Generations of Judaism and Zionism in
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
Volume 4
(Dorohoi, Romania)

47°57' / 26°24'

Translation of
Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut

Editor: Shlomo David

Published in Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000

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This is a translation of: Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
(Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut) ,
Editor: Shlomo David, Former Residents of Dorohoi in Israel, Published: Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000 (H, Rom.)

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Transcribed by Judy Petersen

At the gates of the 4th volume David Shlomo 9
The editor's foreword Sonia Palty 10
A tear shed for Nicu Palty David Shlomo 11
On closing the 4th volume Dr. Ş. Leibovici-Laiş 12
The people from Dorohoi visit with President Ezer Weizman Uly Vălureanu 13
Mementoes 14
A letter from Botoşani 16
Dorohoi, my native town Mica Rabinovici-Leib 17
The disclosure of a sensational document Uly Vălureanu 28
On the publication of the 3rd volume (at the Rumanian Embassy) 36
The last East-European Jews 37
A letter from the “Altruists of Dorohoi” 39
Excerpts from “Dorohoian Kaleidoscope” 41
6 centuries of conviviality Manes Leib and Manaşcu Cotter 45
Fruitful encounters in Romania 49
Goods belonging to the Jewish Communities (from the archives) 51
Reluctant philanthropists (archives) 52
Homesick for our hometown Dr. Theodor Damian 53
The Jewry from the Dorohoi County Lucian-Zeev Herşcovici 54
The Chief Rabbi Dr. Al. Şafran and George Enescu, on the peasants of Dorohoi Manasse Radnev 60
The cultural life of the Jews of Dorohoi S. Moscovici-Karmoss 61
Dorohoi is introducing itself 64
Message from abroad 66
A documentary signal Evelin Fonea 67
Sports activities of Dorohoi Prof. Ilarion Mandachi 74
Warm greetings from Dorohoi Mihai Debeli 75
The model of the “Beith Shlomo” Synagogue Shlomo David 76
Pictures from Dorohoi, 1997 78
A dream comes true 80
List of Jewish families in Romania of 1919 81
A juicy piece of news 83
“Mărţişor Dorohoian” 84
Jews of Dorohoi as found in a governmental census 88
A listing of trades people of the County of Dorohoi, 1949-1950 92
Excerpts from the archives of the Bar-Ilan University 93
Documents regarding Romania's Jews 96
Ion  Călugăru's last visit to his home town S. Moscovici-Karmoss 98
Dorohoi, April-August 1944 99
“The Signal” (excerpts) Av. Manes Leib 100
In memoriam Elias Rohlich 107
Marcu Taingiu, named Moldov Marius Mircu 108
Rabbi Pinchas Eliahu Wasserman Rabbi Efraim Gutman 110
Souvenirs from Dorohoi Dr. Marcel Bratu 112
In memoriam S. Şulimovici Shlomo David 129
Matchmaker and lottery tickets salesman 131
A family tree drawn by A. Finkelstein 132
Dr. Şelly Grisaru--the paintress 144
Brănduşa Şelly Grisaru 145
A strange coincidence Şelly Grisaru 147
Izu Gott, of Dorohoi E. Suhor 149
S. Militeanu-Rusu Evelin Fonea 150
Historical note Evelin Fonea 151
Wrapped in thoughts over an old document Şelly Grisaru 153
Was that Divine inspiration? Bracha Maur 155
After…. 4 decades Iäger Ety 161
In memoriam Iäger Ety 163
The right man in the right place Iäger Carol 165
Saghi (Sacagiu) Lupu celebrated by Dorohoians 167
Recollections from my life as a Dorohoian Aba Herşcovici 168
Dorohoi Norman Simms 172
A never ending story Bianca Marcovici 174
Dulu Marcovici, an only son 176
The Colomei Rabbi at Dorohoi Cuşmaru Herş 177
Sorin Şaiovici, the engineer I. Şaiovici 179
The unforgettable Iancu Herşcu Coller 172
Malvina Cojocaru-Bălan reminisces 181
Images of the Fereduaru, Grinberg and Docer families Rifca Rosenberg (Fereduaru) 183
Sara Rapaport's grandson--Bar Mitzva! 185
Once upon a time…., Dr. Avram Şapcaru 187
The journey with no return…In memoriam Dr. Consuela Şapcaru-Segal 190
Iehiel Leib, our man in Toronto 192
Winter on the lane Dt. I. Haimovici 193
From Dolfi Perl's photo-album 197
A few words about my parents Eng. Strul Moisă 201
The unforgettable Ichiel Scharf David Shlomo 203
We will never forget Av. Iosef (Eugen) Dines 204
Memories, memories Ricu Idelson 205
The Lipovici family Mariana Moshe 206
The Jahr family, from Cernăuţi to Dorohoi Eng. Martin Jahr 211
The Shor family Liza Butnaru 215
In memoriam Rozica and Simon Leizerovici Shlomo David 218
A few words written Shoshana Rothemberg (Markevici) 219
Judaica made in Dorohoi 220
Bits of a life 221
The Iancu Leizer (Leizerovici) family Sofi Peretz 222
My father's family Sofi Peretz (Abramovici) 225
My family Iosef David Brif 227
Novels never written Felicia Coh 230
Mr. Mihai Bezerghianu--a kind-hearted friend of the Jews 231
Remembering Rifca Miller Matilda Ben-David 233
My grand-father, Marcu Rotaru Oscar Braun 234
Souvenirs from Dorohoi Betty Lindenbaum 238
People from Dorohoi Adolf Abramovici 240
A page from the jewish Federation calendar 241
Documents regarding the fate of the Rumanian Jewry during the Holocaust, gathered by Dr. N. Filderman 242
Referendum regarding the evacuation of the Jews (archives) 244
July 1st, 1940-1997 S. Moscovici-Karmoss 249
Dorohoi in the “Encyclopaedia Judaica” 252
From the archives of Yad Vashem 255
The Jews of Dorohoi during the fascist occupancy Dr. Marcel Solomon 258
Dorohoi, July 1st, 1940, interview with Nando Maria Varga 259
The terrible persecution Marius Mircu 260
Kind people during unkind times Marius Mircu 266
The document presented Marcu Rozen 268
The Repatriation and other documents (archives) 272
Ropot--about the unforgettable Leon Rapaport 282
The list of the repatriated children (archives) 283
The Jews insulted the Rumanian Army! I.C. Butnaru 287
Hard years--excerpts from the antisemitic publications of long ago 290
Depositions made by survivors of the Holocaust (archives) 297
The Flowers of remembrance Raşela Negru 298
“Shattered!” -- excerpts from “50 Years of Silence” Dr. Felicia (Steigman) Carmelly 299
The young grave-diggers Israel Goldstein 300
From the dairy of the writer Mihail Sebastian 301
Survivors giving evidence against war criminals (archives) 302
From Dora Litani's “Transnistria” Dora Litani 310
“Oi-li”, God! Avram Lorberbaum 311
Police raiding Bucharest 1943 (archives) 312
The secret Uly Vălureanu 313
Tulcin, yet again…, Simcha Schechter 315
Episodes of sad remembrance Clara Bender 317
The mass-slaughter of Dorohoi, the declaration given by Mrs. Tzily Kraft 318
This is how my brother and grandmother were killed during the pogrom S. Moscovici-Karmoss 321
Some of the achievements of Dorohoi Jewish Community S. Moscovici-Karmoss 322
The death of the violinist Dr. Benedict Solomon 324
The Vorsholivka ghetto and Tulcin concentration camp Cuşmaru Herş 325
No to gas-chambers, no to the ovens Simcha Schechter 330
Dorohoi, close to Jerusalem Uly Vălureanu 332
Jeremiah's appeal Evelin Fonea 333
The “Dorohoi” monograph Luiza Carol 334
There's a right time for everything, interview given by Shlomo David to Carol Isac 335
Shlomo David Nicu Palaty 338
Words of praise on the publication of the 3rd volume 339
Documents from the archives 347
Simon Haran - “Chosen poems” Ady Carmi 352
Deposition (archives) Isaaian Herşcovici 354
Happy birthday,  Zumer Chiţu! 356
The three barbers of Darabani Elias Türkeltaub 358
A little souvenir Tuvia Shwager 368
In Darabani Luiza Carol
Unforgettable memories from our native country Jean Blum 359
Mihăileni in the “Encyclopaedia Judaica Jerusalem” 369
Documents from the archives 370
I. Groper B. Fundoianu 371
The legendary Iacob Groper Marius Mircu 373
Leon Bertiş - 100 years since his birth Marius Mircu 379
Cună Sapir is remembered by his children 383
A new Thora Scroll for “Beith Iacov Iosef” synagogue 385
A tear Negru Raşela 386
Avram Schweitzer, light and shadows Shlomo David 387
Moină Covrigaru 390
The Zborover family Frida Cohen (Zborover) 391
The Meraru family Silvia Bercovici (Meraru) 393
I was there…, Dr. Zisu Lebel 395
Documents from the archives 399
I remember all of them Herman Zisman 401
From Săveni to Kfar Truman Herman Calacuda 408
Souvenirs from Săveni Iţhak Iţu Zissu 411
The Jewish people from Hâneşti 413
A last homage Zissu Iţhak 415
Moshe Maur of  Săveni I. Schechter 417
The evacuation Dt. Iosef-Ioju Haimovici 418
In memoriam Moshe Maur Marius Mircu 426
Remembering my parents Cerna Şmilovici (Schwartz) 427
Şapsa Peretz - my husband, and his family Sofia Peretz 429
My home town Fany Parnafes 431
We were there also Dr. enée Fuchs (Puica Şut) 435
About my family Rivca Beltzer 438
Memories from long ago Max Lindenbaum 439
Herţa - Jewish tradition Iacob Schaechter 455
In Herţa, in 1924 Fania (Fifi) Bar
L. Haim's deposition (archives) 447
Jacob de Neushotz biography (excerpts) V. Negruţi 448
My cousin Froim Dr. Benedict Solomon 450
The Regenstreif family Didi-Mina Fenster (Regenstreif) 451
Herţa -- Holocaust -- Israel! Haim Cuşmaru 453
The procession of the shadows Dr. Benedict Solomon 455

Transcribed by Genia Hollander

Dorohoi, town of Thora and good deeds David Shlomo 5
At the gates of the fourth volume David Shlomo 6
Words spoken at the Presidential House David Shlomo 7
Our delegates at the President 10
Images from Dorohoi 12
A Zionistic Committee 15
Representatives of Keren Kayemet in Dorohoi 16
Dorohoi's contribution to te Rumanian “Colel” in Jerusalem 17
The acquiescence to the book “Ahavat Dodim” was given 206 years ago Shimshon R. Levenkron 18
Dynasties of Rabbis and “ADMORs” in Dorohoi 20
A forest honoring the sacred of Dorohoi and the surrounding area - conception and completion 22
Passages on the Dorohoian Jewry Shimshon R. Levenkron 26
The legend of the “Boser” 34
The flags of Dorohoi 38
New Year at the Synagogue of Rabbi Ephraim Guttman Shlomo David 38
Delegates from Dorohoi at the Commemoration of the Holocaust victims 39
The heroism of the digger f rom Moghilev Arye Ben-David 40
The discovery of hundreds of tombs at the Moghilev cemetery Yaakov Yurgerau 42
Names of victims from the Dorohoi district who perished in Moghilev 44
Tombstones in Moghilev-Transnistria 45
A cry for help 47
In memorium Mania Herman 49
The little stove that saved our lives Arye Ben-David 50
My mother won the lot A. Ben-David 52
In memorium Haim Fereduaru Mania Barak 55
Too late Tutza Taitelman 57
My parents, may their memory be blessed Avraham Lorberbaum 58
The glory of our sons 60
In memory of the “ADMOR” Hanoch Hanich Frenkel 61
The rabbi who kept the flame burning Dr. Joseph Govrin 62
The Honorable Rabbi Yehuda Wacsman - the “ADMOR” of Dorohoi 63
The revered Rabbi of Stefanesti 65
Arye(Lica) Cotter of “BETAR” in the files of the “Securitate” 67
The fingertips of the departed Yaakov Balan Shlomo Shoshani 71
Farewell to Yaakov Balan Shlomo David 74
In memorium Yechiel Sharf Shlomo David 75
Rika and Marcel Cohen Shlomo David 77
Watching over Israel's security Yeshaiahu Leizerovitz 81
The Dorohoians in Israel's Police 85
Alex Finkelstein, our man at the University of Bar Ilan S. David 90
Memories of a Dorohoi we've never been in Mary Lifshits & Yona Galmidi 91
The second dislodgement Shulamit Cohen 97
A circle is closed Hana Goldstein 99
The late Ancel Hersh Blumer H.G. 101
The late Perla Blumer H.G. 102
I made “alia” on an illegal immigrant vessel which drowned 103
From Dorohoi to Kineret Jenny Harari 105
Remembering my grandparents, Zalman and Golda Fereduaru Alon Kolt 106
Zwi Vainer - a paragon of unique involvement 108
In memory of Rabbi Zelig Moshe(Moritz)Lazarovitz - a man of humility Shlomo Lazarovitz 109
Avraham Michel - one of our most prominent figures 110
Izu Gott - our eminent conductor Dr. Amy Gott 113
The eyes of Frida, Ron Arad's grandmother Sorel Zomer 114
The Lipovitz family, a house full of children. Adv. Mirela Moshe 115
Nostalgy over a poem S. David 116
A social gathering on Independence Day 117
Dorohoi - Israel - Canada Israel Goldstein 118
The story of my family Esther Horan 121
The Rosenblatt family 123
The Cohen family - Getzel Zeinger's descendants Frida Cohen-Leibovici 129
The late Itzhah (Izu) Zomer 133
Shmouel Harzion (Hertanu) - a life Nahomi Harzion 141
A rabbi from Dorohoi claims he is King David's descendant Norman Simms 144
In the death train of Iazi Reuven Leibovici 145
A family picture's tale Moshe Furman 148
The tragic fate of the Croitoru family Fany Melnik 149
My grandfather, Moshe Bodnar F. Melnik 150
About the third volume on Dorohoi Jewry Mania Herman 152
A letter from Eli Wiesl 154
A congratulatory letter Yaakov Geller 156
A blessing from Rabbi Shafran 155
Shlomo David and his enterprise 157
In memorium Ciubotaru Zwi 158
In memorium Dr. Froim Vataru 158
They perished in fighting for Israel - their homeland 160
The latest generation of Darabani Rabbis 163
Rabbi Itzhak Meshulam Leifer 165
Rabbi Shmuel Meyer Holender 169
The defamation of the Darabani Jewry H. Baratz 174
The religious schools (Heder) in Darabani H. Baratz 176
Three episodes Shimon Haran 179
Simon Haran - a bibliography of his works 181
Simon Haran and his next of kin 182
Noga - a poem Luiza Carol 183
In memorium Rabbi Avraham Yona L.P. Liderman 184
The “ADMOR” of Buhusu suggested by the yeshiva youth means avoiding enrolling into the (Rumanian) army. 185
A drop from the sea of bitter memories Miriam Spatnitzki 186
A little about my family's history Esty Avraham 191
The history of the Shapira family Dorita Stelian 193
Our loved ones - the Segal family. Arye Ben-David 197
Rabbi Nachum Shmariahu Schechter from Darabani, of the founders of the Rumanian Rabbis and "ADMOR's” Society Shimshon R. Levenkron 199
Mihaileni - my hometown Israel Levanon 201
Israel Levanon ends his function as Chairman of the Religious Council in Haifa 202
Ury Benador - an opportunist writer A.B. Yaffe 204
The “pillar” of Leon Bertis 206
Flashes of memory of my Mihaileni Shlomo Kider 208
Donations from Mihaileni distributed to the new immigrants in Safed (1906) Yaakov Geller 209
Shoshana - the first pioneer of Mihaileni Miriam Elish 210
Shintza (Miriam) Segal Asher Frishman 212
The realities of the generation gap Sonia Wasserman 214
When I came here S. Wasserman 216
Rabbi Benjamin Cohen and Rachel Boiman Edna Tocker 220
In memorium Cuna Sapir Miriam Volfsthal Sapir 223
In memorium Adolf-Avner Hecht 224
Covrigaru - a family picture 225
Dov Berl Liberman's grave was discovered in Moghilev's cemetery 226
Herman Calacuda - the milkman of Kfar Truman 227
The roots of my Saveni Mina-Han Kurshon 231
Rabbi Itzhak Landman - Saveni's Rabbi 235
A street in Tel-Aviv named after the unforgettable Moshe Maur 237
From porterage in Transnistria to ownership in Israel Efrat messinger 238
To create and to grow Yaffa and Itzhak Zissu 240
People from Dorohoi Adolf Abramovici 242
The Rumanian who saved our lives David Tzur 241
From Saveni to Benei Brak Lea Meirovitz 244
The Alterovitz family under the Holocaust specter Lili Tzur 246
My family's agonies in Transnistria Itzik Avraham 248
Remembering Dr. Iancu Segal 249
Radauti-Prut 251
The people of Radauti-Prut and their dedicated activities 253
In the shape of a heart Eliezer Ben-Amy 254
Home songs Eliezer Ben-Amy 260
A journey to Radauti-Prut Almog Burshtein 262
The Bioangiu family - three generations 266
Childhood memories from Radauti-Prut Zeev Moskovici-Arentzi 270
Avraham Meirovitz - a brief life story 272
The saga of the Rosenthal family from Lipcani (a poem) Shoshana Ben-Aharon 273
The Jewish Herta by the regretted Yaakov Schaecter 275
The Baron Heushatz Lucian Zeev Hershkovitz 278
Brigadier general (Res.) Avraham Shani 282
Recollections from Transnistria - a loaf of bread dripping with blood Shimon Segal 285
They perished in Siberia 286
The Hertan Rabbis' reply to Rabbi Bromberg's telegram S.R. Levenkron 287


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