Ciechanoviec-Bialystok District;
Memorial and Records
(Ciechanowiec, Poland)

52°40' / 22°31'

Translation of
Ciechanowiec; mehoz Bialystok, sefer edut ve-zikaron

Edited by E. Leoni

Published in Tel Aviv, 1964

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Translation Coordinator and Editor of the English Edition

Arthur Menton

Project Coordinators/Facilitators

and Susan Kaplan Stone


Our sincere appreciation to Arthur Menton and the Ser-Charlap Family Organization
for their efforts in the translation of the Ciechanowiec Yizkor Book.

This is a translation from: Ciechanowiec; mehoz Bialystok, sefer edut ve-zikaron (Ciechanoviec-Bialystok District; Memorial and Records),
ed. E. Leoni, Tel Aviv, The Ciechanovitzer Immigrant Association in Israel and the USA, 1964

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Originally published in Israel and the USA in 1964 by the Ciechanovtzer Immigrants Association



M. GelfandB. Leve
S. GelfandB. Siegel
M. HarrisB. Ptashek
M. SolondzL. Feldman
J. ZlizerS. Pasternack
P. ChazanM. Kagan
B. YarmusM. Kalish
E. Yarmus 


Zvi Alisar (Kaminkovsky)Rachel Heller-Levin
Shoshana Avner (Yarmus)Chava Sir Werba
Tehila Ashlagi (Silberberg)Menachem Levin
Dvora Blumenkrantz (Peretz)Zvi Pasternak
Batya Baksht (Lubovitz)Tuvia Peretz
Shimon Drori (Yaskolka) 

Table of Contents

Translated by Judy Baston and Ros Romen

English Section of Book
E3Marginal CommentsProfessor Benjamin Mazar
E7-E67The Jews In CiechanowiecEliezer Leoni
E68-E76Atrocities and HellEster Kleinoth (Goldberg)
E77-E79Chechanovtze in the New WorldDr. David Tabak
3Names of the Members of the Editorial Board in Israel and U.S.A. ** 
5Expression of thanks to the editor by the members of the committee of the organizationCiechanoftser Relief in America
6Ciechanovitzer Relief in America 
7-8On the Cover of the BookZvi Elyasher (Kamenkowski)
10-12This Should be the Last Yizkor BookMemorial Book Committee in America
13-16Great Heritage for PosterityEliezer Leoni
History of the Community of Ciechanowiec
21-70Early History of the Jews in Ciechanowiec **Eliezer Leoni
71-74Rabbi David Saul Katzenelbogen Head of the Rabbinical CourtMeir-Shalom Sitzidrovski
The Scenery of Ciechanowiec
77-79The NurzecPeretz Hirschbein
80-86Nature and Climate for CiechanowiecEphraim Eliyahu Ribak
87-89The Nurzec and the Forest Tehila (Ashlagi) Zilberberg
90-91Beauty Spots in CiechanowiecYeshayahu London
That We Remember
95-120Our Twinned Town -- CiechanowiecEphraim Eliyahu Ribak
121-131The PastZvi Matison (Niavadomi)
132-137Ciechanowiec 70 Years AgoGittel Pacziarz
138-142The Character of CiechanowiecChana Vetman (Kozovski)
143-146Ciechanowiec during the First World WarMoshe Zlotolow
147-149The Fire in our Town in 1915Yitzhak Steinberg
150-153The BattlestormsAbraham Kozovski
154-156A Lament for my Burnt TownYitzhak Bloom
157-158MemoriesMalka Meisler Peles (Kaplansky)
159-165Diaspora RouteZvi Elyashar (Kamenkowski)
166-167Pogroms During the Polish UprisingYeshayahu London
168-170After the First World WarDr. Avraham Spielman
171-172Mutual Aid Among the Ciechanowiec JewsChaya Yehudit Yarmus (Wiadro)
173-175My Birthplace CiechanowiecEliyahu Feldman
176-185These I Shall RememberGamliel Chaim Zilberberg
186-202Jewish Wolia Chava Werba (Ser)
203-204The Shtetl between the Two World WarsJoseph Gebali (Yabkowski)
The Economy and Institutions
207-212Making a Living in CiechanowiecEphriam Eliyahu Ribak
213-214"Frufintzia" and "Monopol" ????Issur Smoliar
215-216The Economy of our ShtetlYitzhak Steinberg
217-218Industry and TradeYeshayahu London
219-222The Character of the Jewish Economy of CiechanowiecShimon Drori (Yaskolka)
223Artisans and WorkersSimcha Pasternak
224-228The Economic Destruction of the Jews of CiechanowiecEliezer Leoni
229-230The Jewish Community after World War IJoseph Pasternak
231-237Charitable Institutions of CiechanowiecYitzhak Steinberg
238-246Medicine and SanitationDr. Avraham Spielman
247-249Fires and Fire Brigade in CiechanowiecYeshayahu London
The Zionist Movement, Youth Movements and Parties
253-254The Beginning of Zionism in our Shtetl (Yiddish)Yitzhak Steinberg
255-258The Beginning of the Zionist Movement in our Shtetl (Hebrew)Mordechai Bachrach
259-260The Sails that Brought our Ship to IsraelChana Webman(Kozowski)
261-265Collections for the Jewish National Fund in 1913 (List of Donors)Issur Smoliar
266-268The Jewish National Fund in Ciechanowiec after the Balfour Declaration Tehila Ashlagi (Zilberberg)
269-272The Start of the Hechalutz MovementMenachem Lewin
273-274The Founding of the Pioneers in CiechanowiecBertche Shtiegel
275-278Hechalutz During the 1930'sChana Ben-Yosef (Ptashek)
279-282The Courageous Journey of Ciechanowiec Pioneers Aboard the Ship WelosShimon Ben-Yosef Schlechter
283-286Hechalutz Junior in Our TownZvi Elyashar (Kamenkowski)
287-292The Freiheit in CiechanowiecYaacov Lew
293-300Betar of CiechanowiecShalom Cohen
301-313I Made AliyahTuvia Peretz
314-316The Zionist Worker Organization of CiechanowiecYitzhak Soloveitchik
317-318Mizrachi and Hashomer HadatiZvi Pasternak
319-321The Torah V'avoda OrganizationVelvel Zagodny
322-324Agudat Yisrael and The Youth of Agudat YisraelGamliel Chaim Zilberberg
325-327The Leftist Poalei Zion in CiechanowiecJoel Treibatsh
328-330The Left Zionist Workers PartyYehuda Mondri
331-333A Bloody Party StruggleAbraham Rudi
Education, Culture and Art
337-339The Cultural State at the End of the Nineteenth CenturyIssur Smoliar
340-342The Reformed ChederGolda Porat ( Winer)
343-345How They Began the Craftworker SchoolYitzhak Steinberg
346-348The Vocational SchoolChana Turinski
349-351The Russian Municipal Pro-GymnasiumYitzhak Farber
352-353The School of Sheintshe Meisler and Alter Herschke KrebnogyChaya Mondri (Steinberg)
354-362The History of the Hebrew Elementary SchoolShimon Drori (Yaskolka)
363-365The Hostel of the Tarbut SchoolPinchas Aron (Abramson)
366-369The Character of the Tarbut School Kalman Abramson
370-371The First Hebrew Kindergarten in" Nystadt"Rachel Wilkanski (Rozen)
372-373The Education of the Teenagers in CiechanowiecChaya Hagidos (Etkes)
374-379Hebrew Cultural Activities in Our TownZvi Elyashar (Kamenkowski)
380The "Tarbut" LibraryShayntshe Rubenstein
381-382The Maccabi Sports ClubShimon Drori (Yaskolka)
383-384The Hapoel Sports ClubFeivel Mandelsberg
385-388Amateur Entertainers in CiechanowiecRivka Paremba (Kotik)
391-393The Cheder of Rebbe Yechezkel EidemRachel Bloomstein (Wengorz)
394-396Cheders and TeachersYaacov Lew
397-398The Beit Yosef Noverdik Yeshiva in CiechanowiecGamliel Chaim Zilberberg
401-413Chronicles of My Father's HouseMeir Hillel ben Shamai
414-426The House of KozowskiEliezer Leoni
427-429Important Figures in our ShtetlEphriam Eliyahu Ribak
430-431Rabbi Yehudah HachanochiRabbi Aviezer Tzitzowitz
432-434Rabbi Shneur Zalman SchneersonRabbi Aviezer Tzitzowitz
435-442My GrandfatherChaya Farber (Cukiernik)
443-448My Father Moshe David HellerRachel Heller Lewin
449-450Moshe David Heller and the Ciechanowiec Working YouthBertche Shtiegel
451-452Baruch Zvi CohenOne of his students
453-460Reb Yosef Tuvia ZiberbergZ. Hagai
461-466Reb Avram Meir ZilberbergZ. Hagai
Local Color and Folklore
469-472The Local Color of the Chassidim in out ShtetlRachel Konopiaty
473The Beit Midrash of the Gerre ChassidimYitzhak Pasternak
474-477The Fate of an ApostateAbraham Rudi
478-480The Story of a Blind CantorMottel Rosenthal
481-483The Selling of MitzvotRachel Malka Elkes (Kishner)
484-487The New Cemetery and the Chevra Kadisha in "Nystadt" Chaim Gamliel ZilberbergGamliel Chaim Zilberberg
488-489EnjoymentElyanek (Leib) Spielman
490-493Ciechanowiec HumorHersch Ber Pasternak
494-495Folklore of CiechanowiecTehila Ashlagi (Zilberberg)
496The Incident of the Dead PersonZissel Berg (Weissberg-Kalamarz)
497-498Sharp and SharperYehoshua Mordecai Rosenblum
Personalities and Dynasties
501-503The Humble People of the WorldChana Vetman (Kozovsky)
504-507My Brother R'Shabtai Cohen (Kalish)Moshe Kalish
508-511Jews of Eretz YisraelChava Werba (Ser)
512-514Der Nister (The Hidden Saint)Avraham Moshe Wrubel
515The Fathers of my FamilyRabbi Aviezer Tzitzowitz
516-518My Sister Rivka HachanochitPnina Rotem (Hachanochit)
519-521Two TypesYitzhak Bloom
522-525The Cantor and the Composer Reb Kalman Abramson Eliezer Leoni
526The Teacher Reb SimchaAvraham Moshe Wrubel
527-528The Teacher Reb YeruchamShimon Drori (Yaskolka)
529-531Reb Yerucham KashtanYaacov Farber
532My Father the Schochet Reb Chaim Itzel Szedlitzki Pinchas Ben-Yair (Szedlitzki)
533-534The Death of the Schochet Reb Itzchak SzedlitskiLeah Mozeh (Steinberg)
535-536The Chevra Kadisha of "Nystadt"Yaacov Ptashek
537-538My Father Sander PlonskiMiriam Barzanik (Plonski)
539My Father Shmuel LichtenbergTamar Shamir (Lichtenberg)
540Mt Father Meir LavendeshAryeh Lavendesh
541-543My Father Yosef SchweiderTziporah Mondri (Schweider)
544The Devotion of my GrandfatherShmuel Kirschenbaum
545Yossel the DeafChana Turinski
546-550My FamilyYitzhak Ben-Eliezer (Rozen)
551-552David Heller Rachel Heller Lewin
553-554The High Priest: Moshe HoltzmanTehila Ashlagi (Zilberberg)
554-556About Chaya Lubowitz By her sister and her friends
556-557Eliezer TurynskiChana Karmon (Zilberberg)
558R' Dov LisReuven Ptashek
559-560Nechama KaplanRachel Konopiaty
561Dr. Yitzhak BrennerRachel Konopiaty
562Dr. Yitzhak BrennerBertche Shtiegel
563-565In Memory of SoulsYitzhak Shlatzki
566-570Ciechanowiec CharactersHersch Ber Pasternak
571-573The Twenty-Second Day of CheshvanPeshke Kaplan (Kazan)
574At the Empty CribYitzhak Bloom
Under Soviet Rule, 1939-1941
577-581Ciechanowiec Under the Soviet RegimeBerl Lew
582-583"The Red Messiah" Entered Our ShtetlAlter Piuro
584-586In Soviet Captivity and My Escape from Ciechanowiec Shmuel (Munia) Yabkowski
587-595The Aliya to Israel Under Soviet RuleShoshanna Avner (Yarmus)
596-600My Pain in Soviet RussiaDr. Avraham Spielman
601-608Under Soviet RuleDevorah Blumenkrantz (Peretz)
609-612In the BattallionsZvi Pasternak
613-614The Holocaust 
615-618Kaddish (Prayer for the Dead)Eliezer Leoni
619-625Kaddish (Prayer for the Dead) (Yiddish)Eliezer Leoni
627-629The Last Days of Ciechanowiec JewsSimcha Burstein
630-635In Days of Terror, Anguish and MurderLeibel Soloveitchik
636-638The Brutal Murderer RomanusYehuda Ritz
639-642The Bloody Days of the Ghetto (Hebrew)Zvi Blutman
643-648The Bloody Days of the Ghetto (Yiddish)Zvi Blutman
649-657A Chapter from the Destruction of CiechanowiecEphriam Weiner
658-661The Massacre in Pobikry (Yiddish)Velvel Ptashek
662-668Terrible Scenes and Massacre (Hebrew) **Esther Kleinoth (Goldberg)
669-678Terrible Scenes and Massacre (Yiddish) **Esther Kleinoth (Goldberg)
679-680Struggling with DeathChaya Mylnarz (Kozik)
681-687In the Death CampsZvi Blutman
688-689YiddishChaya Chazan
690-696The Road to LiberationLeibel Soloveitchik
697-700YiddishAryeh Weissbord
701-704In the Ruins of Our TownSimcha Strussman
They Fell on Guard
705For Father and MotherZvi Elyasher (Kamenkowski)
707-708Morris Leve (Lew)"Morgen" Journal
709-710Shlomo ZlotolowYaacov Kotik
711-712Dov Berele GenezdovitzBenjamin Genezdovitz
The Conclusion of the Book
713-715In the Margins of the BookProf Benjamin Mazar
In Memorium
719-809Jewish Martyrs of Ciechanowiec 
813-839Memorial Notices 
841-842Irgun Olei Ciechanowiec in Israel 
843-859The History of the Irgun Olei Ciechanowiec on Israel Eliezer Leoni
861Irgun Yotsei Ciechanowiec in the USA 
863-864Ciechanowiecers in the USAZvi Matison
865-86832 Years of Relief WorkEliyahu Feldman
869-872"Chevra Anshe Ciechanowiec" in New YorkA. Sol-Podolowski
873--874Active Figures in the "Chevra" in New YorkMoe Bernstein
875-877Chevra B'nai Moshe Anshe Neustat CiechanowiecBatsha Lewe
878-879Ciechanowiec Youth Branch No. 495L.P.
880-881Two Warm Ciechanowiec Homes In AmericaYaacov Zelizer
882-885Moshe Yakov GelfandBetzalel Kotler
886-889To the History of the CommunityEliezer Leoni
891-892Index of all the contributors to the book 
893-897Index of places 
898-925Index of names 
926-930Index of drawings and photos 

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