Govorowo Memorial Book
(Goworowo, Poland)

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Translation of
Goworowo; sefer zikaron

Edited by Aviezer Burstin, Dov Kossovsky

Published by The Govorover Societies in Israel, the USA and Canada, Tel Aviv, 1966



Project Coordinator

Martin Jacobs


This is a translation from Goworowo; sefer zikaron [Yiddish: Govorovo Yizkor-bukh] (Govorowo memorial book)
Editors: Aviezer Burstin, Dov Kossovsky, Publisher: The Govorover Societies in Israel, the USA and Canada, Tel Aviv, 1966
[Irgunei yots'ei Govorovo beYisrael, Artsot habrit, veKanada]
[Yiddish: Govorovo landsmanshaftn in Yisroel, Amrike [sic] un Kanade], Pages: 512 Languages: H,Y,E

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Goworowo

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Translated by Martin Jacobs

Title Author Page
Forward – Hebrew The Editors 12
Forward – Yiddish The Editors 14
The Town
A chapter of history   16
Goworowo half a century ago Abraham Schwartzberg 24
Once there was . . . Moses Granat 28
A walk through the town   37
R. Solomon Zalmen Klepfish z.ts”l Moses Zinowitz 55
R. Jacob Judah Kahana-Bucian z.ts”l Moses Zinowitz 57
Some memories of the Alter Rov (The Old Rabbi) Rabbi N. Talmud 59
The last rabbi A. Avinoam 61
Rabbi Alter Moses Mordechai Burshtin Rabbi Samuel Aaron HaLevi Pardes 65
The Religious Life
Jewish life in the town Joseph Gurka 66
Among Hasidim Abraham Levine 68
The prayer house (beys medrash) Joseph Gavati 76
The Alexander synagogue (“shtibl”) Joseph Zilbertson 79
The Ger synagogue (“shtibl”) Joseph Gur 82
The Vurk synagogue (“shtibl”) Abraham Holtzman 86
The “progressive” prayer group (minyan) G. Joseph 88
Khareydim and teachers Joseph Gurka 90
“Kosher” khareydim Jacob Gurka 99
Yeshiva people Joseph Gurka 100
Two brothers Bat Yaakov Dov 109
The Beys-Yakov school Rabbi Isaac Shafran 110
“Sabbath Observer's” Society A. Inbari 114
Burial Society Bar Bey-Rav 115
Community Officials and Institutions
The community council (“Gmina”) A. Bar-Even 118
The Jewish community A. Bar-Even 121
Schooling and Education A. Boki 124
The merchants' association D. Ben-Isaac 131
The craftsmen's association Moses Granat 135
Free Loan Society B. Alef 139
Hospitality B. Avi-Ezer 140
Society for lodging poor travelers and Society for visiting the sick A. Avi-Uriel 142
Parties and Organizations
The Zionist Organization K. Ber 144
My activity in Tsukunft and in the Bund Rachel Brestel-Gurka 151
The origin and development of Poaley Tsion Moses Granat 156
The revisionist movement B. Kosovsky 165
Mizrahi, HeHaluts-HaMizrahi, and HaSHomer HaDati I. Avi-Sarah 173
Tseirey agudas yisroel Rabbi Isaac Shafran 176
Basya and Bnos Agudas Yisroel Rebitsin Rebecca Rosenthal-Shtshetshina 179
HaSHomer-HaTSair Eliezer Levine 182
Poaley-Tsion – left Noah Korvat 186
The Brenner library Abraham Holtzman 187
The agricultural training camp in Tshirnye Aaron Shran 190
The training center in Peshaki Levi Varshaviak 195
The drama circles Abraham Holtzman 198
Working for the national funds A. S. Menahem 204
Scholars, leaders, personalities  
Naske Govorover I. I. Trunk 206
Rabbi Moses Joshua Ginzberg z”l Moses Granat 209
R. Abraham Mordechai Friedman z”l A. Bashan 211
My father the cantor and shokhet Elijah Jacob Brukhansky 212
My father R. Jonathan Zilbertsan Joseph Zilbertson 216
R. Matisyohu Rosen z”l B. Itshes 218
My parents B. Kosovsky 221
R. Moses Tenenbaum hi”d A. Bashan 226
R. Menashe Holtzman z”l Abraham Holtzman 229
R. Abraham Shafran hi”d Sh. Yitskhoki 231
Five generations Khave bas Yakov Dov 233
R. Meir Zeev HaKohen Tehillim hi”d Isaac Shafran 237
Memorial light for my family Menuha Zeltser-Grudka 239
R. Baruch Mintz z”l A. Bashan 240
R. Meir Romaner z”l A. Egber 241
R. Jacob Hersh Vengrov A. Bashan 243
R. Fayvl Brik hi”d A. Bashan 244
Yoyelke the baker A. Bar-Even 245
In memory of my father R. Moses Skornik z”l Khayim Skornik 248
Rabbi Khayim Mordechai Bronrot z.ts”l Sh. D. Yerushalmi 249
Rabbi Abraham Mendl Galant Moses Khayim Galant 251
Hasidic figures Joseph Zilbertson 252
R. Avrumke Tsalke hi”d A. Bashan 256
History of one family in Goworowo Isaac Vardi-Rosenblum 258
My uncle R. Ephraim Leyb Boynem Jacob Gurke 263
R. Velvl and Feyge Nekhome Blumstein hi”d A. Bashan 265
R. Mordechai Leyb Gurka z”l Y. Ben-Hasid 266
R. Hershl Glogover z”l M. Rimon 269
R. Elhanan Friedman hi”d M. Rimon 270
R. Israel Isaac Shran hi”d A. Enbar 271
R. Khayim David Shran hi”d A. Enbar 272
R. Khayim Leyb Maryansky, the cantor-shoykhet Y. Avi-Sarah 273
R. Tsvi Aleyarzh, the Zamoshtsher Rebbe z.ts”l A. Ben-Even 274
R. Jacob Shtshetshina z”l A. Bashan 276
R. Isaiah Hertzberg hi”d Joseph Gurka 277
R. Yudl Shaynyak z”l B. Avi 278
My mother (Monument to a living soul) Khave Bernstein-Burshtin 279
Hannah Papiertshik B. P. Miriam 280
Two figures – Rokhl Shmilkes and Khane Rivke Khave bas Yakov Dov 281
R. Baruch Kupperman z”l A. Bayis 282
R. Asher Kutner hi”d R. Abraham Alter Kutner / A. Ben 283
R. Solomon Leyb and R. Khayim Baruch Shachter z”l Tsipora Zaltsberg-Shakhter 284
R. Gedalya Grinberg z”l G. Even 286
My grandfather, R. Jacob Shabbetai Trukhnovsky z”l Rebecca Rosenberg-Shafran 287
R. Joshua Rosen z”l A. Bashan 292
R. Jacob Rosenberg hi”d I. Ben-Mordechai 294
My home Rebecca Vinderboym Praska 296
Peshke Goldman H. Sh. Kazhdan 297
R. Mordechai Shmelts z”l Khaye Shmelts 298
Benjamin Ginzberg hi”d Rebecca Rosenberg-Shafran 300
Leybl Kersh hi”d I. Sh. Hertz 302
The leader of the Bund Feyge Sheiniak 304
Memorial light for our distinguished brother Moses Granat / Isaac Granat 305
Elhanan Kosovsky D. Avi-Dani 308
Memories and episodes
I remember you!... I Zerubabel 309
A Jewish shtetl for the people A. Reis 313
Goworowo Israel Ritov 316
The Betar in Goworowo Joseph Khrust 319
Rabbi Jacob Dovidl Amshinover in Goworowo Nisen Mozes Shu”b 323
The ban Isaac David Tehillim 324
The eruv affair Sh. L. Tsitron 325
One Saturday night A. Bar-Even 327
A Sabbath dawn in winter Joseph Zilbertson 330
Sabbath at home Feyge Sheiniak 331
Memories of youth Sara Tsimerman-Romaner 332
Four years in Goworowo R. Menahem Belfer 334
Two neighboring towns Jacob Katz 336
Martyrdom R. Tsvi A. Slushts 339
My family Isaac Romaner 340
My road to Erets-Yisrael Sara Blumstein-Skurnik 341
With the Rabbi's approval Isaac Blumstein 344
A Jew goes to Erets-Yisrael . . . Aaron Shran 346
Goworowo in my eyes Cantor Nathan Stolnitz 351
Khomets at Passover time A. B. Shoshani 352
Footnotes to an essay H. Yustus 355
A story of “nadlitshbovi” B. Dines 359
Town pranksters A. Govorover 361
Teaching the in-law a lesson A. Govorover 365
Two episodes Jacob Gurka 368
As luck would unfortunately have it Moses Sarne 371
Town curiosities Hannah Vaysbord / Sh. Ts. 373
Solomon Akiba the village fool A. B. Shoshani 376
Town folklore M. Rimon 379
Goworowo in “HaTsefira”, 1887   380
In Polish fields Binem Heller 381
“Although we are condemned to death we have not lost the divine image” Dr. Arye Leon Kububi 382
“I seek my brother” R. Isaac Jedidiah Frenkel 384
This is how it began Isaac Romaner 387
Diary of a mobilized soldier Jacob Gurka 390
Holocaust Moses Molavani 394
A month with the German beasts Moses Dranitsa 401
Looking back Pesah Czerwin 405
The last Kol Nidre night Eve Bernstein-Burstin 410
So that you may remember. . . R. Isaac Shafran 414
Elegy A. Ben-Ir 416
A page of Talmud saved me B. Aviezer 417
In the crematoria Joseph Perlstein 420
Hear O Israel. . . Rachel Auerbach 423
Martyrdom in exile K. Noah 425
Goworowo without Jews Mordecai Govartshik 427
Kaddish R. Moses Bernstein 429
Psalm of David A. Y. Brukhensky 432
These I remember
Prayer for the dead   434
List of the slain   435
Obituary notices   447
Landsmanshaft organizations  
The Yotse Govorovo organization in Israel Aaron Shran 481
The Free Loan Society of the Yotse Govorovo organization in Israel Abraham Levine 486
Goworowo societies in America Isaac Safran 488
The Goworowo landsmanshaft in Canada A. Ben-Meir 492
Goworowo people in other countries   494
An expression of thanks Vaad Irgun Yotse Govorova BeYisrael 405 – 6
English summary of the book   I – XVI


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