Memorial Book Gniewashow
(Gniewoszów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Gniewaszow

Editor: David Shtokfish

Published in Tel Aviv 1971



Project Coordinator

Samuel Prum


Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.


This is a translation of: Sefer Gniewaszow (Memorial book Gniewashow),
Editor: David Shtokfish, Association of Gniewashow in Israel and the Diaspora,
Published: Tel Aviv 1971 (H, Y, E 572 pages)

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Translated by Samuel Prum


A. The town until the Second World War
We are creating a Matzevah [Memorial Stone] [H] – Moshe Perlshtein 5
We are creating a Matzevah [Memorial Stone] [Y] – Moshe Perlshtein 7
Gniewoszów and Granica – Historical origins [H] 11
Gniewoszów and Granica – Historical origins [Y] 16
Chaim Adelman – Gniewoszów–Granica [H] 26
Eliezer Weinberg – Jewish social living in the shtetl [Y] 39
Eliezer Weinberg – Jewish life until the beginning of WWI [H] 60
Mendel Lifshitz – Everything was divided in two parts [Y] 67
Yosef Diener – Happenings and surviving [Y] 70
Abraham–Mordechai Liebhaber – The expulsion in the year 1915 [Y] 73
Hertzke Lieberman – Remembrances from a time before [Y] 79
David Perlshtein – On the footsteps of days past [H] 82
David Perlshtein – On the footsteps of days past [Y] 88
Yaakov Korman – Remembrances [H] 98
Yaakov Korman – Remembrances [Y] 102
Abraham Cohen – Remembrances of the old home [Y] 107
Moshe Feldman – This is how we lived [Y] 114
Aharon Bekerman – Chederim [learning rooms] and teachers [Y] 117
Yosef Shteinfeld – Trying to make a living [H] 120
Yosef Shteinfeld – About making a living in the shtetl [Y] 123
Yosef Tirngl – Jewish businesses in our city [H] 126
Hert Sackshneider – Jewish stores in our Gniewoszów [Y] 128
Motl Melach – Parties, institutions and organizations [Y] 131
Pinchas Perlshtein – Memories from a former worker–activist [Y] 135
Israel–Yisser Zaltzman – The professional union [Y] 149
Moshe Perlshtein – The life of the young people [H] 153
Moshe Perlshtein – Concerning the social life [Y] 159
Zelig Untreger – Needs to be remembered [Y] 168
Moshe Wasserman – A small shtetl with great aspirations [Y] 171
David Perlshtein – The city in my memories [H] 174
B. People of Gniewoszów and the building of the place
Yehudit Simanhoyz (Shteinfeld family) – First Hassidic founders of the town [H] 185
The Rabbi from Kozienice, my towns Hassidim 189
Arye Mayerowich – A Jew travels to Eretz Israel 191
Moshe Shteinfeld – In the Haganah [Jewish Army] and in the British Army [H] 200
Tzvi Mayerowich – A hard way through life [Y] 205
Tzvi Mayerowich – 75 healthy years [H] 209
Moshe Birman – In the Jewish brigade [Y] 212
C. Memories
Learned men, Rabbis, Hassidim and freethinkers – Eliezer Weinberg [Y] 219
Memories of the town – David Perlshtein [H] 234
Memories of the town – David Perlshtein [Y] 237
Characters in the shtetl – Yaakov Korman [Y] 240
Moshe Novigorer, the giant – David Eidelman [H] 242
Moshe Novigorer, the giant – David Eidelman [Y] 244
My zeyde [grandfather] the hero – Yosel Shteinfeld [Y] 248
The simple minded and the genius – Pinchas Perlman [Y] 249
Jewish worker–organizers in Gniewoszów – Moshe Perlshtein [Y] 250
My parent Abraham and Yeta Shteinfeld zl – Ester Shteinfeld [Y] 252
Perl Shteinfeld – Yermiyahu and Penina Berkowitch [Y] 253
Rev David Shteinfeld zl – Shalom Shapira [Y] 255
My zeyde and other memories – Yehudit Simenhoyz (born Shteinfeld) [Y] 255
My father ah– Gimpl Handeltman [Y] 258
Nissan Yudl student – Moshe Feldman [Y] 260
The Pontsch family – Leah Weinshtok [Y] 260
My zeyde Menashe Frydman – Ryfka Frydman–Rosenberg [Y] 262
The Public figure from Gniewoszów Rev Mordechai Yakov Adelman zl – Ch. Adelman [H] 264
My father David Frydman – Ida Eizenman [Y] 265
Mendel Lifshitz zl – the underground fighter – Y. Alperowich [Y] 267
D. The Holocaust
Yaakov Goldshtein – My memories as a child [H] 273
Abraham–Mordechai Liebhober – From hideout to hideout [Y] 286
Sarah Gertner – A life of suffering and murder [H] 310
Sarah Gertner – A life of suffering and murder [Y] 312
Sarah Ornshtein–Sheier – In the Demblin ghetto [Y] 316
Aharon–Hersh Sheier – Gniewoszów–Demblin–Czestochow [Y] 318
Pinchas Tzweingenberg – How we survived [Y] 320
Abraham Lansman – In the Gniewoszów ghetto [H] 328
(Ezra Lieberman) – The story from Peretz Shapiro [Y] 331
Yankl Perlshtein – Three years in Auschwitz [Y] 334
Malka Tirangel – On the roads of pain and extinction [Y] 348
Motl Melach – We did not forget [Y] 359
Meir Fuks – In the Nazi death camps [H] 363
Meir Fuks – In the Nazi death camps [Y] 368
Rifka Rozenberg (Frydman) – Saved myself and my daughter [Y] 376
Leo Feygenboym – My search was bitter [Y] 380
Shaya Sherman – A living hell [Y] 384
Yaakov Korman – Years of horror and pain [Y] 404
Menachem Weinberg – Escaping from several camps [H] 422
Menachem Weinberg – Escaping from several camps [Y] 431
Lozer Weinberg – The destruction of Gniewoszów [Y] 444
Yosef Diener – By the Germans, Russians and Poles [Y] 463
Gimpel Handelsman – In the USSR at the time of WWII [Y] 466
Moshe Feldman – Under Soviet captivity [Y] 470
Abraham Cohen – From German captivity to Eretz Israel [Y] 475
Chaim Frimer–Greenshpan – I fought against the Nazis [H] 482
David Perlshtein – My last visit to the shtetl [Y] 500
Moshe Perlshtein – Activities of the Gniewoszów organization in Israel [Y] 505
E. Names of the Kedoshim [those murdered] 509
F. Necrology 526
G. English Section 555
We Have Erected a Monument 3*
History of Gniewashow and Granitz 6*
Memories – Aaron Glassman 10*
Memories of my Birthplace – Jacob Bernofsky 12*
From Hide-out to Hide-out – Abraham Mordechai Liebhaber 15*


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