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Content of the Pictures and Documents
in the Hebrew (language) Section

Translated by Alex Revai

Picture/Document Page(s)
Map of South–West Slovakia and North–West Hungary 18
Legal Ownership Certificate of Earl Janos Palffy, dated 1739 30–33
Documents from 1751 and 1770 36–37
Jewish Census of 1770 40–41
Old tombstones from the Dunaszerdahely Cemetery 43–45
Map of the village of Szerdahely in 1812 50
“List of the Israelites” (Census) from 1848 52
Birth Certificate (from the) Jewish Community 57
Plea of the Chief Rabbi, Aszad Aaron Shmuel, requesting assistance for the damages caused by arson in the Jewish Quarter (1887) 62
Gold Album: Jewish veterans of Dunaszerdahely in WW I 65–66
Statistical tables of the Jewish population from 1782 to 1941 69
Stories told by the old tombstones 72
Tombstones of Rabbis Simcha and Yitzchak 76
“Ohel David”, Talmudic work with notes by the author 80
Tombstone of Rabbi Shlomo Aryeh Grunfeld 82
Tombstone of Rabbi Aron Szuditz–Buchler 84
Tombstone of Rabbi Eliezer Lipmann Stein 87
Portrait of Rabbi Judah Aszad 90
From the writings of Rabbi Judah Aszad. 92–95
Tombstone of Rabbi Judah Aszad 98
Portrait of Rabbi Aron Shmuel Aszad 101
Tombstone of Rabbi Aron Shmuel Aszad 102
Portrait of Rabbi Shmuel Levi Weinberger 108
Tombstone of Rabbi Shmuel Levi Weinberger 109
Portrait of Rabbi Hillel Weinberger 112
Portrait of Rabbi Oser Ansel Katz 116
Tithing (Maaser) list of Rabbi Aron Tauber 120
Tombstone of Rabbi Michael Pope (Hofmann) 123 123
Portrait of Rabbi Yitzchak Aron Federweiss 127
Tombstone of Rabbi Yitzchak Aron Federweiss 128
The Big Synagogue 141
Inside detail of the Big Synagogue 142
The destruction of the Big Synagogue 143–144
The only remnant of the Big Synagogue: The Ten Commandments 145
The Adas Israel Synagogue 146
The Jewish School (street–view and inner courtyard) 148–149
School pictures. 150–151
Talmud–Torah 153
2nd year class of Talmud–Torah (1933) 154
Pupils of the “Beth Hillel” Yeshiva 155
Rabbi Katz's Yeshiva classroom 156
Entrance of the cemetery 159
A section of the cemetery 161
Ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone of the Old–age Home (1925) 162
The Old–age Home 163
The old section of the cemetery. 168–169
A section of the Main Street 178
Vambery Street 179
Shabbat times (Zmanim) 182
The three Pilgrim–Festivals “Parochet” (Curtain) from the Big Synagogue 184
High Holidays “Parochet” (Curtain) from the Big Synagogue 185
Slichot Times (Zmanim) 186
Selling of the Chometz contract 187
Arrival of the “Purim Rabbi” 189
Pictures of Purim celebrations 191
The Yellow Castle 195
Front page of “Der Judische Herald” 197
Hungarian language “Cenoh Urenoh” (comments on the 5 books of Moses) 198
Section of Main street showing the Jewish Community Center 201
Lists of Election Nominees (1938) 222–223
It started like this: The first (anti–)Jewish Laws (1938–1939). 246–247
Talmudists at the Garany forced labor camp (1941) 252
Labor battalion workers from Dunaszerdahely, Somorja, Gyor, etc. (1942) 254
Dunaszerdahely youth “trainees” for the Labor Battalions 256
Labor battalion workers in Ukraine 257
OMZSA (Hungarian National Association to Assist Jews) poems and slogans. 261–263
“Esti Ujsag” (Evening News) March 31. 1944 269
“Streng Geheim” (Top Secret): Vessenmayer's telegram about the deportation of Hungarian Jewry, June 13, 1944 275
The last trip.via Csillag street to the train station and into the cattle cars, June 15, 1944 278–279
Map of the deportation routes of Hungarian Jewry. Highlighted route is that of the Dunaszerdahely deportees 280
Monument of our martyrs in the Dunaszerdahely cemetery 301
Memorial plaque of our martyrs in Jerusalem, on Mount Zion 302
The Somorja Synagogue 306
Destruction of the Tejfalu Synagogue 306
Pupils of the Nagymagyar Jewish School 313
Family memorial pages 319–427
Memorial page of the Somorja and surroundings Jewish Community 428
Memorial page of the Nagymagyar and surroundings Jewish Community 429


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