My town Glinjeck...
(Glinojeck, Poland)

52°49' / 20°18'

Translation of
Mayn shtetele Glinovyetsk;
un di vayterdike vandlungen Plotsk-Wierzbnik, zikhroynes

Editor: Shlomo Moskowitz

Published in Paris 1976


This is a translation of: Mayn shtetele Glinovyetsk; un di vayterdike vandlungen Plotsk-Wierzbnik, zikhroynes
(My town Glinjeck...), Editor: Shlomo Moskowitz, Published: Paris 1976 (Y 335 pages)

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


First Part
The Rise of the Jewish Settlement in Glinojeck 19
Meizner Family 27
Reb Yakov's Great Grandfather 39
My Shtetele [small town] Glinojeck 49
My Father, Shimeon Moszkowicz, of blessed memory 67
The Dream about Our Father in 1945 73
Sholom Sokolowski 75
The Great Grandmother Gitele 85
The Fogelman-Sokolowski Family 89
Benyamin Sztromf - the Feldsher [traditional doctor] 93
Reb Zalman-Moshe, the Glinojeck Dayen [religious judge] 99
Shmuel-Yakov, the Dorfs-geyer [village peddler] 105
Tzalel the Shoemaker 109
Menashe Szwarc 114
Reb Yehuda Meir 118
Jews from the Huta [glassworks] 123
Sheyntshe the Shoykhet's [ritual slaughterer's daughter] from Strzegowo 128
Living together with the Christians 131
Reb Avrahamle Ciechanower, may the memory of the righteous man be blessed 135
The Radzyminer Rebbe 142
On a Summer Night in Glinojeck 151
Second Part
My Childhood Years 167
My Rebbe, Reb Dovid 172
The Experiences in the First World War 176
My Friend, Yosef Ejzenstat 207
Third Part
In the Starachowicer Camp 221
The Frightening Kol Nidre Night in Birkenau 233
The Krosniewicer Rebbe from Starachowice 238
The Death of My Brother, Yakov-Arye 247
From Starachowice to Birkenau-Auschwitz 253
Smoke! 266
In Camp “Libe-Roza” and Mathausen 269
The Glinojeck Expulsion 289
The Liberation 297
The Experiences of a Glinojecker Jew on the Ayran Side 310


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