Czenstochover Landsmanschaft in Montreal
(Częstochowa, Poland)

50°48' / 19°07'

Translation of
Tshenstokhover landsmanshaft in Montreal

Editor: B. Orenstein

Published in Montreal, 1966

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Project Coordinator

Gloria Berkenstat Freund


This is a translation from: Tshenstokhover landsmanshaft in Montreal,
Czenstochover Landsmanschaft in Montreal, Editor: B. Orenstein,
Publisher: Czenstochover Society in Montreal, 1966 (Y 328 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Czestochowa (1966)

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Translated from the Yiddish by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

The page numbers in the original are listed out of sequence


Forward Shmuel Prakasz 9
Czenstochow - Poem Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 8
The History of the Czenstochower Landsmanschaft [organization of people from the same town]   10
Archival Documents   62
Czenstochower Relief Committee in New York Avraham Bomba and Karl Wargon 77
The Founding and Activities of the Czenstochower Help Union and Surrounding Area in Toronto Moshe Frank 82
Message The Rabbi Benyamin Borzykowski 78
Message Kopl Konarski 79
Portrait and Picture Album of Czenstochower Landsleit [people from the same town]
Leibke Yakubowicz Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 85
Rafal Federman Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 99
Shlomo Waga Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 87
Tzvi Rozenwajn Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 102
Berl Ickowicz Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 105
Harry Klein Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 107
Berek Piepcz Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 114
Dovid Koniecpoler Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 116
The Biography of a Czenstochower Landsleit [person from the same town] in Israel Wolf Skorupa 118
Dr. Benyman Orensztajn Tzvi Rozenwajn 91
My Biography Leibke Yakubowicz 109
Shmuel Silver (Zilberberg) Leibke Yakubowicz 97
A Tragedy in A Czenstochower Family in Montreal Harry Klein 113
Short Biographies with Pictures of:
Berl Ickowicz and Sala Ickowicz   123
Miriam Altman and Moshe Altman   124
Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn   125
Rywka Abramson and Shlomo Bialystoker   126
Morris Bobrow (Bobrowski) and Chana Boruchowska-Prakasz   127
Ahron Birenbaum and Frimet Birenbaum   128
Liebish Birenbaum And Shlomo Birenbaum   129
Berl Broder and Leibl Broder   130
Makhel Bergman and Janos Berk (Berkowicz)   131
Zofia Grajcer and Stashek Grajcer   132
Mordekhai Dudkewicz and Mordekhai Herszlikowicz   133
Shlomo Waga   134
Adam Walas (Wroclowski) and Suzy Walas (Wroclawski)   135
Josl Wroclawski and Manye Lajchter   136
Chaya Zylberberg and Shimkha Silver (Zylberberg)   137
Darke Zylberszac (Zilbers) and Tadek Zylberszac (Zilbers)   138
Yitzhak Jakubowicz (Jablan) and Mendl Jablan (Yakubowicz)   139
Meir and Fela Chlapak   140
Attorney Bernard Lazarowicz and Sabina Lazarowicz   141
Natalya Lazarowicz and Yisroel Lapides   142
Moshe Lewkowicz and Regina Lewkowicz   143
Darke Lerner and Simon Lerner   144
Hela Najfeld and Zelig Najfeld   145
Lucy Nisker and Zelig Najfeld   146
Hanka Segal and Liber (Bobek) Segal   147
Ester Srebrink and Edward Srebrink   148
Nadjzia Sporn and Eva Frajberg   149
Berek Piepcz and Josef Prakacz   150
Shmuel Prakacz and Tsela Piepcz   151
Mendl Frydlender and Chana'le Frydlender   152
Avraham Kaminski and Motek Kajzer   153
Yehezkiel Konarski   154
Monya Konarski and Nety Konarski   155
Gutke Kartuz and Staszek Kartuz   156
Harry Klein (Hershl Klajner) and Chava Klein   157
Helina Rozenblum and Hershl Rozenblum   158
Morjdze Rozenberg and Nute Rozencwajg   159
Ruwin Rudnicki and Dovid Rudnicki   160
Shlomo Szwimer and Berl Szinkorski   161
Czenstochow During the Years of the Annihilation and Death
Dates of the Deportations in Czenstochow Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 164
The Nazi Murderer Degenhardt Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 165
The Evacuation Transport from HASAG Peltzer to Germany Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 174
The Resistance Struggle of the Czenstochower Judenrat
[Jewish council] Against the Nazi Regime
Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 191
Days of Awe, 1943-1944 in the Concentration Camp HASAG
Peltzer and the Life History of Two Czenstochower Young Khazonim [cantors]
Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 213
A Chapter from My Survival in Czenstochow During the Nazi Period Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 219
Episodes from Nazi Valley of Tears Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 248
The Death of Czenstochower Jewry in the Nazi Period Harry Klein 225
The Bloody Purim in The Small Czenstochower Ghetto Harry Klein 246
From the Small Ghetto to Blizin to Auschwitz Harry Klein 260
Czenstochower Landsleit [people from the same town]
in the Cieszanow Concentration Camp
Leib Bergman 257
The Death of Czenstochower Jewry Shlomo Waga 243
A Dream that Was Not Realized Shlomo Waga 266
The Beginning of the Destruction of Czenstochow Moshe Altman 241
The Tragic Yom-Kippur of 1942 Moshe Altman 231
From Rottleberode to Gardelegen Hershl Rozenblum 234
Klobuck, a Jewish Shtetl [town] Near Czenstochow Rywka Abramson 236
Czenstochower Alleys Tzvi Rozenwajn 237
Shadows at Night Tzvi Rozenwajn 268
My Mother's Last Minutes Dovid Koniecpoler 323
Poetry and Literature
My Former Home Harry Klein 259
The First Aktsia [deportation] Rywka Kope 273
Shoes Harry Klein 274
Beshart [Predestined] Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 275
In the Small Ghetto Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 275
Bread Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 276
HASAG Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 278
The Letter Carrier Dr. Benyamin Orensztajn 279
Young Jewish Writer in the Yizkor Book, Czenstochow A. Chrablowski 281
Bunker 39 in Czenstochow Sarah Hamer-Jaklin 284
Types and Images from a World that has Perished
The Rabbi Josef Prakasz, may the memory of a righteous man be blessed   289
Dr. Philip Frydman's Contribution to the History of Czenstochow   293
Yehezkiel Silver (Zilberberg), may he rest in peace   297
Reb Avraham Wajskop, of blessed memory   302
Reb Shlomo Lerner, may he rest in peace   303
Reb Shlomo Dilewski, may he rest in peace   305
Eide Maze, may she rest in peace   306
Perl Prakasz, may she rest in peace   310
Felicia Walas (Wroclowski) may she rest in peace   316
Rena Waga, may she rest in peace   318
Yakov Klajner, may he rest in peace Tzvi Rozenwajn 321
In Memory of My Parents who Perished Kiddush haShem
[in sanctification of God's name]
George Klein 299
Funeral Oration Shmuel Prakasz 314
In Memory of My Deceased Friend, Josef Zilberberg L. Jakubowicz 327
List of Martyrs from Memorial pages   328
The Bright Image of Czenstochower Holy and Martyred Bentsl, may he rest in peace Shmuel Prakasz 324
Dr. Henrik (Hershl) Lazarowicz, may he rest in peace Eliash Stajnic 326
Several Dozen Eternal Memories, Pictures, Contributions, Greetings    


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