Generations of Judaism and Zionism in
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
Volume 3
(Dorohoi, Romania)

47°57' / 26°24'

Translation of
Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut

Editor: Shlomo David

Published in Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000

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This is a translation of: Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
(Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut) ,
Editor: Shlomo David, Former Residents of Dorohoi in Israel, Published: Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000 (H, Rom.)

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Transcribed by Genia Hollander

At the gates of the 3rd Volume David Shlomo 5
President Ezer Weizmann receives a delegation from the district and town of Dorohoi 6
Yad Vashem for the Jewish Community of Dorohoi Shimshon R. Levencorn 8
The contribution of a wonderful community Nehemia Lahav 9
On the publication of the 2nd Volume 10
The Geonim of Galitzia answer the queries Shimshon R. Levencorn 13
The Rabbi of Epta in defence of the Shohet R. Yitzchak Shimshon R. Levencorn 28
Gleanings into the 19th Century 30
Yosef Zwi Fior - a persecuted 19thC journalist Zeev Shlomo Arnon 31
A 1880 document written in Hebrew from the village of Doleasca 32
A descendant of a dynasty: Rabbi Pinchas Wasserman 33
Rabbi Yossi Wasserman 34
The Rumanian Ambassador in Israel visits Rabbi Pinchas Wasserman 36
A hero - Yaakov Klein 37
A jubilee 38
Grandma Yety Markus is 103 39
Reb Yaakov Balan 40
Yecheskel Feredaru-Segal 42
Mrs. Erika and Dr. Yizu Yeger 43
Dr. Willy Bitterman 45
Pages of my life Hayim Sgoli 47
Meyer(Max) Terner-Ternauceanu - a soft-spoken man 49
Shaul-Lica Weissman 52
Nahman(Nicu)Bernfeld, a pioneer of the 30's 53
My mother's vow David Rotaru 56
Aharon Abramovici - A Jew of pride and modesty Hayim Baratz 58
Marcel Cohen, Dorohoi - Ashkelon Hayim Baratz 60
Kyriat Ono's “Mother” Atara Moscovici 62
Emil Skolitz - composer & Jewish folkloric music researcher 64
A badge of honour for the lyricist Manya Herman 65
A children song book of Manya Herman Shlomo David 66
Fanny Renzer(Carbunaru) tells her story 67
We struggled for life! Yehuda Dulce 68
Enterprising figures Yehuda Dulce 70
Aliza Schwartz 71
David Kraft - a multilateral engineer 72
Three sisters Lotty Rozenfeld
A Jewish Zionist house Avraham Cusmaru 75
Fam. Hayim and Blima(Berna)Weiner and their descendants Zwi Weiner 77
Four families named Yancovici 79
The Kraft's - a family of furriers 80
The dispersion of a family Pnina Carmeli 81
My family - the House of Golder Shelly Teitelman 82
The Butnaru Family: several generations Malca Faver 84
The Scortaru Families 86
The Lerner Family Dina Sela(Lerner) 87
A few words about my family - the Lazarovici Angela Aryel 88
Carol(Lica) Wechsler - a “Prisoner of Zion” 89
The Lazarovici Family 89
Willy Segal - a senior laboratory technician 90
Benjamin Nesher - a very active man 90
The three secrets of Zeev Orenstein (Orki) 91
Aliza Weintrabu - a 'wonder woman' 92
An open house - fountain of living water Mordechai Arzi 93
Shaye Argintaru and his family Zila Arlo 93
Rachel Hafetz(Aharonovici) - a lifetime Manya Herman 94
Ytzcjak (Yzu) Fogel's good deeds Manya Herman 96
The revival of the Jewish Dorohoi after the Holocaust Edy Balan 97
A picture taken in 1933 100
Childhood memories of Dorohoi Dr. Alfred Renart-Poplingher 101
Dr. Beno Dragusteanu - youth in Dorohoi 102
Zionist Youth Movements' activities on “Gordonia-Young Macabi” 103
“La doi cocosi” tale of Avraham Yitzchak Bacalu Miriam Alon 104
The yearly commemoration 106
The consecration of the tombstone on the grave of Bercu Aclipei z”l 112
In memoriam: Yosef Yancovici 113
Shoshana Rotenberg lights a signal torch on the Holocaust Memorial Day 114
A tree for every name 115
Dorohoi during the Holocaust 116
The monk of “lentils & mamaliga” - encounter with Jews of Dorohoi who were deported to Transnistria, Rabbi Gedalyahu Stein, z”l 117
Moshe Zamir, z”l 118
My mother is still haunted Batya Krainer 119
My parents, may their memory be blessed A. Loverbaum(Dafna) 120
Aharon Meyerovici, z”l 122
Admor R. Baruch lives iin Dorohoi 123
The distinguished scholar, Rav Meshulam Zalman Frenkel, z”l 124
Yitzchak Schwartz, z”l a hero who fell for his country 125
Henri Oshiovitz z”l of Dorohoi amongst the victims of “Mefkure” 125
Shimon Grisaru z”l 126
In memory of my parents Tony Kraft 126
In memory of my dear parents Shlomo David 127
My grandfather, Av. Herman Rosenhaput z”l Mya Galperin-Mor 129
The Rosenhaupt's - my step-brothers Nahman(Nico)Bernfeld 131
Words of praise - Av. Herman Rosenhaupt Rabbi Ephrayim Gutman 132
The genealogical table of the Rosenhaupt family 133
Prof. Yosef Bar-El, of the greatest researchers of the Yiddish language 134
Uncle Aaron Aryeh Avrahami z”l 136
I received the word..(a poem) Nilly Cohen-Feuersteiin 138
The great-granddaughter of Reb Eliezer Rozenfeld Sara Sery 138
Menachem Rozen - on himself and his family 139
Conferring with Moshe Maur, z”l 142
Sara Ziknowski, n?e Baratz 143
Zila and Moshe Arlo (Pitaru) 143
Vignettes of Saveni of long ago Frima Shmouelevici 145
The Orenstein Family - three generations 146
Prisoners of Zion 147
Saveni - A sea of Memories Miriam Alon 149
Sailing through the sea of memories 150
A visit to Saveni Alon Hayim 151
My little home-town has changed “Bar oitza la poiana 152
Menachem Mendel and Ghitl Salomon 153
Kalman Ben-Ami Croitoru and his family 155
Two sisters 157
Our family - Roza and Iancu Cohen 157
First encounter with death 159
Our parents, Roza and Iancu Cohen 159
My mother, my father 160
Mourning a sister 161
Yom Kipur at home 161
The first typography of Saveni Betty & Dutu Gertenberg 163
A hatter with no castle David & Rivka Herteanu 164
The village chemist's shop 165
Mordechai Schwartz and his family z”l 166
A hotel in Savenia 167
Here come the gypsies 168
Strul Codreanu and his brother 169
Mr. Broncea's shop 170
The pub in the corner 171
The bakery of Yosef “the Pole” 172
Tratel and Ruga 173
A legend of a shop 174
The Jewish taylors of Saveni 176
The Jewish shoemakers of Saveni 176
Socialism for the dead 177
Biliard for the young as well 178
Rain over Savenie 176
The promenade 180
Saveni faces progress 182
Winds of war 183
Over the bridge 184
The expulsion from Saveni through the eyes of a little girl 184
Dvora and Moshe Segal and their family 185
Destinies 188
Marcu and Lisa Damachiner and their family 190
The call of the horizons 190
His way 193
Dr. Yaakov(Jacques) Barash z”l 194
Elly Zisu z”l and his family 195
The Goldsfarb, Hermui and Croitoru families 196
Not only a barber shop 197
My birth town, Saveni Zisman Herman 199
The whispering tree 200
Simchat Thora, Savenie 1945 200
The revival of Quenn Esther 202
Dance with me 202
Private lessons 203
On the unknown 204
A kept promise 206
The youngest Head of the town Council Yosef Zamusteanu 209
An everlasting love 211
An honored vow Yosef Leib Cohen 212
Didi Spigler 214
The farewell in Saveni 215
Wolinitz Bruria, n?e Cohen 216
The Shoreg and Schwartz families 218
On Michal and Rachel Zisu and their family 220
The Moshe Zisu family 221
Adolf (Avraham) Yosipovici 223
And she is pleased now 225
Yitzhak Tzur Ciuraru 227
Doctor and human being 229
A trip to the realm of memories 231
Home-town and family - the history of the Jewish Community of Mihaileni
The fizem family Avishalom Tor 233
My father Rav Yaakov Yosef Fizem Rivka Maierberg 242
Hana Fizem z”l Malca Tor 244
My father, Yidov Cohen Dr Neomi Cohen-Zanger 245
My brother, Menachem z”l Israel Levanon 247
A token of great esteem Hadassa Fishel 248
Yaakov Schweitzer z”l a pillar of the Community 249
A gentle man Yosef Cazacu 251
Two families that are one 252
'Der steitl' Radautzi-Prut Fany Parnafes-Moscovici 357
Unforgettable time Leiba Hudescu 361
At the gates of the 3rd volume David Shlomo 9
Nin Palty z”l, an unforgetable friend David Shlomo 10
Valuable sources, valued too little I. Kara 11
On the publication of the 3rd volume! Dr. Avram Sapcaru 15
Historical data and documents gathered by Prof Ilan Eliezer 16
A document printed in 1888 at the typography of N. Fainar of Dorohoi 21
Letter of reply of August 1893 22
Census of the population from “The Issue of the Jewish inhabitants” published in Iasy in 1901 23
On the Jewish population of Dorohoi in 1845 and 1910 “Documents ordering the banning of the Jews from the villages of the District of Dorohoi” 23-09-1882 24
“A history of the Rumanian Jews” (excerpts) Israel Bar-Avi 27
There was a kindness as well Adolf Abramovici 29
People, places, characters. Iosef Cohen 50
Dr. Berluta Danilov, August 23rd 1994 David Shlomo 58
Three generations of doctors Dr Hilda (Duta) Mayer 58
E. Lovinescu and the Jewish writers Evelin Fonea 61
Soft-hearted vignettes Max Fonea 66
My encounter with Judaism Renata Cohen Tzadka 70
The unforgettable Voledi David Shlomo 72
I. Feredaru-Hotu - octogenarian 73
Brahu Maur's dream Sonia Palty 74
Memories Mica Rabinovici Leib 75
A warm welcoming to Dorohoi Vasile Gherasim, Mayor of Dorohoi 80
Dorohoian roots Dr. Zoller Nesa(Nusica)-Cotter 83
The tribulations of an exam Dr. Shelly Grisaru 88
We were part of the topography of Dorohoi as well. Ing. Strul Moisa 92
A midsummer encounter 95
Dr. Solomon Benedict, doctor and poet Dr. Gherson Pitaru 96
An evening with our General and other articles Dr. A.Sapcaru 98
We, the graduates Consuela Sapcaru(Segal) 102
Glimpses into my life Av. Solomon Haifler 105
Professor Iacob Haller Hon. Prof. Octav Gutic 107
The “Pitaru Tribe” Dr. Pitaru Ghershon 108
A wedding invitation. Stelian Lozneanu 113
Judith Lazarovici 119
Ithak Danilof, the man and the zionist 121
To Ludmila Morgenstern (Zelter) Consuela Sapcaru(Segal) 122
Butnaru Shimon, our man in Iokneam David Shlomo 123
A thought for Fany and Levi Iancovici z”l Hava Cusmaru(Iancovici) and Rozica Crainer(Iancovici) 124
Sandu Malcas - the ever energetic volunteer 125
In short Ren?e Malin 126
Moise Parnafes Fany Parnafes 128
Curs Marcus Av. Perla Curs 130
You want to be an actor? First be a good..tailor Marius Mircu 131
The Danilofs Dr. Rodica Birnbaum 136
Memories Cici Idelsohn Zelingher 138
Monica Talmor of U.S.A. is seeking her relatives of Dorohian origins 141
Rubin Linker z”l Iancu Saiovici 142
In memorium Ionsolica Zelter 144
From Saveni to Dorohoi Iosef-Iozu Haimovitz 146
Sportsman of Dorohoi Iosef-Iozu Haimovitz 148
Dorohoi - Tautu Str. Av. Isac Poplingher 151
Cocola, friend and paragon 154
Fragments of Memory: The Grand Rabbi of Dorohoi Norman Simms 155
Haim Rrapaport's family Isac Zelingher 158
Hatikva Dr. Suhar Abramovici 159
The saga of the Cotusteanu family Morit Cotusteanu 160
Dr. Rudolf Leizerovici, pediatrician and..renown punman! 163
Master Lupu Sacagiu and his family 164
Norbert (Bubi)Storfer Tudor Chefner 167
Zighi Munte(Goldenberg) the actor and his family 168
Fam. Lungu Samel(Samoila) has its roots in the town of Dorohoi 169
A confession Zelter Pepi 170
In memorium: Zelda and Avram Curs Rodi David 171
The unforgettable Iancu Herscu Coller 172
A thought for Srulica Sulimovici David Shlomo 173
Dutu Rabeau(Rabinovici) from Bordeaux(France) recalls the memory of his father Ithak Rabinovici 173
A few words for my grandchildren Otilia(Tili)Moise-Weiss 174
Iancu David (1896-1981) Ing. Nathan David 179
Memories told by Sely Mindirigiu 182
User Golder Golder Dodel 183
Zalman David and his family Cici Zelingher Idelson 185
A perished world Sarina Schwartz Cahana 187
Boiangiu Barbu-Beniamin 188
Fresh graves 189
Dorohoi, my birthtown, my joys and sorrows Moscovici Iafa(Jancia) 191
The tragedy of a family and new beginnings in Israel Matilda Leibovici 193
Moise Orenstein, 19thC in Dorohoi, Professor and Hebrew teacher Israel Bar-Avi 194
Who is Mickey Mouse (of Radu Beligan's collections) 195
Major Frank saved our lives Eli Cruparu 196
Visiting Dorohoi - Jewish mementos of the years 1970-80 197
Recollections Saly Croitoru 199
The unforgettable Herscu Cotter z”l 203
Haia and Herman Bercovici, tender-hearted people Sh. David 204
Having a chat with Clara Grinberg Evelin Fonea 205
My family Meir Simon 207
Grandma Sumarchis and her 14 kids Stoleru Sumer 209
The Butnaru family Batia Shmaiser 210
The telegram sent by the “emigrants” to Theodor Herzl (April 1900) 212
How I was evacuated from Pomaria in 1907 Natan Segal 213
Two murders in Dorohoi E.E.T. 215
Talking about “those days” again.. Proceedings.. 216
Torn by grim premonitions G. Brailescu-Gotlieb 218
Dorohoi 1st July, 1940 Eliza Mihailisteanu-Filipescu Elisabeta 220
For me, the progrom had a prologue as well Pepi Moscovici-Mindirigiu 221
History close by: The Holocaust began in Dorohoi Ion Puiu 223
Excerpts from “The Jews of Rumania between 1940-1944” Lya Benjamin 226
New findings on the Holocaust of Dorohoi E.S. 229
A moving testimony Grimberg Ancel 230
What happened in Tureaica Dr. Marcel Solomon 232
The manslaughter from Dorohoi Mihai Pelin 233
”He will be joining his family in Transnistria” Radu Lecca 235
Annual commemoration of the pogrom of Dorohoi and of the victims of Transnistria - A monograph attesting the existence of Jews in the region 236
Dorohoi Evelin Fonea 237
Breviary (from Viata noastra” Jan.6th 1994 239
Reception at the Rumanian Embassy 240
Echoes of appreciation on the publication of Vol.II 241
Two outstanding human beings: Pesia & Haim Bauman Calman Bar David(Burnstein) 247
A wave of sweeping memories Fany Moscovici-Parnafes 249
Recollections on the Radauti-Prut Jewery Fany Parnafes(Moscovici) 255
Sloim & Fani Schvartz' descendants Idel Schvarts Negru 263
Recollection and reconstitution Manes Leib 273
Other mementoes of my birth town Leib Manes 273
The enforced labor camps 1941-1944 Leib Manes 274
Miriam Feighe, the Wise Marius Mircu (excerpt) 278
Some data from the Geographical dictionary of the District of Dorohoi Nicu Flipescu-Dubau 279
Ghersola Dr. leizerovici Rudolf 280
Ithak Spund z”l Zisman Herman 281
Lucy Peretz, a victim of fasicism Cici Idelsohn 282
My great-grandmother, Golda Cici Idelsohn-Zelinger 283
Recollections from the past Jean Blum 286
Mordehai Strelisker (&806-1875) Lucian Zeev-Herscovici 294
My little town Dr. Zisu Lebel 296
My grandparents had been..peasants in Mihaileni Rasela Hofman Negru 304
Adopted by Mihaileni Stainer Loty 306
Dan Regenstreif is preparing a new book about the Jews of the village-towns of the District of Dorohoi 308
Puzrimkin Rozica Shoshana writes about her family: The Gringstein Family of Mihaileni 309
The Darabani Community M.I. Peles (1883) 311
Simon Haran Ady Carmi 314
Titu Maiorescu and The Jews: The process of Darabani Evelin Fonca 316
Smil Weinseing-Boiangiu(Ebion) Naty Kraft 318
The poet A. Ebion Lucian Herscovici 320
Rahel Aghine summons up the memory of her family 325
Aunty Frida Baratz-Grinberg Haim Baratz 326
An undisputable truth Naty Kraft 329
The fate of Iancu Nadler's family Naty Kraft 332
An unforgettable friend: Fiscu(Gad)Schacter z”l Naty Kraft 335
A visit at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington 338
Mermaid spawn Luiza Carol 341
Noga Luiza Carol 342
A sad memento abot the Jews of Darabani deported to Lugoj Tuvia Schwager 343
Following the traces of the Past Avraham Marcovici 345
Herta, mein Steitale, Herta Jochanan Savin 350
My family Dr. Avram Marcovici 355
The synagogues of Herta Dr. Avram Marcovici 360
In Herta of other times Roza Eidelman(Marcovici) 362
We are a big family Shmuel Prekupetz 364
Deported from Herta to Siberia Netti Spund-Kleiman 365
Childhood reminiscences Dr. Rasela(Coca)Leibovici 367
Once upon a time Baruch Kisch 371
Ghidala Sarale & Aron Keis 373
Guilty of being Jews Tuta Rodan(Abramovici) 374
A historical letter-exchange between Nety and Avram Zecler and Ida and Iancu Schehter 1977-1981 375
A Torah brought into Israel from Tobolsk(Siberia) Dr. Avraham Marcovici 376


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