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List of Martyrs

Transliterated by Ellen Sadove Renck

Edited by Sara Mages

Note: Some abbreviations were not translatable. Any reader who can identify the abbreviations or wish to receive further information on this Yizkor Book project are asked to contact Adam Cherson

SurnameFirst nameFamily or notePartisan
AbramowitzTzviand family 
AloniBruriah (daughter of Rabbi Rudnik)died in Israel 
AloniAbraham (a school teacher and principal)died in Israel  
BalinskiMeir, chairman of Relief died in the US 
BalinskiFenny (wife Meir Balinski, chairman of the Leeds Auxiliary)died in the US 
BalinskiYehudit (sister of Meir Balinski)died in the US 
BarnetSam, one of the important activist of the relief in the USdied in the US 
BartinowskiChaya Reizel  
BekerDavidand Chana 
BenderNaftaliand family 
Ben-DovShoshanna, daughter of Eliyahu Chaim died in Israel  
BermanMordechaiand family 
BernsteinYehudahphoto p. 527 
BernsteinBlumaand family 
BernsteinChaya Ita  
BernsteinChayaand family 
Bernsteinand her children (sister of Zalman Yosef)  
BernsteinDanielphoto p. 527 
BlacherMeirand family 
BlacherMikaland family 
BlacherMosheand family 
BlacherRafaeland family 
BlacherShimon Leib  
BlacherYita died in Israel  
BlacherMordechai (son of Hirshel the blacksmith from Pazlup?)died in Israel 
BlacherMina (daughter of Shimon Leib)died in Israel 
BlacherSima (wife of Sheraga Blacher)died in Israel  
killed in the Stuki forest partisan 
BlacherGershonfell in the defence of Warsawpartisan 
BlochFridland family 
BlochDovfell in the defence of Moscow partisan 
BlochFrida and her children: Malka, Doba, and Shaulphoto p. 527 
Bzuraand Breina (from the family of Chaim Noah Kretzmer) and family  
ChasmanMoshe Ben-Zion (immigrated to Israel by foot 60 years ago)died in Israel 
DejchesChaimand family 
DelatyckiNaftaliand family 
DoitchLeiband family 
DrukYakov died in Canada 
Dubin Shmueldied in South Africa  
DubinskiYosef, Bluma and their sons Meir, Michael and Tzvi  
DubinskiShmuel (from Byenyakoni) and family  
DubinskiMeirkilled in the village of Letuviza?partisan 
killed in Vilnapartisan 
DubinskiTzvikilled in the village of Letuviza ?partisan 
DubinskiNachmankilled in Klyetsk partisan 
EngelReubenand family 
EtzkovitzNatanand Heina-Motla and family 
GershowitzChaim and family 
GershowitzChaim and his sonskilled in the vicinity of Devenishkipartisans
Gersonsee Herson  
GinzburgAvigdorand family 
GinzburgAlterand family 
GitlitzDeboraand children 
GitlitzYitzchakand family 
GloitEfraimand family 
GolMashaand daughter 
GordonRivkaand family 
GraberKhatand family 
GrabiaShalomand family 
Gridzovtzasee Shultz  
HersonAharonand family 
HersonYosefand family 
HersonMicheland family 
HersonIkeland family 
HorowitzChaim Yodel died in New-York 
HorowitzYuliusphoto p. 527 
HorowitzShmuelphoto p. 527 
HorowitzAjzikphoto p. 527 
InklbitzEliyahuand family 
InklbitzYakovand family 
JankelewiczEliyahuand family 
JankelewiczYakovand family 
JutanEteland children 
JutanYisraeland family 
KaganovitzAharon son of Eliyahu  
KaginovitzEliyahu (the butcher)photo p. 527 
KaginovitzSima, wife of Eliahphoto p. 527 
KamentzkiShmuel, one of the important activist of Reliefdied in the US 
KaplanYeshayahuand family 
KaplanMosheand family 
KaplanNatan son of Yosefand family 
KaplanNatanand family (Alter Yashe Nashes) 
KaplanChaya-Shetadied in Israel 
KaplanMordechaidied in Israel  
Kartzmer or KretzmerIta  
Kartzmer or KretzmerBerl  
Kartzmer or KretzmerHinda (wife of Kalman)and children 
Kartzmer or KretzmerNoahand family 
Kartzmer or KretzmerReubenand wife 
Kartzmer or KretzmerFeiveland family 
KatzDavidand family 
KatzZalmanand family 
KatzYakov son of R’ Davidand family 
KatzYeshayahu Moshe (fell in the defence of Warsaw)   Partisan
KatzLeiba son of Ideland family 
KatzMeirand family 
KatzYeshayahu Moshe (fell fighting the Germans)  
KatzBerl died in Canada 
KatzebZevand family 
KozlovskyAbe (Abe the cobbler)  
KramerMoshe Kalmanand family 
Kretzmersee Bzura  
KrichevskyShtirke, husband Meirand family   
Krisovsky Hirshland family 
KrivitskyAbrahamand family 
KubinskiShoshanaphoto p. 527 
KubnskiIserand family 
KuniakGedeliahand family 
KupshitzMendel  (from the village of Gridzvza?)and family  
KusbitzkiMiriam daughter of Tzvi Oshinskyand husband and children 
KutlerAlterand family 
KutlerYakovand family 
KutlerLeiband family 
KutlerShlomoand family 
KutlerShlomokilled in the Stuki forestpartisan 
LapidaIsraeland family 
LeibmanLeib and family 
LevinAizikand family 
LevinAlter  (from the village of Daniuka?)and family  
LevinAlter (from the village of Giranyoni?)and family  
LevinAlterand family (Dziar) 
LevinEliyahuand family 
LevinBatya, daughter of R’Yekutiel  
LevinBreina from Subotnik  
LevinGad (Gutka) son of R’ Yitzchakand family 
LevinHirshl son of Pesachand family 
LevinHirshel (the cobbler) and family 
LevinZvi (the cobbler from Traby)and family 
LevinVelvel from Subotnikand family 
LevinZalman son of Aharonand family 
LevinChaim the miller from Pazlup  
LevinMoshe the miller from Pazlup  
LevinChaim Hesheland family 
LevinBroina wife Feiga and daughter Liba 
LevinYehudah son of R’ Broinaand family 
LevinYakovand family 
LevinYitzchak son of R’ Bezalel  
LevinYitzchak from Giranion?and family 
LevinLeibe son of Mosheand family 
LevinLeaand family 
LevinMeirand family 
LevinMina and Rachel(sisters) 
LevinMoshe (son-in-law of Sara Dishe)  
LevinMosheand family  
LevinPesachand family 
LevinPeshka from Subotnik  
LevinRivkaand daughter 
LevinRachel Lea  
LevinSimcha son of Zalmanand family 
LevinShimon Leiband family 
LevinDavid  and wife Feiga and daughter Liva 
LevinDvoraand children 
LevinZalman Leiband family 
LevinTsila her husband and children from Subotnik  
LevinYitzchak from Dnuke?killed in the Stuki forestpartisan 
LevinChaim from Dnuke? killed in the Stuki forestpartisan 
LevinGad (Gutke)killed in the vicinity of Giranion?partisan 
LevinYosef (Yosele), son of R’ Moshe Levindied in Israel 
LevinHarry , one of the important activists of Relief and the Bondsdied in the US 
LevinLevi, from the founders of Relief. Was the first chairman and served in the course of years.died in the US 
LevinSolomon son of Rafael, from the founders of Relief and one of its important activists died in the US 
LevinHeshe (Heni) daughter of Yitzhak Benyamindied in the US  
LevinIdaphoto p. 527 
Levinsee Yodenfreindsurvivor? 
LipkowskiYekutiel/Jekutieland family 
LipkunskiNachumand family 
Lipkunski son of Yekutiel/Jekutiel killed in a forest near Devenishkipartisan 
LubetzkiDavid Chaimand family 
LubetzkiZev son of R’ David Chaimand family 
LubetzkiZeidland family 
LubetzkiSara Leahand daughters 
Lzelmansee Saladukasurvivor 
MarochLeiband family 
MazeEliyahuand wife Feiga and daughter Liba 
MazeMichaeland family 
MelamedEliyahuand family 
MelamedEliyahuand family 
MelamedGabrieland wife 
MelamedGrunemand family 
MievskiYehoshuaand family 
MintzBezaleland family 
MintzHirshel (the tailor)   
MintzYehudah (brother of Mintz, Hirshel)  
MintzYosef  (from Agazin?)and family  
MintzPinchasand family 
MintzPesach son of Eliezerdied in the US 
MowszowichRabbi Yisrael of Divenishukdied in the US 
MowszowichRachel Leah (Rebbitzen), wife of Rabbi Israel Mowszowichdied in the US 
MowszowichNachum, son of Rabbi Yisrael Mowszowich died in the US 
Namoitthe pharmacist and family 
no surnameLeibel the Varshever (Leibel from Warsaw)killed in a forest near Devenishkipartisan 
Noviazki Rachel, daughter of Leib Dubindied in Israel 
NovoplinskiAba-Leiband family 
OlkinitzkiChaimand family 
OlkinitzkiYosefand family 
OschinskiTzviand family 
PortnoyEliahu (Eltzik the mute)  
RozenblumMenucha (from Pazlup?)  
RudnikAlter son of Gedalia and family 
RudnikRivkaand family 
RudnikRivka (wife of Itshe Benyamin)and family  
Rudnikthe Rabbinet Sheina, daughter of Rabbi Yosef Rudnik  
RugulArye Leiband family 
SaladuchaMichael great-grandson of Zalman Levin Aharondied in the US 
SegalYitzhakkilled in the Liptshan forest partisan 
ShkliarEliahuand family 
ShkliarMoshe (uncle of Sara Teibka)died in the US 
ShkolnikEliyahu Chaimand family 
ShkolnikTeibaand family 
ShkolnikChaim, son of Zusia Yakob died in Cuba 
ShkolnikZvi (Hirshke) son of Zusia Yakobsurvivor 
SchmidtHirshand family 
Schneider or SznajderBen-Zion and Sara Hinda and family 
Schneider or SznajderAsherand family 
Schneider or Sznajder Danieland family 
Schneider or Sznajder Yakov  
Schneider or SznajderMeirand family (Zekela) 
Schneider or Sznajder Mordechaiand family 
Schneider or SznajderKalmanand family 
Schneider or SznajderYakov son of Ben-Zion
shot in the Naliboki forestpartisan 
Schneider or SznajderAharon son of Eliezer Nachum (from the village of Yanushevshchizna) Fell in the Yom Kippur wardied in Israel 
Schneider or Sznajder  Eliezer son of Bezalel (?)died in Israel  
Schneider or Sznajder  Eliezer (son of Yakel Liezers) died in Nahariya Israel 
ShlomowitzAbraham Noah (ritual slaughterer)and family 
ShriraMinaand family 
ShtzitnitzkiEliyahuand family 
ShulbskiGershonand family 
ShultzMoshe(from the village of Gridzvza?) 
Shultz brothers from Gidzwze? killed in a forest near Devenishkipartisans 
SidoriskiLeizerand family 
SkkolnikAlter son of Eliah Chaimand family 
Soloducha Michael, great-grandson of Zalman Aharon Levindied in the US 
Soloducha Z'nia and family 
SoltzHirshand family 
SpivakYona, daughter of Eliyahu the butcherdied in Israel   
SrulovitzYitzchakand family 
StekolshchikFeigin Nachama, Pittsburgh, PAdied in the US   
StzitnitzkiZalman killed in the village of Surkatzi?  partisan 
StzitnitzkiFeivelkilled in the village of Surkatzi?partisan 
SutzkoverSheina and her children  
SwartzZevand family 
SzkaliarEliezerkilled in the Stuki forestPartisan
TeitzAharon  (the city’s Rabbi)and family 
Umpelinha khushubimsurvivor 
WeinerMeir Zalmanand family 
WeinerYeshayahu and family 
Wolfovitz Rivkaand family from Kolyshki  
Yehudahand Mere and their son Yosef (son-in-law of Sara Dishe)  
YodenfreindZipora daughter of Pesach Levindied in Israel    
Yushinskisee Kusbitzki  
ZaikaBen-Zionand family 
ZandmanDov (Fell in the War of Independence with the convoy to Mount Scopus) died in Israel  
Ziz'mskiYosefand family 
ZlibinskiZevand family 
ZusmanBer son of Leiband family 
ZusmanChaim son of Leiband family 
ZusmanMosheand family 
ZusmanLeibaand family 

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