Generations of Judaism and Zionism in
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
Volume 2
(Dorohoi, Romania)

47°57' / 26°24'

Translation of
Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut
Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut

Editor: Shlomo David

Published in Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000

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This is a translation of: Dorot shel yahadut ve-tsiyonut Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut
(Generations of Judaism and Zionism in Dorohoi, Saveni, Mihaileni, Darabani, Herta, Radauti-Prut) ,
Editor: Shlomo David, Former Residents of Dorohoi in Israel, Published: Kiryat Bialik 1992-2000 (H, Rom.)

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Transcribed by Genia Hollander

Introduction to volume n°2. Shlomo David 7
Exemplary symbol for future generations Dr. Meir Rosenne 9
Reception by the President of State 10
Minister's of religions reward to Rabbi Pinchas Wasserman 16
All my life - fulfilment Yacov Klein 17
Dorohoi as I new it Avraham Lorberbaum (Daphna) 20
Dorohoi of my youth Shlomo Brid 35
Remembrance and nostalgia Hanna Solomon (Grisaru) 38
Day after the wedding in Dorohoi-aliya to Eretz Israel Arieh Carmeli 40
From Dorohoi to Jerusalem Rachela Segoli 41
Memories from Dorohoi Aharon Gazit (Cojocaru) 43
Rehabilitation of my childhood in Dorohoi Mania Herman 45
Holocaust, Heroism and revival of my family Israel (Tuli) Avraham 46
Dorohoi, my little town (poem) Zahava Balan 47
Weapons hiding plzce at the school 'Cultura Agricola' Reuven Carmeli 48
An erudite from Dorohoi - correspondant of Hebrew newspaper (1874) 49
Jews from Dorohoi district making aliya to Israel in 19thC 51
Two rare books by the Rabbis from Dorohoi Dr. Yakov Geller 52
Selihot' books by Iancu Bercovici 53
Rabbi Haim Toibish z”l. le Tzadik Shimshon R. Levenkron 56
Rabbi Israel Aizicson Shimshon R. Levenkron 57
“Kolel” of Romania in Jerusalem donated by a couple from Dorohoi 58
Absorbing community 58
The ancient cemetery of Dorohoi Shlomo David 59
Requests at the grave of a zadik 62
Searching for the past - impressions from a visit to Dorohoi 07-1992 Shlomo David 63
Genealogy tree - eight generations 65
Monography of a small town A.B. Yaffe 69
Who were the Dorohoi Jews? 71
Daily existence of a small Polish town like Dorohoi 72
Memorial solemnity at the 52nd pogrom anniversary of Dorohoi 73
Document: Dorohoi at World War II 75
How I was almost adopted by a Ukranian family Yona Barkai 76
I lost the train Rachel Corber (Sheli Faibis 78
My life has been saved by an …egg Herman Davidsohn 80
Kaparot (seder) in labour camp with Yakov Balan 82
Impressions from a journey in Transnistria 1942-1992 Nathan Porat 83
Valley of the destroyed communities Shimon Haran 85
Zipori, ancient town and modern site of people from Dorohoi district Nathan Kraft 86
Yeshaiahu Leizerovici, our general at the top command of the police 87
My family - Fagadau family Moshe Megido (Fagadau) 90
The Dorohoian origin of the Haifa University Dean 95
Dr. Rubin Copilovici, honour member of the dentists' association in Israel 96
Dr. Milo Rosenberg - the water man 99
Rabbanit Bracha Lupovici - Tirrer 100
Moshe Balan helped many orphans to make aliya to Erez Israel 101
Bethar Dorohoi - headquarters and management after World War II 101
Bianca Roman born Helik 102
Looking for roots (poem) Mania Herman 102
Shemaya Messinger - Man of welfare 103
Three generations in Shoshana's Rottenberg family (Rosa Marcovici) 103
Alisa Zilberberg (Schiller) born to be an educator 104
Greetings from Avraham Lerrer - Canada 105
Yosef Iancovici z”l. 106
The story of a name 107
My mother, my teacher, the Rabbitzen Sima Reizel Wasserman z”l Rav Yosef Wasserman 108
Assir Zion born in Dorohoi: Avraham (Dolfi Hirsch z”l) Yehoshua Cushmaru 110
Flower on Gilad by Ariela Marian 114
My beloved husband Adolph Rosen z”l. Bella Rosen 115
Braha Kleinerman - Zionism from all her heart Mordechai Dayan 116
My wife “skad” victim Yehosha Cushmaru 118
My father, Herscu Tapiteru Zeev Livni (Ciubotaru) 120
My father Moshe Yakov Schehter z”l Zeev Schehter 122
Grandmother Hanna Shlomo David 122
My mother Sarah Heifler Mosher Ofir 123
My father Yakov Bacalu Mania Herman 125
In memory of Malvina and Iancu Schiller 126
Shlomo Ungureanu z”l - tragedy of a family 126
Aharon (Isac) Casapu at the age of 100 127
The book “Dorohoi” (a) has been donated to the Institute of the Holocaust Research at Haifa University 128
The book “Dorohoi” (a) has been donated to the Mayor of Kiryat Ono 129
Congratulations for the publication of the book “Generations of Jewishness and Zionism - Dorohoi (a) ” 130
“Roots” of the Dorohoi Jewish community 133
Literature award for the book “Dorohoi” (a) 134
Rabbi Klinger's honours Dr. Yakov Geller 135
Boycot on the trespassing ritual slaughterer Pnina Vardi 137
The rabbi opposed to the aliya - his grandson feels uncomfortable. Arich Avrahami 142
Rabbi Efraim Alter Landau Shimshon R. Levenkron 144
The “Halutzim” of Savenie and Dorohoi Areh Avrahami 144
Yosef Ebercohen and his generation S. Avni 145
My father Adv. Yakov Rosenhaput Dr. Pnina Meltzer 147
My mother Mina Rosenhaupt Dr. Pnina Meltzer 148
Three brothers - fifty years 149
Shmuel Rosenhaput “goel zedek” born in Saveni David Vinitzki 150
For you, father (poem) Sarah Rosenfeld (Burstein) z”l 151
From Saveni to Zipori Moshe Wecsler 152
Miss Univers roots Efrat (Cerna) Messinger 154
From the expulsion from Spain to Mihaileni Baruch Tercatin 155
Mordechai Strelisker, a Hebrew writter from Mihaileni Lucian Zeev Herscovici 157
Rabbi Sabetai Segal authors of Questions and Answers of the Rashbad 160
Velvale Zberger - troubadour of the town Shimshon R. Levenkron 161
The Jewish school from Mihaileni Shemaia Wasserman 162
The trial of the red curtain Sonia Wasserman (Reisel) 164
Ydov Cohen, symbol and honourable of Romanian Jewry 165
The honour of Rabbi Moshe Bodner has been transmitted Ydov Cohen 165
Yakov Mihaeli, our man at the Histadrout organizations 166
Jean Blum, man of wisdom, spirit and action 168
Mondial Lottery for peace Jean Blum 168
My mother's reward Sonia Wasserman (Reisel) 169
Miriam Eisental (Rahmut) souls rescuer 170
My mother, my teacher - Tauba (Yona) Schweitzer z”l Hadassah (Schweitzer) Fishel 171
From Mihaileni to Kiryat Shmona, Iancu Cazacu's life achievements. Yosef Cazacu Iancu Cazacu's 174
Hilda Bernard z”l Baruch Tercatin 175
Froim (Efraim) Rahmut 175
From the chapter “Darabani” a selection of documents and lists: Shimon Haran 177
Order against the Jewish people given by the municipality of Darabani 178
Synagogues in Darabani 184
Riots in Darabani and the rioters' trial Shimon Haran 186
Poems Avraham Feller 190
“Day after day” - poems Shimon Haran 190
Esther the gypsy woman Yitzhak Haham 191
The convert who was interested in “Parashat Hashavua” 192
Respects to Rabbi Yitzhak Haham 193
From the daily existence of a small town Shimshon R.Levenkron 194
Rabbi Nahum Shemariah Schacter, the Rabbi of Darabani Shimshon R.Levenkron 196
The Yosef family - dynasty of Yosef Baraz from Darabani Haim Baraz 197
Areih Schapira, public activity of many achievements Rabbi Efraim Guttman 201
The foundation of Bnei Akiva's organization in Darabani Haim Baraz 202
Rabbi Menahem Haham's gold - the Rabbi of Or Akiva 205
Nathan Baraz - man of many activities 208
Yoel Kotter - untired public activity 210
The Cohen family, a special one 212
From Darabani to Kiryat Ata Dr. Salomea Herscu (Triger) 214
Shifra Triger blessed with grandsons 216
Combining public activities and management of the high school in Israel Haim Baraz 217
Rabbi Smil (Shmuel) Davidson's descendants 220
Yucla's family saga 222
Rabbi Moshe Kraftt from the Banai dynasty 224
Marcu Geambas male nurse by profession and by mission 224
Parnafes family 225
The couple Orenstein 225
My grandfather Rabbi Shimshon Gelibter Shimshon R. Levenkron 226
Seeing miracles in the Holocaust Haim Baraz 227
The guard Vasile Nathan Kraft 228
The horrors of the concentration camp, the memories of a rescued. Larry B.Marton 230
Sami Brill, the open heart man 231
Trial of the fifty young 'communists' Sami Bril 231
The expulsion from Darabani Shimshon R. Levenkron 232
The Schechter couple visiting Israel 233
Hersh Rosen - self explanatory pictures 234
In memory of my mother - Slima Haham Pnina Scolnik (Haham) 235
Memories from fifty years agao Bruno (Baruch) Sontag 237
Hertza - my birth place and my connection with Dorohoi David Spund 238
In the shadow of Transnistria's Holocaust Aizic Segal 239
Miriam's memories Avraham Weisman 242
Ronetti Roman and his play “Menashe” I. Kara 244
Meeting of people from Radautzi-Prut Kalman Bar David 245
No - memories - Eliezer Ben Ami (Bercovici 246
Antiques shop - my brother Iacobash (poems) Eliezer Ben Ami (Bercovici) 247
Ballad “Mioritza” translation Eliezer Ben Ami (Bercovici) 248
Talmaciu family: Idel and Haya-Sarah Beniamin Talmaciu 249
The story of a picture 251
Obscure memories Sara Schachter (Sarale Roisen 252
The “ketuba” from Transnistria 254
The Moscovici family Seindale Nadler 256
Memorial ceremony at Yad V'Shem in honour of Radautzi-Prut people who died in the Holocaust 258
Moments in my life Eliezer Burstein 259
The Cahal family chronicals Gina Ben David 260
I adopted a 'mother' Shmuel Ben David 261
Fallen in Israel Wars
Continuation Shlomo David 9
The Dorohoi people received by the President of State 11
Testimony from ages I. Kara 15
Old sources about the community past Manascu Cotter 27
Pages from the Dorohoi Jewry's past Noel Vaintraub 32
The recompose of the Jewish Dorohoi Adolf Abramovici 36
The historical encounter with the Chief Rabbi Alexander Shafran 50
A message from the Mayor of Dorohoi V. Gerasim 51
Hundreds of years of community Dr. Rosca Adrian 52
Reception at the Romanian Embassy 53
Appreciation and gratitude Victor Barladeanu 54
Testimony - document Michel Moscovici 56
People, places, faces Yosef Cohn 61
Symbol of Zionism from Dorohoi Yosale Meirovici 67
From Reisl Davidsohn to grand-granddaughter Nuriel Stern 70
From my memories notebook Leon Aclipei 72
Three true stories Dr. Seli Grisaru 80
From a nostalgic album Dr. A. Sapcaru 87
A few memories Etty Jager 93
Time of distress Aharon (Luta) Goldstein 96
The year-book of the Romanian press and politics world (1909) 103
Filip Chefner Israel Bar Avi 106
Stefanesti Rabbi's defender Henri Marcus 108
In memory of a friend Reuven Rubin 109
Mordechai Procedura's grandson Dr. S. Bickel 110
Istrate Micescu's opponent A.F.K. Baruch Vinescu 111
Roots Tudor Chefner 112
Meer Herscovici Moni Solomon Moscovici 113
Dorohoi, my childhood town Jenita Posmantir 115
Goilervarfer' Prof. Leon Rapaport-Ropot 117
Dr. Berluta Danilov 119
The pictures of Feredaru Yeheskel (Hotu) , self explanatory 120
Once upon a time Bianca Marcovici 122
Pride of Dorohoi people living in Israel Dr. Rubin Copelovici 125
To rediscover a martyr Lupu Mindirigiu 126
Far away Dorohoi Dr. Madeleine Davizon 128
Dorohoi of another time Adv. Max Fonea 130
Pages from the Mosaique Cult Revue Eveline Fonea 133
The kosher canteen from Dorohoi 137
Seeking for Dorohoi people in Bucharest Shlomo David 138
A family with Jewish soul Nina Vadraru 139
Etty Marcus at the age of 101 140
Rabbi Leib Melamed Nathan Kraft 141
A group of Dorohoi people at the Liberation Day 1993 Nati Kraft 143
Memories from the war Dr. Leon Marcovici 146
Fifty years ago - Eng Solomon Moscovici 148
Dorochoi Jew at the 1865 Ion Maximiuc 150
Itzhak Danilov, a real Zionist Sidonia Cherbis (Danilov) 153
Born twice Arie Arieli (Leon Cotter) 155
Bernard Cotter Dov 158
Unforgettable Strulica Sulimovici 158
People and events Malca Cotter (Cuta Rabinovici) 159
Micu Bernard Cotter 161
Roots Dt. Yosef Haimovici 162
Betti Ghemer - Woginiac - Rubin Chemer 164
Adv. Solomon Zalman Iancu Saiovici 165
Memories..Memories.. Carol Stelian (Segal) 168
Moments of a person's life time Bracha Maur - Shor (Sharf) 176
Don't forget your roots Gratziela Ethel Brener-Kraft 179
Dorohoi people's come back Dorothea Peltz 180
Pages from a family's chronical Dr. Benedict Solomon 181
A special human being Eugen Luca 184
A hard time Dr. Marcel Solomon 185
Herman David, a numanitary boss Shlomo David 186
The Town of my life Reghina Cohn-Silberman 187
Unforgettable teacher Mina Cohn David Shlomo 188
The painter Avner Talpalariu 190
Moshe Talpalariu's memories 191
Sali Trebich, Gusta and Clara Linker Anuta Talpalariu (Pomirleanu) 193
Moments from Rabbi's Aharon Faibis (Arn Shoihet) life Bercu Faibis 194
Other episodes … Martin Moscovici 196
Shlaiher family from Dorohoi Beno Shlaiher 200
Fischer family from Dorohoi 201
Meditations and memories Asher Cohen 202
Haim Carol Tangiu a pious Jew 203
A few memories Cici Zelinger (Idelzon) 204
People of Dorohoi Yafa Moscovici 207
Rabbitzen Sima Reisel Wasserman Tzipora Klepholtz (Wasserman 208
Sally Linker our predictive woman 209
Amongst the today people of Dorohoi: Lupu Feder S. David 210
Strul Heilik family 211
Dorohoi water carriers' town Jiulian Maier Schwartz 211
Isidor Iancu - a true Jew 212
Dr. Avraham Rapaport 212
The blue-white box Dina Radeanu 213
Sara Morgenstern (Rapaport) and Maya Morgenstern 214
37 years of theater Shmuel Goodrich 215
Some memories Avraham Blanaru 217
The song “Dorohoi my town” Moshe Blanaru 219
Dr. Bitterman's 'Marshall stick' Victor Namolaru 220
Prof. Otto Scheib Prof. Gh. Amarandei 221
The Jewish graduates at the high school 'Grigore Ghica ( 1924-1977 222
A true friend of the Jewish people Ion Halici 227
Memories Etty Lober 228
In memory of my family Eng. Avi (Corneli) Zoler 229
Destiny saved us from Transnistria Clara Cohn 230
Meir Kalmanovici died in Transnistria Moshe Kalmanovici 230
…from Beniamin's Fundoianu family Naty Kraft 231
The Jews from Hudesti Moritz Segal (Mircea Hudescu) 232
They killed my parents Rachela Oieriu 233
Sad memories Ron Michael (Aronovici Mendel) 234
He tried to save his granddaughter Izi Davidsohn 235
The pen of Sasa Pana Liana Maxi 236
Born in '02' (fragments) Sasa Pana 237
Zipora's Buiumash Stefan Roll 241
Ion Calugaru Sasa Pana 242
Josef H. Bercovici-Andronic Carol Pincas 243
Some words on 'Paradise book' Ov.S.Crohmalniceanu 244
“Profile of a town” E. Suhor 245
Miron Berg. The poet of the infinite search Prof. M. Baraz 246
Last Jews from Dorohoi at 20-8-1992 248
Meditations at the “New cemetery” from Dorohoi D. Shlomo 249
Heroes died for Romania! 250
Graves of Zadikim and Rabbis 252
Graves of renown doctors 253
File of “Yarzeit” commemorations from Dorohoi 255
“Beith Solomon” synagogue 256
The first pogrom - Dorohoi. Speech by Rav. Dr. Moses Rosen 257
The survivor of a five-persons family Eng. Marcu Rozen 259
About Kapusterno-Transnistria Zaharia Pitaru 261
Lieutenants Atanasiu and Gaia saved me Dr. Arc. Leon Haber 265
The pogrom from Dorohoi Ceausu Maer-Maurer 267
Mendel and Liza Rudich Schelly Leibovici-Fainaru 268
My trauma from the Hollocaust Hana Hundert 269
Document - Confidential - General Prosecutor 270
Note 271
Letters 272
Dorohoi I. Kara 273
A living monument of a disappeared community Sh. Leibovici-Lais 275
Dorohoi is living M. Raf 276
Avalanche of publications Yoram Segal 276
“Dorohoi” Rodica Grindea 277
Rom-Sig News (The Jewish Association of Genealogy Researchers) 278
Some observations - some printing mistakes 279
From the past of a small community Leib Manes 282
Memories and remembrances from my small town Leib Blumenthal 283
Mose Maur (Saveneanu) Sonia Palty 291
Dror Habonim at Saveni Eng. Hanan Wasserman (Croitoru Camil) 293
The Schehter family Schapira Efraima (Esfira) 294
Vigdor Croitoru - Assir Zion Leib Blumenthal 295
Some details I. Kara 296
Savenie in the Zionist press in Romania 70 years ago V. Noel 297
Mihaileni, a typical “steitl” I. Kara 301
The story of a life full of escapes Dan Regenstreif 303
Memories Malvina Zelinger 307
The summer of 1973, Rome, Italy Iosub Zelinger 308
A special scholar Rabbi Meir Marilus 311
Jean Blum, the humanist and history researcher 312
A Zionist's life Harry Zvoristeanu 314
Leon Bertis - the poet of the Jewish townlet Marius Mircu 315
The Jews - my friends from a life time Victor Maftei 317
Nostalgy Josef H. Andronic 320
From the Zionist press in Romania Noel V. 322
Testimony at Yad V'Shem in 1959 Mendel Cocos 324
The search for the Regenstreich 325
Darabani I. Kara 327
In Darabani 1992 Shlomo David 328
The old Zionist campaigner David Iosef Mihailovici Liuba Mihailovici 329
Sara Mihailovici founder of the Hebrew kindergarten 330
Jancu Oieru Naty Kraft 331
Moving memories Gershin Fainaru 333
Adolf and Roza Leibovici 334
From the Zionist press N. Vaintraub 336
Pages of history I. Kara 339
Clara and Yhil Marcovici Hilda (Duta) Phillip and Aurel Marcovici 341
In Yhil Marcovici's memory Mihail Rinea 342
Carol Drimer Lucian Zeev-Herscovici 344
A pride of Hertza Jewry F. Benjamin-B. Fundoianu 346
Ronetti Roman I. Kara 348
People who were, Carol Drimer Froim Marcus 349
The Holocaust of Hertza - testimony of Haim Loker 350
From the Zionist press Noel Vaintraub 351
From a 'steitl' existence I. Kara 355
'Der steitl' Radautzi-Prut Fany Parnafes-Moscovici 357
Unforgettable time Leiba Hudescu 361


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