Hersh
MANGEL Gershn, Rivke, and family
MANGEL Leyzer, Khaye, Pesl, Sore, and Avrom
MANDEL Itshe, five children, and sister
MANDEL Leyb, Khane, and Leye
MANDEL Itshe, Khane, and three children
MANDELBOYM Mordkhe, Etl, Shprintse, Khane, and Sholem
MANDELBOYM Moyshe–Pinkhes, and Zelde
MANDELBLIT Yidl, Shprintse, and child
MANDELBLIT Sime, and Rivke
MANIL Feyge–Ester, and Leybele
MONTIK Yisro'el, Tsirl, Leye, and Sholem
MANIKOF husband and wife
MANIKOF, Shmuel, and two children
MASKAL Shprintse, Shloyme, and Borekh
MASKAL Yoysef, Khaye, Leyb, Freyde, Taube, and Shloyme
MASKAL Ester, Yisro'el, Leyb, and Sheyndl
MASKAL Mashe, and husband
MORGENSHTERN Itshe, wife, and child
MORGENSHTERN Leybish, wife, and children
MARDER Yankev, Pesl, Moyshe, and Libe
MARDER Shoul, and Yitskhok
MARDER Khaye, husband, and children
MARDER Tsvi, Rivke, and Rokhl
MARDER Yitskhok, wife, and child
MIGDAL Osher, and family
MIGDAL Ber, Brokhe, and Perl
MITELPUNKT Pinye, Dina, and family
MAYZLISH Dovid, and wife
MAYL Yankev, and Ester
MAYL Kalmen, wife, and children
MAYL Dovid, wife, and family
MAYL Dvoyre, and Mindl
MAYL Berish, Itte, Regine, Manye, Matl, and Binyomin
MAYL Edita, husband, and daughter
MAYL Shimen, Elke, and three children
MAYL Toyve, Miriam, Abe, and Dovid
MILNER Matl, Yoysef, Yehoshua, and Hinde
MILLER Moyshe, Sore, Yeshaye, and Itshe
MILLER Shloyme–Eliyohu, Gitl, and Malke
MILLER Yisro'el, Ester, Tsipoyre, Moyshe, Avrom, and Dvoyre
MILLER Ester, Tsipoyre, and Moyshe
MILLER Moyshe, and wife
All who pass by, look and see, if there is any pain like mine! (Lamentations, 1:12)

[Columns 137-138]

MILLER, Yankev, and Dvoyre
MILSHTEYN Yankev, Etl, Mindl, and Tsipoyre
MEYER Yankev, Leyble, Rivke, and Sanye
MEYER Zlate, Peshe, Shloyme, and Sore
MEYER Khane (Tsimet), Bentshe, and son
MEYER Khane, and daughter
MEYER Getsl, Peshe, Shoshele, Shmuel, and Leybele
MEYER Yehoshua, Khaye, and children
MEKLER Leybl, Beyle, and three children
MERENSHTEYN Moyshe, Avrom, Itshe, Khayim–Leyb, Moyshe, Nosn, Feyge, and Sore
NADL Itshe, Meyer, Perl, and Rivke
NADL Tobe, Shloyme, Motl, Berish, Noyekh, Rivke, Leye, and Dvoyre
NADL Shloyme, wife, and two children
NADL Leyzer, and wife
NADL Royze, husband, and children
NADL Kalmen, wife, and children
NADLER Khayim, and family
NADELSHTEYN Shloyme, Mintshe, and children
NAY Itshe, wife, and two children
NAYMARK Yankev, Mirl, and child
NISL Shimen–Leyzer, and Sore–Rivke
NISL Osher, Rayshke, and Gitl
NISL Berish, Khane, Adl, and Sender
NISL Gavriel, Tobe, children, and grandchildren, Leyzer, Shmuel and Dovshe
NISL Leyb, Gitl, children, and grandchildren
NISL Yitskhok, Hinde, and two children
NISL Velvish, and Dvoyre
NISL Rivke, husband, and two children
NISL Moyshe, Sheyndl (Hudis), children, and grandchildren
NISL Beyle, Avrom, Rokhl, Khave–Tsatl, and Berish
NISL Gavriel, and family
NISL Dovid, and two children
NISL Taube, Ayzik, and Yoysef
NISENTSVAYG Shloyme, and family
NIRENBERG Arn, Khaye, Miltshe, and daughter
NIRENBERG Yankev, wife, and two children
NIRENBERG Yehoshua, wife, and a child
NIRENSHTEYN Meir, Hinde, and three children
NETS Mindl, Sore, Leybtshe, Khane, and Tsipe
SALE Leye, Shmuel–Leyb, Mendele, Rokhl, and Khane
SALER Hersh, and family
SALER Yankev, and family
SALERMAN Makhle, and family
SAS Sore, and Khane
SAS Yisro'el, Yokheved, Khaye, Yankev, and Matl
SAKAL Aryeh, Etl, and Zlate
SAKAL Mantshe, and wife
SAKAL Tsirl, husband, and two children
SAKER Vove, Dvoyre, Yoyneh, and Sender
SUL Yoysef, Ranye, and Ze'ev
SUL Ze'ev, Khane, and Khaye
SOYFER Yankev, Yisro'el, Pinkhes, Toybe, and Rivke
SOYFER Yeshaye, Mali, and four children
STAL Eliyohu, Khaye–Itte, Toyve, and Khaye
STAL Shiye, and Tobe
STAL Zalmen, Malke, Golde, Mindl, Feyge, and Khane
SILVERMAN Efroyim, Pesye, and Moyshe
SPEKTOR Hirsh–Ber, Feyge, Khayim–Dovid, Ben–Tzien, Avrom, Miriam–Leye, and Sheyndl–Ester
SPEKTOR Henek, Rivke, and three children
SPEKTOR Henek, Mindl, Benyek, and Leye
SPEKTOR Shoul, Rokhl, and three children
ELKIS Sheyndl, Shloyme, Sore, and Efroyim
ENG Ranye, husband, and child
ENG Reyzl, and children
ENG Yoysef, Khane, and children
ENG Hinde, Miriam with their husbands and children
The slayer slew, the blossom bloomed, and the sun shone! (H. N. Bialik, The City of Slaughter)

[Columns 139-140]

ENG Heni, and Yisro'el
ENGELSBERG Leyb, and Feyge
ENGELSBERG Moyshe, wife, and children
ENGELSBERG Yitskhok, and Yoysef
ENIS Leye, Ayzik, and Yoysef
ESIG Royze (Goldfarb), husband, and children
ESIG Fayvish
ESIG Yoysef, Sime, and children
ESIG Avrom, Malke (Nisl), and three children
ESIG Yankl, Freyde, Zlate, Mantsye, Malye, Perl, and Rokhl
ESIG Fayvish, and Yokheved
ESIG Yisro'el, wife, and children
ESIG Rokhl, and Malye
EFROS Monish, Beyltshe and children, Yudl, Yitskhok
EFROS Leyb, and Ester
EPSHTEYN Moyshe, Khane, Yoysef, and Dovid
EKSHTEYN Moyshe, Khane, Yoysef, and Dovid
EKSHTEYN Mordkhe, wife, and child
ERLIKH Moyshe, Khaye, Yoysef, Yitskhok, and Brokhe
ERLIKH Eli, Brandl, Taybl, Foygl, Naftoli, and Sheyndl
ERLIKH Shmuel, Etl, and Bashe
ERLIKH Ester, and Leybl
ERLIKH Peysekh, Rive, and four children
ERLIKH Mates, Hinde, and Meir Leybl (Treyatin village)
ERLIKH Efroyim, and Elke (Treyatin village)
PAUL Arn, Hinde, and child
PAKHTER Yehudis, Yekl, and Libe
PAKHTER Yehude, and Perl
PAKHTER Yoysef, Khaye, Mordkhe, Beyle, and Ester
PAKHTER Volf, Dore, and Blume
PAKHTER Yashe, wife, and children
POLSKI Binyomen, and family
POMERANTS Mordkhe, and wife
POMERANTS Yankev, Leye, Avrom, and Khayim
POMERANTS Arn, Khane, Malke, and Yehoshua
POMP Rivkele, and Yankl
POMP Dvoyre, husband, and children
POMP Libe, and three children
POMP Yitskhok Dovid, Ester, Rokhl, Zaynvl, Shifre, Yisro'el, and Moyshe
POMP Yehudis
POPILIS Fayvl, Golde, Reyzl, and Zelde
PAPYER Yoyne, and family
PAPYER Yankev, Khave–Dobe, Sore, and Leybl
PAK Fayvl, Khayim–Yo'el, and Khanine
PAK Avrom, Hudes, and family
FUTER Dina, Binyomen, Yankev, and Khane
FOYGEL Sheve, Tsirl, Moyshe, and Avrom
FOYGEL Shimen, Peshe, Mashe, and Brokhe
FOYGEL Moyshe, Khane, Yisokher, Motl, Leyzer, and Yankev
FOYGEL Khane, and a daughter
FOYGEL Tsirl, and children
FOYGEL Efroyim, and Feyge
FULN Moyshe, Rivke (Rotman) and Yehuda
FUKS Shloyme–Leyzer, Elke–Leye, Freyde–Tsine, Shprintse, and Shmuel–Itshe
FUKS Zalmen, Rivke, Reyzl, Khayim, Itte, Miriam, Sore, Hersh, and Mordkhe
FIGLER Fishl, and Margolis
PIVENSHTEYN Yehoshua, and Malke
PIVENSHTEYN Yehoshua, wife, and children
FAYL Shmuel, Brayndl, Rokhl, and Khaye
FAYL Mendl, Bashe, Sore, Velvl, and Golde
FAYL Benye, Khane, Malye, Toybe, and Brokhe
FAYL Zlate, husband, and children
FAYL Sime, husband, and children
FAYL Peshe, husband, and children
FAYL Tane, husband, and children
FAYL Shmuel, and Khane
FAYL Rivke
FAYL Shmuel, Tsipe, Hela, and Hersh
FAYL (Kirshner), Rivke, and child
FAYL Serl, and family
FAYL Simkhe, and Serl
FAYL Ester, husband, and child
FAYL Shi'e, and family
FAYL Yehudis, and Avrom
FAYL Dovid, and Khane
FAYL Shmelke, and family
FAYL Nakhmen, and family
The crown has fallen from our head, woe to us! (Lamentations, 5:16)

[Columns 141-142]

FAYN (Gayerman), Roze, Perl, Matl, Shoul, and Fayvl
FAYER Avrom, Zisl, and children
FAYER Henye, and Shifre
FAYER Shifre
FAYER Sholem, Sheyndl, Henye, Roze, Sonye, and Nokhem
FAYER Khaye–Gitl, Tsipe, Perele, Yehuda, Borekh–Eliyohu, and Tsvi
FAYER Avrom, Feyge, Yehudis, Shmuel, and Khayim
FAYFER Yankev, and Mirl
FAYFER Yitskhok–Shimen, Sore, Menye, Peshe–Khave, and Shmelke
FAYFER Shloyme–Ber, Yokheved, Yekhezkel, and daughter
FAYFER Yankev–Leyb, wife, and child
FAYFER Noyekh, Ester, and Khayim
FAYFER Khayim, and Pesl
FAYFER Volf, Moyshe, and Beyle–Tsirl
FILOZOF Avrom, and son
FINGER Shloyme, Malye, and Rokhl
FINGER Itshe, Ranye, and three children
FINGER Ayzik, Beyltshe, and Khane
FINKLBLEKH Yitskhok, Tsipoyre, Elke, Khaye, Zlate, Binyomen, and Brayndl
FINKLSHTEYN Shloyme, Rokhl–Leye, and children
FINKLSHTEYN Mendl, wife, and two children
FINKLSHTEYN Gutshe, and family
FINKLSHTEYN Matisyohu, Yokheved, Sender, and Khayim
FINKLSHTEYN Eliyohu, wife, and a child
FINKLSHTEYN Berish, Perl, Rivke, Khane, and Ester
FINKLSHTEYN Etl, Khane, Tsetl, and Leyzer
FINKLSHTEYN Azriel, wife, and children
FIKSMAN Hershl, Khaye–Feyge, and Getsl–Shmuel
FIKSMAN Moyshe, and family
FIKSMAN Yekhiel, and Hershl
FIRSHT Yisro'el, Mindl, and Nokhem
FISHER Arke, Sheyndl, and three children
FISHER Dovid, Rokhl, and two children
FISHKL Leyzer, Mindl, Fradl, Shike, and a girl
PLAT Mendl, and Brokhe
FLAKS Efroyim, Hertsl, Sore, Mikho'el, Gitl, and Tune
FLAKS Teltse
FLAYSHMAN Eliyohu, Rivke, and three children
FLAYSHMAN Eliezer, wife, and children
FLAYSHMAN Eli, Rivke, Leye, Sore, and Royze
FLIS Yisro'el, and Beyle
FLIS Khane, husband, and child
FLIS Tobe, and husband
FLIS Bashe, husband, and child
FELDMAN Khane, Mordkhe, and Avrom
FELER Eliyohu, Levone, Arn, Khane, and Rivke
FELER Lozer, Shifre, Sore–Bite, Yisro'el, and Berish
FELER Efroyim, wife, and child
FELER Eli, wife, and child
FENIK Muntshe
FENIK Hirsh, Tsharne, and children
FERSHTENDIG Borekh, and Rokhl
FROST Veve, Khane, Khaye, Rivke, and Royze
FROST Berl, and Sheyndl
FROST Yekhezkel
FRUMER Shmuel, and Itte
FRUMER Moyshe, Dvoyre, Sore, Avrom, Yisro'el, Pnine, and Pinkhes
FRUMER Sheyndl, Ester, Rokhl, and Shloyme
FRUMER Shloyme, Beyle, and four children
FRID Khayim, Teme, and children
FRID Moyshe, Fradl, and two children
FRID Eliyohu
FRID Shoshana
FRID Yidl, Khane, and family
FRID Yitskhok, wife, and children
FRID Motl, wife, and children
FRID Hersh, and family
FRID Leyzer
FRID Avrom, wife, and children
FRID Sheyndl, and family
FRID Reyzl, and two children
FRID Efroyim, and wife
FRIDLAND Moyshe, and family
FRIDLAND Gitl, and family
FRIDLAND Sholem, Rivke, Zlate, Zelde, Shloyme, Shoshe, and Malke
FRIDLAND Avrom Gushes
FRIDLAND Itshe, and family
FRIDLAND Nokhem, and family
Those I cared for and reared-my enemy has destroyed! (Lamentations 2:22)

[Columns 143-144]

FRIDLAND Lages, and family
FRIDMAN Azriel, wife, and children
FRIDMAN Dr., Malke, and child
FRIDMAN Yoysef, Perl, Malye, and Khayim
FRIDMAN Avrom, Perl, Krayndl, Gitl, Khaye, and Tsesha
PRIVNER Elimelekh, and Dvoyre
PRIVNER Yankev, Peshe, and Arn
PRIVNER Toybe, husband, and two children
PRIVNER Leyzer, Hersh, wife, children, and grandchildren
FRAYND Khayim, Leye, and five children
FRAYND Yisro'el
FRAYND Volf, Leye, Yoysef, Mordkhe, and Rivke
FRAYND Eli–Meir, and Yitskhok
FRAYND Sholem, Hene, and children
FRAYND Mendl, Khaye, Gitl, Simkhe, Hilel, and Mates
FRAYND Dovid, Khane, Getsl, and Feyge
PRENDLER Franye, and child
PRESAYZN Zindl, Sore, and Moyshe
PRESAYZN Yankev, Eliezer, Leye, and three children
PRESER Shmuel, and Itte
PRESER Yankev, Borekh, Balbine, Hersh, and Blume
PERETS Yontshe, and Brayndl
PERETS Yoyne, and Genendl
PERETS Hershl, Golde, Efros, and Yoysef
PERETS Zelig, and Moyshe
TSANG Moyshe
TSVILIKH Meylekh, Khave, Rokhl, Bashe, and Khaye
TSVAYG Khayim–Leyb, Rive, Beyle, Feyge, and Shoshe
TSVER Meir, and Dobrish
TSUNG Eli, Teme, and children
TSUNG Brokhe, and Yo'el
TSUNG Sore, Dvoyre, and Motl
TSUKER Note, Khaye, and four children
TSUKER Henek, Royze, and three children
TSUKER Zishe (of Treyatin)
TSUKER Brandl, and her grandchild (of Treyatin)
TSUKER Sore, and two children (of Treyatin)
TSUKERMAN Yankev–Moyshe
TSUKERMAN Simtshe, Yisro'el–Mordkhe, and Rishe
TSUKERMAN Shloyme, and family
TSUKERMAN Khayim–Leyb, Maltshe, and child
TSIGEL Feyge, Khane, and Yankev
TSIGEL Yisro'el, Gitl, and Yoysef
TSIGEL Leybish, Rivke, Feyge, Khane, and Yankev
TSITRIN Dovid, Shoshe, and children
TSIMET Zindl, wife, and two children
TSIMET Mate, and wife
TSIMET Fayvish, wife, and children
TSIMET Yozef, Rivke, and Malke
TSIMET Bashe, Khaye, Yoysef, Sani, Sore–Leye, and Hinde
TSIMET Mendl, and children
TSIMET Lipe, Khane, Beyle, and child
TSIMERMAN Yitskhok, Toybe, Reyzl, Beyle, Perl, Shloyme, Roze, Yisro'el, Aryeh, Rekhl, Moyshe, and Avrom
TSIMERMAN Nokhem, Dvoyre, Yisro'el–Aryeh, Leye, Meir, and Shmuel
TSIMERMAN Khaye–Soreee, Motl, Gitl, Dishke, Hirsh, and Avrom
TSIMERMAN Yisro'el, Khane, Brayndl, and Yankev
TSIMERMAN Gedalyohu, Leye, Feyge, and Sheyndl
TSIMERMAN Ester, Eydel, Mendl, and Yitskhok
TSIMERMAN Hersh–Mendl, wife, and children
TSIMERMAN Efroyim, and Feyge
TSIMERMAN Martshe (Finkelshteyn)
TSIPEL Yoyne, Reyzl, and children
KAHAN Peshe, and child
KOVALTOVSKI Yashele, Rivke, Binyomin, Khayim–Borekh, Krayndl, and Perele
KOLIRIN Beyle–Roze
KOLIRIN Yosl, Henye, and three children
KAM Yisro'el, Mayte, Henye, Reyzl, Moyshe, and wife
KAM Yoysef, Sore, Brokhe, Golde, and Henye
KAM Shloyme, Moyshe, Hudes, and two children
My heart is poured out on the ground, for my people are destroyed! (Lamentations 2:11)

[Columns 145-146]

KAM Simkhe, Sore, Dovid, Dov, and Mordkhe
KAM Tshipe, and family
KAM Moyshe, Malke, Reyzl, and Hersh
KAM Yekhezkel, Gitl, and four children
KAM Leyb, Libe (Kindl), Hershl, and Mashe
KAM Ber, Dvoshe, Sore, Reyzl, Blume, Hinde–Sashe, and Sime
KAM Dovid, wife, and children
KAM Khaye–Eydl
KOMAROVSKI Avrom, and Mordkhe
KON Berish, Rivke, Meir, and Khayim
KON Berke, Feyge–Sime, and children
KON Abe, wife, and children
KANER Sheyndl, children, and grandchildren
KANER Efroyim–Zalmen, Sore, Meir, Henye, Leybish, and Yitskhok–Dovid
KANER Rivke, Leybish, Feyge, and Hinde
KANER Yisro'el, Malke, and Perl
KOP Hersh, Beyle, Reyzke, and two sons
KATZ Sheyndl, Martshe, and Sore
KATZHANDLER Perets, and family
KATZHANDEL Avrom, Yokhe, and Faye
KATZHANDEL Feyge, husband, and child
KORN Sholem, wife, and children
KORN Itshe, Rishe, and two children
KORN Libe, and Feyge
KORNBLIT Yehoshua, wife, and five children
KORNBLIT Shimen, Roze, and children
KORNBLIT Eliezer, Ruvn, and Yente
KORNBLIT Avrom, Sheyndl, Peysekh, and Bas–Sheve
KVASOVITSER Yanke–Hersh, Dvoyre, Itte, Moyshe, and Leye
KOYFMAN Abish, Peshe, Hersh, Gitl, Shloyme, Dvoyre, and Khaye
KOYFMAN Binyomin, Peshe, and children
KOYFMAN Khave, Yitskhok, and Sheyndl
KOYFMAN Zelig, and Itke
KOYFMAN Shloyme, and wife
KULSHTERN Yitskhok, Tille, Hersh, Moyshe, Sholem, Sore, and Feyge
KUPER Avrom, Reyzl, Miriam, Rivke, and Perl
KUPER Yehoshua, Gutman, and Yisokher–Ber
KUPER Efroyim–Yitskhok, Leye, and three children
KUPER Meir–Borekh, Khave, Yitskhok, Avrom, and child
KUPER Hersh, Rokhl, and Yosl
KUPER Arn, Mordkhe, Khane, and Itte
KUPER Yoysef
KUPER Leye, and three children
KUPERSHTEYN Tsutl, and Eliezer
KUPERSHTEYN Shmuel, Rivke, Tsutl, Rivke, and Itte
KURTS Avrom, and two children
KAYMAN Yoysef, Yokheved, Zlatke, and Bruni
KINDL Zlate, Meir, and Sore
KINDL Shmuel, Bine (Diamant), Moyshe, and Dovid
KINIGER Sholem, and family
KINIGER Shloyme, Khaye, Toyve, and children
KIRSHENFELD Yitskhok–Meir, Leye, and Yoysef
KIRSHER Silke, Yerakhmiel, and four children
KIRSHNER Avrom, Royze, Tille, Sore, Mayte, and Fayvl
KIRSHNER Avrom, Bine, and children
KIRSHNER Hilel, Rokhl, and two children
KIRSHNER Itshe–Mendl, and family
KIRSHNER Gitl, and daughter Malye
KIRSHNER Beyle, Efroyim–Zalmen, Meir, Henye, Leybish, and Yitskhok–Dovid
KLANG Khayim, Leye, and Moyshe
KLIG Binyomin, and Zlate
KLIG Yehoshua, and Nekhe
KLIG Leyb, Reyzl, and family
KLIG Bunim, and family
KLIG Moyshe
KLIGER Leyb, Zlate, Peshe, Refoyl–Anshl, and Itshe
KLIGER Zlate, and Peshe
KLINGEL Motl, and Tsirl
KLINGEL Yisro'el, Sore, Pesl, and Shloyme
KLINGEL Khume, and three children
KLINGEL Hersh, and Ester
KLINGEL Moyshe, Tsipoyre, and three children
KLINGEL Berish, and Reyzl
KLINGEL Nekhome, and three children
KLINGEL Mantshe, and family
KLINGEL Fayvl, and wife
KLAYNER Azriel, Feyge, and three children
KLAYNER Avrom, Itte, Khane–Golde, Rani, Yisro'el, and Yekhi'el
KLAYNER Tsirl–Meni, Yisro'el, Nekhome, and Yitskhok
KLAYNER Yo'el, Leye, and Borekh
KLAYNER Yoykhonon, Feyge, and children
KLAYNER Moyshe, Ester, Malke, and Leye
Mine eye runneth down with rivers of water for the destruction of the daughter of my people. (Lamentations, 3:48)

[Columns 147-148]

KLAYNER, Yisro'el, and family
KLAYNER Yitskhok, wife, and children
KLAYNER Yoysef, and Yehudis
KLAYNER Anshl, Dvoyre, Rivke, and Henye
KLEKS Shmuel, Sheyndl, and Sorele
K'NAL Khaye, Ester, Yoysef, and Mordkhe
K'NOP Sore
K'NOP Blume, Khaye–Ester, Yoysef, and Matl
K'NOP Avrom, Brayndl, and Yisro'el
K'NOP Khaye, and Ester
K'NELER Zelik, and Khave
K'NELER Khanokh, and Khaye
K'NELER Yehude, and Leye
K'NELER Yankev, Hentshe, Khane, and Shmuel
K'NELER Moyshe, and Teme
KEZMAN Yoysef, Yokheved, and two children
KESTENBOYM Meir, Reyzl, Krayndl, and Itshe
KEPEL Moyshe, Mekhle, Khane, and Tsipoyre
KETSNER Yerakhmiel, wife, and children
KERSHNZON Yitskhok, and Ester
KERSHNZON Hersh, Brayndl, Tsirl, Matl, Rokhl, Yankele, and Rivke
KRONGOLD Mordkhe–Avrom, wife, and daughter
KRAFT Avrom, and family
KRAFT Velvl, Gitl, Yankev, Henye, Sorke, and Yitskhok
KRIGER Pesye, and Henye
KRAYNER Nekhe, Moyshe, Sushe, Mendl, Rokhl, Reshi, and Khayim
KRAYNER Eliyohu, Pepe, Izshe, and daughter
KRAYNER Moyshe, and Shoshe
KRAYNER Mendl, Brandl, Rishe, Khayim, and a child
KRAYNER Shloyme, Tobe, and Dina
KRAYNER Perets, Moyshe, Eydl, and Reshe
KRAYTSER Moyshe, Sheyndl, Yuzik, and Hele
KRELNBOYM Yankev, Brokhe, and Dovid
RABINOVITSH Arn, Eliezer, Ester, Yo'el, Moyshe, Hinde, Khaye, Menakhem, and Dobrish
ROZNBLAT Eydl, Sore, Yisro'el, and Khave
ROZENBLUM Ber, Leye, and Arye
ROZNSHTEYN Mendl and Rivke
ROZENBOYM Khayim–Yoysef and Feyge
ROZENBERG Berish, Rikl, and Yehude
ROZENBERG Binyomen, and family
ROZENBERG Moyshe, Sheyndl, Tobe, Yoysef, Godl, Matl, Khane, Yankev, and Khinke
ROZENTSVAYG Hersh–Arn, and Pesl
ROZENTSVAYG Motl, Sore, and three children
ROZENTSVAYG Itte, and Moyshe
ROZENTSVAYG Leyb, Yisro'el, and Yankev
ROZENTSVAYG Hershl, wife, and children
ROT Dr., and family
ROT Sheyndl, and Zishe (of Treyatin)
ROT Berish, Etl, and three children (of Treyatin)
ROT Yidl, wife, and children (of Treyatin)
ROT Khaye, Yitskhok, and children (of Treyatin)
ROTLEDER Note, Reyzl, Malke, Yankele, and Gitl
ROTNYEVSKY Shmuel, Fele, and child
ROTNYEVSKY Oyzer, and family
ROTFELD Betsalel, Etl, and Yidl
ROTFELD Yisro'el, Betsalel, Etl, and Yidl
ROKH Moyshe–Leyb, and family
ROKHMAN Yankl, Dvoyre, and family
ROKHMAN Motl, Toyve, and family
ROKHMAN Tobe, Dvoyre, Brokhe, and Hersh
ROS Yisro'el, Feygele, Nunye, and Khayim
RAP Refoyl, Leye, and Golde
RAP Freyde, Artsi, Herish, and Moyshe
RAP Malke, and five children
RAP Refoyl, and child
RAP Moyshe, Matl, Fradl, Mekhle, Toybe, Tsirl, and Leye
RAP Mordkhe, and Khaye
RAP Dvoyre, Yekhezkel, Gutman, Hersh, Volf, Henye, Shi'e, and Khaye–Sore
RAPOPORT Yitskhok, and Tsherne
RAPOPORT Yankev, and three daughters
RUB Aryeh, Freyde, Hersh, and Moyshe
RUB Mordkhe, and Khaye
RUBINSHTEYN Brandl, Simkhe, Beni, Yoyne, Mendl, and Khane
Our Inheritance Has Been Turned Over to Strangers! (Lamentations, 5:2)

[Columns 149-150]

RUBINSHTEYN Yoysef, Leye, Mendl, Nekhome, Brokhe, Reyzl, and Moyshe
RUZ Yoysef
RUZ Toybe
RUZ Sore
RUZ Golde
RUZ Noyekh
RUZ Meir
RUZ Shmuel, wife, and two children
RUZ Minge
RUZ Dvoyre, and family
RUZ Hersh, wife, and children
RUZ Etl, and three children
ROYZMAN Moyshe, Sore, Hersh, Mendl, and Yitskhok
ROYZMAN Antshl, Bibe, Beyle, Leye, Moyshe, and Rokhl
ROYZN Moyshe, Sore, and three children
ROYZEN Yoysef, Brokhe, and child
ROYTMAN Nosn–Dovid
ROYTMAN Zishe, and Sore
ROYTMAN Zishe, and Royze
ROYTER Nokhem, Gitl, Shepsl, Henye, and Bashe
ROYTER Yankev, Rivke, and three children
RUND Mordkhe, Khane, and daughter
ROKEYEKH Naftoli, Gitl, Zalmen, and two children
ROKEYEKH Zundl, wife, and two children
ROKEYEKH Khane–Golde, Perl, Moyshe, and child
RUR Mordkhe, and wife
RUR Yankev, Sore, and daughter
RAYZ Sore, Shmuel, and two children
RAYZ Rokhl, husband, and two children
RAYZ Blume, husband, and two children
RAYKH Moyshe, Leyb, Abish, Berl, and Yoysef
RAYKHMAN Avrom, and Note
RAYKHENBOYM Hersh, Zlate, and children
RAYKHENBOYM Yankev, Freyde, Dina, Khane, Shloyme, and Dovid
RAYS Moyshe, Reyzl, Malke, Abish, Berl, Yoysef, and Dvoyre
RAYS Hersh–Meir, and Rivke
RAYS Matl, husband, and two children
RAYTSER Yankev, Mendl, and Hinde
RAYTSER Yitskhok
RIKHER Sholem, Sore, Meir, and child
REGEL Meir, Sime, and children
REGEL Avrom, Tsipoyre, and children
REGEL Yisro'el, wife, and children
RETIG Lozer, and family
RETIG Sender, Eydl, Khaye, Sore, Mekhl, and Beyle
RETIG Zalmen, Khave, Yoysef, Ester, and children
RETIG Dovid, and wife
RETIG Sore, and three children
RESL Yankev, Berl, Leye, and Moyshe
SHAMANOVITS Shepsl, and family
SHOFIL Lifshe, and husband
SHOFIL Ester, and husband
SHOFIL Moyshe, and wife
SHOFEL Khane, husband, and two children
SHOFEL Yankev, wife, and children
SHOFEL Dovid–Shmerl, wife, and children
SHOFER Khayim, mother, wife, and children
SHOFER Yekhezkel, and Malke
SHAFRAN Kalmen, Pesl, and three children
SHATS Moyshe, Beyle, and children
SHATS Hersh, Reyze, and Shi'e
SHATS Tshipe, Yoyne, and children
SHATS Yehoshua
SHATS Hersh, and Reyzl
SHATS Tshipe, husband, and children
SHATS Yitskhok, and Elke
SHVARTS Shmuel, Tuvia, and six children
SHVARTS Yankev, Yente, Naftoli, Leye, and a child
SHVARTS Itte, husband, and children
SHVARTS Miriam, and Freydele
SHUKHMAN Moyshe, Khane, Yehudis, Leye, and Dvoyre
SHUKHMAN Shi'e, wife, and children
SHULMAN Libe, Yisro'el, Dovid, Yehude, and Elke
SHKHUR Miriam, Sore, Khane, Tsvi, and Dvoyre
SHTOKHAMER Eliezer, Feyge, Khanine, wife, and daughter
SHTOKHAMER Nosn, Gitl, and Feyge
SHTOKHAMER Yekl, Reyzl, Sime, and Avrom
SHTOKHAMER Hersh, and Sheyndl (Vaynberg)
Great is the anguish, great the shame – but which of these is greater? (H. N. Bialik, In the City of Slaughter)

[Columns 151-152]

SHTOKHAMER Avrom, Tsivie, Fradl, Pinkhes, Gedalye, and Yankev
SHTOKHAMER Yeshaye, Bine, Malke, and Yisro'el
SHTOKERMAN Yehude, and Khane
SHTOKERMAN Volf, and children
SHTUNDEL Leyzer, Shoshe, Reyzl, Hinde, and Leybish
SHTUREM Yehoshua, Sheyndl, and six children
SHTUREM Avrom, Khane, Golde, Perets, Keyle, Ester, and Khane–Feyge
SHTUREM Ber, and family
SHTIGLITS Yitskhok, Tsipoyre, and three children
SHTIGLITS Tsipoyre, and three children
SHTIGLITS Beyle, Khane, Basye, Mordkhe, and Aryeh (of Treyatin)
SHTEYN Gitl, Dvoyre, Rokhl, Leybl
SHTEYN Ruvn, Blume, and children
SHTEYN Avrom, Roze, and four children
SHTEYNBOYM Yankev–Yehoshua, Basye, and Levi
SHTEYNBOYM Avrom, Khane, and Miriam
SHTEYNBOYM Motl, Rokhl, Velvl, and Brokhe–Sheyndl
SHTEYNBOYM Yoysef, Malye, Binyomin, and Brokhe
SHTEYNBERG Pinye, Khane, and children
SHTEYNBERG Hersh, Golde, Pinkhes, Khane, Bashe
SHTENGEL Leybish, Bashe, and Leye
SHTENGEL Sheyndl, husband, and two children
SHTERN Nokhem, and family
SHTERN Moyshe, Sore, Rokhl, Sheyndl, Yosl, and Perl
SHTRAYTER Yankev–Arn, Pinkhes, Nokhem, and Zlate
SHTRAYTER Shimen, Shoshe, and Zlate with two children
SHTRAYTER Margolis (Brener), and children
SHTRAYER Tsirl (Vokerman), Yosef, and Avigder
SHEYBIN Yisro'el, wife, and child
SHEYBIN Yehoshua, and Sore
SHEYBIN Yoysef, Sime, and their children
SHEYNBERG Fayvl, Tsharne, and Shimen
SHEYNBERG Dan, Robi, and children
SHEYNZINGER Shmuel, Khaye, Avrom, Yoysef, and Rivke
SHILER Motl, Brokhe, and child
SHILER Meir, and his child
SHIFER Shloyme
SHIFER Veve, and Genendl
SHIFER Yashe, Sore, Malke, Manis, and Brayndl
SHIFER Arn, and Freyde
SHLAKHTER Dovid, Manye, daughter, and son
SHLYAM Shimen, Malke, and children
SHLEKHTER Kalmen, and family
SHMUTS Moyshe, and family
SHNAL Yankev, Feyge, Dovid, Peshe, Malke, and Zalmen
SHNAYDER Getsl, and family
SHNAYDER Itshe–Leyb, wife, and children
SHNAYDER Dovid, wife, and children
SHNAYDER Shmuel, Rishe, and Shimen
SHNAYDER Khave, Motl, and three children
SHNAYDER Shime, Beyle, Roze, Mikhoel, Khayim, Yoysef, Brokhe, Khume, Getsl, Sheve, Sore, Yankl, Dore, and Rivke
SHNAYDER Yosl, wife, and children
SHNAYDER Khayim–Yosl, Avrom, and Yankev
SHNAYDER Motl, Khave, and family
SHNAYDER Yehoshua, and wife
SHNAYDER Yoysef, Dvoyre, Rokhl, Pinye, and children
SHNAYDER Avrom, Sore–Leye, and child
SHNAYDER Yitskhok–Leyb, wife, and family
SHEKHTER Shimen, Shloyme, wife, and children
SHEKHTER Hersh–Leyb, Shloyme, Golde, Note, and Alter
SHEK Avrom, Gitl, Shifre, Khaye, Khane, and daughters
SHER Khayim
SHER Rivke, husband, and two children
SHER Yehude, wife, and children
SHER Yitskhok, wife, and children
SHER Yankev, wife, and children
SHER Mordkhe, wife, and children
SHER Brandl
SHER Arn, Sore, Sheyndl, Khayim, Ben–Tsien, Meir, and Leybl
SHER Yoysef–Leyb, Sheve, Sale, Beyle, Meir, and Hentshe
SHER Arn, Meir, and Yisro'el
SHER Khane–Sore
SHER Gitl, with mother, and child
SHER Rokhl, Shaye, Tsipoyre, Yitskhok, and Sore
SHER Yente, Avrom, and three children
SHER Yoysef–Khayim, Elisheve, Beyle, Meir, and Hanye
SHER Yitskhok, and children
SHER Yisro'el–Meir, Perl, Ratse, and daughter
SHER Hershl, Sheve, Perele, Freydele, Shmuel, and son
Young and old lie together in the dust of the streets; my young men and young women have fallen by the sword. (Lamentations 2:21)

[Columns 153-154]

SHER Yitskhak, Perl, Raniye and Moshe
SHER Note and Perl
SHERER Meyer–Shloyme, Sprintse, Rokhl, Yosef, Zalmen–Dovid, Malka, Hinde and Royze
SHERER Khane, husband and child
SHERER Kone and Sheva
SHERER Hirsh, Rishe, Rivke and Yeshiyahu
SHPATER Khane and daughter
SPILER Dovid and Rokhl
SHPILER Yoel and Tsharne
SHPILER Motl, wife and child
SHPILER Hersh, Yoel, Motl, Khane and Dovid
SHPILER Yisroel and wife
SHAPIRO Pinkhes and family
SHAPIRO Mendl and family
SHAPIRO Lipe, Khave, Gitl and Feyge
SHAPIRO Rikve and Shloyme
SHAPIROL Yitskhak and Sore
SHPRITS Binyomen, Feyge and children
SHPRITS Ozer and family
SHRUBER Yidl, Sore, Yisroel, Freyde, Dvore, Rayzl, Itshe, and Esther
SHROYT Yitskhok, Peshe, Khave and Khaye
SHROYT Sheyndl, husband and child
SHROYT Efroyim, Malka, Beyle, Nekhe, Itshe and Zlate
SHROYT Yankev and Gitl
I will stand before the dead, and I will hide them in secret places! (Haim Nahman Bialik In the City of Slaughter)


At the tomb of the martyrs of Hrubieszów


Children from the Hrubieszów Orphanage,
who were killed during the section action in 1942


DEK Tokhe
DEK Moshele
VAYSMAN Ben–Tsiyon
NOL Golde
KOPL Mordekhai
RUT Vove
SHTERN Tsharne

[Columns 155-156]

Hrubieszów Fights for the Land of Israel

They have a demonstration on May 1st
Hrubieszów youth learning at a course for “Frayhayt” (“Freedom”) instructors in Krasnohrad in 1932


Hrubieszów Fights for the Land of Israel

They are voting for the 19th Zionist Congress
Shmaryahu Mints, Yosl Hekht, Yankele Royter, Yehuda Hofman, Yosl Privner, Moshe Moskal, Yehoshue Lerekh and Yosef Lederkremer
They raise money at the bazaar for KKL Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, the Jewish National Fund] Yosef Lederkremer, Martshe Finkelshteyn, Reyzl Dimentshteyn and Hersh Halbershteyn.


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