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1. Extract of the 1784 Census
Excerpt from “Dénombrement général des Juifs qui sont tolérés en la Province d'Alsace en exécution des Lettres patentes de Sa Majesté en forme de règlement du 10 juillet 1784.”

[Census of the Jews who are tolerated in the Province of Alsace in execution of the Letters patent of Her Majesty in the form of regulations dated 10 Jul 1784]

Status of Grussenheim as of 27 Sep 1784.
29 families, 138 individuals.

  1. Kahn Meyer, head of the community. Wife: Reichel Geismar. Sons: Nathan, Simon, Aron. Daughter: Rachel. Manservant: David Lévy. Maidservants: Cronel Netter, Reissel Salomon.
  2. Wormser Barach. Wife: Hanna Lévy.
  3. Wormser Nathan. Sons: Marx, Wolff, David. Daughter: Sara.
  4. Wormser Salomon. Wife: Glück Isaac. Sons: Isaac, Hirtz, Meyer.
  5. Wormser Abraham. Wife: Regine Kahn.
  6. Wormser Seeligmann. Wife: Gentel Abraham. Sons: Leib, Gervais, Abraham. Daughter: Scheynelé.
  7. Wormser Samuel. Wife: Brendel Bloch. Sons: Isaac, Heymann, Vasi. Daughters: Beylé, Scheinellé, Feylé.
  8. Wormser Jägel. Wife: Beylé Lévy. Son: Heymann. Daughter: Mäntel.
  9. Wormser Jacques. Wife: Marie-Anne Weyl. Son: Heymann. Daughter: Reichel.
  10. Geismar Salomon. Wife: Rachel Hirsch. Sons: Simon, Hirschel, Vasi. Daughter: Hanna.
  11. Geismar Marx. Wife: Claire Dreyfus. Son: Joseph. Maidservant: Scheinel Ginsburger.
  12. Geismar Nathan. Wife: Jüttel Kahn.
  13. Geismar Salomon. Wife: Vogel Lévy.
  14. Geismar Susmann. Wife: Sara Kahn. Sons: Jacques, Leïb, Salomon.
  15. Geismar Abraham. Wife: Feïl Goschel. Sons: Goschel, Simon, Isaac. Daughters: Röhlen, Jüttel.
  16. Weyl Seeligmann. Wife: Esther Kahn. Son: Hirtzel. Daughters: Merlé, Reylé, Mintel, Reysel.
  17. Sultzer Marx. Wife: Rachel Seeligmann. Sons: Nathan, Meyer, Aron, Doterer, Seeligmann. Maidservant: Heyen Salomon.
  18. Sultzer Paul. Wife: Hintel Meyer. Mother: Feyl Bickert. Son: Meyer. Daughter: Scheinlé. Maidservant: Güttel Hirtzel.
  19. Sultzer Lazare. Wife: Zipper Goschel.
  20. Hemmendinger Joseph: Wife Vögele Wormser. Mother: Genentel Franck Hemmendinger. Son: Kaym. Daughter: Mintel. Maidservant: Jachete Ach.
  21. Hemmendinger Aron. Wife: Nentel Franck. Son: Jüttel. Daughter: Rechel. Orphan: Hirtzel.
  22. (Forgotten lines by the authors: 22-23 missing.)
  23. Bloch Ischen. Wife: Jüttel Geismar. Brother: Salomon Bloch.
  24. Woog David. Wife: Ellé Wormser. Sons: Seeligmann, Marx. Maidservant: Hintel Seeligmann.
  25. Bickert David (poor man). Wife: Sara Isaac. Daughter: Michelet Bickert.
  26. Widow Froneck (!) Dreyfus. Sons: Geismar Salomon, Geismar Simon. Daughter: Geismar Anne-Marie.
  27. Widow Keylé Kahn (poor woman). Sons: Hemmendinger Paul, Hemmendinger Leyser.
  28. Meyer Isaac, cantor. Wife: Güttel Salomon. Daughter: Riquel Meyer.
    Widowers: Löw Ulmann, Schoolmaster. Leib Ischy, poor man.
    Widow: Thérèse Franck Hemmendinger, poor woman.

2. Indications on the age of the people listed in the 1784 Census and their relatives

(Numbering is according to 1784 Census)[1]

1. Kahn Meyer born ca. 1737    
3. Wormser Nathan born ca 1736    
4. Wormser Salomon   (his wife born in 1742) son of Hirzl
5. Wormser Abraham born ca 1730    
7. Wormser Samuel born ca 1738   son of Chaïm
8. Wormser Jegel born ca 1744   son of Chaïm
9. Wormser Jacques born ca 1755 (his wife born in 1728)  
10. Geismar Salomon      
11. Geismar Marx born ca 1718    
12. Geismar Nathan born ca 1759   son of Marx
14. Geismar Sussmann born ca 1726    
16. Weil Seligmann   (his wife born in 1738)  
17. Sultzer Marx   (his wife born in 1739) son of Nathan
18. Sultzer Paul born ca 1747   son of Jehouda
19. Sultzer Lazare     son of Jehouda
20. Hemendinger Joseph born ca 1751   son of David
21. Hemendinger Aron born ca 1744   son of Zvi
22. Hemendinger Marx born ca 1748   son of Zvi
23. Bloch Judas born ca 1753 (his wife born in 1742) son of EIiézer (born ca 1720)
24. Bloch Jische born ca 1754   son of EIiézer (born ca 1720)
24. Bloch Salomon born ca I760   son of EIiézer (born ca 1720)
24. Bloch Michel born ca 1762   son of EIiézer (born ca 1720)
25. Woog David born ca 1757    
27. Geismar Feissel   (his wife born in 1725)  
27. Geismar Salomon born ca 1751   son of Feissel
27. Geismar Simon born ca 1758   son of Feissel

3. The first entries in civil records (1793)

a) Birth record

of Blümelen, daughter of Wolf Wurmser and Reitzlen Lefi, dated 18 Jan 1793

On this day, January eighteenth one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, second year of the French République[2] at midday appeared in the public room of the town hall before me Johann Michel Wafner, elected civil recorder of the town of Grussenheim, appointed by the city council of Grussenheim on December sixteenth of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety two to register the birth, marriage and death records, Wolf Wurmser, by trade a merchant, residing in said municipality Grussenheim in the Lower Alley who, attended by Johannes Schwein, Mayor and farmer, forty six years old and by Antony Schueber, procurator and weaver, thirty six years old, the former and latter residing in the Département of the Upper Rhine and municipality Grussenheim in the Lower Alley, has declared that Reitzlen Lefi his legitimate wife had given birth on the eighteenth of this month at three in the morning in his home located in the Lower Alley to a little girl, which he has shown me and which he has given the name Blümelen, whereupon I am empowered, by virtue of the powers granted to me, after the citizens Johannes Schwein and Antony Schueber declaring this to be true and the child having been shown, to set up the present act, which the child's father Wolf Wurmser and the two witnesses Johannes Schwein and Antony Schueber have signed with me. Made in the town hall of Grussenheim on the abovementioned day and month.

Signed: Wolf bar Nathan (in Hebrew script)  
  Schwein, Maire Joh. Michel Wafner
  Antoni Schueber Civil recorder

b) Marriage record

of Moyses Salomon from Westhouse and Beylen Wurmser from Grussenheim on 17 Jun 1793

On this day, June seventeenth one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, second year of the French République at ten in the morning appeared in the town hall before me Johann Michel Wafner, elected by the city council of Grussenheim, Department of the Upper Rhine, of which I am a member, on December sixteenth of the past year to register the birth, marriage and death records of the citizens, in order to be married, on the first part, Moyses Salomon, by trade a merchant, fifty years old, residing in the municipality of Westhausen, Department of the Lower Rhine, legitimate son of the late Moyses Salomon and Edel Gömbel, residing while still alive in Westhaussen, and on the second part, Beylen Wurmser, twenty eight years old, born and residing here in Grussenheim, legitimate daughter of Samuel Wormser, merchant, and Brändel Bloch, both residing in the municipality of Grussenheim, which applicant bride and bridegroom were assisted by Antony Schueber, weaver and delegate, thirty three years old; Antony Dietrich, weaver and municipal officer, thirty years old; Joseph Hemendinger, merchant, forty nine years old; Samuel Wormser, fifty four years old, the third uncle of the bride, the fourth father of same, all residing in said municipality of Grussenheim and Department of the Upper Rhine; whereupon I, Johann Michel Wafner, after reading and reciting the birth record of Moyses Salomon, of June eighteenth 1743, proving that he is issued from the legitimate marriage of Moyses Salomon and Edel Gömbel in Westhausen, Department Lower Rhine; secondly, the birth record of Beylen Wurmser in Grussenheim, Department Upper Rhine, issued from the legitimate marriage of Samuel Wormser and Brändel Bloch; also the banns of the applicant bridegroom and bride, as set up by me Johann Michel Wafner on June seventh of this year and posted on said day on the main door of the city hall of Grussenheim where said Beylen Wurmser and her parents reside as well as the banns in Westhausen where Moyses Salomon and his next of kin reside, and no opposition against these applicant bridegroom and bride has been noted and after Moyses Salomon and Beylen Wurmser have declared with clear voice that they wish to marry each other I have acknowledged in the name of the Law and declared Moyses Salomon and Beylen Wurmser bound by marriage, and have set up the present record, which the parties have signed with me; made in the city hall of Grussenheim on the day, month and year abovementioned.

Signed: Antoni Schueber, brocurator Moche ben kev. hor. R. Seligmann s.l.
  Anthoni Dietrich, member Beyle Wormser
  Johann Michel Wafner, civil officer Jeïsle bar David
    Anthoni Dietrich, member
    (all in Hebrew script)

c) Death record

of Gnändel Franck from Grussenheim on 5 Mar 1793

On this day, March fifth one thousand seven hundred and ninety three, second year of the French République at eleven in the morning appeared in the town hall before me Johann Michel Wafner, elected by the city council of Grussenheim, Department of the Upper Rhine, of which I am a member, to register the birth, marriage and death records of the citizens, Joseph Hemendinger, Jew, merchant, forty two years old and Arron Hemendinger, forty one years old, residing in the municipality Grussenheim in the Front Lane, Department Upper Rhine, the former son of Gnändel Franck, the latter nephew of said Gnändel Franck, aged seventy eight years, residing in said municipality in the Front Lane, wife of the late David Hemendinger; both said Joseph Hemendinger and Aaron Hemendinger have declared that the above mentioned Gnändel Franck passed away today at five in the morning; upon said announcement I forthwith went to said place to ascertain the death of said Gnändel Franck, and set up this record, which Joseph and Arron Hemendinger signed with me; executed in the town hall of Grussenheim on the abovementioned day, month and year.

Signatures in Hebrew script : Aron Heimerdinger fun Grusse Johann Michel Wafner
  Jeïsle bar David Civil officer

4. Statements of the Jews of Grussenheim for the adoption of fixed names and forenames

Hereafter followed the text of the decree which prescribes these statements:

20 Jul 1808. Decree concerning the Jews without fixed surnames and forenames.

Art. 1: Those of the subjects of our Empire who follow the Hebraic worship and who until now, do not have fixed family names and forenames, will be required to adopt such names within the next three months of the publication of our present decree and to make statement in front of the local civil officer where they are domiciled.

Art 2: The foreign Jews who would come to live in the Empire and that would be in cases mentioned in Art.1 will be required to follow the same formality within three months following their admission in France.

Art.3: Surnames that are not permitted: no name drawn from the Old Testament and no city name. As forenames those allowed by law of 11 germinal Year 11 will be able to be taken.

Art 4: The consistories in making the list of the Jews of their communities will be obliged to give proof...

Art.5: The Jews of our states or foreign Jews, who would come to settle, will be exempted from the conditions of our present decree, when they will have known surname and first name or when they always have been carrying the aforementioned names and forenames even though they are drawn from the Old Testament or from cities, where they had been living.

Art.6: Jews mentioned in the previous article and who will want to keep their names and forenames, will however be required to make known the declaration: the Jews of our states in the town-hall of the place where they are domiciled, and the foreign Jews in the town-hall of where they plan to settle; the whole within the time frame stipulated in the article 1.

Art.7: Contains sanctions.

(Galisset: Corps du droit français (August, 1801 - March, 1814))


Abbreviations for our presentation of statements:
Him = himself; Her= herself; S=son; D= Daughter; Sp = spouse;
20/1784 = belongs to the family #20 of the numbering of the 1784 Census;

We have kept the order and numbering of statements of 1808 according to the original document.

Declarant who choose For Instead of
former name
As surname As first name Reference
1. Hemendinger Joseph Him   Hemendinger Joseph 20/1784
2. Geismar Salomon Him   Geismar Salomon 13/1784
3. Geismar Natan Him   Geismar Natan 12/1784
4. Wormser Wolf Him   Wormser Wolffgang 3/1784
5. Wormser Wolf S Baruch Wormser Beniamine S of 4
6. Lefi Vogel Her   Lefi Rosette Sp of 2
7. Geismar Salomon Ward. Lefi Rosine Lefi Rossina From Biesh.
8. Wormser Wolf S Abraham Wormser Abraham S of 4
9. Lefi Reitzel Her   Lefi Rosinel Sp of 4
10. Wormser Wolf S Nathan Wormser Nathan S of 4
11. Wormser Wolf D Blümelen Wormser Luivisia D of 4
12. Wormser Wolf D Jödelein Wormser Richardis D of 4
13. Wormser Wolf D Hanna Wormser Jeannet D of 4
14. Wormser Wolf D Madel Wormser Madelong D of 4
15. Bloch Judas Him   Bloch Judas 23/1784
16. Hildenfinger Jödel Her   Hildenfinger Richardis Sp of 15
17. Bähr Röfftgen Her   Bähr Sarra 2nd sp.of 12/1784
18. Geismar Nathan Ward. Lefi Rächel Lefi Rachel Ward of 3
19. Soultzer Arron Him   Sultzer Arron 17/1784
20. Soultzer Bössel Her   Sultzer Babet Sp of 19
21. Soultzer Arron D Rosine Sultzer Rosinel D of 19
22. Soultzer Arron D Vögelen Sultzer Soffie D of 19
23. Wormser Marx Him   Wormser Marcus 3/1784
24. Weil Beylen Her   Weil Sara Sp of 23
25. Wormser Marx S Moyse Seligmann Wormser Moyses S of 23
26. Wormser Marx S Baruch Wormser Salomon S of 23
27. Wormser Marx S Wolff Wormser Beniamine S of 23
28. Wormser Marx D Blümelen Wormser Judit D of 23
29. Wormser Marx D Marium Wormser Marianne D of 23
30. Geismar Salomon Him   Geismar Salomon S of 27/1784
31. Hildenfinger Keilen Her   Hildenfinger Rosine Sp of 30
32. Geismar Salomon S Marx Geismar Marcus S of 30
33. Geismar Salomon D Renkelen Geismar Jeannet D of 30
34. Hemendinger Hirtzel Him   Hemendinger Heinrich  
35. Hemendinger Marx Him   Hemendinger Marcus 22/1784
36. Hemendinger Marcus D Delselen Hemendinger Thérèse D of 35
37. Hemendinger Marcus D Blümelen Hemendinger Babet D of 35
38. Hemendinger Marcus D Ellen Hemendinger Helen D of 35
39. Hemendinger Marcus D Gutel Hemendinger Gertrut D of 35
40. Hemendinger Marcus S Meyer Hemendinger Martin S of 35
41. Hemendinger Marcus S Samuel Hemendinger Samuel S of 35
42. Bloch Libmann Him   Bloch Leobold 23/1784
43. Bloch Libmann S Seligmann Bloch Arron S of 42
44. Bloch Libmann S Marx Bloch Moyses S of 42
45. Bloch Libmann D Minckel Bloch Richardis D of 42
46. Hemerdinger Isaac Him   Hemerdinger Isaac From Stotzheim
47. Hemerdinger Isaac S Getschel Hemerdinger Gabriel S of 46
48. Hemerdinger Isaac S Wolf Hemerdinger Beniamin S of 46
49. Wormser Jacque Him   Wormser Jacque 9/1784
50. Wormser Jacque S Getschel Wormser Joseph S of 49
51. Wormser Jacque D Mindel Wormser Madlong D of 49
52. Wormser Jacque D Keillen Wormser Sarra D of 49
53. Wormser Jacque D Madel Wormser Margareth D of 49
54. Wormser Jacque S Seligmann Wormser Arron S of 49
55. Krombach Refftken Her   Krombach Richartis Sp of 35
56. Weil Leye Her   Weil Richartis Sp of 106
57. Weil Mehrlen Her   Weil Sarra D of 16/1784
58. Wormser Veyele Her   Wormser Sarra  
59. Geismar Caspar Him   Geismar Caspar S of 15/1784
60. Braunschweig Jannete Her   Braunschweig Jeannet Sp of 59
61. Geismar Fasi Him   Geismar Gerfasi S of 30
62. See Sara Her   Sée Sarra Sp of 61
63. Weil Reisel Her   Weil Rosinel Sp of 42
64. Kahn Sarra Her   Kahn Sarra Wid of 14/1784
65. Kahn Sarra S Geismar Dotter Geismar Samuel S of 64
66. Weil Marium Her   Weil Marianne Sp of 49
67. Weil Fögelen Her   Weil Sarra Wid of 15/1784
68. Weil Fögelen D Geismar Jödel Geismar Judit D of 67
69. Bloch Leyen Her   Bloch Nannet Wid of Simon 27/1784
70. Bloch Leyen D Geismar Jödelen Geismar Judith D of 69
71. Bloch Leyen S Geismar Hörsch Geismar Samuel S of 69
72. Bloch Leyen D Geismar Fromet Geismar Feroniea D of 69
73. Bloch Leyen D Geismar Dinnen Geismar Janet D of 69
74. Bloch Leyen D Geismar Marium Geismar Marianne D of 69
75. Wormser Isaac Him   Wormser Isaac 4/1784
76. Wormser Isaac S Jögel Wormser Jacque S of 75
77. Wormser David Him   Wormser David 3/1784
78. Lefi Sarra Her   Lefi Sarra Sp of 77
79. Geismar Salomon Him   Geismar Salomon 14/1784
80. Woog Fromet Her   Woog Jannet Sp of 79
81. Wormser Hirtz Him   Wormser Heinrich S of 4/1784
82. Braunschweig Keilen Her   Braunschweig Annemarle 28/1784
83. Braunschweig Keilen S Hemendinger Leïser Hemendinger Leobold S of 82
84. Blamet Gutel Her   Blamet Vigtoire Wid Gervais Wormser 6/1784
85. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Seligmann Wormser Abraham S of 84
86. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Hirtzel Wormser David S of 84
87. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Gembel Wormser Gabriel S of 84
88. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Männlen Wormser Arron S of 84
89. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Leibel Wormser Leobold S of 84
90. Blamet Gutel S Wormser Moyses Wormser Moyses S of 84
91. Blamet Gutel D Wormser Jändelen Wormser Nannet D of 84
92. Hemendinger Arron Him   Hemendinger Arron 21/1784
93. Franck Nanet Her   Franck Nanet Sp of 92
94. Hemendinger Arron S Hirzl Hemendinger Heinrich S of 92
95. Hemendinger Arron S Meyer Hemendinger Martin S of 92
96. Woog Marx Him   Woog Marx S of 25/1784
97. Wormser Meyer Him   Wormser Martin S of4/1784
98. Geismar Joseph Him   Geismar Joseph S of 11/1784
99. Geismar Joseph D Ellen Geismar Nannet D of 98
100. Geismar Joseph D Réchélen Geismar Rachel D of 98
101. Geismar Joseph D Kändelen Geismar Sara D of 98
102. Geismar Joseph S Nathan Geismar Nathan S of 98
103. Geismar Joseph S Marx Geismar Marcus S of 98
104. Geismar Joseph S Jacque Geismar Jacque S of 98
105. Lefi Fradel Her   Lefi Judit Sp of 98
106. Hemendinger Hirtzel Him   Hemendinger Heinrich S of 22/1784
107. Hemendinger Hirtzel D Nannet Hemendinger Nannet D of 106
108. Wormser Heymann Him   Wormser Jean 8/1784
109. Wormser Vögelen Her   Wormser Soffie Sp of 108
110. Geismar Jegel Him   Geismar Jacob 14/1784
111. Geismar Jegel S Leobold Geismar Leobold S of 110
112. Geismar Jegel D Jödelen Geismar Sarra D of 110
113. Geismar Jegel D Fromet Geismar Nannet D of 110
114. Geismar Jegel S Simon Geismar Abraham S of 110
115. Geismar Jegel S Marcus Geismar Marcus S of 110
116. Geismar Jegel D Fögelen Geismar Rachel D of 110
117. Hildenfinger Hindel Her   Hildenfinger Sarra Sp of 110
118. Woog Seligmann Him   Woog Martin 25/1784
119. Woog Seligmann D Gellelen Woog Sarra D of 118
120. Woog Seligmann D Ellen Woog Elisabeth D of 118
121. Maus Reissel Her   Maus Rosinel Sp of 118
122. Bloch Brändel Her   Bloch Marianne 7/1784 Wid
123. Wormser Fasi Him   Wormser Jean S of 122
124. Bickart Hindel Her   Bickart Estre Wid of Paul 18/1784
125. Bickart Hindel D Sulzer Blümelen Sulzer Babet D of 124
126. Bickart Hindel S Sulzer Hitzig Sulzer George S of 124
127. Bickart Hindel S Sulzer Leiser Sulzer Leobold S of 124
128. Bickart Hindel D Sulzer Feyelen Sulzer Soffie D of 124
129. Lefi Brändel Her   Lefi Richardis  
130. Wormser Jegel Him   Wormser Jacque 8/1784
131. Wormser Jegel D Mandel Wormser Madelain D of 130
132. Wormser Jegel D Merrlen Wormser Marianne D of 130
133. Wormser Jegel S Senter Wormser Alexandre S of 130
134. Kahn Pfaueren Her   Kahn Christin Sp of 130
135. Geismar Leobold Him   Geismar Leobold S of 14/1784
136. Geismar Leobold D Fögelen Gelsmar Soffie D of 135
137. Bloch Minckel Her   Bloch Estre 23/1784 sp of 159
138. Meyer Chénet Her   Meyer Jannet  
139. Bloch Sussmann Him   Bloch Salomon 24/1784
140. Bloch Sussmann S Libmaun Bloch Salomon S of 139
141. Bloch Sussmann S. Isaac Bloch Isaac S of 139
142. Bloch Sussmann S. Leib Bloch Jonas S of 139
143. Bloch Sussmann S. Joseph Bloch Joseph S of 139
144. Bloch Sussmann D Beyerlen Bloch Beatrix D of 139
145. Bloch Sussmann D Blümelen Bloch Brigida D of 139
146. Netter Fögelen Her   Netter Sussanna Sp of 139
147. Kahn Joseph Him   Kahn Joseph  
148. Kahn Joseph D Blümelen Kahn Babet Of Mutters- holtz
149. Kahn Joseph D Hannélen Kahn Jeannet D of 147
150. Hemendinger Beyer Her   Hemendinger Babet D of 147
151. Bloch [3] Kaffen Her   Bloch Eva Sp of 147 of Stotzheim
152. Weil Fegelen D Geismar Saara Geismar Sarra D of 67
153. Sultzer Meyer Him   Sulzer Mathié S of 18/1784
154. Sultzer Meyer D Treinen Sulzer Thorothé D of 153
155. Sultzer Meyer D Réchélen Sulzer Rosinel D of 153
150. Sultzer Meyer D Jödelen Sulzer Judith D of 153
157. Sultzer Meyer S. Marx Sulzer Marcus S of 153
158. Bickart Käntel Her   Bickart Catharin Sp of 153
159. Hildenfinger Marcus Him   Hildenfinger Marcus Of Voegtlins- hoffen
160. Hildenfinger Marcus D Reich Hildenfiuger Rachel D of 159
161. Hildenfinger Marcus D Merrlen Hildenfinger Sarra D of 159
162. Hildenfinger Marcus S. Leib Hildenfinger Leobolt S of 159
163. Hildenfinger Marcus S. Libmann Hildenfinger Moyses S of 159
104. Hildenfinger Marcus S. Issac Hildenfinger Isaac S of 159
165. Wormser Isaac Him   Wormser Isaac S 7/1784
166. Wormser Isaac S. Joseph Wormser Joseph S of 165
167. Wormser Isaac D Bunnel Wormser Babet D of 165
168. Meyer Marx Him   Meyer Marx  
169. Jaque Abraham Him   Weil Jaque  
170. Geismar Simon Him   Geismar Simon S 15/1784
171. Wolff Rosa Her   Wolff Rosa Sp of 170
172. Geismar Isaac Him   Geismar Isaac S 15/1784
173. Bloch Vogel Her   Bloch Jeannet Sp of 172
174. Risseren Sarra Her   Risseren Sarra  
175. Risseren Sarra D Sultzer Breinelen Sultzer Sarra D of 174
176. Risseren Sarra S Sultzer Paul Sultzer Paul S of 174
177. Risseren Sarra S Sultzer Marx Sultzer Marcus S of 174
178. Sultzer Scheinelen Her   Sultzer Jeannet Sp of 165
179. Wormser Refftgen Her   Wormser Régine Sp Isaac Wormser 4/1784
180. Hemendinger Jos. le jeune Him   Hemendinger Joseph (bar Abraham)
181. Getschel Ciperlen Her   Getschel Sara Wid of 19/1784
182. Isaac Aron Him   Weil Isaac cantor
183. Bloch Isaac Him   Bloch Isaac 24/1784
184. Bloch Isaac S Libmann Bloch Leobolt S of 183
185. Bloch Isaac S Vasi Bloch Gerfasi S of 183
180. Bloch Isaac D Beyer Bloch Babet D of 183
187. Bloch Isaac S Isaac Bloch Isaac S of 183
188. Geismar Jödel Her   Geismar Judit Sp of 183
189. Wormser Heymann Him   Wormser Heymann  
190. Marx David Him   Gross Jaque  
191. Geismar Nathan Ward. Woog Marium Woog Marianne  
192. Geismar Nathan Ward. Woog Leib Woog Leobolt  
193. Geismar Nathan Ward. Woog Leiser Woog Richardis  
194. Joseph Moyses Him   Guthmann Joseph  
195. Sprentz Hirtzel Her   Guthmann Rosinel Estre Sp of 194?
196. Guthmann Joseph S   Guthmann Jaque S of 194
197. Marcus Heymann Him   Heymann Marcus  
198. Lefi Sara Her   Lefi Sara  
199. Bloch Rachel Her   Bloch Rachel  
200. Bloch Rachel S Lefi Elias Lefi Elias S of 199
201. Weil Sarra G Reichelen Weil Reginel  
202. Sultzer Seligmann Him   Sultzer Jaque S of 17/1784
203. Goldenblum Israël Him   Goldenblum . Jaque  

Nota Bene: Those statements are dated between 17 and 19 October 1808, except the last one which carries the date of Feb 4 1810.
They are signed by the declarants, by the witnesses: the clerk Wafner and Jacob Wormser as well as by the mayor Bueb. __ With the of references we give in the last column, the reader will be able to locate the declarants in the tables of 1784; some declarants however could not be identified because of homonymy (S. P.)

1.We found the dates appearing in this list in the various documents (certificates of birth, marriage and death) that we were able to consult.
Owing to divergences in statements of age, those indications are approximations only. (S. P.) Return
2. This entry and the two subsequent ones are written in German, while the italicized words are in French or Latin. Return
3. Jews pronounced it 'Heffé Return

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