Memorial book of Galicia
(Poland & Ukraine)

Translation of
Gedenkbukh Galitzie

Editor: N. Zucker

Published in Buenos Aires 1964

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This is a translation of: Gedenkbukh Galitzie
(Memorial book of Galicia),
Editor: N. Zucker, Published: Buenos Aires 1964 (Y 335 pages)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Be happy, yes: - but do not forget!... 9
A word from the publisher 11
Before the curtain Harry Sekler 13
“Lamentations” Yosef Koller 17
In memory of the martyrs Rabbi Dr. Yakov Avigdor 19
Jews in the Krakov republic. Yiddish: Wolf Sales Prof. Meir Balaban 23
Mourning poems: Hersh Leib Young 27
   1. In the killing field
   2. Our neighbor the Ukrainian
   3. Get up!
S. M. Gimpel theater in Lemberg Israel Ashendorf 30
Chasidism in Reisha (Rzeszow) Zvi S. Leder 33
Two stories: 1. The last one I.I. Metzker 37
   2. The watchmen of the Kloiz 44
Dr. Yehoshua Thon A. L. Schussheim 49
A tale of an emperor and two Jews from Eretz Israel A. L. Schussheim 51
Nine sonets A. N. Schtenzel 54
Uncle Akiva and aunt Rozhe Melech Ravitch 59
Two stories: 1. On Mount Carmel Yechezkel Keitelman 63
   2. A visit to a farmer 67
Religious and other books in the Jewish home Moshe Vityes 72
Rabbis, great Torah scholars in Galicia Moshe Koller 79
The Samborer Rebbe in Orile Kalman Heisler 81
Quiet as in a cemetery Kalman Heisler 83
Three miniatures: 1. A Jewish tavern-owner; Grandmother Chaia; The lodgers Moshe Tzucker 86
Nachum Sternheim - the Jewish troubadour and poet Yitzhak Koller 89
Relatives of Kaiser Franz Joseph are guests in a Jewish home David Klinghoffer 97
My father the writer (excerpts) Yosef-Hillel Levy 101
The prophet Eliyahu (Elijah) and Ivash the night-watchman Hertz Bergner 109
In a friendly environment with Mordechai Gebirtig Nechemia Tzuker 113
The scholar and the smart man (about Gershom Bader and Anshel Schorr) Shalom Perlmutter 126
The old Kehila [community] in Tchortkov A. A. Fischer 131
In one wagon, under Stalin's rule Meir I. Tzucker 137
The rabbi and the dayan [judge in a religious court] Yosef Koller 143
Longing (poem) Rachel Ch. Korn 146
The bored man (humoresque) Moshe Nadir 147
Leizer-Ekye from the old home Moshe-Leib Halpern 149
The man gives instructions Moshe-Leib Halpern 151
With the paintbrush and the pen (about the book “Higher than the clouds” by H. L. Yunges) 153
My young years in Galicia Yakov Mestel 156
A special night Martin Birnbaum 168
Poems (collected and annotated from memory by Yitzhak Koller) Nachum Sternheim 169
The Rabbi R'Yosef son of Naftali-Herz Teomim z”l Ben Menachem 175
Moshe Vityes (Dr. Sorgin, may he rest in peace) Nun Tzadik 177
In memory of Moshe Vityes, may he rest in peace Moshe Tzucker 178
Folk songs and poems, (collected and annotated from memory by Yitzhak Koller) Anonymous authors 180
My young years in Krakow Nathan Klinger 181
A monologue Melech Ravitch 185
With Galicianer Jews in Mexico N. Z. 187
Yakov Hans Rieger, may he rest in peace Moshe W. Plaster 196
In memory of Skole: Remember what [Amalek] did to you 201
The initiators 202
My introduction to the work Ch. Young 203
My trembling word Yosef Leib Lifshitz 205
Skole, my home of long ago S. Mehler 206
The bloody saga of Skole 207
Humor in the ghetto and a ghetto-poem Anonimous authors 212
Three poems: Hersh-Leib Young 213
1. Setting fire: the tragic burning
2, From our shtetl
3. My home-town of old times
Skole, as I remember it Shahme Goldfischer 217
An eternal light for Shalom Goldfischer z”l Hersch Young 220
It happened H. L. Young 222
A look back on Skole (retrospective) Hersch-Leib Young 223
One of the Lamed-Vav (the 36 hidden scholars) Nechemia Tzucker 228
Epigrams in verse for seven artistic paintings by anonimous Polish-Jewish artists. The characteristic paintings have been collected and hidden to this day by the Galician veteran Mr. Avraham Laks in Buenos Aires N. Sacharinkus 229-235
Rodnik, the home of my childhood Yosef Koller 237
Some family memories Zvi Horowitz 241
My young years in Przemysl Wolf Sales 247
My shtetl Rodnik Esther Koller-Reich 253
My shtetele Skole Fany Mentchel-Hammer 256
My shtetl Kortchin Moshe Tzucker 261
The Rozwadover Rebbe's nigun [melody, song] 262
Moshe Mohr 265
Went through “seven divisions of Hell” and yet remained alive Nyusha Shraga-Appelbaum 268
After hundreds of death menaces I survived Rena Tzucker-Engel 273
With General Bar Komarowski's “Armia Krayova” Avraham Engel 278
Has really no one of them survived? Adela Hanfling-Tzucker 281
With Galician Jews over the world N. Tzucker 285
Galician Jews in Buenos Aires Ben Menachem 304
YIZKOR [remember] 311
Skole and surroundings 314


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