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Gora Kalwaria (Ger) - Necrology

Dedication: In memory of my Great Uncle Chaim Lichtenstein and his wife, Esther.

Translated by Haim Sidor



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Family Name & First Name: Self explanatory
Family Code: family includes family, wife includes wife
Order #: Order of entry in original list

Code Family Name First Name Family Code Order #
470R ALTSHILER     return Haim Laizer family 9
470R ALTSHILER Hannah family 8
470R ALTSHILER Laibel family 7
470R ALTSHILER Mendel family 5
470R ALTSHILER Mendel family 6
470R ALTSHILER Shifra family 10
470R AMZELLER Devora   4
470R AMZELLER Efraim   1
470R AMZELLER Laibel family 3
470R AMZELLER Shai family 2
470R ANTSHISLAVSKI Zelda family 11
470L BENNET     return Avraham   23
470L BENNET Braindel   27
471R BENNET Haim Meir family 54
470L BENNET Hinda   26
470L BENNET Itsha   28
470L BENNET Laibel   24
470L BENNET Laizer wife 45
470L BENNET Meir wife 46
470L BENNET Rachel   25
470L BIALAFSKI Ezriel family 38
470L BIRENBAUM Asni   40
470L BIRENBAUM Avraham Haim family 30
470L BIRENBAUM Chaya Yenta   18
470L BIRENBAUM Hershel family 42
470L BIRENBAUM Liba   19
470L BIRENBAUM Meir family 43
470L BIRENBAUM Mordecai family 41
470L BIRENBAUM Sarah   39
470L BIRENBAUM Yerucham   32
470R BIRENBAUM Yisrael family 13
470L BIRENBAUM Zelig   31
470L BLASS   family 37
470R BORENSTEIN Aharon   15
470L BORENSTEIN Arie   36
470L BORENSTEIN Braindel   17
471R BORENSTEIN Bunim family 53
470L BORENSTEIN Daniel   33
470L BORENSTEIN Hannah family 34
470R BORENSTEIN Hershel   14
470L BORENSTEIN Itsha   35
470R BORENSTEIN Yehezkiel   16
470L BOROCHOVITCH Hirsh Leib   20
470L BOROCHOVITCH Matis   21
471R BRAND Laibel family 51
471R BRAND Moshe family 55
471R BRAND Moshe Ber family 50
471R BRAND Shia   52
471R BRAND Yossel   56
470R BUGATI Laibel   12
471R BUGMAN Avigdor family 48
471R BUGMAN Elka family 49
470L BUGMAN Laibel family 47
470L BUGMAN Shlomo Meir family 44
470L BUGMAN Vigdor family 29
470L BUGMAN Yosef   22
472R DANKA     return Laibel wife 112
472R DANKHA Shmuel family 111
472R DOLINSKI Yankel family 118
472R DOLMAN Avraham family 114
472R DOLMAN Moshe family 113
472R DOLMAN Sarah   117
472R DOLMAN Shia   116
472R DOLMAN Shima   115
472R DRESHMAN Gedalia   110
472R DRESHMAN Shia family 109
475L ERENBERG     return Benyamin family 300
475L ERENBERG Chaya   308
475L ERENBERG David   305
475L ERENBERG Hannah family 302
475L ERENBERG Itsha   307
475L ERENBERG Mattis family 304
475L ERENBERG Mindel family 303
475L ERENBERG Moshe   306
475L ERENBERG Yussel family 301
476R FARBER     return Meir family 327
476R FARBER Noah family 328
476R FARBER Shifra family 329
476L FINKELSTEIN Moshe family 354
476L FINKELSTEIN Nachum Izak family 353
476R FLEEGELMAN Aharon   312
476R FLEEGELMAN Avraham   316
476R FLEEGELMAN Chaya   315
476R FLEEGELMAN Hanoch family 310
476R FLEEGELMAN Itsha Meir family 311
476R FLEEGELMAN Itsha Meir   313
476R FLEEGELMAN Laibel   314
476R FLEEGELMAN Shlomo family 309
476L FLEISHER Chava family 344
476L FLEISHER David family 347
476L FLEISHER Golda family 348
476L FLEISHER Hannah family 349
476L FLEISHER Hendel family 345
476L FLEISHER Sima family 350
476L FLEISHER Yussel family 346
476L FLEISHER Yussel family 351
476L FLINT Baila family 358
476L FLINT Devorah family 356
476L FLINT Hershel family 359
476L FLINT Koppel family 355
476R FLINT Laibel family 322
476R FLINT Moshe family 321
476L FLINT Shalom family 357
476R FRIEDMAN Aharon David family 335
476R FRIEDMAN Avraham family 323
476R FRIEDMAN Chava family 332
476L FRIEDMAN Faiga Rachel family 343
476R FRIEDMAN Fishel family 338
476R FRIEDMAN Hannah family 333
476R FRIEDMAN Hanoch family 318
476R FRIEDMAN Hershel family 319
476R FRIEDMAN Hirsh   320
476R FRIEDMAN Hirsh Ber family 337
476L FRIEDMAN Hirsh Ber family 339
476R FRIEDMAN Malka family 331
476L FRIEDMAN Moshe family 342
476R FRIEDMAN Pesa family 334
476R FRIEDMAN Rachel family 324
476R FRIEDMAN Raizel family 325
476R FRIEDMAN Rivka family 326
476L FRIEDMAN Shmuel   340
476L FRIEDMAN Shmuel family 352
476R FRIEDMAN Yaakov family 317
476L FRIEDMAN Yisrael   341
476R FRIEDMAN Yisraelka family 330
476R FRIEDMAN Yussel family 336
471L GERSHT     return Avraham family 102
471L GERSHT Bintsha family 103
471L GOLDBERG Avraham   89
471L GOLDBERG Eliyahu   83
471L GOLDBERG Mendel family 82
471L GOLDBERG Mendel   90
471R GOLDBERG Shalom David family 76
471L GOLDBERG Shlomo Meir   84
471L GOLDHECHT Avraham family 104
471R GOLDHECHT Esther   72
471L GOLDHECHT Laibel family 88
471L GOLDHECHT Lipa family 85
471L GOLDHECHT Moshe family 87
471L GOLDHECHT Riva family 105
471L GOLDHECHT Yankel family 86
471R GOLDMAN Leah family 74
471R GOLDMAN Sarah family 75
471R GOLDMAN Shmuel family 58
471R GOLDMAN Shmuel family 73
471R GOLDSTEIN David family 65
471L GOLDSTEIN David family 100
471R GOLDSTEIN Khashka family 69
471R GOLDSTEIN Moshe   67
471R GOLDSTEIN Netta   68
471R GOLDSTEIN Sarah   66
471L GOLDSTEIN Yehezkiel family 101
471L GONSKER Hirsh Leib family 95
471R GORFINKLE Alta   61
471R GORFINKLE Mendel   62
471L GORFINKLE Moshe family 106
471L GORFINKLE Mottel family 96
471R GORFINKLE Rivka   64
471R GORFINKLE Sheva   63
471L GORINREL Laibel   92
471L GORINREL Moshe   91
471L GORINREL Shlomo   94
471L GORINREL Yisrael   93
471L GOTFRIED Haim   108
471L GOTFRIED Laibel   107
471L GOTLEIB Haim family 99
471L GOTLEIB Itsha Meir family 97
471L GOTLEIB Laibel family 98
471R GREENBERG Baruch family 70
471R GREENBERG Eliyahu   60
471R GREENBERG Lipa   71
471R GREENBERG Yosef   59
471L GROINIMS Braindel family 78
471L GROINIMS Moshe family 79
471L GROINIMS Sarah family 77
471L GROSSMAN Avraham family 81
471L GROSSMAN Laibel family 80
471R GROSSMAN Monish family 57
472R HAILIKMAN     return Leah   119
472R HAMBURG Freida family 129
472R HAMBURG Itsha Meir family 130
472L HAMBURG Moshe Leib   131
472R HAMBURG Sarah   128
472L HAMBURG Shia   132
472R HELFGUT Avraham Yaakov family 124
472L HELFGUT Haim Baruch family 134
472R HELFGUT Itsha family 120
472R HELFGUT Kalman family 121
472R HELFGUT Laibel family 126
472R HELFGUT Mendel family 122
472L HELFGUT Moshe   135
472L HELFGUT Sarah   146
472R HELFGUT Shlomo family 123
472L HELFGUT Shlomo   136
472L HELFGUT Wolf family 133
472L HELMAN Aharon family 143
472L HELMAN Avraham family 144
472L HELMAN Esther Leah family 142
472L HERSHKOVITCH Moshe Aharon family 137
472L HERSHKOVITCH Yussel family 138
472R HOFMAN Avraham family 125
472L HOFMAN Haskel family 139
472L HOFMAN Meir Shalom family 141
472L HOFMAN Simcha family 140
472L HURDICK Hinda family 145
472R HURDICKS Moshe family 127
478R KAMER     return Eliyahu   431
478R KAMER Yankel family 430
478R KAMER Zecharia   432
478L KAPOSTA Faiga Ita family 470
478L KAPOSTA Itscha family 467
478L KARPMAN Chaya Yehudit family 466
478R KARPMAN Moshka   453
478R KARPMAN Mottel family 428
478R KARPMAN Yankel   452
478L KARPMAN Zelik family 465
478R KAUFMAN Binum   451
478R KAUFMAN Shia family 449
478R KAUFMAN Shmuel   450
477L KELMANOVITCH David family 417
477L KELMANOVITCH Devorah   419
477L KELMANOVITCH Haim Baruch family 413
478L KELMANOVITCH Isser family 462
478R KELMANOVITCH Itscha Meir family 461
478L KELMANOVITCH Laibel family 464
478R KELMANOVITCH Luzer   427
477L KELMANOVITCH Moshe   415
477L KELMANOVITCH Moshe family 423
477L KELMANOVITCH Moshe   425
478L KELMANOVITCH Moshe family 463
477L KELMANOVITCH Moshe Yussel   421
477L KELMANOVITCH Rivka   422
477L KELMANOVITCH Sarah   414
477L KELMANOVITCH Shlomo   416
478R KELMANOVITCH Shmuel   426
477L KELMANOVITCH Tema   418
477L KELMANOVITCH Tscharna   420
477L KELMANOVITCH Yankel family 424
478R KIRSHENBAUM Asher family 433
478R KIRSHENBAUM Asher family 434
478R KIRSHENBAUM Avraham Laizer family 436
478R KIRSHENBAUM David family 435
478R KIRSHENBAUM Moshe Yussel family 437
478R KORENWASSER David family 448
478R KORENWASSER Godol family 443
478R KORENWASSER Hinda   446
478R KORENWASSER Laibel family 442
478R KORENWASSER Laibel family 447
478L KORENWASSER Leibel Abas family 468
478R KORENWASSER Luzer family 441
478R KORENWASSER Yaakov family 445
478R KORENWASSER Yaakov Laibel family 444
478L KROL Laizer family 469
478R KUPPERHOLTZ Hannah family 440
478R KUPPERHOLTZ Hershel family 438
478R KUPPERHOLTZ Shlomo family 439
478R KUPPERSHMIT Blimtcha   457
478R KUPPERSHMIT Riva   458
478R KUPPERSHMIT Yaakov   429
478R KUPPERSHMIT Yankel   460
478R KUPPERSHMIT Yochevet   459
478L KURTZBERG Monish family 471
478R KURTZBERG Moshe family 454
478R KURTZBERG Mottel   455
478R KURTZBERG Yankel   456
474R LANGLEBEN     return Devorah   220
474R LANGLEBEN Dudia family 216
474R LANGLEBEN Laibel family 215
474R LANGLEBEN Shlomo   222
474R LANGLEBEN Velvel   221
474R LICHTENSTEIN Chaya family 225
474R LICHTENSTEIN Moshe family 223
474R LICHTENSTEIN Yankel family 224
474R LUBLINER David family 217
474R LUBLINER Shia family 219
474R LUBLINER Yisrael Itsha family 218
475R MAIDAN     return Yankel family 272
475R MAIDAN Yankel family 273
475R MAN Shmuel family 275
474L MAN David Shlomo family 264
475R MAN Laibel family 265
475R MAN Leah   268
475R MAN Mendel   266
475R MAN Shaindel   267
475R MAN Yitzhak   269
474L MANNIS Avraham family 258
474L MANNIS Hudis   260
474L MANNIS Sarah   259
474L MANNIS Wolf   261
475R MELAMED Khatzkel family 270
474R MESSING Aharon   227
474L MESSING Beinish family 229
474L MESSING Bina   238
474L MESSING Blumtsha   257
474L MESSING Gittel   240
475R MESSING Haim family 274
474L MESSING Hannah Henna   245
474L MESSING Hershel family 233
474L MESSING Laibel   251
474L MESSING Luzer   242
474L MESSING Meir family 228
474L MESSING Mendel wife 235
474L MESSING Mordecai   255
474L MESSING Moshe Laizer family 230
474L MESSING Netta   252
474L MESSING Reuven family 232
474L MESSING Reuven family 247
474L MESSING Sarah family 254
474L MESSING Shlomo family 231
474L MESSING Shlomo wife 241
474L MESSING Shlomo   250
474L MESSING Shlomo   256
474L MESSING Velvel   237
474L MESSING Velvel   239
474L MESSING Velvel wife 243
474L MESSING Yankel wife 236
474L MESSING Yidel family 244
474L MESSING Yidel   253
474R MESSING Yisrael Moshe family 226
474L MESSING Yosef family 234
474L MESSING Yosef family 248
474L MESSING Yoshka wife 249
474L MESSING Yussel family 246
475R METKA Mendel family 271
474L MOR Benyamin family 263
474L MOR Yisrael family 262
475R NAIMAN     return Yankel   276
475R NOIYEOVITCH Lipa family 283
475R NOYKHOVITCH Avraham   285
475R NOYKHOVITCH David   286
475R NOYKHOVITCH Laibel   287
475R NOYKHOVITCH Sarah   288
475R NOYKHOVITCH Yisrael family 284
475R NUSSBAUM Aharon family 278
475R NUSSBAUM Braindel family 281
475R NUSSBAUM Elka family 280
475R NUSSBAUM Laibel family 279
475R NUSSBAUM Yitzhak   282
475R NUSSBAUM Yosef wife 277
477R PAPIER     return Devorah family 388
477R PAPIER Hershel family 386
476L PAPIER Laizer family 361
477R PAPIER Moshe family 385
477R PAPIER Netta family 387
477R PASTERNAK Laibel family 375
477R PASTERNAK Mendel family 374
477R PASTERNAK Yussel family 376
477R PELTZ Baruch family 373
476L PELTZ Bracha family 365
476L PELTZ Chaya family 364
477R PELTZ Faiga Ita family 368
476L PELTZ Golda family 367
477R PELTZ Hendel   369
476L PELTZ Laibel family 366
476L PELTZ Moshe family 363
477R PELTZ Rifka Leah family 372
477R PELTZ Yerachmiel family 371
477R PELTZ Yisrael Meir family 370
477R POIER Moshe family 384
477R POKER Devorah family 390
476L POKER Yitzhak family 360
477R POLONIETZKI David family 378
477R POLONIETZKI Haim family 379
477R POLONIETZKI Moshe Meir family 380
477R POLONIETZKI Mottel family 383
477R POLONIETZKI Netta family 377
477R POLONIETZKI Shmuel family 381
477R POPOVITCH   family 389
477R POZNANSKI Aharon family 382
476L POZNANSKI Hershel family 362
479R RAFSKI     return Bina family 508
479R RAFSKI Golda family 506
478L RAFSKI Mendel family 472
479R RAFSKI Nachum Izak family 507
478L RAFSKI Piniya & cc 473
479R RAFSKI Rachel family 509
479R RAFSKI Raizel family 510
479R RAPAPORT Avraham family 501
479R RAPAPORT Faiga family 500
479R RAPAPORT Haim family 503
479R RAPAPORT Luzer family 502
479R RAPAPORT Maniya family 512
479R RAPAPORT Mechel family 504
479R RAPAPORT Yankel family 499
479R RIBAK Avraham family 494
478L RIBAK Berel family 487
479R RIBAK Berel family 492
479R RIBAK Berel family 498
478L RIBAK Fraindel   490
479R RIBAK Henech family 491
479R RIBAK Mendel family 493
479R RIBAK Netta family 496
478L RIBAK Perl family 489
479R RIBAK Raizel family 497
478L RIBAK Shlomo family 488
479R RIBAK Shlomo family 495
478L RIBAK Yitzhak wife- Leah 486
478L RING Hodel Rudis family 484
478L RING Meir Velvel family 483
478L RING Sima family 485
478L RING Yisrael family 482
479R ROSENBERG (DOCTOR) family 505
478L ROSENBERG Faiga family 474
478L ROSENBERG Shmuel family 477
478L ROSENBERG Sima family 475
478L ROSENBERG Yussel family 476
478L ROSENBLUM Faiga family 478
478L ROSENBLUM Shmuel family 479
478L ROSENBLUM Simcha family 481
478L ROSENBLUM Yussel family 480
479R ROSENTHAL (Photographer) family 511
479R ROSENTHAL Moshe family 516
479R ROSENTHAL Yaakov Leib family 517
479R RUBIN Chaya family 515
479R RUBIN Moshe family 514
479R RUBIN Yussel family 513
479L SHAPIRA     return Itscha Meir   547
479L SHAPIRA Izak family 553
479L SHAPIRA Laibel   546
479L SHAPIRA Pinchas family 545
479L SHAPIRA Yaakov Benyamin family 542
479L SHAPIRA Yocheved family 543
479L SHAPIRA Yosef family 544
479L SHIMAN Mendel family 549
479L SHIMAN Shmuel family 548
479L SHIMAN Velvel   554
479L SHINIAVER Aharon   521
479L SHINIAVER David family 520
479L SHLUKER Chaya family 534
479L SHLUKER Dova family 531
479L SHLUKER Mendel family 532
479L SHLUKER Raizel family 535
479L SHLUKER Shlomo family 533
479R SHTERENSHUS Faiga Rachel family 519
479R SHTERENSHUS Yisrael   518
475L SIMCHAVITCH Mendel family 297
475L SKORNICK Avraham family 298
475L SKORNICK Chaya family 299
475L SKZSHIPAK Berel family 296
475L SMOLARTSHICK David family 293
475L SMOLARTSHICK Fraindel   294
475L SMOLARTSHICK Hershel family 289
475L SMOLARTSHICK Itsha family 292
475L SMOLARTSHICK Moshe   295
475L SMOLARTSHICK Noah family 290
475L SMOLARTSHICK Yankel family 291
479L STEIN Avraham family 526
479L STEIN Avraham family 541
479L STEIN Dina family 530
479L STEIN Eliyahu family 537
479L STEIN Gittel family 539
479L STEIN Moshe family 529
479L STEIN Moshe family 536
479L STEIN Tema family 538
479L STEIN Yaakov family 528
479L STEIN Yosef family 527
479L STEIN Yosef family 540
479L STERN Hentsha family 552
479L STERN Laibel family 551
479L STERN Shlomo family 550
479L SVARTZ Faiga Tziril family 524
479L SVARTZ Malka family 523
479L SVARTZ Mendel family 525
479L SVARTZ Yankel family 522
473L TENNENBAUM     return Velvel family 212
473L TENNENBAUM Zalman family 211
473L TIL Avraham family 193
473L TIL Avraham Laizer   201
473L TIL Avraham Yosef family 203
473L TIL Berel family 198
473L TIL Laibel family 197
473L TIL Leah   200
473L TIL Meir family 199
473L TIL Mendel family 190
473L TIL Mottel family 191
473L TIL Shlomo family 192
473L TIL Shlomo Leib family 210
473L TIL Tova   195
473L TIL Yitzhak family 196
473L TIL Yosef   189
473L TIL Yosef family 194
473L TOREK Rivka   207
473L TURMAN Hinda family 209
473L TURMAN Malka   202
473L TURMAN Mendel family 205
473L TURMAN Minia family 208
473L TURMAN Shmerel family 206
473L TURMAN Yankel family 204
472L VISHNIEFSKI     return Moshe   153
472L VISHNIEFSKI Shlomo   152
472L VISHNIEFSKI Yehudit   154
472L VISHNIEFSKI Yeshiyahu Yona family 151
472L VORKER Laibel family 149
472L VORKER Mendel family 147
472L VORKER Moshe family 148
472L VORKER Netta family 150
473R WAXMAN     return Shechna family 163
473R WEINBERG David family 164
473R WEISS Avraham family 160
473R WEISS Itsha Haim   162
472L WEISS Itsha Meir family 157
473R WEISS Malka family 161
472L WEISS Moshe family 158
472L WEISS Tzipa family 159
472L WEISS Velka family 155
472L WEISS Yisrael Avraham family 156
474R YAKOBOVITCH     return Hershel   214
474R YAKOBOVITCH Sarah family 213
473R ZACHAROVITCH     return Aharon family 180
473R ZACHAROVITCH Berish family 166
473R ZACHAROVITCH Itsha family 181
473R ZACHAROVITCH Netta   179
473R ZACHAROVITCH Notel family 165
473R ZACHAROVITCH Sarah   182
473R ZACHAROVITCH Yisrael family 183
473R ZAIFENZINDER Hershel   186
473R ZAIFENZINDER Nama   173
473R ZAIFENZINDER Yankel   187
473R ZAIFENZINDER Yisrael family 172
473R ZAIFMAN Moshe family 171
473R ZAIFMAN Pesach family 178
473R ZAIMAN Laibel family 185
473R ZAIMAN Mordecai family 184
477L ZALKI Avraham family 397
477L ZALKI Chava   407
477L ZALKI Efraim   400
477R ZALKI Henech family 391
477L ZALKI Itscha   399
477R ZALKI Laibel family 395
477R ZALKI Lipa family 392
477R ZALKI Rivka family 393
477R ZALKI Shmuel family 394
477R ZALKI Shmuel family 396
477L ZALKI Yosef   403
477L ZEBULA Haim   401
477L ZEBULA Mendel   402
477L ZEBULA Yisrael   398
473R ZEMBI Avigdor family 188
477L ZIMBALIST Sarah   409
477L ZIMBALIST Tova family 408
477L ZITRIN Mindel family 410
477L ZITRIN Yehudit family 411
477L ZITRIN Yeshiyahu family 412
473R ZLOTAGURSKI Gittel family 174
473R ZSHIMNOVATZKI Avraham Moshe family 167
473R ZSHIMNOVATZKI Hertzka family 168
473R ZSHIMNOVATZKI Malka   170
473R ZSHIMNOVATZKI Melech family 169
473R ZSHOREK David Shlomo   177
473R ZSHOREK Rivka   176
473R ZSHOREK Yaakov Nisan   175
477L ZUKER Meir wife 404
477L ZUKER Raizel   406
477L ZUKER Yankel   405

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