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Jews in Villages around Gline

Jews lived in villages around Gline for generations, leasing village inns and working in business. The majority of them did a brisk business with the Jews of Gline, who came to the villages to do business with the gentiles. Jews who passed through a village always went into the inn, and the inn manager and his wife and children always went to the limit to provide them with finest and best they had. In general, the manager were very generous with their contributions to all kinds of charitable causes - both individuals and groups who requested charity from them. The assets acquired by the village Jews were bequeathed to their children and grandchildren.

Gline was the cultural center for Jews from the surrounding villages and a few small towns. The village Jews would come to Gline to visit the rebbe and submit their requests for his help for issues relating to their livelihood, problems with their children, health and arranged marriages. Jewish girls engaged to be married would have their wedding dresses made in Gline. Wealthy village Jews would bring the tailors out to their homes and make the dresses there. The local settlers would also bring out teachers for their children; they also either took their animals and fowl to be slaughtered by ritual slaughterers in Gline, or brought the slaughterer home for a day. All women's halachic questions and rabbinical court cases would be brought to the rabbi of Gline, and village Jews would also bury their dead in the Gline Jewish cemetery. Almost all village Jews would travel to Gline with their families for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and stay with relatives and friends in order to celebrate the holydays together with the Jews of Gline.

In times of trouble, when village Jews were scared to stay in their villages because of death threats, they preferred going to Gline, since, as the saying goes: “If you have to die, it's better to die among Jews.” The Jews in Gline took them in with open arms, and everyone thereby got through the difficult times. This was how it was until the Holocaust.

Some of the villages mentioned below are closer to other towns than to Gline, but because they had more contact with Gline, we are listing them too.

Jewish families and villages near Gline:

Tshenov: Chaim Tshenover and his children. He had a mill and was a businessman.
Poltva: There were 8 families. They had an inn, mill and were in business with the local gentiles.
Kitker: 16 families, almost all of them were poor.
Bezbered: 16 families. The children of Toybe the Bezbereder leased land, and the rest of the Jews earn their living from them.
Zodvaortcha: 10 families. Some were in business, and some made their living from the train station.
Polonitsh: 5 families. They earned their living from R. Meir Polonitsher. When he lost his wealth, the Jews started doing business with the gentiles in the village.
Bogdanevka: Aharon and his son were in the horse business.
Loshek: 7 families. They lived off of their inn and business.
Tcharovnik: 10 families. They did business with the gentiles in the village.
Herminiov: 6 families. They were in the horse business.
Fernoyev: 4 families. They barely made ends meet from the inn and side businesses.
Korvitch: 6 families. All the Jews were poor, except for R. Shmuel Korovitcher (Erlich).
Bordkov: 8 families. There were two inns. They did business with village gentiles.
Perlovka: 6 families. They earned their living in the village.
Rezvoren: 5 families. One was a milkman, one had an inn, one had fields, and two were in business.
Bolutschin: 6 families. All were in business in the village.
Polechov: 7 families. In business with the village gentiles, and sold horses and milk products.
Koshets: Yankel Koshetser had many fields and lived well.
Vizshlan: 6 families. Yitzchak Wieslanner, Hirsh, Moshe Pinchas, Leibush and Godel Wieslanner had lived in the village for approximately 150 years and had a good living.
Solovia: 10 families. In the horse business, some did business in the village.
Podheitshika: 18 families. Field workers. Horse traders and road contractors (they built and fixed the roads).
Chonitshov: 40 families. Almost a small town.
Yochtorov: 10 families. 2 were tenants, 1 was in the milk business. The rest did business with anything they could find.
Sloviet: 12 families. Involved in earning a living in the village. Yehoshua Slovieter and his son Itsha were scholars.
Lodov: 12 families. Were in the orchard business, gardeners and horse traders.
Frochides: 6 families. In 1897 the land tenant's wife and 3 children and old parents were murdered. The murder traumatized the entire region. The murderer was never found.

Some 700 Jews lived in all of those villages.

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Gline before World War I

From 1911 to the middle of 1914 when the economic situation was turned upside down, cultural conditions in Gline were in the process of focusing on Zionism. Jewish life for Jews in Gline was grouped around Zionism, with its idealistic and practical goals. The ultra-Orthodox movement, Agudath Israel, the Hebrew-oriented Industrious movement, the National Home, together with the large library and the chassidim at the table of R. Betsalel sparked and created a desire for worldly education and study of Hebrew among a large portion of the Jews of Gline. There was also a strong drama club that operated in Gline and was managed by Mrs. Zenenzieb and others.

In those days, many young people went off to study in Lemberg. Most of the first students who completed the first four classes at the Baron Hirsch School were artisans, and a couple went to study in Lemberg. Later many students at the Hirsch school went to high school [gymnazia] and university. A large percentage of them were children of artisans and managers of small inns – for example, the children of Hillel Pinneles, Moshe Fogelfanger, Dr. Lindenbaum, David Zenenzieb, Shlomo Unger, Yaakov Roth, Feivel Roth, Mendel (Becker) Borrer, Notta Rosentsal, Leib Shulman, Yosef Mordechai Leinwand, Yechezkel Hecht, Zindler, Moshe Kopel and others.

Aharon Rubentsal was one of the first Gline Jews who sent his son (David) to Lemberg to study in high school. This was in 1904. David Rubentsal later became the religion teacher at the Lemberg High School, and also the administrator of the Jewish orphanage in Lemberg. He was a famous Zionist leader, and one of the distinguished leaders of the community.

In 1905, under Aharon Rubentsal's influence, Yankel Stricker (Yankel Mantsher) and Pinchas Mehlman's children were sent to Lemberg to study at the high school. Avramtse Stricker, Yankel's son, and Chaim Yoel Mehlman, son of Pinchas Mehlman, were the first Gline Jews to study medicine.

Moshele Stamm (Moshele Marsholok) was among the first Jews in Gline to send his son (Leizer) to study in high school. Leizer graduated as a medical doctor, and moved to Palestine before World War I.

At the same time, Rabbi Meir Shapira and his group of Agudath Israel didn't sit with their arms folded. They promoted extensive activity in the religious administration and religious educational institutions in town. Rabbi Shapira established an association of Torah-observant residents in Gline, and made a major effort to close down the Baron Hirsch School so that Jewish children could devote all their time to studying in the religious elementary schools. This caused disputes between the Zionists and the Agudists. Under the leadership of Ephraim Katz, Zionists R. Karkiss, Hillel Pineles, Shlomo Unger, Gershon Mehlman, Dr. Tennenbaum and the lectures and intervention of Motik Halpern (Mordechai, son of Yechezkel) were effective against Rabbi Shapira's opposition to the school. On more than one occasion there were harsh words and shouting against the rabbi and his followers.

This is how life and events were right up until the outbreak of World War I.

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Our Mother:
Feiga, daughter of Peretz

Her parents:
R. Peretz and Chaya Sarah

Their graves in Premishlan were ravaged and desecrated by the murderers.

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Yosef, Yechezkel, Levi, Chaim.

R. Nachman's children


Brother: Nachman
Grandfather: R. Ephraim
Grandmother: Sarah

Their graves in Gline [Gliniany] were desecrated and ravaged.

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

David, Ephraim, Moshe, Sarah
Children of Rabbi Yosef Walta Horowitz


My Grandmother: Zissel
Father-in-Law: R. Yehoshua, son of R. Leib-Asher

My Grandparents:

R. Moshe and Rachel, and their sons and grandchildren,
whose graves in Bursk were desecrated and ravaged.

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Chaim, son of Binyamin and Henya


My Father: R. Chaim
Grandparents: R. Meir Shmuel and Beila
Their Daughter Reizel

Their graves were desecrated and ravaged in Gline

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Miriam and Meir Yosef,
children of R. Chaim and Sarah


Father: R. Mordechai, son of Yaakov, Allerhand

Mother: Malya, daughter of Yonah (Goldberg) Allerhand

Uncles: Gedaliahu and Meir Allerhand and their families.

Aunt: Rivka, wife of Moshe Freindlich and family

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living
Dr. Yonah Allerhand


Murdered in cold blood

My brother: Attorney

Shlomo, son of Yosef Mordechai, Leiwand
born on Nisan 7, 5666, [Monday, April 2] 1906
murdered by the German-Ukrainian murderers
20 Tammuz 5702 - [Friday, July 23] 1943

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Yechiel Leinwand


Yaakov, son of Pinchas, Roth

Rivka, daughter of Yosef

Elka-Sheva, wife of Moshe son of Yaakov

Shlomo, son of Yaakov

Nachum, son of Yaakov

Gershon, son of Pinchas, Mehlman

Chaya, daughter of Yonah

Yonah, son of Gershon

Yehuda, son of Yonah

Gittel, wife of Pinchas Kanner

Koppel, [Yaakov] son of Moshe Pinchas

Miriam, wife of Koppel
May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Moshe, son of Yaakov
Beila-Rivka, daughter of Gershon

Sholom, son of Moshe Pinchas

Chaya, daughter of Yaakov


Brother: David Berel, son of Pinchas, Mehlman

Sister: Beila, daughter of Pinchas, and her husband

Yisrael, son of Isaac, and their children

Chaya, daughter of Pinchas, and her husband, Bodian

and two daughters

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Chaim Yoel Mehlman



My brother, Dr. Yaakov Fogelfanger, his wife Solka

and daughter Miriam

My sister, Dr. Chaya Mehlman and her husband, Dr. Shlomo Mehlman, and

their children, Sarah and Menashe

My sisters, Chaya [one of them must be an error] Segal (Fogelfanger) and her
four children,

Schechter (Fogelfanger) and her son and husband.

Drezel Weizenberg (Fogelfanger) and her husband and two sons.

Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Bertha Lvov-Fogelfanger


Parents: Mendel and Malya Bocher

Sister: Rachel and her husband Notta Dresher

Brother: Aryeh

Devorah (Deborah) and her husband Yitzchak and their children

Shossa and her husband and children

Sarah (Surzah) and her husband L. Ax.

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Michael (Mechel) Borer

[Translator's note: there must be a spelling error in his or his parents' last name]


Parents: Naftali, son of Zvi Hirsh, Rubentsal

Chaya Beila

Brother: Mortre [Mordechai]

Sister: Pessel

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Abiyah Rubentsal


Parents: Yitzchak Leib, son of Mordechai, Emerling

Miriam (Momtze), daughter of Aharon

Sister: Chana, daughter of Yitzchak Leib and her husband and children

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

(Shlomo Hersh) Sol,
Devorah, Leiba


Parents: Moshe, son of Yehuda, Frommer

Sheindel Bina, daughter of Shlomo

Sisters: Chana, her husband Yehoshua and children

Beila and Moshe

Rachel and her husband Yankel

and her children

Elisha and Moshe

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Harry (Hersh) Frommer


Our Grandfather: R. Shmuel Leib, son of Reuven

Father: Ze'ev (Volf), son of Aryeh

Uncle: Yehoshia, son of Shmuel Leib

His wife: Hentsche and their two children

Cousin: Shmuel Leib, son of Yehoshua and his family

killed in the sanctification of the Name of G-d in 1943

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Molly, Reuven, Yehudis, Yitzchak (Itshe)


Parents: Uziel, son of Baruch Yehudah-Aryeh

Sabel, daughter of Chaim

Sister: Esther

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Chaim, Notta


Our parents: Yechezkel, son of Yair

Chana (Chantshe), daughter of Yaakov

Their graves were desecrated by the accursed, in the city of Gline

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Mordechai, Chanoch


Parents: Yosef, son of Meir (Yozef)

Feiga, daughter of Leibish

Their graves were desecrated and ravaged in Gline

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Aharon (Ortsche)


Parents: Leib, son of Avraham David

Rivka, daughter of Leibish

Their graves were desecrated and ravaged in Gline

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Mordechai, Shimon


I will always remember my parents, brothers and their families.

May Their Souls Be Bound Among The Living

Ezra (Volf), son of Yechezkel

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Martyrs of Gline, for an Eternal Memorial!

Throughout all generations, the memories of those closest to us, and our loved ones should be consecrated forever. Fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers; grandparents, uncles and aunts, friends and acquaintances, and the small children of our hometown, Gline, who were killed for the sanctification of G-d's Name at the bloody hands of the Nazi savages and Ukrainian and Polish murderers during the Second World War, 1939-1944.

The Jewish life of our hometown, Gline, was totally eradicated, like trees torn out of the ground by their roots from the spot they had grown and been nurtured for hundreds of years. Nothing at all of Jewish life remains there, in the place where it had existed for generations.

In all his mercy, may G-d remember the righteous pure Jews, the souls of the community of Gline (Gliniany). May He prepare a good portion for them, and before our very eyes avenge the spilled blood of his servants!


In Memory of the Dead

The names of the Jews of Gline and surrounding villages who were killed for the sanctification of G-d's Name. The 17 th of Tammuz, 5701, the Sabbath, July 12, 1941.

Izshe Hochberg, son of Yisrael Hochberg
Two sons of Feivish Shraga
Itshe, son of Shimon Freinlich
Gedaliah, son of Shmuel Eichenhaltz
Zalman Levin
Dresher (the Teacher)
Innocent people were sentenced by Gline Ukrainians and herded out to Loshek Forest (near Gline), where the Ukrainian murderers ordered them to dig huge pits. They were all pushed into the pits and shot. Izshe Hochberg was thrown alive into the same pit and buried alive.
July 13, 1941

Aryeh Bocher, son of Mendel Becker
Yudel Pollack
They were beaten up so badly in the detention room of the Gline municipality, that they were unrecognizable. Afterwards, the murderers took them out to Loshek Forest and shot and buried them.

Yair Halpern died. His wife was murdered by the Ukrainians. Their sons, Sola and Yonka, together with their children, were shot at the Gline cemetery.

On 24 Kislev, 5703 / December 2, 1942, the following were led out to Belzec to the gas chambers:
Rabbi Aryeh Leib Gottesman
Leib Englesberg, son of Itshe Chassid
Rakhmiel Wolf (Chadok)
Yitzchak Gastfreind
and other Jews.

On 17 Sivan, 5703 / May 22, 1943, the Premyshlan ghetto was liquidated. On the same day, approximately eleven hundred Gline Jews were transported to their deaths at Belzec. Among them was the Rebbe of Gline, Rabbi Efrati and the rebbe's old wife (R. Betsalel's wife). The holiday of Lag Ba'Omer is the anniversary of the deaths of all the martyrs.

Moshe Rubinstein's wife poisoned herself. His brother Nachum, and his wife were hanged in a camp near Cracow in 5705/1944.

Leibish Mahl

Leibish Mahl was the son of Yoel Mahl and came from the village of Korovitch. He was the husband of Ethel Rubin. Leibish died to sanctify the Name of G-d at the hands of two Ukrainian murderers. The murderers took Leibish under the mountain, near the Baron Hirsch School, and beat him on the head. Then they undressed him, tied him up hand and foot with barbed wire, pulled out his gold teeth, and because they thought he was dead, they beat him mercilessly, took him to the creek nearby, and threw him in it.

Elka Angstreich

A daughter of Itshe Angstreich. Three weeks earlier, before the Soviets arrived in Gline, a gentile neighbor killed Elka. He had killed more than one Jew.

Kessler's daughter was shot in Gline, in the middle of the street.

Yosef Itska's son was killed.

On 17 Sivan, 5703 / May 22, 1943, 73 Gline Jews miraculously escaped from the Premyshlan ghetto and made their way back to Gline. When they got there, the unlucky Jews were captured by local gentiles with the help of the Ukrainian police, robbed, and on 19 Sivan, were all taken out to the Jewish cemetery and shot. Among the martyrs were:
Aharon Hochberg and his wife
The dentist, Billiger and his wife
Meir Wolf's wife and a small child
Henya Feiler (wife of Dr.Shmuel Feiler)
Her child and her mother
Yair Halpern's children

The dead of the Mehlman family: Gershon Mehlman, who was killed in the Belzec camp. His wife and grandchild were killed while escaping from the Premyshlan camp.

Dr. Shlomo Mehlman

The gentiles from a nearby village called Rozov killed him in 1944.

His wife and child

Gentile neighbors turned them over to the German murderers. They didn't come out alive.

His sister, Beila

killed with all her children. His brother-in-law, Yisrael Hochberg, committed suicide.

Bezshe Mehlman

was killed in the Yanov (Lemberg) camp. Bezshe's daughter-in-law was killed.

Chaya Mehlman

and her two daughters were killed in Zborozsh.

Dr. Yaakov Fogelfanger,

Menashe Fogelfanger's son was killed by the Gestapo. His wife and daughter were killed in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. His sisters, Rosa, Drezel and Chaya, and their children were all killed.

Nachum Damm

hid out with 40 other Jews and his whole family in a bunker in the Bogdanov Forest. They managed to stay away from the murderers for a while but eventually were also murdered.

Binyamin Beitrag

was beaten by the Gestapo and Ukrainian police so badly that he died from his injuries on 10/4/1941.

Wolf Dudelzack, a brother of Yudel Foiker, was shot in the Korivitch camp.

The deaths of several families

Yaakov Katzav: a son of Malka Itta. He died from typhus in Premyshlan.

Miriam, his sister, was the wife of Avraham Himmer. She was transported with her sons on 4 Tevet 5703,12/4/1942, from the Premyshlan ghetto to Belzec and burned. One of her sons was sick in bed and shot right then and there. They other six sons were Leib, Moshe, Hersh, Meir, Shimon and Yudel. They all worked in the camp in Zodovoritsha. When the Nazis' aktsia took place, they all escaped. Yisrael Brotter, Sasha's husband, was among them as well. They fled to the Palanitsh Forest, and remained there for two days. The Ukrainian murderers discovered them there, and shot them. Only Leib and his wife managed to escape. This happened on 8/2/1943. On 8/14/43, 13 Av 5703, Leib was shot by the Gestapo. His wife managed to survive, but on 8/22 the Soviets arrived in Gline, and she was shot by the Ukrainians thugs.


She was sent to the Belzec gas chamber from the Premyshlan ghetto together with her four children on 12/4/1942 / 4 Tevet 5703.

Yaakov Katzav's daughter, Charna

She was also sent to Belzec, together with one child; her husband, Leibish Finger, and a child were both shot in the ghetto. Yaakov Katzav's brother Motyan, and his wife and children were shot in the Yakhitshov ghetto. Four weeks later the dead were dug up and burned.

90% of the Jews in the village of Slovet were killed and burned. A son of Elimelech Schnieder was shot in a village near Gline.

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Gline Survivors After World War II

According to information from the Gline Emergency Relief Committee in New York

This is the sorrowful story of the surviving Gline Jews and Jews from surrounding villages, as well as of Gline Jews who were living in other cities and towns at the outbreak of the war. They were located in the following countries in 1949-50:

Engineer Shlomo Speiser and his wife Hersh Friedel
Lieber Lifshitz Rachel Baum
Moshe Kanner Julia Tennenbaum (3)
Zelig Kuperwasser (4) Yaakov Kanner
Yaakov and Michel Feiering Frima Reinhertz
Lieb Eidelberg Moshe Wolf (Kaminetsky)
Mendel and Mark Shlomfer Aharon Saul
Yitzchak Diamant-Nass (3) Aharon Gerstel and wife
Dr. Shlomo Nass and wife Aharon Boyko, wife and child
Moshe Neiman Isaac Herzberg
Rose Baum Izzy Fogelfanger
Yenta Nass Shmuel Nass
Chana Hochberg Yehudah Hochberg
Anshel Blick's sons (6) Dr. Dashke Lindenbaum
Arthur Gezunt and family (4) Yaakov Kanner, Moshe Yakur son [misprint? Jacobson?]
Hobber (Stelmack's son)  

United States of America

Sheindel Rudder Rachel Weitz
Sholom Moyer David Reinhartz
Dr. Sig. Ferster and child Sholom Kanner, wife und 2 children
Moshe Rubenstein Dr. Bertha Mehlman
Regina Waksgieser Miriam Miller
Hillel Aks, wife and child Judel Steinwerzel and son
Feivel Weinman Moshe Zohn
Chaim Moshe Weitz, wife and child Helena (Tennenbaum) Halbmillan
Bernard Kuperberg Mendel Kunst-Rubin
Isaac Nodelstecher Sarah Korn and husband
Ora Schnaff Hersh Gisser (Lodov)
Yechiel Leinwand, wife and child Rosa Goldstein and child
Bertha Lvov and child Sister of Moshe Zohn, Lola
Avraham Rubin Mark Scharf


Shlomo Zweck Ethel Rubin
Melch Nass Chana Hesheles
Yisrael Nass Dr. Yosef Brotter, wife and child
Zelig Angstreich Sprinza Angstreich
Yaakov Angstreich Engineer Speiser's daughter-in-law


Yaakov Sibbet Sprinza Gerber


David Klinkovstein (Lipa Lehrer's son-in-law


Binyamin Meth und wife Sheindel Dudelzack
Clara Fefferkorn Regina Laufer
Ester Feierman


Dr. Yonah Allerhand and wife Leon Lifshitz


Meir Feivish


Yosef Reinhartz

It should be mentioned here that the bloody result of Jews in Gline and surrounding villages at the outbreak of World War II was close to 3,000 people.

At the end of the war, following such horrible destruction, no more than 126 souls survived. This includes some Gline Jews who already lived in other cities and towns before the war.

The total of Gline Jews worldwide:

United States: Approximately seventy years ago, the first person from Gline went to the United States. Afterwards, Gline Jews slowly started emigrating to America. In 1949, there were 450 Jews, including Jews who arrived from the villages around the shtetl . (Their American-born children aren't included in this number).
Israel: In 1949, there were approximately 230 Gline Jews in Israel who arrived there previously. Following World War I, Gline Jews started emigrating to Palestine. The first Jew from Gline went to Palestine in approximately 1874, or a little later.
Canada: There are four Gline Jewish families there.
Mexico: There are four Gline Jewish families.
Argentina: There are ten Gline Jewish families there.

The foregoing numbers do not include the recent arrival of Gline war refugees. We think that there are 880 Gline Jews in various contries. May their numbers increase!

Gline Survivors After World War II

(These names are the same as those published on pages 291-293 of the yizkor book. This version of the list puts all the names into a single list, in alphabetical order. The country in parentheses is the country under which they were listed in the yizkor book, and was their country of residence in 1949-1950. The numbers are those given in the original list, possibly meaning the number of family members who survived.)

AKS, Hillel, wife and child (United States of America)
ALLERHAND, Dr. Yonah, and wife (Chile)
ANGSTREICH, Sprinza (Poland)
ANGSTREICH, Yaakov (Poland)
ANGSTREICH, Zelig (Poland)

BAUM, Rachel (2) (Israel)
BAUM, Rose (Israel)
BLICK, Anshel – his sons (6) (Israel)
BOYKO, Aharon, wife and child (Israel)
BROTTER, Dr. Yosef, wife and child (Poland)

DIAMANT-NASS, Yitzchak (3) (Israel)
DUDELZACK, Sheindel (Germany)

EIDELBERG, Lieb (Israel)

FEFFERKORN, Clara (Germany)
FEIERING, Yaakov and Michel (Israel)
FEIERMAN, Esther (Germany)
FEIVISH, Meir (Brazil)
FERSETER, Dr. Sig., and child (United States of America)
FOGELFANGER, Izzy (Israel)
FRIEDEL, Hersh (Israel)

GERBER, Sprinza (Austria)
GERSTEL, Aharon, and wife (Israel)
GEZUNT, Arthur, and family (4) (Israel)
GISSER (Lodov), Hersh (United States of America)
GOLSTEIN, Rosa, and child (Canada)

HALBMILLAN, Helena (Tennenbaum) (United States of America)
HERZBERG, Isaac (Israel)
HESHELES, Chana (Poland)
HOBBER (Stelmack's son) (Israel)
HOCHBERG, Chana (Israel)
HOCHBERG, Yehudah (Israel)

JACOBSEN, Moshe (Israel)

KANNER, Moshe (Israel)
KANNER, Sholom, wife and 2 children (United States of America)
KANNER, Yaakov (Israel)
KLINKOVSTEIN, David (Lipa Lehrer's son-in-law 4) (Sweden)
KORN, Sarah, and husband (United States of America)
KUNST-RUBIN, Mendel (United States of America)
KUPERBERG, Bernard (United States of America)
KUPERWASSER, Zelig (4) (Israel)

LAUFER, Regina (Germany)
LEINWAND, Yechiel, wife and child (Canada)
LIFSHITZ, Leon (Chile)
LIFSHITZ, Lieber (Israel)
LINDENBAUM, Dr. Dashke (Israel)
LODOV (see Gisser)
LVOV, Bertha, and child (Canada)

MEHLMAN, Dr. Bertha (United States of America)
METH, Binyamin, and wife (Germany)
MILLER, Miriam (United States of America)
MOYER, Sholom (United States of America)

NASS, Melech (Poland)
NASS, Dr. Shlomo, and wife (Israel)
NASS, Shmuel (Israel)
NASS, Yenta (Israel)
NASS, Yisrael (Poland)
NASS (see Diamant-Nass)
NEIMAN, Moshe (Israel)
NODELSTECHER, Isaac (United States of America)

REINHARTZ, David (United States of America)
REINHARTZ, Yosef (Argentina)
REINHERTZ, Frima (Israel)
RUBIN, Avraham (Canada)
RUBIN, Ethel (Poland)
RUBINSTEIN, Moshe (United States of America)
RUDDER, Sheindel (United States of America)

SAUL, Aharon (Israel)
SCHARF, Mark (Canada)
SHLOMFER, Mendel and Mark (Israel)
SCHNAFF, Ora (United States of America)
SIBBET, Yaakov (Austria)
SPEISER, Engineer Shlomo, and his wife (Israel)
SPEISER, Engineer – his daughter-in-law (Poland)
STEINWERZEL, Yudel, and son (United States of America)

TENNENBAUM, Julia (3) (Israel)

WAKSGIESER, Regina (United States of America)
WEINMAN, Feivel (United States of America)
WEITZ, Chaim Moshe, wife and child (United States of America)
WEITZ, Rachel (United States of America)
WOLF (Kaminetsky), Moshe (Israel)

ZOHN, Lola (sister of Moshe Zohn) (Canada)
ZOHN, Moshe (United States of America)
ZWECK, Shlomo (Poland)

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12 29 R. Shmuel Leib Neschles
18 29 The Jews
31 21 Itsche Yoel
42 19 Merchants
44 1 Influence
46 26 Gline
50 21 Village Jews
68 41 Hitting
89 39 Gline
92 24 Ephraim
99 28 R. Yosele
107 33 That if
110 27 Wife
111 27 Carrying
112 41 Synagogue and Study Hall
116 9 21
117 27 21
130 13 1895
131 42 Issue
131 48 Especially
136 34 Meir
141 14 Eidele
141 17 Enlightenment
141 20 Cohen
145 20 Meir Shmuel
156 39 Crazy
161 32 Jewish
162 45 Small Synagogue
166 25 Hershke
170 40 Knitter
175 20 Long Baruch and his wife
177 9 A loaf
183 12 Tailor
183 17 Especially
187 22 Berish
191 27 From Gline
198 24 Gline Community Association
207 34 Milk Business
208 33 Dovidel Dovidelsak
208 33 Yechezkel Dayan
310 29 Even though
212 11 Flag [or pan]
215 32 Daybreak
216 37 Go over
220 11 Was
220 19 Packages
227 42 Home
233 26 But the Jew was shot
238 14 Bocher
241 17 Zlotas
[or 262]
11 Yaakov Feiering
268 21 Itsche Shlomo Speiser
273 31 Hannah Hochberg [Haifa, 2/22/1946]
290 11 Gline Jews who lived in other cities
37 20 Leibishel the Comedian, son of Hillel Filler. He was from the new generation, the majority sung and preached to couples at rebbe weddings.
88 32 Should be: Shaul Hescheles, Yisrael Nadler, Zische Hochberg, Leizer Volf Sibbert, Aharon Erlich, Mendel Graubard's son-in-law, Meir Baum.
They were from the younger generation.

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