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[Column 37]

Let Us Remember!

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

Let us remember with grief and indignation the souls of our holy and pure brothers and sisters who fell at the hands of the impure murderers, who were bereft of the Divine image.

Let us remember the loss of the treasuries of Torah and wisdom, the nobles of the Children of Israel, the choicest of the old and new culture, the glory of humanity, from the elderly to the children, possessing of all proper traits: charity, doing of good deeds, love of the fellowman, and dedication.

Let us remember all of the splendorous abilities, the G-dly lights that lit up the masses, the dreams, hopes, and desires of the souls, the lofty aspirations, the love of Jews and the love of the Land of Israel, the faith and might, the hatred and disdain for the human beasts.

Let us remember the synagogues and Beis Midrashes, the institutions of charity and good works, the houses of study, the libraries, and the houses that were dedicated to the service of the people and the Land.

Let us also remember the cemeteries, the graves of our fathers, an all of the fruits of their faithful labor.

Let us remember them all, who were killed, annihilated and destroyed at the hands of the wild evildoers who were impure of soul. Let us remember – we will not forget!

[Column 39]

A Memorial Tablet
In the Holocaust Cellar
On Mount Zion in Jerusalem, may it be built and established
For the martyrs of the community of

And the surrounding area (in the Lomza region)

Who were murdered by the German enemies and their accomplices
And buried alive in a communal grave in the village of Szulborze
On the 28thof Av, 5601, August 21, 1941.
In memory of the martyrs
Who were exiled to Zambrow and murdered in Auschwitz
On the 4th of Shvat 5703, January 10, 1943
And the victims who were murdered by the Poles on
Monday evening, 6th of Nisan 5705, March 20, 1945 when they returned
To their homes after the liberation. May G-d avenge their deaths
Their holy memory will never leave us
May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life.
The organization of Czyzewo émigrés in Israel and the Diaspora.

[Column 41]

G-d full of mercy, the judge of widows and the father or orphans,
Do not ignore and overlook the blood of Jews that was spilled
Like water. Grant proper repose under the wings of the Divine presence
In the holy an pure heavens, in the radiance of the splendorous heavens,
To the souls of the thousands of martyrs of
Men, women, boys, and girls, who were murdered, slaughtered,
Burned, drowned, strangled and buried alive. All are holy
And pure. May the Master of Mercy bind their
Souls in the bonds of eternal lie, and remember their sacrifice for us.
May the land not cover their blood!1

[Column 43]

Top translated from Yiddish by Judie Ostroff Goldstein

Bottom paragraph translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

My heart trembles and shakes, but my hands do not cease their shaking and trembling. We stand in deep sorrow over the martyrs, our dear ones, our own folk, but a consolation is here:

The consolation is the Land of Israel.

Let us allow our sorrow to leave us like flames, but let us not allow the flames to incinerate our spirit.

The bright memory of our anguish demands from us a strong and courageous heart, in order that their deaths should fight for redress in building our bright future.

The head of my father appeared unto me, a holy skull from its habitation, as if it was removed from its shoulders. It flew in the clouds of smoke, with its face pained from agony, and it eyes exuding blood.

(Ch. N. Bialik)

Translator's footnote:

  1. This prayer is a close adaptation of the “Kel Male” prayer recited at Yizkor services, funerals, and other memorial occasions. return

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