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List of the Cigánd Victims of the Holocaust

Handwritten notes prepared by László Révai (Róth).
The same has been published and transcribed on the following web site: http://kehilalinks.jewishgen.org/cigand/index.html


Husband's or
Wife's Name
Age in
Occupation Place of
Name on
Monument (Cigand)
Person & Family Notes transcribed from Laszlo Revai's (Roth) handwritten records
BERGER Lajos Miller Auschwitz The family rented land and the steam mill. The family had a son, Geza, who had TBC and died in the 1930-s.
BERGER Erno Auschwitz
BERGER Bela Auschwitz
BERGER Lili Auschwitz She never married and was the housekeeper for the family.
BERGER Armin (Aron) 70 Auschwitz Y His family lived and worked at the steam mill
BERGER Aronne Cecilia Weisz 54 Auschwitz Y
BERGER Elvira Auschwitz She lived in Csenger
BERGER Ilon Auschwitz
BERGER Geza Auschwitz
BERGER Sandor Auschwitz
BERGER Miklos Auschwitz
BIEBER Erno Bolygo-had 26 Butcher Auschwitz Bieber Mor, the father, was a butcher. He died young, having left 5 children behind. Erno was also a butcher. He died in a forced labor camp at a copper mine in Bor, Hungary.
BIEBER Laszlo Bolygo-had 24 Auschwitz He worked in Budapest, as gofer.
DICKER Samuel (Samu) 49 Auschwitz Y He operated a little store in the old "Sicherman" house, next to the "reformatus" church of Cigand. The family used to keep to themselves.
DICKER Samuelne Ilona Rothbart 48 Auschwitz Y Laszlo Roth (Revai) saw her in Bergen Belsen, shortly before her death.
DICKER Boriska Auschwitz She was a good friend of Dora Rosenbluth
DICKER Mariska Auschwitz
DICKER Sara Auschwitz Y Wife of Geza Muller
ECKER Jozsef Reszketos-had Auschwitz The father of the Ecker family was a glazier. They used live at the courtyard of the school. Jozsef (Joska) operated a village pub (korcsma).
ECKER Jozsefne Hermina Keisler Reszketos-had Auschwitz
ECKER Magda Reszketos-had Auschwitz She went to Auschwitz with 2 little girls
ECKER Eva Reszketos-had Auschwitz Daughter 1 of Eva
ECKER Bozsi or Erzsebet Reszketos-had Auschwitz Daughter 2 of Eva
ECKER Jeno Reszketos-had 53 tailor Auschwitz Y Never married. He was a tailor.
ECKER Lajos (Lazar) Reszketos-had 47 Auschwitz He was handicapped, sold eggs for a living
EHRENFELD Mor (Mihaly) Dugyu-had 45 Auschwitz Y Listed with the Rosenfeld family
EHRENFELD Morne Erzsebet Rosenfeld 36 Auschwitz Y
EHRENFELD Gabor 12 Auschwitz
ELEFANT Belane Ella Schwarcz 36 Auschwitz Y The family used to live and own land at Gorso "tanya", near Cigand. They had a son, Marton, who drowned in the river Tisza, in the 1930-s.
ELEFANT Marianna 8 Auschwitz Y
ELEFANT Moni Auschwitz She was a well-schooled girl. She worked at the notary office of the village.
ELEFANT Ilus or Ilona Auschwitz She never married
ELEFANT Female (name?) Keller Auschwitz Married a Jewish officer (Keller), who lived at Kisvarda.
FEUERSTEIN Ignac or Izsak Puliszkas-had 67 Shoemaker Auschwitz Y He was a shoemaker. At one time he was the president of the Jewish community. They also had a small bakery in their house, which they used to rent out to different bakers.
FEUERSTEIN Ignacne Leni Elefant Puliszkas-had 63 Auschwitz Y
FRANKEL Kalman Margit Neuman Auschwitz
FRANKEL Jozsef Auschwitz Child
FRIED Emil Auschwitz Never marries. He was a tailor. He loved to play cards (Ulti).
FRIED Vilmos Sara Neuman Rabbi Auschwitz
FRIED Erno Auschwitz Child
FRIED Zoltan Auschwitz Child
FRIEDMANN Sandorne Auschwitz Sandor, the husband, used to be from Rozvagy. He was a grain merchant.
FRIEDMANN Child 1 Auschwitz
FRIEDMANN Child 2 Auschwitz
FRISCHMAN Hermanne Juliska Auschwitz
FRISCHMAN Child Auschwitz
FRISCHMAN Child Auschwitz
GLUCK Jeno Merchant Auschwitz The family lived in Nagy-Cigand, across the Ecker's house.
GLUCK Jenone Auschwitz
GLUCK Malvin Andor Klein Auschwitz Andor Klein came from Satoraljaujhely.
GLUCK Malvin's male child Auschwitz
GOLDBERGER Davidne Eszter Szatyingjozsi-had Auschwitz It was a very poor family. David was the Shames of the Shul in the 1920-s. They used to cook for the Bochers of the Cheder. They had a tiny, tatch-roofed house, where the Jews used to bake the matzah during Pesach.
GOLDBERGER Hani Szatyingjozsi-had 41 Auschwitz Y
GOLDBERGER Erzsebet or Elza Szatyingjozsi-had 27 Unknown Y
GOLDBERGER Hani's male child Szatyingjozsi-had 12 Unknown
GRUNFELD Marton or Mayer Ereb-Mayer-had 42 Auschwitz Y The family was strictly orthodox. They moved to Cigand in the 1930-s. Mayer was a Talmudist. They rented their house from Ignatz Heimlich. They were extremely poor and eagerly awaited the Messiah.
GRUNFELD Martonne Etelka Gottlieb Ereb-Mayer-had 41 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD Antonia Ereb-Mayer-had 14 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD Rozsika (Roza) Ereb-Mayer-had 12 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD Jozsef Ereb-Mayer-had 11 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD David Ereb-Mayer-had 8 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD Lili Ereb-Mayer-had 6 Auschwitz Y
GRUNFELD Ignac Ereb-Mayer-had 5 Auschwitz Y
GUTTMAN Jozsef or Joska Macskaszar-had Auschwitz The family used to sell construction material (bricks, concrete, etc.) He was also a volunteer firefighter. A very poor, strictly observant family.
GUTTMAN Jozsefne Irma Macskaszar-had Auschwitz
GUTTMAN Szerena Dezso Horowitz Macskaszar-had Auschwitz Szerena's first husband was a man named Bruck. They had a son named Ferenc. Horowitz was her second husband.
HEIMLICH Ignac Mozsi-had 63 Germany Y The family was very observant. Ignac owned a small butcher shop.
HEIMLICH Ignacne Hani Weisz Mozsi-had 60 Germany Y
HEIMLICH Jeno Mozsi-had 34 Germany Y He was a Talmudist.
HEIMLICH Bela Mozsi-had 37 Germany Y
HEIMLICH Berta Mozsi-had Germany
HEISLER Imre Auschwitz Never married. Bela, his brother owned the steam mill. Imre was a helper there.
HOROVICZ Dezso Macskaszar-had Auschwitz Listed with the Guttman family
JAKABOVICS Martonne Auschwitz Marton, the head of the family died at Ricse. He used the be the accountant of the mill. He was a reknowned Talmudist. A strictly observant family.
JAKABOVICS Tibor Auschwitz Tibor lived at Ricse.
JAKABOVICS Laszlo (Sabsze) Auschwitz
JAKABOVICS Imre (Simcha) Auschwitz
JAKABOVICS Tibor's child 1 Auschwitz
JAKABOVICS Tibor's child 2 Auschwitz
KIRCZ Armin or Aron Horcsog-had 56 Shoemaker Auschwitz His father: Jozsef Kircz. He was a shoemaker.
KIRCZ Ignac Horcsog-had 56 Woodsmith Auschwitz Y His father: Jakab Kircz. He was a woodsmith and cabinet maker. They used live next to the mill.
KIRCZ Ignacne Malvin Schwarcz Horcsog-had 44 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Ilona Horcsog-had 12 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Magdolna Horcsog-had 10 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Agnes Horcsog-had 7 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Zali Horcsog-had 47 Auschwitz Y Father:Jakab Kircz. She never married.
KIRCZ Jozsef Horcsog-had 54 tailor Auschwitz Y Father:Jakab Kircz
KIRCZ Jozsefne Helen or Hunor Weisz Horcsog-had 52 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Lili Horcsog-had 13 Auschwitz Y
KIRCZ Tibor Horcsog-had 11 Auschwitz Y
KLEIN Oszkar Auschwitz The family came to Cigand from Tiszakarad. Oszkar operated a butcher shop. They lived and worked in the house belonging to the Bekecs family. Only their daughter, Erzsebet survived.
KLEIN Oszkarne Juliska Kramer Auschwitz
KLEIN Laszlo 20 Auschwitz
KLEIN Ervin 18 Auschwitz
KOHN Ferenc 42 Auschwitz Y
KOHN Ferencne Regina Weisz 46 Auschwitz Y
KRAUSZ Adolfne ErebAron-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Aranka ErebAron-had 17 Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Ruci ErebAron-had 15 Auschwitz
KRAUSZ ? ErebAron-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ ? ErebAron-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Jenone Pernye-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Samuel Pernye-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Erno Pernye-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Geza Pernye-had Baker Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Elemer Eroszak-had Auschwitz Listed with the Eroszak-had (Schwarcz) family
KRAUSZ Child Eroszak-had Auschwitz
KRAUSZ Child Eroszak-had Auschwitz
KRON David Dufek-had 78 Unknown Y Owned a small soda bottling factory. They were a very observant family.
KRON Davidne Dufek-had 78 Unknown Y
KRON Samuel Dufek-had 51 Butcher Auschwitz He was a sickly man.
KRON Samuelne Dufek-had Auschwitz
KRON Andor Dufek-had 16 Auschwitz
KRON Female child Dufek-had 10 Auschwitz
KRON Miksa Dufek-had 57 Unknown Y
KRON Miksane Dufek-had Auschwitz
KRON Sandor Dufek-had Horse trader Auschwitz
KRON Sandorne Dufek-had Auschwitz
KRON Erno Dufek-had 27 Auschwitz He studied the Talmud.
KUN Jeno Rezes-had Auschwitz
KUN Szerena Rezes-had 45 Auschwitz Y Never married
KUN Ilona Rezes-had Auschwitz Never married
LOWINGER Dezso (Lumi) Baker's assistant Auschwitz Belonged to Roza Schwarcz's family
MANDEL Pal 23 Auschwitz Father: Bela Mandel
MULLER Jakabne Auschwitz
MULLER Geza 40 Grain merchant Ostorgorsk, Russia Y
MULLER Gezane Sarolta (Sara) Dicker 34 Auschwitz
MULLER Etelka 32 Unknown Y Never married
MULLER Katalin 9 Auschwitz Y
MULLER Maria 7 Auschwitz Y
MULLER Judit 6 Auschwitz Y
NEUMANN David 64 Chief Rabbi Auschwitz
NEUMANN Davidne Rozsika Kornfeld Auschwitz 1st wife of Rabbi Neuman
NEUMANN Davidne Auschwitz 2nd wife of Rabbi Neuman
NEUMANN Iren Auschwitz
NEUMANN Edit Auschwitz
NEUMANN Sara Vilmos Fried Auschwitz
NEUMANN Margit Kalman Frankel Auschwitz
NEUMANN Erno Auschwitz
NEUMANN Jozsef (Yossi) Auschwitz Edit's son
ROSENBLUTH Szerena Farkas Fodor 72 Auschwitz They lived in Kassa (Slovakia)
ROSENBLUTH Herman (Hersku) Hermina 70 Auschwitz
ROSENBLUTH Regina Vilmos Glattstein 64 Auschwitz They lived in Eger
ROSENBLUTH Paula Jeno Gero 62 Auschwitz
ROSENBLUTH Jozsefne Berta Weisz 66 Auschwitz
ROSENFELD Dezsone Gizella Grunfeld Dugyu-had 67 Auschwitz Y
ROSENFELD Erzsebet Szabo Dugyu-had 37 Auschwitz
ROTH Miksa or Miklos Calku-had 51 Butcher Auschwitz
ROTH Miksane Dora Rosenbluth Calku-had 57 Innkeeper Auschwitz Y
SCHONBERGER Sandorne Eszter Weinberger 42 Store owner Gemany Y
SCHONBERGER Aurelia 15 Gemany Y
SCHONBERGER Miklos 12 Gemany Y
SCHREIBER Erno (Chaim) 55 Auschwitz Y Lost one eye in his youth.
SCHREIBER Ernone Piroska Rosenfeld 45 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Rozsa 20 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Andor (Akiva) 18 Auschwitz
SCHREIBER Edit 11 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Bela 50 Lumber merchant Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Belane Auschwitz
SCHREIBER Nandor 44 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Nandorne 43 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Erzsebet 7 Auschwitz Y
SCHREIBER Sarolta 42 Auschwitz y Never married
SCHREIBER Simon 7 Auschwitz y Son of Zoltan Schreiber & Ilon Weinberger
SCHREIBER Zsigmondne Ilona Weinberger 38 Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ David Csurka-had Shoemaker Auschwitz He died in the cattle-car, on the way to Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Davidne Csurka-had Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Zseni Csurka-had Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Sara Csurka-had Auschwitz Never married
SCHWARCZ Etelka Csurka-had Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Manci Csurka-had 27 Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Berti Csurka-had Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Bela Csurka-had 30 Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Jeno Csurka-had 42 Merchant Unknown,Germany Y Had a small variety store.
SCHWARCZ Jenone Iren Csurka-had 37 Unknown,Germany Y
SCHWARCZ Istvan Csurka-had 6 Unknown,Germany Y
SCHWARCZ Salamonne Mari ? Eroszak-had Auschwitz The family cooked for the bachurim of the Yeshiva
SCHWARCZ Rivka Eroszak-had Auschwitz
SCHWARCZ Dora Eroszak-had Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Samuelne Mali Berger 68 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Sandor 46 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Sandorne Irenke Heimlich 40 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Bandi 12 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Andor Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Andorne Rozsi Weisz Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Jeno (Jumi) Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Jenone Flora Weinberger 33 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Ernone Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Eva 10 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Miklosne Sara Heimlich Miklos Szasz 42 Auschwitz
SICHERMAN Edit Sicherman-Szasz 14 Auschwitz
STARK Simon or Shimi 83 Unknown, Germany Y
SZABO Vera Dugyu-had 19 Auschwitz Y
SZABO Gabor Dugyu-had 12 Auschwitz
WOLVERT ? Terez Frischman Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Sandor Land owner Auschwitz Medium tanya
WEINBERGER Adolf (Bumi) Interes-had 60 Shames Auschwitz Y Father was Samuel Weinberger
WEINBERGER Adolfne Hani Ecker Interes-had 57 Auschwitz Y
WEINBERGER Flora Interes-had 33 Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Helen Interes-had Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Iren Interes-had 23 Auschwitz Y
WEINBERGER Laszlo Interes-had 12 Auschwitz Y Son of Adolf
WEINBERGER Mor Interes-had 48 Poultry merchant Auschwitz Y
WEINBERGER Morne Margit Lowy Interes-had Auschwitz She was the firs wife of Mor.
WEINBERGER Samuel (Bridu) Interes-had Auschwitz From first marriage of Mor
WEINBERGER Margit Interes-had 12 Auschwitz Y From first marriage of Mor
WEINBERGER Ilon Zoltan Schreiber Interes-had 38 Auschwitz From 2nd marriage of Mor
WEINBERGER Peru Interes-had Auschwitz From 2nd marriage of Mor
WEINBERGER Chayu Interes-had Auschwitz From 2nd marriage of Mor
WEINBERGER Martonne Regina Keisler Eliasmarci-had Tinsmith Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Jeno Eliasmarci-had Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Ilona Eliasmarci-had Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Hermina Mendelson Eliasmarci-had Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Child 1 Eliasmarci-had Auschwitz
WEINBERGER Child 2 Eliasmarci-had Auschwitz
WEINSTEIN Rozsika Zoldan Auschwitz Husband changed name to Vegvari
WEINSTEIN Child 1 Auschwitz
WEISZ Jozsefne Betti Herskovits Azik-had 83 Auschwitz Y The family was quite wealthy by Cigand standards
WEISZ Miklos Azik-had 49 Auschwitz Y Father of Miklos, used to play in the village band. Miklos was an excellent businessman and organizer. He used to be the treasurer of the Jewish community. He also served in WWI at the Italian front.
WEISZ Miklosne Azik-had Auschwitz


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