The Community of Glina 1473-1943;
Its History and Destruction
(Glinyany, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Kehilat Glina 1473-1943; toldoteha ve-hurbana

Written by: Asher Korech

Published in Jerusalem, 1950

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Gliniany (1950b)



Our sincere appreciation to Noam Gavriely, grandson of Asher Korech,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.


This is a translation of Kehilat Glina 1473-1943; toldoteha ve-hurbana
(The community of Glina 1473-1943; its history and destruction),
Written by Asher Korech, Published in Jerusalem, 1950 (H 138 pages)

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Translated by Susan Rosin

Chapter   Page
1 About this book - by Rabbi Benjamin 4
2 Gliniany (Glina) My Town 5
3 History of Gliniany 7
4 The Town Structure 7
5 The Privilege 8
6 Historical Details 8
7 The Community (Kehila) 9
8 Census 11
9 The Franks Sect 11
10 The Court of the first Rabbi of Gliniany 12
11 Officiating and leading Rabbis in Gliniany 15
12 Rabbinical Judges in Gliniany 18
13 Gliniany born Rabbis officiating in other towns 19
14 The Shochets (Religious Slaugterer) 20
15 The Jewish Community 20
16 The Christian Community 21
17 Neighboring Villages Names 22
18 Community Leaders and the Jewish Taxes 22
19 Meat Tax 25
20 Candles Tax, Weddings Tax 26
21 Burial Tax, Soldiers in the Government Army 28
22 Life Chapters: Economy 31
23 Schools and Cheders: Talmud Torah, Bnei Torah 32
24 The Prodigy Rav Meir Shapira 33
25 The Baron Hirsch School 34
26 The Clear Language (Safa Brura) School 35
27 Charitable organizations: Yad Harutzim,Agudat Harutzim, Bikur Cholim) 36
28 Linat Laila, Chevra Kadisha, Nos'ei HaMita 37
29 Between Jews and Christians 37
30 The Enlightenment (The Haskala) and The Dream of Return to Zion 40
31 Jewish work in Gliniany 45
32 The Synagogue 47
33 Rav Petachia Levinik 51
34 Three generations 52
35 Rav Menachem Manis Lieberman 55
36 Rav Simcha Ber 58
37 Rav Hillel son of Rav Israel Isser Pineles 62
38 Rav Meir Bekker (the baker) 65
39 Rav Mordechai Berchi the tailor 69
40 Rav Baruch The Long 73
41 Books and Authors: Rav Mordechai son of Yechezkel Halperin, Rav Refael Yechezkel Hochberg, Rav Joseph Horowitz 80
42 Rav Shlomo Zalman Unger, Asher Korech (Buchbinder) 80
43 Shmuel Nadler the Galicianer 84
44 Rav Leib Wolf 86
45 Abba son of Rav Dov Shtalsenberg Poems 94
46 Brish Katz 94
47 About the town of Gliniany: Prof. Meir Balaban, Yehoshua Tillerman a teacher in the high school of Lviv, Dov Shtock (Sadan) 98
48 The Orphanage and the Soup Kitchen, Traditions 98
49 About the displaced from the Gliniany and the survivors 106
50 The destruction of Gliniany: From Gliniany people in America Nathan Leitner and Jacob son of Rav Hillel Pineles 109
51 Letters from our survivor brothers: S. Bertha Mehlman-Roth, Shalom Kanner, Chanah Hochberg, Moshe Rubinstein 111
52 The Cemetery 121
53 Memorial: Dr. Meir Balaban 128
54 Epilog: My wife and her family, Promishlani and more 128
55 Sources/ Bibliography 137
56 Remembering 139


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