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Dubossary memorial book – Picture Index

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Map of the Moldavian region.
At the bottom is Odessa and the Black Sea.
In the bottom quarter of the land mass by the big black dot in the centre is Dubossar.
Moshe and Golda Granovsky and children. Vanished without a trace. 50
Yosef and Chaya Filler, grandparents of Baruch Bassin 59
This picture which was taken from the Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund) golden book is of Aaron Horvitz z”l. 64
Reb Naftali Ish Horvitz (father of Bernardo Gurevitch, Argentina) 97
Members of the Zionist Organization ' Tzeirei Tzion', 1918
Alter Greenblatt, Ben Zion Shlita, Chaim Dorfman, Moshe Gorayvsky, Moshe Faerman, D. L. Granovsky, Tzvi Hirsh Tulchinsky, Tzvi Shpigel
Chaim Finkelshtein. Murdered by the Nazis. 160
Dubossar Landsleit in the United States To Plant Forest of 10,000 Trees 174
Dubossar Landsleit Organization in Philadelphia 176
Dubossar Relief Committee in America (New York)
Harry and Henya Scheer, Bentchik Benjamin Shuster, Benjamin Finkelshtein (Philadelphia), Fayge Teitelboim, Yose Kipnis, Mendl Lerner, Nelly Teitelboim, Anshel Nirenberg, Moshe Bendersky, Moshe Feldman.
Israel and Fayge Jenin and grandchildren in Philadelphia 180
Dubossar Landsleit in Argentina 184
Argentine Dubossar Credit Union "25 of May"
Moshe Shapiro, Simon Greenberg, Leon Rubin, Yoel Kuperman, S. Salata, N. Belinkin, B. Rashkovsky, D.I.Weinstock, Malamud, P. Dubner, I. Gurevitch, A. Melman
Executive Committee of the Argentine Dubossar Organization and Women's Committee on the 25th Anniversary, 1953.
Pauline Wexler, Mani Dubner, Paulina Meshbein, Dora Greenberg, Chuma Rubin, Chana Zeltzer, Rivka Samialof, Jenny Zeltzer, Rosa Itzkovitch, Miriam Brodsky, Pesach Dubner, Zev Polinsky, Shimon Greenberg, Levi Yerusalimsky, Isaac Melman, Moshe Itzkovitch, Chaim Tzirulnik.
Dov (Bernardo) Gurevitch (Argentina) 187
Herzlia High School 1912.
Children sent from Dubossar by parents to study in Eretz Yisrael.
Shimon Ben Ami, Chochomovitch
Herzlia High School 1907
Isaac Horwitz, Yaakov Mayerov, Nahum Resnik, Nahum Horwitz, Aharon Horwitz, Eliezer Gutterman, Shmuel Guzman, Bracha Mayrov, Liba Filler, Lev Shochat, Shlomo Vertheim, Yosef Ben Ami
Dubossarers in Rishon L'Tzion 1923 199
A Group From Yagorlik (near Dubossar) in Ein Ganim
Menki and Zalman Puchis, Neeman - son of Gedalia and Rachel Rechev, Avraham Gluzman , mother and father of Ben Zion Gluzman, Rabbi Puchis and wife Yenta, grandaughter of Miriam Bat Yakov, Gedalia and Rachel Rechev, David and Chaya Puchis with son Isaac.
Sorting Tobacco in Rishon L'Tzion, 1925
Avraham Fier, Michael Tomshin, Mordecai Tomshin, Maier Rash, Yishayahu Kan-Tor, Avraham Moshkovitz
A Big Reunion In Rishon L'Tzion, 1924, upon the Aliya to Israel of Michael and Masya Shteinberg 200
Dubossarers In Israel
Israel and Chana Tabachnik, their son Yehoshua (Aliya to Israel 1905), his wife Chaya Sarah, daughter Malka and her husband Yehoshua Levin with sons Moshe, Benjamin and Aryeh.
Moshe Bick of Dubossar conducting a choir in Haifa 201
Mordecai Volman, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Red Army. Died after the war. 259
A Group of Dubossar Jews Days Before the Outbreak of War.

Murdered: Yidl Zweighoft, Faygeh Vasserman, Esther Brilian, Shimon Kinor, Toba Rashkevan, Sarah Shkolnik, Shenkar, Rachel Poskar, Yitzchak Barenboim, Boris Katzavman, Menia Zemtzer, Chaike Tefler, Chaim Rashkevan, Layb Barenboim, Yakov Chayat, Isaac Shreier, Israel Koifman, Yakov Schinder, Layb Mordkovitch, Yakov Laybovitch, Sherl Kiner, Bentchik Shlit, Idl Sandler, David Shneiderman, Shifra Maydanik, Reva Barenboim, Menya Soibelman
Suvivors: Riva Urman, Motl Urman, Zweighoft, Lena Berelechis, Velvl Festuyicher, Sarah Bashkansky, Avraham Livocht, Shmuel Tshoylsky, Hershl, Yosef Finkelstein, Yosef Volovick, Hershl Bander, Berl Bakman, Pessy Glimberg

Pilot, Lieutenant-Colonel Litmonovitch 277
Rabbi Gaon Reb Yerucham, son of Reb Shabtai Hacohen, z'l, z'tzl 298
Rabbi Yehoshua Yissachar Abel z'l 302

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