The tragic end of our Gliniany
(Glinyany, Ukraine)

49°49' / 24°31'

From Khurbn Glinyane

Edited by: the New York, Emergency Relief Committee for Gliniany and Vicinity

Published in New York, 1946



Project Coordinator

Anne Halpern


Translations from the Yiddish by David Goldman

Translation funded by Samuel Halpern

This is from Khurbn Glinyane (The tragic end of our Gliniany),
Editors:  New York  Emergency Relief Committee for Gliniany and Vicinity, 1946 (52 pages, Yiddish and English).

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Note: The original yizkor book is printed in both Yiddish and English. The book is not paginated, but consists of 52 pages of text, plus the title pages, and front and back covers. It is bound so the English and Yiddish portions each end in the center of the book. Of the pages of text, there are 14 pages in English, and 38 pages in Yiddish. A table of contents has been created for submitting this material to the Yizkor Book Project; the pages were numbered sequentially starting with the pages in English. Included in the pages printed in English is a list of town residents known as of December 1945 to have survived the Holocaust, and eight abridged letters from some of those survivors. Most of these letters are also printed unabridged in the Yiddish pages of the book, where there are several additional letters printed only in Yiddish. The material presented here consists of a complete transcription of all the pages in English, and translations from the Yiddish, by David Goldman, of the introductory pages, all the unabridged letters from survivors, and some additional sections of the book, including names of town residents. Names of people and places in the translated portion of the book are spelled as they are in the pages printed in English, followed in brackets by the translator's spelling. At a future date the remaining Yiddish text will be translated and submitted to this Web site.

Anne Halpern


(created for the Web site; not in the original book)


Pages printed in English:
Front cover   1
Publication information   2
Foreword Henoch Halpern 3
“Dear Friends” letter Irving Goldstein 4
Three Years of Nazi Rule in Gliniany Jonah Mehlman 5-6
Letters from the Survivors of Gliniany and Vicinity   7-11
Letter of Ingeneur Salomon Speiser (abridged)   7
[second] Letter of Dr. Berta Mehlman (abridged)   8
[Letter of] Shulem Kanner (abridged)   8
Letter of Channa Hochberg (abridged)   9
Letter of Moshe Rubinstein (unabridged)   9
Letter of Chayeh Kanner (abridged)   10
[second] Letter of Ingen. Salomon Speiser (abridged)   10
Condensed from [first] Letter of Dr. Berta Mehlman (abridged)   11
Twenty Years of Glinianer Relief Nathan Leitner 12-13
What Now? Jack Pineles 14
Compiled List of Survivors of Gliniany and Vicinity as of December, 1945   15-16
Pages printed in Yiddish:
A Word from the Publisher Henoch Halpern 19
Woe to Us! Henoch Halpern 20-22
A Letter from Engineer Salomon [Shlomo] Speiser-Nussbaum (unabridged)   23-25
Letter from Dr. Berta [Bertha] Mehlman-Rothava (unabridged)   25-26
Letter from Shulem [Shalom] Kanner (unabridged)   26-28
Letter from Channa [Chana] Hochberg (unabridged)   28-29
Letter from Feigele Leinwand   30
Letter from Moshe Rubinstein (unabridged)   30
Letter from Royze Nass   31
Letter from Chayen [Chaya] Kanner (unabridged)   31-32
Second letter from Engineer S. Speiser-Nussbaum (unabridged)   33-34
Letter from Ida Halpern-Gezunt   34
Second letter from Dr. Berta Mehlman-Roth (unabridged)   35
Letter from Maz Parnas-Safran   36
Second letter from Channa [Chana] Hochberg   36
[Importance of mentioning various individuals of Gliniany]   53-55
Honored Friends   56

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